Mother 3 Art Director And Kingdom Hearts Composer Teamed Up For This RPG

By Sato . November 23, 2013 . 9:30am

If you’re a fan of Earthbound’s art style and Kingdom Hearts’ music, this recent mobile RPG, called The Knight & The Dragon, might pique your interest. Mother 3 art director Nobuhiro Imagawa and Yoko Shimomura, known for her musical works in the Kingdom Hearts series and Mario RPG, were involved in its development.


The Knight & The Dragon is a pixel-art fantasy game, where all the characters are made in an old-school dot-art style design. The game flow has a traditional RPG approach, where you choose your quest, fight, and get loot to become stronger.


The fights simply involve pressing the skill buttons located on the bottom of the screen. Weapons you find will come with their own skills, and you’ll also be required to press the guard button in a timely manner to block enemy attacks.


There are over 200 types of weapons in total, meaning a bunch of different skills that you’ll be able to use in combat. Over a period of time, the weapons can evolve and become something much stronger. There are many available quests, where you’ll get to try out various weapons and level them up.


The game’s friend system allows you to show off your rare weapons to your buddies, or lend them out for a price.


The Knight & The Dragon is currently available for free (with micro-transactions) for Android devices, and will also be coming out for iOS in the near future.

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  • I find this charming enough that I don’t mind that this is a phone game.

    What I mind is that it’s Japanese and thus I can’t play it. :(

  • Nanaki

    Is it such a crime to just release the entire game rather than shoveling out content through micro-transactions? I really would be much more willing to experience mobile games if only they did this.

    • Oversoul

      Because spending $20-40 on something straightup is different from spending that amount across months of time, right? Dhurrr

  • If it’s good, I hope it gets a Vita or 3DS release on the cheap. Edit: In English :)

  • Kudan

    And it’s another mobile game… i keep seeing this dream teams working on something new and it’s nothing more than this. I don’t need a AAA next gen RPG, i’d be really happy if they make something for 3DS.

    • Shady Shariest

      Me too… Somehow seeing near-legendary people making average mobile games is depressing :/

      • John Diamond

        I got nothing against IOS/android games. (hell i buy a few good games myself when i get the chance)
        it’s just that when you get people this big, or good games (like dragon quest VIII) then just chuck it on the ios anybody can’t help but feel real dissapointed

        • Shady Shariest

          I would not hold it against them, if they had done something outstanding… But this is… Like every other mobile-adventure by the looks of it.

      • yinks

        you haven’t even played it to know if it’s average or not.

        • Shady Shariest

          It is a pixel adventure game… I meant average in genre. The game itself might be good, but heck… My phone’s most modern feature is colors…
          Edit: Meaning i won’t be playing it…
          Edit2: Meaning that you should take a lot of what i say about this with a sack of salt.

    • Altin

      Class act removing my comment, Siliconera.

      Anyway, Expecatations are below six feet, considering it is a mobile game.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        You have made a habit of posting poop posts and then deleting them, thinking that somehow clears things. Not to mention plenty of trolling for negative reactions. Not really what our readers are here for and you certainly know the rules.

        Take such behavior elsewhere. Warned.

        • Altin

          Didn’t know that stating opinions has become a crime now. I’m sorry.

          Does it really matter? Either you delete it, or I do it. Previous examples only prove that I am not allowed to disagree with anything, but am only permitted to eat rainbows and fart, I mean, exhale sunshine.

          • Ferrick

            wow, this retort is as worn out as madonna’s boobs

          • Altin

            Not really. My first comment wasn’t even that malicious to be honest.

          • Ferrick

            i’m not exactly sure on how that’s related

          • Altin

            The first comment that I posted went something along the lines of:
            “Two great guys collaborating together for a good game?”

            That whole delete posting happened afterwards.

          • Ferrick

            and yet you wonder on why it was deleted

          • Altin

            I dont know about you, but I see many comments which are synonymous with my opinion. Dont want to drag this further though. It is what it is.

