Try Out The First Three Chapters Of God Eater 2 For Free

By Eugene . November 20, 2013 . 3:31pm


A while ago, we reported that God Eater 2 would see a free demo, containing the first three chapters of its game as a lengthy showcase for anyone to download and check out. While the demo unfortunately didn’t make it out before the game was shipped, it will be available come November 21st, for those who are interested in trying it.


If you find you enjoy the game, you’ll be able to purchase the full version and then have the saves cross over to continue your adventure immediately.


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To make up for the tardiness, the demo will also allow you to play online multiplayer in some hunts – though whether you’ll be playing with those who have the full game is unknown.


The demo will be available on both Vita and PlayStation Portable.

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  • TheExile285

    If my copy hasn’t shown up by tomorrow, I’ll download the PSP demo. Probably wouldn’t transfer the save data though.

    • GH56734

      Even the PSP version is awesome, though not as graphically stunning. I say go for it, you have nothing to lose :D

      • TheExile285

        Well I pre-ordered the Vita version but it refuses to show up lol

        • GH56734

          Lucky you :D (I commanded the PSP one, since I don’t have a Vita… at least until before next year anyways) Hope you’ll get to play it as soon as possible. The PSP one is a blast.

          • TheExile285

            yeah I played the first demo a lot. The charge spear is awesome

          • MXC

            What are you talking about the Boost hammer is where its at.

          • Ferrick

            *ahem* charge spear is where it’s at~

          • MXC

            *puts on monocle* Excuse me sir/madam. I won’t say the charge spear is not good, but rather the boost hammer is just simply better. In other words, as the kids say, the boost hammer is where it’s at. Thank you very much.

          • Ferrick

            *puts on fedora* My dear sir/madam, i won’t say that the boost hammer is inconvenient, but rather the charge spear is where you should be investing at. Along with the sniper rifle

          • MXC

            *puts on mantle with white gloves* Well I agree that sniper rifle is a practical weapon on solo, but surely the rapid-fire assault rifle with the charismatic boost hammer will surely protect and motivate fellow comrades right? After all, the boost hammer can “charge” as well if not better than the charge spear, wouldn’t you agree?

          • Ferrick

            *puts on tuxedo and black tie* while i can agree that the assault rifle is a good ranged weapon, but i shall disagree that the sniper rifle is a practical weapon only on solo, for you see here, it has a special skill (bullet) that can crack these foul beasts’ scales and increase the damage done on it from thy teammates

            The spear allows thee to reach great distances to catch up with thine enemy with it’s charged glide skill and it is possible to hit more than once given that you equip the required skill for it. It is also one of the most elegant weapon as you can easily dance on the skies while avoiding all danger from your enemies.

            hence the sniper spear bundle is a bonafide method to elegantly dispatch thy enemies my dear sir/madam

          • MXC

            *puts on fake mustache* Very well, I can see how the sniper/spear user would be a valuable asset to a God Eater squad. But the bravery shown by the assault/hammer is just as valuable. With the assault rifle, my comrades will always know that I am there alongside them fighting to slay our foes.With its very unique OP generating bullets and ability to continuously fire at the enemy.

            As for the hammer, it is just as useful at keeping our enemy from retreat by continuously landing blow after blow in whether down or standing. Should the enemy manage to start retreating, the hammer can also dash while also bashing on them to once more knock them down.

            Though I suppose that we shall see each others skill when the demo comes out then now won’t we? :)

          • Ferrick

            *puts on white business formal set* as do i with the assault hammer combo as our fellow Nana demonstrates, however, the elegance shown by the sniper/spear is just as valuable. With the sniper rifle, i can take the initiative within battle and deteriorate enemy’s armor, allowing my comrades to easily destroy enemy parts, giving room for my spear to pierce through.

            As for the spear, your enemies will be incapable of running away as it pierces and slashes through enemy limbs, incapacitating their movements and allowing us to restock our burst and aragami bullets and keep a constant damage per second.

            I shall play the devil here as i say that i have imported the game and advanced to the fourth chapter ;D

          • MXC

            *drops act* wait what?! you you *puts on act again* well I must say I am disappointing that we cannot come to an agreement with each other as both my envy and anger will prevent me from playing fairly with you. But I must ask how did you get it imported so fast? Pre-order?

          • Ferrick

            *drops act, reveals to be the evil lord* Kuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu~

            Nay, the pre-order bonus is decent but t’is isn’t the reason on why i bought it, i did so simply because i want to support Project G.E and i couldn’t contain the hype within me~

          • MXC

            Of course, as I too wish to support Project G.E. but my monetary funds are insufficient to provide myself with a copy. Where did you import from? play-asia,com? Or it couldnt be… you live in Japan?!

          • Ferrick

            i imported it from play-asia, and if only that was the case sir, if only that was the case

          • MXC

            Well sir I hope you enjoy the game fully as many of will have to await the eventual localization of this game and pray to have all dlc this time around. I bid you a good night.

          • Ferrick

            i thank thee for thy company and i bid thee adieu

    • I hope u get it soon. I think I will start playing this later tomorrow and play on ad-hoc party after I get 4 chapters in to it.

  • MyBodyIsReady

    This game has online multiplayer? I thought it didn’t.

    Pretty great if they added it in

    • Pedro Furtado

      This. Exactly this. Was it a mistake? I wanna know

    • $77496739

      The final game does not have online multiplayer, but there’s a possibility it will be patched in in future updates. Been the talk of the town.

  • gold163

    Is the PSP demo going to be on PSN or is it going to be a download from a third-party site like the first game’s demo?

  • Lemski07

    what online multiplayer? ad-hoc party?

  • icecoffemix

    I’m on Reg 3 PSN, and this is on the PSN Store :

    Is that PSP version? But it says Vita…

    • Ping92

      vita version. it writes PS VITA. also it states below “This content is only compatible with PS Vita”. If it is PSP, it will be god eater 2 trial PSP

      • icecoffemix

        I thought the article was saying that the demo is only for PSP version, I misread it. So yeah, anyone on Reg 3 or Reg 2 should have the demo available on the PSN.

  • Naux

    Actually what is that about Online Multiplayer? Last time I checked, it didn’t have that feature.

  • Is this japan only? I’d like to try the demo if it’s localized.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Hypity Hype!

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