Ys: Memories of Celceta – More than a Memory

By Jenni . December 7, 2013 . 5:39pm

The Vita is becoming a bastion for hidden gems. We’ve seen Gravity Rush, the best version of Persona 4 in Persona 4 Golden, and a treasure like Tearaway that couldn’t exist anywhere else. Now, another diamond has been added to the pile, giving one another chance to spend at least 20 hours cavorting around a virtual world with longtime Ys protagonist Adol Christin.


Said hero doesn’t have any idea who he is as Ys: Memories of Celceta begins, however. Adol set off into the Great Forest, and apparently did something, but that’s gone now. He stumbled back into town with nothing – no sword, no memories, and no energy. It’s only a stroke of fortune that he ran into his friend Duren, who he visited before leaving the border town, and is given a chance to reclaim what he’s lost.


This starts by seeing a strange glow when Adol and Duren run to check on some miners. They dug too deep, awoke some monsters and found some ruins, and are in desperate need of rescuing. Adol learns he can find his memories by touching glowing spheres, and the two go in to save the day.


The rescue draws the eye of Governor General Griselda of the Romun Empire, which has stationed itself in Celceta. The Empire wants to map the Great Forest, and is offering 30 million gold to those willing to brave the danger and enter the forest. Since Adol would have to go back in anyway to regain his lost memories, he and Duren join forces to explore the unknown. Naturally, there’s something more going on in Celceta, and only Adol and his crew can set things right.


Before we get into anything, I have strict instructions for you. If you’re going to play Ys: Memories of Celceta, you have to have the music on. Get out your headphones, crank it up, and prepare to hear one a soundtrack that will change your life. The music is that good. Which is only natural. The Ys games have set a precident for RPG music, and it’s only natural that trend continues.


Besides, it works as a perfect compliment to every aspect of the game. Especially the story and script. While the story itself isn’t exactly revolutionary or extraordinary, it is a well told adventure that gives Adol plenty of excuse to stick his nose into everyone’s business. We gleen new insight into this iconic figure’s past, while also being treated to some of the most entertaining dialogue to you will read in a JRPG. Xseed did a wonderful job with localization, as always, and while Ys: Memories of Celceta may not be the most serious and provocative of adventures, it will keep a smile on the player’s face. Especially if you go with the more amusing of Adol’s potential responses.


Yet, as much as I enjoy the amazing script, ample exploration incentives, and glorious soundtrack, I have to say Ys: Memories of Celceta stands out as my favorite installment in the series because of the sublime combat experience. Nihon Falcom has done something wonderful here. Building on the Ys Seven premise, of allowing players to switch between Adol and allies on the fly, Ys: Memories of Celceta perfects the notion. Combat, when performed properly, is a rhythmic dance.


A good player knows the exact timing for precise strikes and dodges, and knows the perfect combo-building means so standard, special, and ultimate attacks can be chained down to take down even the most mammoth of monsters in minutes. Even though the constantly respawning enemies can get tedious, dispatching them never tired me. It was a joy to cut through the hordes, switching between characters to get those perfect kills.


Yet, there is some sadness in this. While the majority of Ys: Memories of Celceta encounters encourage diversity, the endgame presumes players will use Adol. The majority of monsters have varied weaknesses to strike, slash and piercing, which means a smart player can swap their party leader for the most efficient battles. Yet, as the game draws to a close, preferences start to fade in favor of constant Adol usage. Not to say you can’t still use whomever you want, just that Adol ends up always being the “smart” choice.


Still, even that minor niggling isn’t enough to even come close to lessening the love I have for Ys: Memories of Celceta. This is my favorite installment in the series. There is just so much to do and see, and Adol’s mission and sidequests never feel like a chore. Everything just comes together in this perfect package that exemplifies everything one should expect from a good action RPG. If you own a Vita and don’t plan to get Ys: Memories of Celceta, you’re doing yourself a disservice.


Food for Thought:


1. Be a hoarder. Collect every element you can, because there’s a rather robust crafting system. Not to mention, exchanging lesser materials for better ones doesn’t always mean more equipment opportunities. It can also supplement your income.