          • Ferrick

            again, another overused retort, gotta love the originality of people nowadays

          • Altin

            I like how you define “retort”. I’m even too lazy to cite any comment here. You just need to scroll down once to see similarities. Keep spouting your buzzwords though.

          • From your past posts…oh wait you set your account as private…nevermind.

          • Altin

            Feel free to take a look at my past posts. You wont find anything though, as they already deleted those.

  • I’d play it, even if it’s just a mobile game.

  • Shane Guidaboni

    I can’t take mobile RPGs seriously when they have micro transactions.

    • There lies in the problem with mobile games to me, more than the fact that they are on a phone but the fact that 90% of the games really are just filled with microtransactions.

  • Invisbin

    It’s a shame. I’ve payed for plenty mobile games and this just seems like it’s not going to flourish because of “gamers” here. Pc Gamers are to Console gamers as Console gamers are to mobile gamers.

    • Strain42

      Yeah, it’s a shame. It’s just the stereotype of the mobile games right now that they’re all just freemium games to scam players (though major games still cost like 60 bucks, much more than the average mobile gamer will spend on a title, in-app purchase or not lol)

      The worst part though is that the big games that get the most advertising are the ones feeding the stereotype. Like these big Japanese freemium titles, Plants vs. Zombies 2, or that new Angry Birds Kart Racer.

      All we can do is keep trying to showcase the fun, imaginative games that the mobile market really has to offer.

      • Yause

        On mobile, freemium is about the only thing that sells in Japan.

        Initially, developers tried bite-size episodic games and full-length premium titles, but they had little success. People who want that kind of thing are probably playing on the 3DS or PSP/Vita already.

        At any rate, The Knight & The Dragon looks like a Puzzles & Dragons copycat. The “core loop” consists of fighting enemies and evolving weapons (which provide different skills). Presumably, the developers can charge players for a random chance at getting rare weapons or to continue playing when they die. Psychologically, the game plays on a customer’s desire to collect and show off their arsenal.

        Judging by the premise and screen shots, I doubt there’s a real RPG here. Looks like battles and more battles with the social aspect centered around weapon lending (like monster lending in Puzzles & Dragons).

  • another interesting title spawn up on android market. still language barrier :'(

  • Bur

    You know what? I give up. Just bring this stuff to the US App Store and I’ll be fine. This is me waving my white flag.

  • Randgriz

    I really gotta get one of these Iphone dealies, seems like the future of gaming right there.

    • AuraGuyChris

      NO! You’re being lured in! You must resist, Randgriz!

    • Strain42

      I dunno if I’d say it’s the future, but it certainly has one of its own. There are a lot of great titles on the iOS market, and I’d be more than happy to recommend some. If you don’t want an iPhone, I recommend just an iPod Touch as it can play all of the games and stuff without…y’know…phone hassles.

    • Taylor Davis

      It’s a trap!

  • RazeXI

    …*cries and screams internally*

  • Strain42

    Lemme be up front and clear when I say that I absolutely love love LOVE mobile games. I do. Some of the best titles I have played in the past couple years were on my iPod Touch (the Squids series, Nihilumbra, Knights of Pen and Paper, many of the games from Adult Swim, etc. etc.)

    But to some game developers, especially Japanese game developers from what I’ve observed…please just give us a game where we give you money, and you give us a game. Micro-payments are fine so long as the game itself is good and solid enough to make players WANT to give you money, rather than feel like they HAVE to (more Middle Manager of Justice and less Where’s My Water 2)

    Like the recent Sega game for iOS, Demon Tribe looks really good…but it also looks like a freemium nightmare. I would love to tell you all if it is or isn’t, but after two days now I haven’t been able to get the darn thing to load. The game keeps crashing during it’s initial start up (I can get it to like 74%)

    A fine example is something like Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. We get two cases free, a fine experience, and then if you want you can buy the rest of the cases for a grand total of about 5 bucks. Considering if that game had been a DS/3DS title it would’ve probably cost anywhere from 15-30, I think this is a fair deal.

