Ragnarok Online 2 Update Brings Some Wicked Mounts And Costumes

By Eugene . November 21, 2013 . 4:00pm

In the November random box update from Ragnarok Online 2’s US servers, players can get a shot at one of six costumes, one of twelve masks, or one of six special mounts if you crack them open.


This month’s big special is the Tame Kalberop mount, all crystal spikes and doggy awesomeness, while costumes run the gamut of Devils, Detectives, Lady Cape costume (which looks too much like a Little Red Riding Hood get-up to me) standing next to a bad boy Wolf costume. There’s also that bizarro pajama costume…


dethat detset

capehood capecost

pajamahat npajama

Those lower half costumes combine with the accessory random box for the helms for each, including a dapper monocle for the Phantom Thief outfit and the cool Wolf mask to complete the Wolf costume look. While it might sound like hell opening dozens of boxes for a random shot at the dice, at least they’ll come with Chance coupons which you can then trade in with NPC Munil in Prontera.


Ragnarok Online 2 is out now for PC.


devilset noelcape

1111 maledetec

maledevilcost maletheif


queenmask wolfmask

mount2 mount7

mount3 mount6

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  • Crevox

    The only cool part of this post was the peco

  • Kaitsu

    Lol, RO2.

    • MogCakes

      Not even this new version of it lives up to the original game. They should have just taken the first ‘RO2’ and turned it into a separate game altogether. RO isn’t RO without the cutesy sprite graphics.

      • Radit Raditz

        Even the Korean players didn’t like this game a bit, since Gravity has already announced that they going to close the Korean server. Even if they said the US & Southeast Asian server didn’t affected by it, this is a huge blow to the franchise, since it’s only operating less than 2 years there.

        Well, goodbye RO2. You won’t be missed…

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        Nostalgia can fry the brain

        • MogCakes

          It can, but it hasn’t fried mine. I played RO extensively and played both the original RO2 beta and this version.

      • ShinStar

        Don’t forget the awesome soundtrack too!

  • Martian Wong

    Harem Pants!

  • I like the succubus outfit.

  • Pockystix

    I thought RO2 was Tree of Savior > 3>

    • Xerain

      Brief History of RO2:

      A 3D MMO in the vein of WoW, but with elements to differentiate it such as a class change system where you could carry over select skills between classes, an equipment leveling system, a slightly more technologically advanced setting (archers replaced with gunners), and a race system where the different races would actually have different substantially different game play mechanics.

      The beta test did not go well, with many many complaints from the Korean players that they wanted it to be more like RO1.

      In response they panicked and spent two mow years redoing the game. They updated the graphics to look more like RO1’s artwork, and made the game more like WoW. All those features I listed above were totally scrapped.

      Then about a week ago I was telling a friend how someone should totally make a game that is a modernized true spiritual successor to RO1. Then Tree of Savior debuted.

  • Xerain

    I play RO2, so I’m glad to see it get coverage. However, this really comes off as a half-hearted advertisement. There are much more interesting things to cover in regards to RO2 than what costumes are in this month’s random boxes.

    Yes, the Devil costume is significant, as previously it was exceptionally rare. However as you can imagine there is such demand for them, especially considering the ridiculous 2 month long stat boost it comes with, that no one who hasn’t been playing the game for a number of months can hope to afford one with in-game currency. (On the upside, all cash shop items in RO2 can be sold to other players for in-game currency, which sets it apart from many other Asian F2P MMOs.)

    On the other hand, they just added a new party vs party PVP arena, and have a Christmas event going on where you can get viking costumes and accessories without having to spend real world money. That stuff is, IMO, more noteworthy.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      I’m glad someone isn’t just going “Lol it’s too 3d and doesn’t have the same gameplay as RO to be it’s sucessor.”

      • Xerain

        Heh I did make a later post you could ALMOST read like that, though it wasn’t my intention.

  • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

    Milky Holmes, why?

    • Xerain

      Because Milky Holmes is actually pretty awesome if you go into it with the right mind set and make it past the first couple of episodes they waste setting up the “plot.”

      The show’s true brilliance is it’s mixture of naivete with strong overarching S&M humor and themes.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        You know I am almost willing to give those thoughts on Milky Holmes. If they had just been willing to take the mocking animu moe girl satire down the path so clearly there. I’m just not sure that the creator understood that what was what was being created.

        I understand such satire is far more a Western concept than Japanese, but it is the reason 60s and 70s Brit comedy is still meaningful today.

  • Zeonsilt

    Ehm,guys.RO2 Korea will be closed in 23 Dec,2013.

    p.s. even if this will not “affect” NA/Asia server,i think it will not survive for too long(playerbase is declining heavily).Google some “Tree of Savior” gameplay video,that’s a true successor to RO1.
    p.p.s.i’m also a lvl60 rogue on warpportal,but quit months ago.

    • ohlala lala

      Level cap only 50 for both combat & profession. -_-

    • ohlala lala

      Max level cap only 50 atm -.- for both sea and NA

  • NightzeroAX

    Tree of Savoir. that is all.

  • fairysun

    I think RO was successful because it was one of the first MMO known worldwide. At least in South East Asia countries.

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