2. The memories element was actually pretty exciting. There are glimpses into the Adol’s distant and recent past, giving players a better idea of how he came to be the adventurer he is for the first time.


3. The new dialogue options for Adol change the whole silent protagonist mindset. While there are still instances where players get a third person summary of what he said, most of the time they’re able to choose his response. I appreciated the change, and liked the reactions to my snarky!Adol, but those expecting classic Adol may be disappointed.


4. While Ys: Memories of Celceta isn’t the most visually impressive Vita game I’ve played, I still found it absolutely beautiful and a definite improvement.

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  • Fox

    It really is a fantastic game. I’d almost call it a massive improvement of every aspect of modern Ys games, but I’ve got to say… I really don’t care for the lateral camera. Ys games really need a top-down perspective so you can more clearly see both your immediate surroundings, as well as more clearly see all the enemies in relation to the player.

    Maybe I’ll get used to it the more I play, but I’m just getting sick of not being able to see things I would have seen easily with a traditional top-down camera, or misjudging distances/attack arcs.

    • TheExile285

      Top down with an evolution of Celceta/SEVEN gameplay? I’d be interested in seeing how that would play.

      • GH56734

        Nayuta no Kiseki :)

        • wyrdwad

          Nayuta no Kiseki uses an even more lateral camera than this, though. It’s not top-down at all.

    • icecoffemix

      Pinch the screen to zoom out and get a little breather.

    • $1392518

      I actually go for the opposite direction and say those same things for the older ys games up to Ark of Naphistim (by release, excluding Seven). especially when they try and make you jump between platforms.

      I have no issue with celceta at the default zoom, and the farthest zoom grants more than any topdown view give.

      the only issue i have with the camera is underwater at Resident evil classic levels of camera screw.

  • MagisterXII

    Ys is amazing. More people should support these games.

    • Thatguy

      Yeah, i would support that game.

      But i am from Europe.

      Why publishers believe in that bullsh*t, that jrpg not popular in Europe? We need to FIGHT and KILL for jrpg release.

      • wyrdwad

        You, uh, realize it’s being published in Europe early next year, right? ;)

        • Thatguy

          Yeah, but waiting is always killing.

          And i still have that *we need 1800 pre-orders to bring localized game to Europe* in memory.
          Also, in that case, i couldn’t pre-order game because *you are not in supported country*. Talk about irony.

          Also, game is published in Europe because of my sacrifices, didn’t you know?

          • Herok♞

            Well to be fair the whole 1800 thing nearly didn’t work so it makes sense that they wouldn’t bring over a game a ton of people imported already, when it would have been pure loss for the company

      • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

        You do realize Vita is region free, right?

        http://www.videogamesplus.ca . I’m a UK resident and a heavy user of this site.

      • Altin

        Same here, but I imported the Silver Anniversary Edition for less than 60€ and I love this game. The only thing that slighty annoys me, is that the game is sometimes extremely saturated. If you look at your character equipment, the amount of detail looks nice, but if you play outside the menu, the characters look like they are made out of neon (sometimes) and the framerate is suffering as well. The Gameplay and Music are as always just glorious, especially the boss fights!
        As far as the story goes…for me, it was always the icing on the cake for this series. The characters are as usually very detailed and Adol’s amnesia actually is not just one of those “hurr, I suddenly have amnesia”-kind.

      • Mando44646

        you guys at least get Bravely Default months before we do in the US. Ys is fantastic and hopefully you dont have to wait too long for it

        • Thatguy

          Yeah, Bravely Default is fantastic too.
          So, i hope you will enjoy it.

          Why can’t we have nice things at same time?

    • transferstudentx

      damn you siliconera i was gona miss this game cause i never played any ys game before but after reading this i went and bought it ….first bravely default and now this… i am really weak to articles from this site.

  • JohnNiles

    I’m on the verge of starting (I want to follow Let’s Plays without being behind). The 3-disc soundtrack that comes with the limited edition has been keeping me busy in the meantime.

  • Nice review; sounds like this game is a real winner. I haven’t played a Ys game before, but this looks like it could be a good place to start.
    (I am really tired of the amnesia thing though. If I had a tenth of a peso for every time a video game character had amnesia… would I be a billionaire, or a trillionaire?)

