Gaist Crusher Demo On Nintendo eShop Looks Like A Very Fun Brawler

By Eugene . November 7, 2013 . 4:31pm


Remember when we first learned about Capcom’s decision to go big with Gaist Crusher? Their plans include a whole range of toys that will be interactive with the Nintendo 3DS game itself. Now, we’ve learnt that the recently released demo of the game on the Nintendo eShop in Japan is compatible with the toys already.


Gamers who download the game and then pick up the first set of toys will be able to unlock Gaimetals like Flame Fenrir and his special mission Million Mannen Battle early to try it out.


For those who don’t own the toys and want to just try before they buy, the demo also includes three more Gaimetal Gaists to fight and try your hand at. It will also allow you some leeway with customizations, with at least five Gaist Gears to wear and tweak around with. Am I dreaming or is this demo pretty meaty?


You can watch footage from the demo above, courtesy of YouTube user Nintendaan. Gaist Crusher looks like a fun brawler with some great effects. The full game will be out December 3rd on the Nintendo 3DS.

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  • 하세요

    I just played it a few hours ago. Kind of mashed my way through as I didn’t 100% understand the attack controls, but the art style reminded me much of EX Troopers.

    Fun game, but I don’t see myself paying full price for it any time soon.

  • ReidHershel

    If this doesn’t sell well, Capcom is going to be PO’ed!

    • British_Otaku

      Monster Hunter 4 probably made enough that Capcom will be alright. >_> I’m sure that this series won’t be mentioned again though if it does poorly even with an anime and toy push.

      • almostautumn

        Alike Square-Enix’s Gyrozetter series, which from what I understand flopped pretty bad. They dismantled the arcade machines, let the anime finish its season, and have moved on. 3DS game didn’t sell too well, if I remember right.

        • British_Otaku

          Gaist Crusher had the smart idea of throwing out the anime first (hopefully on a good channel and at a good hour), on top of running a manga in Saikyo Jump (which I understand was the only merchandise before the game came out).

          Arcade machines like Gyrozetter’s or in general probably cost too much to run, given that it never caught on that well.

          If marketed well, this could succeed even without an anime adaptation lined up like Youkai Watch did.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Finally there is a demo. Been wanting to try this so bad.

  • 3PointDecoupage

    So its Japanese Skylanders?

  • Namuro

    Gave it a try right after the One Piece demo yesterday (I only tried one stage, though). First of all, I have to say that I was really impressed with the graphic! Comparing to all the screenshots posted, the in-game graphic is really crisp and detailed. The texture and effects like the armors’ gloss are done quite well too.

    The gameplay is pretty straight forward, just going along a set path with waves of enemies appearing occasionally, which must be defeated before the player can move on. The combat is rather simple, but fun; you can attack freely and mix in some crazy moves like fire-spinning into a shoryuken, and end the combo by transforming your armor into a sword and drill through the enemies. Through fighting, you’ll build up energy gauges, one that allows you to use a special attack, and the other allows you to transform into the Gaist monster form (which in my case, was the Fenrir). The special attack deals quite a lot of damage, while the Gaist monster mode lets you go all out with powerful attacks, without having to care about defending, until the transformation runs out. After the boss is defeated, as mentioned before, you have to crack the Gaist core the boss leaves behind to end the fight and earn the new Gaist armor. The game seems to give you plenty of time to crack the core, but even with non-stop attacks, mixed with a couple of special attacks thrown in, I could only cracked it at the very last second. I’ll have to try the game again and see what happens if I can’t crack it in time.

    Overall, the game looks good, and plays well. I love the armors and the monsters’ designs as well. Though, the game feels too simple and easy, I could breeze through the demo by just mashing random combos (the super gauges can also be built up quite quickly, I could use the special moves quite often). But then again, this game is made for younger gamers, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. I’ll certainly be looking forward to trying out the real game, anyway!

    • British_Otaku

      Failing to crack the Crash Chance seems to mean that you don’t get the new Gaist armour as the crystal sinks into the ground (not that the Gaist , so there isn’t a point in revisiting the stage to check.

      I found the combat pretty simple as well (I guess 3 chains per form with all of the other stuff is enough), but actually a bit challenging given how much damage we take if we mess up or how much trouble you are in if you expend your . Perhaps that was my experience with a different stage though, I tried most of them out, I only had enough time to play a bit of the rainy one (second one out of the three options aside from the story tutorial which was pretty lame).

  • almostautumn

    Played through this a whole bunch of times; absolutely love it. If anyone’s interested, I wrote up some detailed impressions/overview of the demo on my import-gaming blog.
    (You guys have no idea how much I wanted to gush about E.X. Troopers while writing about this. Gaist Crusher really isn’t a clone or anything, but it reminded me so much of it (in all of the right ways!)).

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