    But then on the opposite side of the coin we have a game like Final Fantasy: All The Bravest. Folks lemme tell you something…I picked up that game when it was FREE on the app store and I still feel like I paid too much. That game is a micro-transaction nightmare. AppSpy did a hilarious video about it on YouTube, feel free to look that up if you wanna see what I’m talking about.

    Only time will tell if this game falls onto the side of good or evil when it comes to free game with the option of in-app purchases. Because there really ARE good free titles that simply have in-app purchase options without being too frustrating, over-bearing or even necessary (Jetpack Joyride, Giant Boulder of Death, Happy Street, etc.)

    It is a shame though because right now a lot of gamer’s views towards mobile games is that they’re all these horrible freemium titles that just try to scam players and drain their wallets, and despite all the amazing titles, free or otherwise that prove that notion wrong, they just aren’t what people are focusing on.

    So please, readers of Siliconera, don’t let the microtransaction games of the market completely jade you to iOS titles. There really are a lot of incredible amazing games out there.

    As for this title. I would really love to see this come out just because of the pedigree here. I love the Mother style graphics and Shimomura did the soundtrack to Legend of Mana, my favorite video game of all time.

    …To anyone who took the time to read all of this, thank you. I’ve just been wanting to get this off my chest.

  • Taylor Davis

    Of Course! ITS A FREAKING IPHONE AND ANDROID GAME! WHY!?….Why? I understand Japan loves their phones (or so I heard), but come on man!

    Why is it that I read title and get so excited to see a game that I’m might really wan to play and import and come to find out its a freaking iPhone game!? I can’t take it anymore hearing about stupid mobile games! *rages in my head for a bit* I’m not saying there’s not (some)good mobile games but why not for the 3ds or the Wii u, come on! *cries in a corner*…Oh well…

    • Strain42

      I’m sure you’re asking that rhetorically, and I can certainly understand wanting to have some of these games on 3DS or Wii U but the truth is that it’s much cheaper and easier to make and distribute these games for the mobile market than for the bigger consoles. So basically if they didn’t exist on mobile devices they probably wouldn’t exist at all.

      I mean I’d love some more indie games for my 3DS like Attack of the Friday Monsters or Shovel Knight, but I’d still rather these games exist, even if it’s not on ones console of choice than not at all.

      • Taylor Davis

        You have a point.

      • Haganeren

        Well, i don’t know. If we imagine this game wouldn’t exist, that mean the Mother 3 Art Director might be doing something else on a plateforme I like better…

        We can’t really say…

        • Strain42

          Very true, that is a valid point. We really don’t know.

  • At this point any “dream team” that only consists of art and music people without any actual DEVELOPERS should be a massive warning sign.

  • Raidou

    How do you install this without a Japanese Google Play account?

    • Since it says when trying to download it, I’m pretty sure you need to either have a japanese carrier or be connected to a japanese IP with your phone to download the game.

      • Lumi

        You can get the apk from googling the google play id, it’s the last part of the URL.

  • Jettythesunfish

    Wow! This looks awesome!

    *sees it’s a mobile game*

    Well, dammit.

    • GuyAlpha

      There’s always that one guy that has to post this every time.

      • Jettythesunfish

        I’m just voicing my honest opinion on the matter…

        • Slickyslacker

          Just like that Wonderflick game (or whatever it’s called) and FF: All the Bravest have been confined to their mobile-based cages, talent is continuously being wasted on potentially amazing niche games. Hell, I’d even take these as 3DS eShop-exclusives, if that’s what it would take to publish them on actual platforms.

          • Virevolte

            Wonderflick will be released on Vita, Xbox and Ps3 too.

  • 3PointDecoupage

    I hate when they refer to pixel games as ‘dot art’ Hipster Nonsense.
    Anyway I actually think this game looks good but I always get burned on mobile games.

  • Pockystix

    a drinking game based on iOS cash-ins would be fatal several times over. . .

  • Slickyslacker

    I wish Squenix would cut all of the iOS B.S.