    • JohnNiles

      You’d probably get conked on the head and forget you were a gazillionaire.

    • wyrdwad

      To be fair, Adol’s amnesia actually plays a crucial role in the game’s story, and is used to better effect here than I’ve ever seen it used in any other game, period. It’s a multi-pronged attack: the amnesia adds a real sense of mystery to the first half of the game as Adol meets people again and has to determine if they’re friend or foe; it allows you to get some glimpses into Adol’s past and thus develops him as a character more than any other Ys game; and its role in the story is genuinely interesting and fairly unique.

      Falcom very much continues their trend of taking RPG tropes and perfecting them with this game.

      • Ferrick

        speaking of taking JRPG tropes, they put a heck load of them and made them awesome in trails of the flash :P

        • JohnNiles

          Good to hear they put them to decent use. Now for the interminable wait. *drums fingers*

  • TheExile285

    I can’t wait to be down with classes next week so I can jump back into this. Had it since the 29th of Nov. but only played 5 hours orz

  • DanielGearSolid

    Quick every mod on Siliconera, give us your thoughts on the game

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      I sadly do not have the game yet…

    • Herok♞

      Why did you want the mods thoughts on it, I don’t think any of them have the game?

    • TheExile285

      There are like 3 mods with a Vita so good luck with that….

      • DanielGearSolid

        In my mind… I imagined they all meet at a cool office. And theres an office Vita with all the latest games. And they all play it

        • TheExile285

          Pretty sure SE isn’t like IGN lol

  • Vadim Merzhey

    Somebody remind Falcom that Ys was on PC too.

    • Pyrotek85

      From what I heard they didn’t do well enough, probably because the PC gaming segment isn’t as big in Japan if I had to guess.

      • Vadim Merzhey

        Ys was a PC series since forever. Almost ALL games are on PC, the only exeption being Ys 5, Ys 4 (Celceta) and Ys 7. Heck, Ys Origin even was a PC-exclusive!

        • Pyrotek85

          It’s been a while actually. If I’m not mistaken Origin was one of their last PC titles, back in 2006. It seems recent to us because we only got it on Steam in 2012.

          • Rafael Budzinski

            …exactly, it was that old. Unfortunately they didn’t translate Napishtim, which is a very good game, and one of my favorite games from the series. I’d love to see Origins ported to Vita, though (even being that old)…

          • Ferrick

            actually, i won’t say that ark of napishtim isn’t translated but… yeah

          • Pyrotek85

            Well by Konami wasn’t it? I can’t compare it to the Japanese version or anything, but nothing stood out as bad as far as the writing goes.

          • Ferrick

            konami ? no, i was talking about the pc version of ark

          • Pyrotek85

            Oh yea, nevermind then lol. Yeah I haven’t played the PC version of it, though I thought the PS2 version was great.

          • Rafael Budzinski

            …talking about the PC release (as it’s the only Ys non-translated on PC, at least officially), not the PS2 and PSP…

          • Ferrick

            i was talking about the pc release…

          • Rafael Budzinski

            …exactly. Which is only available in japanese (except for a fan-made translation, by Doppiapunta). So?

          • Ferrick

            was just assuming that you didn’t know

          • Rafael Budzinski

            …oh, got it. Back then, I’d finished the game twice, first before the translation’s release, and after it. It’s a damn amazing game! It would be awesome if it were officially translated…

          • Vadim Merzhey

            I heard Ys 7 is actually being re-ported on PC in Japan (there was a port by chinese company) along with some Kiseki games.

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        No, in 2009 Softbank, Falcom’s distributor for PC games, stopped buying Falcom goods. So this would mean Falcom could only distribute their games via their own mail order service or digital download on their website. Rather than stay with the PC game development, they left it.

        This is from 2009 though. Ys Seven got a PC release in China. Zero and Ao no Kiseki got PC releases in China (and Japan, I think). Falcom rereleased four Ys games on Windows 8 too.

        I’m not sure what the situation is now, but they’ve obviously moved on from their focus on PC game development to console/handhelds.

