Dragon’s Dogma Quest Adventures To Vita On December 19

By Spencer . November 18, 2013 . 10:06pm

dragonsdq-03While Dragon’s Dogma Quest was first announced as a PlayStation Vita game, Capcom actually released the iOS version first. The free to play Dragon’s Dogma game will be available for Vita on December 19.


Just like Dragon’s Dogma, you control an enlightened one whose heart was stolen by a dragon. Pawn have over 150 different jobs and you can bring up to eight of them in battle. Dragon’s Dogma Quest has been optimized for Vita with button controls in addition to touch screen operation plus compatibility with PS Vita TV.


“The controls are simple, and I think those of you who will be playing the game for the first time will have a good time. It is free of charge, so please go ahead and download it to try it out for yourself. Dragon’s Dogma Quest is an RPG that places exceptional importance on tactics and strategy. Try mixing up various job classes, and try playing with your very own party. It’s a traditional fantasy title, so if you enjoy the world of Dragon’s Dogma Quest, please try the console version, Dragon’s Dogma. The story is great," said director Hideaki Itsuno.


Some characters from the console version appear in Dragon’s Dogma Quest like Julien the Knight of Voldoa and Mercedes who is the captain of the Enlistment Corps.


dragonsdq-09 dragonsdq-11

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  • Richard N

    Woo! Casc-

    -I mean Mercedes! You’re the best!~

    • Dexward

      Mercedes looks like a combination of Casca and DMC3 Lady.

  • Shippoyasha

    Nice idea, but I really wish this is a prelude to a 3D action Dragon’s Dogma version on Vita.

    I consider Dragon’s Dogma to be a modern fantasy action classic and one of the few things Capcom got 100% right this past gen. The animal and monster animations were so convincing, that I actually felt sorry killing those things. Climbing aboard monsters hasn’t felt so satisfying since the old Shadow of the Colossus days. I’m eagerly awaiting the next Dragon’s Dogma iteration and I can’t even fathom how incredible it’d be like on the next gen consoles.

    • Tyler Beale

      Just as long as Capcom doesn’t fuck up again. (like they did with UMvC3 and DD:DA by not releasing the DLC expansions for their original games…..although Christian did justify the reasoning for the latter…..oh and they took out Into Free -Dangan- from the Dark Arisen version too. Although I have it on my iPod, I was looking forward to hearing it when I got the game earlier this month via PS+.)

      • Kornelious

        I will never forgive capcom for taking that out :(

  • incpdo

    if this doesnt come to NA it will be a BIG mistake

  • Tyler Beale

    You know, I thought at first that this was an announcement of the game being ported to Vita (the ACTUAL game….well, okay, the Dark Arisen version), and I immediately thought it was going to be shit.

    Both assumptions appeared to be wrong.

  • Altin

    Fun Fact: Hideaki Itsuno also designed both Power Stone and Power Stone 2

  • Kornelious

    Sure hope we get this, I’ll buy anything Dragons Dogma related :)

    • TrueDefault

      Even if it’s localised, you don’t have to pay! It’s free to play!!

  • Nan


  • I could really, really go for a Dragon’s Dogma 2. Or I can continue to pretend that Deep Down takes place in one of the parallel worlds or something >_>

  • Lovely artwork. But Dragon’s Dogma the Prequel on my Vita it’s not a bad idea.

  • The art looks great. If it has a good story and great gameplay then I am all up for it. Tactical RPG’s are a rarity these days and as much as I would have liked to play a 3d Dragons dogma on vita I am willing to take a chance on this one.

  • Pockystix

    so yeah, hoping this will fund Dragon’s Dogma 2 to have even more classes~

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