How Puyo Puyo Tetris’ Versus Mode Works

By Spencer . December 5, 2013 . 2:24am

Puyo Puyo Tetris from Sega mashes two classic puzzle games together. In Versus mode one player plays Tetris while the other drops puyos. The Puyo Puyo side follows the rules of Puyo Puyo Tsu so when you erase puyos you drop nuisance puyos on the other player’s board. The Tetris side uses classic Tetris rules.


puy1 puy3 puy4 puy5


Sega also created a swap mode where you have two game boards, one for Tetris and one for Puyo Puyo. When clock runs out the boards switch and both players change games.


puy2 puy6  puy7 puy8

Puyo Puyo Tetris comes out on February 6, 2014 for Wii U, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS, and PlayStation Vita. It’s been awhile since Sega brought a Puyo Puyo game to the West, but I’d say this has a fair chance of being localized because Tetris is in it. Interestingly, the last English Puyo Puyo game was Puyo Pop Fever which was published by Atlus USA.

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  • Lucky Dan

    Tetris would have a major advantage over puyo puyo with probably 15 seconds you have a insta Tetris while the other player is setting up a 10 chain combo.

    I wonder how they gonna balance this.

    • Considering a 10 chain would have an advantage of damage over what a 4-line Tetris would be, I would think that the advantage would go to a Puyo person there. A 10-chain in Puyo would result in several screens worth of garbage Puyo.

    • PersonaSpace

      In PPT a Tetris only results in a few pieces of garbage on the Puyo side. The players in this video ( aren’t actually very good at Tetris, so I’m not sure if T-spins and sequential Tetrises will increase the penalties more.

      • Lucky Dan

        Oh shit this is gonna be bad, they allowed the up button to instant slam down the bottom.

        Here are the rules of lines in Tetris compared to puyo puyo

        Type of line clear – line given to opponent

        double – 1 lines
        triple – 2 lines
        Tetris – 4 lines
        T-spin – 2lines
        double t-spin – 4 lines.

        I don’t know if they will allow combo lines just have to wait and see.

        They would be represented as blocks though rather than full lines given.

  • malek86

    The art style looks… a little more generic now. Did they change artist or was it a deliberate choice?

    Also you are being too optimistic on the localization chances. We haven’t had a Puyo Puyo since Forever

    • pekikuubik

      I don’t see any obvious changes in art style between this and the last couple of Puyos.

      • malek86

        I dunno, I’m comparing it to Puyo 7 (arguably Fever was even more extreme). The lines are not as bold and it’s not nearly as squarely.

    • Mc-kun

      We had two puyo games; Puyo Puyo tsu remade into Kirby/Sonic as well as Puyo Puyo everyone. Also this looks like Puyo Puyo 20th imo so I’m not sure what you are seeing?

  • PlatinumMad

    I would really like this on my 3DS as time waster.

    Sega pls.

  • Might nab this for Vita when it comes out; don’t really need translation for a puzzle game. I’m new to Puyo Puyo but I quite enjoy what I’ve played of it, and this sounds like a fun spin on puzzle gameplay.

  • 하세요

    I have one friend who is a Tetris master and another who is a Puyo Puyo master. I must see them duel it out.

    • I’m both (mostly).

      It’s a trap for everyone. :D

      • 하세요

        I’m decent at Tetris but I’m horrible at Puyo Puyo. I have the 20th Anniversary Mini ver. to practice on (also on Project Mirai 2 but the framerate is rather bad) so I can prepare for this.


          About as good as I get. I don’t get transitions too well.

          • 하세요

            Jeez. I just put down stuff places then eventually connect one and hope I make an epic combo. Usually CPUs wreck my face before I can do anything.

            Don’t get me started on Fever mode. I want to shut off my 3DS every time I see them enter it.

          • Fever mode isn’t so bad once you get used to it.


            Especially in 20th.

            I like Rulue if you didn’t guess.

        • malek86

          Dammit, we should have got the Mini version too. A small downloadable title for like 5 bucks would have been perfect for the western market.


    this game has the End Friendship skill in such a high level that is not even funny.
    Me and one of my friends really like puyo puyo and some years ago me and him stopped talking to each other for one month after a puyo puyo match (how i loved doing 10 chains) :p

    • 60hz

      lol – what’s with puzzle games and getting people pissed off at each other – lol

  • Time Sage

    This reminds me of Tetris & Doctor Mario for the SNES…

  • Mc-kun

    I’ll buy this but the issue would be getting a Japanese system to play this. Doesn’t matter I like puzzle games I’ll find a way.

  • Hound

    A new gameplay video came out yesterday, and I must say, I REALLY want it to be localized now O> O

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