    • Ferrick

      the only one that’s not “officially” translated is Ys Ark of napithism though

    • wyrdwad

      PC gaming is all but dead in Japan, unfortunately, and Falcom officially dropped out of the PC development scene in 2009, with Zwei II+ and Ys I & II Chronicles being their last two original PC releases (and both were technically ports/upgrades of other games, so “original” is used lightly here).

      Since then, they’ve just been rereleasing older games with Windows 7 and Windows 8 compatibility built in, and releasing some Chinese PC ports of their PSP titles relocalized back into Japanese.

      Supposedly, they ARE trying to get back into the PC market now, but it’s clearly no longer their focus since there’s not a lot of money to be made there anymore. The new face of Falcom is very much the Kiseki (Trails) series, which has consistently outsold not only Ys, but also pretty much every other game they’ve released in the last 20 years or so.

  • charles addow

    Just platinumed this game a few hours ago, honestly ONE of the best games i’ve played on the vita. First Ys game i’ve ever played. currently trying to get the previous ones on the psp so i can enjoy. Keep em coming japan!!

    • SolRevr

      I think they are all $7.50 in the PSN store right now. If you have a PC the Oath in Felghana and Ys Origin are excellent and have achievments and stuff. Ys 1&2 are on Steam as well, but I played those on PSP. They will be discounted soon enough in the Steam winter sale.

    • wyrdwad

      As SolRevr noted, all three of our PSP Ys titles are on sale for $7.49 on PSN right now, until 12/10. If you’re in North America, anyway.

      • Altin

        Living in Europe is suffering man. But then again, already own each of these games by now ;)

  • mockturtle

    Re: food for thought #4, an improvement over what, exactly?

    • Ferrick

      most likely seven

    • Pyrotek85

      Probably the previous installment, Ys 7, which it’s most similar to.

    • icecoffemix

      Seven. On almost every way.

  • godisdead

    Finished it the other day, loved the gameplay and music- but found the story a little weak however. (it felt way too generic and cliche, but that’s just me)

    • icecoffemix

      It’s true, story never has been a strong point for Ys game. Not that it ever bother me, been addicted to the series since Napishtim on PS2 (I’m sort of newcomer). :P

      • hmm id have to disagree with this, i thought the stories of origins, 1,2 and 3 and the first incarnations of 4 were all pretty solid but thats just me though

      • godisdead

        Haha, you’re a newcomer? This was the first Ys game i’ve ever played! =P I had no idea what to expect, as I didn’t have friends that have played the series before- but I was pleasantly surprised by it.

        • icecoffemix

          Nope, played Napishtim back in the PS2 day, not really impressed with the story itself. But the game was still very good I became a Ys fans, been following the series since then.

          Yeah this is a niche series so not many people know about it, I suggest to check the older game available on Steam, Oath in Felghana, Origin and Ys I&II Chronicles+. Though they all play differently than Celceta, Ys Seven is the most similar with this one and it arguably has more memorable story than Celceta. :)

          • godisdead

            Oh really? I didn’t know they were on steam- I’ll be sure to give them a try now for sure, thanks! ^^

          • icecoffemix

            Among the three on Steam I suggest to try Oath in Felghana first, then if you like the play style, Ys Origin is pretty good with interesting story and 3 different character to play. If you like the lore enough on Origin give I&II Chronicles+ a try, it has an old school playstyle and plot thus is very challenging especially the first one and may not be for everybody, it has one of the best collection of soundtrack in Ys though.

          • godisdead

            I’ll keep that in mind, thanks for all the advice! Appreciate it.

  • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

    I’m enjoying it myself as well. It was definitely money well worth spent on. I kid you not.

  • gangrelion

    The first pic you used is hilarious! I am actually impressed you guys liked this game so much! When I played this I thought it was pretty bad, and it was the first Ys game I played and I was pretty disappointed. But everyone keep saying Ys seven is MUCH better than this one and that I should have started with it. Is Ys seven THAT good to change a negative opinion like this?

