Super Robot Taisen OG Infinite Battle Shows Us Vaisaga And R-Gun Powered

By Spencer . November 24, 2013 . 11:55pm

Super Robot Taisen OG Infinite Battle, the fighting game with mecha from Namco Bandai’s crossover SRPG, adds four more playable robots like Gespenst Type-RV from the PS2 game Super Robot Taisen Original Generation and Ryukooh from Super Robot Taisen Alpha.


The game comes out this week for PlayStation 3 in Japan.


Gespenst Type-RV

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ss2901_s01 ss2901_s02 ss2901_s03 ss2902_s01 ss2902_s03 ss2902_s02 ss2903_s01 ss2903_s03 ss2903_s02



ss2801_s01 ss2801_s02 ss2801_s03 ss2802_s01 ss2802_s03 ss2802_s02 ss2803_s01 ss2803_s02 ss2803_s05 ss2803_s04 ss2803_s03


R-Gun Powered

ss2701_s01 ss2701_s02 ss2702_s01 ss2702_s03 ss2702_s02 ss2703_s01 ss2703_s03 ss2703_s02

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  • Tiduas

    It’s soon time for release! The releases of new SRW-games always comes with two good things:
    1). It’s an SRW game being released, chances of it being good is high!
    2). After the release of an SRW game, information about the next one comes extremely close to it. I really want to see what happens with the series after this game is released.

    • s07195

      Either Z3, or a new title, I’m guessing. Hoping for Z3 though.

      • Tiduas

        I’m planning on doing a complete playthrough of the Z-zeries before Z3 now when I can understand most of the story, but an announcement about the game would certainly make me happy anyway! :D

        • Sardorim

          Well there’s a mostly translated story for z2.2 in the
          Akurasu Wiki. It isn’t 100% though as my native
          language isn’t Japanese and I could have
          organized it better.

          • s07195

            Oh, you did the translation? Though I do understand Japanese, that’s nice for the people who don’t, so I appreciate your effort. :)

        • s07195

          I haven’t actually played Z1, since I never got a PS2, but I know enough from gameplay videos and a summary by my friend who does (and plays EVERY SRW game, up to buying SYSTEMS for them. He’s hoping that one for Wii U won’t come out yet since he’s low on money at the moment. >.>)

      • Sardorim

        Esther Elhas better get her DMified upgraded Brasta Es!

        • s07195

          Probably not until mid-game, though. Brasta Es is a Real, so I can’t imagine how it’ll look.

  • Just Tim

    Are the endings gonna be character-specific?

  • MrTyrant

    Give me Ingram and the Astraganant please!!

  • Sardorim

    Raftclanz would be awesome… Too bad J hasn’t gotten into the OG verse yet so it’s unlikely it’ll be in this game.

  • monkey king

    RaiOh and Ialdabaoth would kill it for this game.

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