Meet Disgaea 4 Return’s New Character Nagi Clockwork

By Spencer . November 20, 2013 . 4:30pm


Fuka and Desco will go time travelling in Disgaea 4 Return. A new Time Leap storyline just for the Vita game brings the two characters back to when Sister Artnia meets Valvatorez.


Nagi Clockwork is a new character players will run into in the Time Leap story. She’s a mechanic that holds the key to the story. Burdened by her past, Nagi uses her mechanic skills to put an end to the war.



disreturn-08 disreturn-09 disreturn-11


Sister Artnia is a playable character too. One of her skills is a holy barrier that recovers all characters within a specific range.




Disgaea 4 Return also has new peta tier spells like Peta Heal, which are the most powerful spells in the game.

disreturn-33 disreturn-34 disreturn-30 disreturn-32 disreturn-31


Disgaea 4 Return comes out on January 30, 2014 for PlayStation Vita.


disreturn-01 disreturn-02 disreturn-04 disreturn-03 disreturn-05 disreturn-07 disreturn-06

Time Leap story

disreturn-12 disreturn-13 disreturn-14disreturn-15

disreturn-16 disreturn-17 disreturn-18 disreturn-19


disreturn-20 disreturn-21 disreturn-23 disreturn-25 disreturn-27 disreturn-29 disreturn-35 disreturn-53 disreturn-52 disreturn-51 disreturn-50 disreturn-48 disreturn-47 disreturn-46 disreturn-45 disreturn-44 disreturn-43 disreturn-42 disreturn-41 disreturn-40 disreturn-39 disreturn-38 disreturn-37 disreturn-36

disreturn-22 disreturn-24 disreturn-26 disreturn-28

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  • Highasthesky

    So many games that i want coming to Vita in 2014, and J stars is going to take a big chunk out of any of my potential earnings……decisions…

  • LastFootnote

    I just really hope that

    A) This gets localized.
    B) The generic humanoids have class-specific skills like in D3 for Vita. That made the game for me.

    • TheExile285

      This is most likely gonna get localized

    • RichyGaming

      I can’t remember any other Disgaea title that wasn’t localized, so I wouldn’t worry about this one, dood :)

      • LastFootnote

        I hope so. The only reason I worry is the Vita’s doing so badly here. Which is a shame. It’s a very nice system.

        I like the 3DS too, but one thing I love about the Vita is that it has EXACTLY twice the resolution of the PSP. When I play old games, it still looks great. If I play a GBA or DS game on 3DS, I have two options: horrible blurring or tiny image. For some reason unknownst to me, it has slightly LESS than twice the GBA’s resolution. Argh!

        • AlteisenX

          We’re getting Hyperdimension Singing game or whatever it is… and conception 2… the odds of this not making here are so slim lol

        • DesmaX

          Well, D3 Vita did well for NISA, I remember hearing something like that

          • ZekeFreek

            I actually talked to their mods directly about it. D3:AoD sold slightly better than they were expecting actually. About 30k units in the first month, which is pretty good for a niche game on a system that had only sold 4million units at that point.

        • MXC

          The vita has been steadily selling more lately as more games are being made and localized. So it shouldn’t be too much of a worry. The only worry I have is if the PSV 2000 will be well received or not.

    • Derek E Nay

      If it does not get localized I will most likely cry in a corner for mouths.

  • Suriel Cruz

    Are those NEW jobs?… Desert Assasins?… Dark Knight?…
    + Sister Artnia and NEW character Nagi + NEW tier spells = DAMN!!! MUST HAVE!

    • Draparde

      I hope so, or at least alt outfits for current ones you can go with. (would be funner to mess with than just alt colors)

  • Maaan, this is looking excellent. Looking forward to Nagi. And those other classes, too…

    And of course the Time Leap story. I just wonder how things’ll work out in that? Will you get Nurse Artina as a playable character after you finish it?

  • chroma816

    Oh lordy, Nagi is pretty cute. Dat wrench. Dem Gloves. Dat…shirt…thing she’s wearing.

  • Calintz YT

    Ughh, so tired of lolis

  • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

    I just hope the generic character classes have their unique skills in this one, much like Disgaea 3: AoD.

    That was major feature I like and very fond of…(at least for me it is).

  • GameWinner

    So hyped for this! I think I may break my digital only rule if NISA gives us a limited edition announcement.

  • Stephen

    Another human character? How… fascinating?

  • Gemlit

    Make it for PS4 and I’ll buy it. The only way I’ll get a Vita is for my birthday, Hanukah, or Christmas.

    • sherimae1324

      sorry no ps4 version….

    • Earthjolly

      Nope its all about Vita.

  • Punny Fuzz

    Could this be the GLORIOUS return of the Wrench weapon class from Makai Kingdom!?

  • Punny Fuzz

    TickTock is back!
    So maybe this is hinting at a Disgaea Infinite 2 perhaps?

  • PlatinumMad

    More lolis are always welcome.

  • Anime10121


    I want this for the time leap story! Old Valvatorez (wonder if its before he replaced human blood for sardines), he sure looks a bit more “dark”! DO WANT!

  • Time Sage

    Is that a new class surrounding fuka and desco in that one shot?

    Also that pocket watch looks oddly familer.

    (It knows the game will get localized! Probably!)

  • Shady Shariest

    So. Cute…
    Edit: This was too much…First thing in the morning i read and it makes me Garghkjk

  • Zak Ledward

    Those moments when you look at the high tier magic attack sprites and think
    “Why are these not playable characters?”

  • Rokkun

    Haven’t played any Disgaea games but have played the heck out of Fire Emblem games, and a bit of Advanced Wars and FF Tactics. Will I enjoy this game?

  • 3PointDecoupage

    What’s this time leap story? An epilogue?

  • Sal

    I’m getting a Marian Slingeneyer vibe from Nagi, but judging from her tank skill I guess her fighting style won’t be half as bloody as Marian’s.

  • ZekeFreek

    Is there some unwritten rule that says Fuka and Desco have to do everything these days? I don’t mind terribly but it is getting kinda ridiculous.

  • Sardorim

    Desco, Fuka, and Nagi look like they’re seeing hearts in their eyes on the cover as they look at Valvatroz and Sister Artnia together.

  • DyLaN|51

    Who is this guy again? New character?

  • Yuuki

    The new girl looks…okay…I liked Rutile and Stella better,but I wait until I see her personality first….
    On another note Playable Human ARTTIIINNNAAA!!!! Finally!

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