Hey! Hey Listen! God Eater 2’s Got The Right Voice For You

By Eugene . November 15, 2013 . 2:35pm



We’ve previously mentioned that voice in God Eater 2 is an important choice you’ll want to make at the start of the game, since it’s permanent unlike hair styles, which you can always change (Just like in real life, for the most part).


And well, if we can make our characters look like Miku, the voice should matter! The game’s developers have got you covered, though, with this 10-minute clip that plays through pretty much all the voices and what they sound like for your hearing pleasure.




God Eater 2 is available for PSP and Vita in Japan now.

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  • Chaos_Knight

    Navi is in this game…..isn’t she?

  • Monterossa

    hope they won’t fix “that glitch”.

    • Cheesy04

      What glitch?

      • Ferrick

        the “hot coffee” glitch

        • Christopher Nunes

          What is this “Hot Coffee” glitch?

          • Warren

            I think he’s pulling your leg.

        • BossBullet

          Of all things a gta reference lol

      • Duc PC-QB

        transparent pantsu

        • MyBodyIsReady



        • Monterossa

          That’s what I’m talking about!!

        • PoweredByHentai

          That should be a feature. Not a glitch.

      • npcomplete

        Apparently my comment with the link was removed.

        Just search for 『ゴッドイーター2』ミッション中にパンツが消失するバグ!これはアウト

    • $77496739

      If you’re talking about the character dupe glitch, I think it’s fixed.


  • leingod

    That text would look so nice if it was english…

    • Crevox


      Yeah, I have no idea what it says either.

      • 324234

        Hair Style/Accessory/x Accessory/Hair Color/Face/Eye Color/Skin Color/Voice. You can learn the Hiragana/Katakana alphabets in less than a day.

        • Crevox

          I was joking.

  • I love that they have so many different sayings for the same voice so you can get used to it, although that also makes it harder to make a choice lol

  • 無尽合体ブランタコブスキ

    I couldn’t get into GE1 cause they dubbed the grunts. I hope they don’t dub the grunts if they localise GE2.

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Are you serious? What difference does a “HUH!” and “URHGH!” make in a different language.

      • 無尽合体ブランタコブスキ

        That’s what I was thinking when they replaced the original with a dub that sounded like they weren’t even trying. It completely ruined the mood and atmosphere of the game for me.

        • FitzpatrickPhillips

          Its literally the same kind of grunts across both language tracks.
          At least make more sense and say the voice acting during cutscenes ruined the atmosphere.

          Which it didn’t, but it would make about 100% more sense then complaining about grunts.

          • 無尽合体ブランタコブスキ

            It’s not. I didn’t really mind about the dubs for cutscenes. They were fine.

          • didnt you know they want dem animu voice?

    • Arrngrim

      I’m honestly surprised by all the downvotes you’ve gotten and someone “debating” you about a personal preference. Nowhere did you say GE1…OMG SUCKZORDZ and you hate it! All you said was, you didn’t like something about it. Jesus, people, lay off with the downvotes and debating a personal preference. “I” personally think Valkyrie Profile was the best game EVER made, but I’m not going to go around downvoting everyone who likes “teh Pokemonz”…

      • 無尽合体ブランタコブスキ

        You’re the only one who understands me, Arrngrim.

        • Arrngrim

          Yeah, and I’m not surprised I got downvoted a bunch too for voicing MY opinion. Keep on keepin’ on bro! (~.~)/

      • Herlo Rerelo

        before i talk, note that i never downvoted anyone here, now i should
        say the downvote does not necessary mean hating the comment or the
        person who posted it, it can simply means “i disagree”

        but yea, i think downvoting should be removed and just leave a “like” button

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        Probably cause its a stupid one.

    • TheExile285

      That’d be weird though since your character talks during gameplay >_>

      • 無尽合体ブランタコブスキ

        I know. A good dub is welcome too. I just didn’t think about mentioning it because it doesn’t happen very often for anime-esque type of games that aren’t made by Atlus (imo).

  • Ferchenko


  • Prinny Dood

    hey! hey listen! namco bandai listen we want this localized

  • s07195

    I’m kinda a fan of those voices which a bit of a lethargic quality to them, like the female voice 9 ._.

  • HassanJamal

    Music is giving me a nostalgic feel of that Digimon game where you had a team of 3 Digimons and dungeon crawled….forgot what it was called.

    • Ferrick

      digimon world 2 & 3

      • HassanJamal

        Yes thats the ones! Fun games.

  • TrueDefault

    What’s the point of having a game in Japanese and some of the menu options in transliteration?

    • ShawnOtakuSomething


    • DyLaN

      Japanese like their cool looking english.

  • Demeanor

    I can TOTALLY see myself picking josei voice #7 and building Marie Rose from DoA!!! ^ ^

  • Aristides

    Go D3 publisher! =3

    And give us that awesome collector’s edition!

  • almostautumn

    So glad there’s a PSP version. Throughout this semester I’ve blown so much time on gaming and so—- I sold both my Vita and 3DS last weekend! :'(
    But at least I can still play GE2 on my PSP, thank goodness. GE is easily in my top 5 for PSP; amazing game.

  • Lemski07
  • nonscpo

    I didn’t like the first game, the lack of the second analog really hurt it. Hopefully God Eater 2 turns out to be a better game.

  • WyattEpp

    No deeper, more authoritative voices for ladies makes me sad. They need to get Ogata Megumi into their sound booth!

  • coax

    Are you various seiyu credited by number anywhere?

  • Brandon Beckman

    And in the English version, Troy Baker will be the voice actor for at least 4 of the different male character voices.

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