Square Enix Is Giving 1 Million Copies Of Dragon Quest Away For Free

By Spencer . November 27, 2013 . 1:10am

The Dragon Quest series is coming to iOS and Android starting with the original Dragon Quest. Square Enix will re-release the smartphone version on November 28 and the first million people to download it will get Dragon Quest for free. After that, Dragon Quest will cost a reasonable 500 yen ($5).


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Dragon Quest for smartphones is interesting since it uses a vertical layout. The graphics have been upgraded too and we’re not just talking about the NES version. These game looks even sharper than the Super Famicom remake Dragon Quest I & II.

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  • Michael Synodis

    Is this the Japanese version only?

    • Michael Kelehan

      None of the mobile DQ games have been announced for the US yet, but I think we’ll see it. I definitely don’t think we’ll get in on this promotion, though; there aren’t even a million who would play it at all.

  • Xerain

    I already got my free copy 20 years ago.

    • mFrog

      I paid 5500 yen for the Famicom cartridge,
      $50 for the NES cartridge (wow, it can save progress!),
      and around 8000 yen for the SFC cart. (wow, 1600 yen discount!).

      …so I totally wouldn’t mind a free one for a modern platform :D

      Emulators on touchscreen devices isn’t the greatest thing, too.

    • We are still paying for our 20 year-old free copies. We pay in tears.

  • BillyMK

    The graphics are in the same style as Dragon Quest III remake on the SNES. But that’s nothing new since there was a mobile version for I and II with that style.

  • AokiShizuku

    That’s tomorrow! Holy crap, I’m jumping straight on it as soon as I wake up.

  • Jonas Bern

    iOS?… Well, that’s shitty. Nobody wants to play a RPG on a phone, it’s for ‘on the go’-games… U should re-release a remake for the PSP/PsVita/DS/3DS or something instead, as u have done in the past. I mean those remakes of FF1,2,3 (3D), 4 on PSP and FF3 (3D), FF4 (3D) on DS where AWESOME.

    • Lilith

      People on this site use the word “nobody” too freely. Next times use “I”.

    • NickyArmstrong

      You’re saying it’s not an ‘on the go game’, but then list alternative ‘on the go’ platforms?

      • Jonas Bern

        didn’t I?…. PSP, DS, 3DS, PSVita. Dedicated gaming machines. Often u play a short arcade-style game on a iOS-device, not a full blown game.

        • I would definitely rather play it on 3DS or Vita, but for something simple like the first DQ, I might actually sell out.

    • I don’t think they’re listening to you.

      I am actually desperate enough for Dragon Quest that I would pay $5 for an English version of this.

    • You deleted your comment below! I agree with you, though I’m not quite as angry as you are. :) I think their emphasis on “western” games is what hurt them, and I agree, they don’t seem to care what fans want.

      Other than that, I personally blame Tetsuya Nomura, though I’ve been told my feelings are irrational. :)

  • mFrog

    [Edit] Confirmed – Japan region only :(

    • malek86

      Yeah this is obviously gonna be locked. I had hoped that, once the reliance on services like Mobage stopped, smartphone games would finally become region free… but apparently not so.

      • mFrog

        I guess established game companies are more afraid of support issues and international regulations, compared to indies. I’m thinking about grabbing a pre-paid SIM in Japan just for games.

  • ElAbuelo69

    the graphics look very strange, bad.

    SNES one looks better. I prefer the SNES one over the NES and GBC ones.

  • King mogz

    Will it only be available in the Japanese store on the ios and android? and will it be Japanese only? :l

  • malek86

    Yep, it’s locked.

  • Pockystix

    oof, something about the stretching they used to make it match the iOS screen is hurting my eyes something fierce. . .

    I also imagine this isn’t much of a steal, considering the game is the oldest in the franchise, and is available pretty much everywhere. Also, it being free on the iPhone doesn’t exactly feel as big as say, it being free on the Vita or something. I think people just expect low-to-non-existent entry fees for the system anyway.

    • Yeah, it does look stretched or something… :/ Maybe it’s meant to fit previous iPhones?

  • As much as I hate playing games on my crappy iPhone 4, I’d actually really like to play this in English. Though preferably on 3DS or Vita…

  • AokiShizuku


    If anyone is interested, just use this link. This is for the Android version by the way. I’m playing it right now.

    • King mogz

      Says it’s not available to download in my country :( Can’t be bothered doing the VPN trick to get it on android so I opened up a JPN apple account on my ipad to download it in the ios store instead! :D

      • AokiShizuku

        That’s weird. I’m in Australia and I got in without a VPN. Though that was after I downloaded it… My bad.

  • Still not fond of mobile but… it’s FREE!

  • Kari

    where’s the link to the game

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