An Introduction To The Covenants In Dark Souls II

By Spencer . December 5, 2013 . 5:00pm


Covenants from Dark Souls return in Dark Souls II. By fulfilling certain requirements you can join an online group of protectors or player killers.


The Blue Sentinels members protect other players and are whisked away to another player’s world when their game is invaded by a dark spirit.

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When a member of The Way of the Blue Covenant is invaded other Way of the Blue members shows up in their game to defend them. It’s possible to have a Blue Sentinel and a Way of the Blue member help you so you can take on Red Phantoms in a 3-on-1 fight.

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If you like invading other people’s games, the Brotherhood of Blood is the Covenant for you. This is basically like the Darkwraith Covenant from Dark Souls, but instead of collecting humanity you are defeating other players to sacrifice their blood for the god of war, Nahr Alma.


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The Heirs to the Sun Covenant also help other players and it looks like you show up in other player’s games as a Gold Phantom.


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Bell Keepers guard twin bells, a symbol of the bond between two lovers who could not be united. Members of this Covenant are automatically summoned into another player’s world when they enter an area with a bell and their goal is defeat the approaching player.




Dark Souls II comes out on March 11, 2014 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 with a PC release following after the console versions.


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  • urbanscholar

    Sun bros. for life stories shall continue

  • Ferrick

    the twin bells covenant is DkS2’s forest covenant huh

  • Sunbros, REUNITE!

  • Guest
  • andref

    I do wonder, are the bells required to be approached and if so when is this covenant joined….not that I’m expecting an answer. But I did like the forest hunter covenant despite being underleveled for the players I invaded and sometimes outmatched.

    • Joshua Lewis

      as long…as we dont get the stupid amounts of hackers, which can crash your games and such , and do stupid things at stupid and unrealistic levels then i shall be a happy cheshire

  • Guest


  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Douchewraths return again, eh?

    • Ferrick

      except that they’re called bloodbros now

    • Symbol de Au

      I was one of those. The worst kind really.

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        Once again, you will be slain.

        • Symbol de Au

          More than once most likely.

  • ChiffonCake

    From the looks of the Bell Keeper phantom, it looks like they’ll be differentiating black and red phantoms this time. Looks pretty sweet.

    Also, I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll say it here just for the record – I wonder if Nahr Alma is related in any way to Gwyn’s firstborn, as both are said to be gods of war (though the Ring of the Sun’s Firstborn in DkSI implies that there might be more than one).

    Another thing that’s sort of implied in the official description to the Heirs to the Sun is that the game will take place long after the first. It refers to worship of the sun as being a “lost belief”.

    • Ferrick

      or it’s possible that Nahr Alma is DkS1’s chosen undead who chose the darkwraith path, since time and space in lordran is distorted

      • ChiffonCake

        Some people have theorized that the Chosen Undead will appear, but I have the impression that From would rather keep things ambiguous, especially when it comes to the previous player character.

        Still, if it does take place after the first game, we don’t even know how they’ll deal with the endings, so eh (though the end result of both was pretty much the same).

        • Ferrick

          well we’ll have to wait till march, on a sidenote, i wonder on how will double sabers work

  • Strongarm Thunderbeard

    March needs to come faster.

  • Demerson

    No Gravelord covenant? I NEED TO SPREAD MORE LOVE!

  • Androu1

    This all sounds so good and those screenshots are gorgeous… can’t wait!

  • Praise The Sun! O/

  • Vadim Merzhey

    So… no spirit of vengeance covenant this time?

  • G-Vita

    My body is so ready for this game.

  • Xerain

    Still no 1v1 honorable dueling covenant, I see.

    • Symbol de Au

      There was the Way of (Or something of)Dragon Covenant in dark souls. There was also the red sign soapstone which wasn’t necessarily connected to any covenant. Then again if you could see the signs for the dragon or red sign soapstone it meant that you could potentially be invaded in the middle of an honorable 1v1 duel so I guess those weren’t perfect. I think there was also some player versus player arena in the DLC but I never played it or researched it.

      • Xerain

        Also both of those were failures. Red Soap Stone might as well be 3v1, not 1v1. Way of the Dragon and Grave Lord covenant both had problems due to the Dark Souls being peer to peer instead of running on a server…

        So then Dark Souls 2 is announced to run on a server, presumable to fix the issues with those two covenant. Except they’re nowhere to be seen.

  • TrevHead

    I hope there is another one or two covenants like the Bell Keepers, I knew DS2 was to have less than DS1 but this is going too far.

    One invading covenant vs 3 + Bell isn’t enough, needs one akin to the dragon or gravelord

    • Asura

      Based on the Dark Souls wiki, there seem to be two covenants that are similar to the dragon one.

  • KyoyaHibari

    I have left Namimori to become a Bell Guardian. I will bite trespassers to death.

  • TeddyAltman

    Jesus I cannot wait.

  • MrRobbyM

    If only I can be so grossly incandescent..

  • Pockystix

    anyone ever feel bad for the color red?

    it’s always the bad guy color. The color of passion and love is somehow always evil too lol

    Any time I’m given the option too, I change the colors around in RPGs.

  • Praise the Sun!

  • Can’t wait.

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