Updated Sony Policy Allows Activating PSN On Up To Three Portable Devices

By Eugene . November 26, 2013 . 2:30pm


Sony have updated their policies and will allow players to activate up to three portable devices with their PlayStation Network account. This change will primarily affect new games (Which are counted as post November 17, 2011) that are still running on your Vita or PlayStation 3, bumping up the number of devices such games can be on from two to three.


This change doesn’t affect the PlayStation 4 directly, but does mean that streaming stuff from it to your Vita or swapping from Vita to Vita TV is made a little bit easier.


Bought timing

Before November 17, 2011

After November 18, 2011



PSP/PS Vita/PS Vita TV


PSP/PS Vita/PS Vita TV


5 units

5 units

2 units

2 units -> 3 units


1 unit

3 units


3 units


Games that were bought before November 17, 2011 will remain at a total of five different activated systems, while video will continue to remain linked to one PlayStation 3 account or up to three portable devices such as the Vita, PSP and Vita TV.


If you need some help with activating or deactivating systems you can follow the video guide above, or read a step-by-step here.

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  • Freakmasta

    Oh those days when you could have 5 PS3’s with your PSN.

  • konsama

    It was stupid to lower to 2 to beging with, people complained and asked for 3 instead back then and sony waas stubborn to not do anything till now.

  • Micrll

    How about increasing the number off accounts allowed on a Vita from 1->2+?

    • Kayseur

      This. At least 2, I don’t even need more, but having a region free system when you can’t enjoy import games to their fullest is highly annoying.

      Please Sony. That’s my only grip with the Vita right now.

    • Michael Martin


    • Crazy_O

      This so much. I would like 3.

      Make it possible to use the same E-Mail adress for 3 accounts that use a different PSN. So account sharing to gift games can’t happen (isn’t that what they fear?) but I can buy and use DLC for my imported games!

      Bought Project Diva f with my japanese account and every DLC and every time I have to reset my vita to play it.

    • Duo Maxwell

      This so much. I think we should raise this concern to Yoshida over Twitter. Seems like he did answer people’s questions no matter how trivia it is (as long as it’s related to Playstation devices).

      • Kayseur

        Yes please, do tweet him if you can. He does read everything, and even though he appears not to answer to people with “negative” question such as this one regarding Vita’s accounts, it shows him that there is a demand. I often try to tell him so whenever there’s an update, but we need to be more numerous to be noticed.

    • icecoffemix

      Do this Sony, why do you hate money so much anyway? :/

    • This please. Where do I sign? Where do we band up? This needs to happen. On a good note, the PS4 ‘seems’ to work with this concept just fine. Won’t know until the JPN store launches. I was able to select my PS4 as my primary console for both accounts. If the jpn account can play my primary account digital games then it should work the other way around.

      But this seriously needs to happen. I miss playing the God Eater 2 demo and accessing other content from the japanese store. Also missed out on some Hatsune Miku dlc.

  • I wish they would do this for PS4 also.

  • Now I just need to be able to pass my games from my US Vita to my EU Vita accounts, like I can do with my PS3 games :P

  • TheExile285


  • malek86

    I assume this was done because with just 2 units, now that the Vita TV is out, it would be impossible for people to use PSP, PSV and Vita TV with the same account.

    How does the PS4 work anyway? Only one unit, or more?

    • Bobby Jennings

      only one.

      • malek86

        So in other words, if I activate my console with one account, I will be unable to play something on another PS4, even if I log in with my user – at least without deactivating the first console?

        • Bobby Jennings

          You will be able to play everything, as long as you are on the account that owns it.

          • malek86

            But that account can only be online with one user at a time, right?

            So what happens if, let’s say, someone else downloads the game on his console with your account, and then never touches it again (but doesn’t delete it)? Will they still be able to play the game as long as they have your account on the console? Or will they have to be offline for it to work?

          • Bobby Jennings

            Yeah they will have access to all your games as long as their PS4 is the primary console. Any other console wont be able to use your content unless you’re logged in and the one using it.

  • RichyGaming

    I only want to things at this point:
    1. The option of making more accounts on the Vita.
    2. Being able to change my username. Even if it has to have a toll, like to buy it on PSN store, alright then because jesuuuus my username sucks ASS! But I don’t want to make a new account because I’ll freaking lose all of my godamn trophies.


    Question: I bought my brother a Vita, i currently have my PSN account registered to a PSP Go and my own Vita, could my brother use my account on his without interfering with it when using on my Vita. As in, can he download all of the same stuff i have bought and downloaded, he would have access to a huge library.

  • Nitraion

    I wish Vita can have multiple accounts….
    I miss the day when 1 account can be activiated for 5 system

  • I wish Nintendo would do this.

  • Seven of The Scions



    DO IT SONY!!!

    What i meant is for the DLC too!
    It pains me to use Reg 1 games when my main account is Reg 3.

    When some ‘DAT DLCs’ came out and I can’t do anything about it unless i have other memory, playing from the start and obviously restore PS Vita again to change region, then watch the intro movie again etc etc etc

    Please SONY, make this MORE CONVENIENT WILL YA?

    • ishyg

      I live in Japan and I totally feel you. Sure, games are region free, but DLCs and stuff rely on the PSN account.

    • michel

      I truly hope Sony listen to this!

      I think that the “single account per Vita” policy is the worst of sony’s mistakes, even worse than the overpriced memory cards.

  • eilegz

    how about allow me to remote disable my ps3…. because my ps3 broke and since its out of warranty and i cant disable i need a way to do it remotely o far only sony can do it…

    • Aunna Terrell

      You can do that on the Sony Entertainment Network (SEN)?

      Gotta have an SEN account first, then sign in and hit Devices > Playstation Systems. You can deactivate them separately there… If you visited a PSN store website instead, you hit Account Settings > Device and Media. You gotta deactivate them ALL at the same time if you visited via a store. Then you have to re-link everything to your SEN account, if you deactivated all.

  • Learii

    what these Activate and Deactivate? and what does they do

  • JuhRo

    This doesn’t answer my question.. or at least clearly…

    Is this saying I can have 1 account on two Vitas? Playing the same digital content/PS Plus/ etc ?
    If so, I’ve been waiting for this… because a friend of mine doesn’t have much moneys and he would love to dip into my pool of digital content.

    • zweii

      Its more actually. 1 account in 3 vitas or 1 account used for 2 vitas and a VitaTV for example.

      They did it for VitaTV owners.

      • JuhRo

        Well– How it was before was either 2 PSPs or 1 PSP and 1 Vita — You couldn’t do 2 Vitas with one account.

        So, that limitation has been lifted? I tweeted Yoshida and he confirmed that you could do 1 Vita and 1 Vita TV.. but still no confirmation anywhere that says 2 Vitas.

        • zweii

          No. The limitation has always been “portables” with no regard whether its 2 PSPs or 2 Vitas. 1 portable can either be PSP or Vita and now VitaTV which is apparently counted as a portable now.

          The only caveat is that only one Vita can be online if you are using the 1 account in 2 vitas. Like say you have Killzone M. in two vitas, if it shares the same account they can not play against each other online.

          • JuhRo

            Odd. I must try this again because it didn’t allow me to do 2 Vitas when I tried that with my buddy. There was no other portable activated either, but I’ll take your word.

  • Byron Kerrison II

    Who still has a PSP? Oh right… Japan.

    • malek86

      Me ;_;

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