    • Ferrick

      what exactly do you find bad about it? I can’t exactly help you if you don’t say on what you don’t like about it

      • gangrelion

        Thanks for your advices guys! I would not like to explain what exactly I did not like about this game because you guys seem to like it so much while I hated almost everything about it, so it would be like the opposite of everything Jenni wrote on this review. It’s just like when I talked about this game with a long time fan, he got depressed and said “If is SO bad like you’re saying, I will not play it”. But since I didn’t knew much about the series, I didn’t know what to expect. I think there are things that fans will understand and apreciate more than a noob like me. Anyway: I am not a Falcom hater! Sen no Kiseki was good (The climax was Awesome), I loved everything about Zero no Kiseki and Nayuta no Kiseki was pretty decent as well!

        • Ferrick

          well, then i guess this style of Ys or Ys in general is just not for people like you then

        • wyrdwad

          So… you like Nayuta no Kiseki, but not Ys? That seems really odd, since Nayuta plays an awful lot LIKE an Ys game. Maybe you WOULD like the previous Ys titles — Oath in Felghana and Origin in particular, since they’re the more “platformer-y” games in the series (they actually have jumping, and platforming challenges, and bosses with crazy patterns to learn, and no healing items).

          • gangrelion

            Yeah, I know Nayuta’s gameplay is very similar to Ys, but it was not the gameplay that bothered me on this Ys, that’s why I played it through the end. But other elements were really below the level I was expecting. It would take too long to explain exactly what were the problems with this game and it would turn into another review. But gameplay wise, it’s good, almost as good as Nayuta!
            By the way: A friend of mine played Oath in Felghana and he loved! But he said the difficulty level is indeed insane!

          • wyrdwad

            I’d really love to hear your explanation, though, if you’re willing to type it out. I promise no one here will fault you for your opinion — I’m quite certain anyone who does would get in trouble for it, after all!

            The reason I’m so curious is because… well, if gameplay wasn’t your concern, that suggests story or characters may have been the reason you preferred Nayuta to Celceta. And yet… Nayuta’s story and characters are quite weak, whereas Celceta’s are fairly strong (especially for an Ys game, which is typically much more focused on gameplay than story).

            That’s just my opinion, of course, but Celceta takes the time to thoroughly explain everything that happens, remains internally consistent and gives each of its characters a distinctive, well-developed personality. Nayuta, on the other hand, has numerous plot holes, numerous examples of expository writing and characters who do things that go completely against their development for the sake of advancing the story.

            Granted, the two tales are quite different in setting and execution, but it sounds like you legitimately HATED Celceta, which I can’t imagine any setting or execution causing in any player.

            I’d really love to hear more about your opinions on these games, as I’m legitimately very curious now. If you’d still prefer not to go into detail, that’s fine — but please don’t feel like you’d offend anyone by doing so.

          • gangrelion

            Ok! like you suspected, my main problem is with characters and story. While I do agree with you about Nayuta’s plot-holes, the story overall was much more interesting to me with the alternative worlds, the old civilization, elemental spirits and the 4 seasons gimmick. I also really loved the characters, specially Noi (who kinda became Falcom’s unofficial mascot). The biggest absurd was the condition of Nayuta’s world, but if you can ignore scientific matters, it is very interesting.

            Different from Nayuta, which had only one village as your main base, Celceta give you many different places to explore. And yet, you find yourself in the same events for every new city you visit. Even the rescue of the elemental spirits from Nayuta had more variety on each event. Adol’s amnesia combined with the fact he is a silent protagonist is terrible! The main plot is nothing special as well, something about the city where a god lives, but he is not a god, just someone with wings and powerful magic. But he have many over-technologies (that are never specified and never play a part in the plot), therefore, everyone who visits his city and wants to leave needs to lose his memories, but if you are from Adol’s party, it’s ok. And there is a mask…Sorry since I played this over a year ago and was very bored with it, I don’t remeber all the details, but it was so standard. It’s true that there wasn’t any big plot-hole in Celceta (there were very silly facts though, like the location of the god’s city, it’s just some km from the first city), but it was so predictable…The characters were not bad (except for the loli, I hate her!). But they were nothing special as well, except for Duren, he is a true friend who is always helping Adol, even if he gets in trouble for it, but since everyone treats him like a stupid monkey (specially the loli!), I got really angry!

