• harmonyworld

    is that will smith in the first pic???

    • Bigabu Beaze

      It looks like him!

    • http://jesse-dylan.livejournal.com Jesse_Dylan

      The article addresses that

  • Seraph

    I like to think that the Will Smith lookalike is really an alternate Fresh Prince born and raised in west Akihabara. Even fits the tune.

    • Keksus

      In the arcade is where he spent most of his days.

  • Warboss Aohd

    Will Smith Character, iz best character clearly.

  • Göran Isacson

    So are these heroines actual idols, or did you just say that as a comparison? Or are they in fact real super heroines?

    Because if so that means instead of Fresh Prince jokes, we should all be making Hancock jokes!

  • http://jesse-dylan.livejournal.com Jesse_Dylan

    I’d buy these instantly if they were in English.

  • iacus

    I wouldn’t call it “evolving” exactly.

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