    • yomachaser

      It’s now one of their main business pillars so…nope and wishing won’t change it.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Two wonderful minds!!! a Dream team!! and the best you can think of… is a iOS game?………Wut?! I can’t wrap my mind around this. Yea I know Smart phones is a thing now and everyone has one, but Come on! They could have made one hell of a JRPG. Seriously..

    • Strain42

      They still can. iOS doesn’t automatically mean lesser or worse game.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        but come on!! They could have made something amazing!

        • So are you saying a games that’s on android and iOS can’t be amazing? have you PLAYED games like Chaos Ring? Yeah probably not.

          • ShawnOtakuSomething

            one of the few that looks legitly fun

  • Rogerrmark

    What a waste

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    I wish Siliconera would stop reporting on mobile games. Most people playing iOS stuff are casual gamers who wouldn’t go on a video game blog anyway.

    • Strain42

      I know you said most, not all, but I’m glad they occasionally comment on mobile stuff. I follow both the “hardcore” and the “casual” stuff, and sometimes I do find learn about some interesting iOS titles through Siliconera.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Siliconera reports on a variety of games for a variety of gamers, if you aren’t interested in mobile games, then there’s no need to comment on articles about mobile games. There are plenty of articles about traditional console and handheld games.

      This isn’t a blog for “casual” gamers or “hardcore” gamers, it’s a blog about games. Period.

    • I’m sick of this whole casual and hardcore gamer rubbish. Even mobile phone games are part of the gaming scene so yeah they should post about it.

      [edit – correction]

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Going to add this post in part from another thread here. Everyone please recognize this is the standard going forward.

        “I’d ask the community to try and ignore any of these blank-slate casual and hardcore definitions. It is no business of ours what games someone plays or what anyone else pops into their systems. And yes that fully includes systems which are actually mobile phones. If those aren’t your console of choice, spend the time playing the ones you do love.”

        TL;DR — Just have fun, folks. And don’t worry about those things you don’t find fun.

  • David García Abril

    Seems to be only on the Japanese Google Play.

    I couldn’t find it on the European store.

    Yeah, I don’t care it’s a mobile game. If you put Yoko Shimomura’s music to the frigging “Twilight” series, its awesomeness would be multiplied by 100000000000000000000000 too. (Although in case of “Twilight”, it’s base awesomeness is zero, so the result would be… zero… But you know what I mean!)

    • Ferrick

      well… even the japanese dubbed twilight (suzaku kurugi’s VA voiced Edward) still sucked, so twilight would be a tad terrible example XD

  • Many people below already said what I feel…
    Man oh man this is turning into a Deja Vu, it saddens me D:

  • NimbusStev

    “mobile” NOOOOOO!

    That art is fantastic though. I’ll be getting my first ever Android device in a few days, so I’ll definitely be checking it out regardless of my opinion on the platform.

  • fearlubu

    Is it just me, or does this really sound like knights of pen and paper?

  • Invisbin

    I guess I’m apart of the minority that would love to play this…

  • To be honest, that game does look pretty fun. If there were English options (which there might be… is there?) and I had an Android, I’d pick it up. Probably because it’s free, though.

  • Lumi

    Just downloaded it, and… It seems to be kind of turn-based RPG-ish, and the only strategy you take is when to use skills, recover AP, trying to time the Guard JUST right to get AP and HP recovery. There’s elemental rock paper scissors as well. However, the gameplay seems to be slightly repetitive, or it’s just because I can’t read the text…

    • Yause

      It’s a Puzzles & Dragons type design. Superficially, there are a number of RPG elements. However, the formula isn’t so much an adventure but a simple loop that has you fighting battles (each “quest” being a set of battles, so the designers can produce an indefinite number of them with ease) and upgrading weapons.

      • Lumi

        Yeah, it seems to follow the P&D formula, but with a more RPG-ish focus on it. But without a localization, a lot of the strategy variations on the basic gameplay isn’t that viable, making it seem repetitive

  • Yan Zhao

    Oh look, more talents wasted on a mobile game.

    • Guest

      Japan plays more mobile games then consoles.

      Personally i like this trend..

  • Virevolte

    To bad that I still don’t plan to buy a smartphone…

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