            And yeah! The graphics are awful! While I can see that the basis for it and the details in the 3D models are superior to those from Nayuta of Ys 7, everything else is so badly executed! Shadow effect, animations, textures, expressions, physics. Give a look at the first pic from this post! It sums a big part of the problems. I laughed so hard when I saw this for the first time! Adol is flying! There was nothing like that in Nayuta because they used their tools with more professionalism. making the best they could with that old engine from Ys 7.

            There is almost no voice-acting, even Nayuta had way more voices for the important events. This one had one or two lines for when a character appears for the first time, and after this, everyone goes silent. This is something I consider unforgivable for a Vita game or any game from this current generation.

            Anyway, the most important thing is that It’s not guaranteed that something which worked for some people will work for everyone. There will be at least one person who will not like. But it’s ok, because I still respect the Ys series as a whole. Even though this particular title was not enjoyable to me, I would still give a try on this series’ new installments.

          • wyrdwad

            Hmmm. Sounds to me like you missed a lot of the plot points in Celceta, as the whole thing with the god and his technology, and Adol’s amnesia as well, is explained a LOT better than you’re making it out to be, and is actually fairly original as well — but, fair enough. I found the plot of Nayuta to have a lot of potential, but personally felt it failed to live up to any of it due to poor writing (though I will agree that Noi is pretty cool, at the very least!). Still, to each his own!

            I think you should give Ys: The Oath in Felghana on PSP a try sometime, though, as it sounds a lot more up your alley. The story is simple but charming, the gameplay is excellent, the side characters are interesting and well-developed, the graphics are outstanding for PSP, and the whole game is voice-acted. It sounds like it would definitely be a much preferable Ys game for you to this one, especially if a polished experience is something you consider important in a game.

          • gangrelion

            Thank you for showing so much interest in giving this advice. You seen like a really loyal fan of this series. I kinda understand why you’re so willing to read my opinion just to know why someone didn’t like one game from your favorite series.
            About the plot: It’s like I explained, there are, of course, many other plot points that I didn’t wrote about because of how long it would get and because I don’t remember everything. However, there was not even one plot or event that impressed me in any form, so I normally end up forgetting a lot of stuffs, but I still remeber the basic of the plot and I think games like Nayuta no Kiseki had much more creativity on it’s story (even if there was plot-holes). I know you really loved this Ys, that’s why I don’t like to say in so many details why I hate something that someone loves because how disrespectful and awkward it is.
            Like I wrote before: There are things that works for some people, but not for everyone. I love the Summon Night series, but I know there is a lot of people who consider it silly or boring. While it’s interesting to know why, but it’s almost impossible to change one opinion…

    • icecoffemix

      The only thing better in Seven is arguably the story, so no. If you don’t like Celceta chance is you probably won’t like Seven, some of the boss on Seven can be pretty unforgiving even on normal difficulty.

      If they’re both still too hard I would advise against trying other Ys games, they’re much much more punishing it’s not even funny.


        aside for the titanos in the map when you don’t have a decent level to take them down which bosses were unforgiving in YS 7? Seven and Celceta are the easiest installments in the franchise imo

        • icecoffemix

          The last boss :P

          I just think that if he think Celceta is hard then Seven will be harder for him due to limited potion and lack of flash move.

          • wyrdwad

            I’m inclined to agree — the bosses are about the same difficulty between Seven and Celceta, but regular map enemies are WAY harder in Celceta.

          • icecoffemix

            Yeah they’re all now can sidestep, back out and lunge at you, unlike Seven where only specific enemy can. Also you still take damage even when you’re down which can be disastrous for certain enemy like the boar.

            But your character also got boost on agility and flash moves, lastly the weapon refinery pretty much break the game on normal and lower difficulty.

            By the way, thanks for the game, hope to see more Falcom goodness from Xseed. :)

          • Ni ~UNREAL BLACK THINGS~

            well I agree, Root of Evil was kinda of pain on nightmare mode in the first two sections.

            Oh yeah. I know a good amount of people who raged during the final boss fight because of the potion system in Seven.

    • $1392518

      i will have to admit, as a long time Ys fan, until they let me leave the town to explore I was kinda disappointed since the framerate, odd shadows, and bloom filter, kinda pointed to a bleak direction,
      But once they let me into the great forest, my love for Ys came flowing back.

