Persona 3 the Movie #1 Did Rather Well In Its Opening Weekend

By Sato . November 28, 2013 . 12:32pm


Last weekend saw the debut of Persona 3 the Movie #1: Spring of Birth, and the movie is doing quite well by Japanese film standards, with a start of 40,000 people attending the showing in the first two days since its opening.


With Studio Ghibli’s latest film, The Story of Princess Kaguya, premiering on the same date, it was a rather unexpected surprise for Persona 3 the Movie to rank as high as it did in its opening weekend, where film managed to amass a box office revenue of 60,912,300 yen (about $600,000) in just two days of screen time at over 30 movie theaters across Japan.


While it finished overall ranked seventh place in all viewings, it managed to snag the number one spot for Japanese mini-theater rankings.


Another noteworthy report is from one of Shinjuku, Tokyo’s biggest movie theaters in Wald 9 Cinema, where they revealed that the average viewers were those from ages 10 to 30, and surprisingly had a 4:6 gender ratio in favor of women, which is an unusual case, as the female audience tend to be much smaller for movies that are based on RPG adaptations.


Additionally, they also report that there were plenty of people who went to watch the movie, but have yet to play Persona 3, and they expect word-of-mouth to further spread the popularity of not only the film, but also introduce new fans to the series.


During an event to commemorate the release of Persona 3 the Movie #1: Spring of Birth, it was announced that a second movie based on the game will be released in the early summer of 2014.

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  • ivanchu77

    More proof that the Persona fanbase is mostly composed by Fujoshis….

    Glad the movie did well!! Hopefully this motivates Atlus to do a final upgraded port of the game for the Vita

    • If it combined the P3P content with the FES content and used Golden’s system to allow for exploration… That would be wonderful.

    • Jisgsaw

      I’d rather have a HD port of Nocturne, but that’s never gonna happen :-(

      On the movie, I heard this first one is quite boring if you didn’t play the game, as they follow it closely and no major plot happens in the first few hours. Hope it won’t discourage all those who watched the movie without playing the game.

      • I have to agree with you. The story is quite good (though not my personal favourite Persona plot), and it would be terrible if people gave up on it due to the slow opening portions of the story.

      • DesmaX

        Well, P4A was just too fast, so it’s nice that they slowed down on this one

    • Pdugna

      I’m actually expecting that announcement come at either the end of the Movie chain or sometime in the middle, would be a great way to market the game.

    • LightZero

      I know I will be getting some down votes, but I rather not. P3/P4 both been pimped out enough as it is. It’s time to move on after PQ, PD, and P4A2 are release. I like them (not as much P2) but enough is enough. I rather just go full steam ahead with P5. If they want to remake or release another enhanced port it should be one of the older games like the original Devil Summoner or DDS that been neglected in favor of P3/P4.

      • Hound

        I whole-heartedly agree. Persona 3 has been released 3 times (P3, P3FES, P3P), Persona 3 is getting movies, P4 was released twice, Persona 4 got an anime, and Persona 4 got multiple spin-off games. I think it’s a good idea to move forward (like Atlus already seems to be planning this year) after the Persona 3 films are finished.

        If 5-10 years from now Atlus decides to refocus on Persona 3&4, that’s perfectly alright. But, for right now, with Sega’s heavy support since their acquisition of Atlus, I’m hoping their resources will continue to be used to provide us with great RPG experiences that expand our gaming experience even more.

        Remakes of DDS, Devil Summoner, Nocturne, and the original series for the 3DS would be great as well.

      • Mc-kun

        I agree to be honest but the reason why they are pimping them out is because people in Japan really like P3/P4 over the other series and its the most recognized series out of the Persona/SMT series (with the exception of Devil survivor 2 and even then Devil survivor 2 isn’t as popular as Persona.) I rather see a HD version of SMTIII or a type of sequel to tie in with Devil summoner Raidou than another P4 game but that’s me.

        • Jisgsaw

          A sequel to Nocturne’s TDE, now that would be awesome.

    • Mc-kun

      >implying that the women watching this were fujoshis…..

      From what I seen from the previews it looked like it was an on par movie adaptation, something that lacks in video game>animated shows.

    • Hound

      I was honestly wondering about this.

      I noticed this a lot with Nocturne, where our shirtless protagonist is often artistically portrayed in delicate poses by female artists in a way that’s reminiscent of Sephiroth.
      Very often seen making out with Dante or having a cute moment with Pixie.

      It’s kinda neat.

    • natchu96

      If they revisit it for the port like way down the line for the sake of “reviving classics” and what have you, I’m fine with it.

      But as it is right now P3/4 have been milked to oblivion and back, then milked some more. Now’s not the time.

  • Rake


  • I’m glad to see that it’s doing so well. P3 seems to fit this format well, if the review that Kotaku gave on the film is any indication. That and the animation is so freaking gorgeous. I’m kind of a nut for the quality and fluidity of animation, so this is totally awesome.

    The fact that women gravitate towards it is also nice. Maybe this will provoke the need for a Female MC in Persona 5. I’d like to see how they do with that being included right from the get go.

    Hopefully this will get a release in North American theatres at some point. It would probably be a hit over here with the fans. That and it could give Aniplex another chance to milk North Americans for money XD

    Seriously… Aniplex, you’ve got a prime market here for this film. You can get more money out of fans!

  • Mace

    So how long does it take for Japanese film to make it to DVD/Bluray after its theater debut.

    • It can take about a year I believe. At least, that’s what I’ve been told. I truly hope that’s not true.

    • doubleO7

      Depends. The wait tends to be anywhere from a few months to a year. With Persona, they’ll likely have it out before the 2nd film. So maybe by Spring or early Summer of 2014.

    • Hound

      It really depends. Some movies, like Ghost in the Shell Ghost Pain or Madoka Magica have been released on DVD/BR a couple months later.

  • xe7en

    Anyone from from Japan saw the film? Wondering how was it compared to game. Though I’d probably watch it anyway — good or bad.

  • Kaetsu

    I want them to dub this so bad! I’m sure it’ll happen I just hope we can have it for 2014.

  • Byron Kerrison II

    I know most people hate ENG dubs but I really want to see this in it’s ENG dub… That is a waaaays off if even probable but I can dream…

  • JonathanisPrimus

    “Additionally, they also report that there were plenty of people who went to watch the movie, but have yet to play Persona 3”

    So basically a confirmation that another Persona 3 re-release is on its way. I’d say Vita would be the golden platform, but after Atlus felt the need to make its first Vita announcement since 2011 be a dancing game, I’m not too sure.

    • Ace Esper

      lol you said golden.

      • Black-Paw

        Persona 3 Platinum

    • Steven Lamphere

      Frankly, I would love a Persona 3 Golden, particularly if they combined FES and P3P together (as in keeping the additional things they put in for P3P without getting rid of the cinematics or the over world.

      • JonathanisPrimus

        Perhaps they’ll try to make the most out of the Persona 5 engine, and release a Persona 3 remake. They could probably do that in 2015 if another team is tasked with reusing P5’s assets, and P3’s design.

  • LM009

    i hope they have the “ace defective” scene :3

    • junir

      That Stupei part still cracks me up for some reason even though I played the game 2 years ago!

  • Ric Vazquez

    Join the fanbase you japanese viewers who have yet to play the game, we have things way better than cookies…

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