      Ys:Celceta doesn’t break any ground on the techincal and story-telling department, but it Arguably has the best combat system than any competing game in the genre.

    • wyrdwad

      As others have noted, you’ll need to specify what you didn’t like about the game if you want us to know whether or not we should recommend other Ys titles. It IS possible you’ll like other Ys games, as the series does differ quite a bit from installment to installment — but that said, Ys Seven is the most similar to Celceta out of them all, so if you disliked Celceta, I would NOT recommend Seven. I’d suggest maybe trying Ys: The Oath in Felghana, but… again, that all depends on what it is you didn’t like about this game.

  • icecoffemix

    My big reason to buy a Vita, well worth it.

  • DivinePhoenix69

    Just recently got a vita along with the Silver anniversary edition of this game from my local Gamestop and i can honestly say it was well worth the money. Im only like 2-3 hours in so far but im really liking it. Im pretty familiar with the series since ive played Oath In Felghana, Naphistim, and 1&2 Chronicles on the PSP so this one definately doesnt disappoint.

    Tldr; like the article says if you own a Vita then this is definately a must have if you like Rpgs or if you are an YS fan in general.

  • definitely a good game, was the only reason i bought a vita, though i will say i preferred the story of mask of the sun (have yet to play dawn of ys but someday) still a great game, fun and challenging

  • leingod

    It kinda looks like a PSP game, but other than that.. it’s awesome-playing and fun.

  • sharpshot909

    I got this game a few days ago, and I haven’t got a chance to play it yet. I’m really looking forward to being able to play it soon.

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    I bought this game and it’s great! I’m looking forward to unlocking all the different party members.

  • Daniel Padilla

    Now hopefully this will send a positive message to Falcom and XSeed to localize the “Kiseki” games on the Vita, really wanting to play Sen no Kiseki in english format

    • Ladius

      They need to localize the other Trails games before tackling Sen, and it’s going to be a long wait even if they end up confirming The 3rd, Zero and Ao (which would be awesome, but is also unlikely at the moment).

  • Chido55

    I preordered this 3 weeks ago and I can’t help but shocked that I need to wait for the 2nd batches of orders because its totally out of stock. Which I find it as great that for a fact Vita and such titles as Ys is not really popular in my country.

    As per the article, I totally agree with the music. Got my hand on the soundtrack last month and I can assure you doubters that it totally gave me some good eargasm.

  • Daniel Padilla

    Hopefully this will send a clear message to Falcom and xseed to localize the Legend of Heroes games on the Vita I don’t care even if they skipped the untranslated games they could just start w/ Zero no Kiseki up to Sen

    • wyrdwad

      We couldn’t really start with Zero, since Zero and Ao make a ton of references to 3rd — without 3rd, their stories wouldn’t make anywhere near as much sense.

  • dahuuuundge

    My personal GOTY. Nightmare mode is kicking my ass with regular huge field enemies killing me in 1 hit and taking 5 minutes to kill. But it’s so satisfying flash guarding everything and fighting bosses.

  • Raze

    Still working on reinforce the ultimate weapon to +72 and I will move to Nightmare

    Pretty good game and nice improvement from Seven…
    The only thing that I don’t like here is the music that aren’t really epic like other ys or other falcom game IMO….

    I only like Burning Sword and Iris here…Still dunno about the last boss music tho.

    I’m hoping for Ys 8 or 5 Remake in 2014 now.

    • Aha Disco Elf

      The False God of Causality is actually a pretty awesome final boss theme, but that’s probably because I’m a sucker for a heroic arrangement of any theme (in this case, the Opening theme). Better than Ancient Disputation any day. Unless you’re talking about The Final Decisive Battle, then yeah, it’s not really one of the most stellar arrangement. Ys Zanmai’s The Final Decisive Battle sounds a lot better imho.

      I’m still butthurt that The Great Ordeal was not arranged. ):

      I agree wholly on the notion that the OST is not as epic as the other Ys; they’re pretty good and fitting, but feels lacking somehow. Perhaps because it was developed concurrently with Nayuta no Kiseki, there seems to be a (very) slight drop in the quality of the composition, because by gods, Nayuta no Kiseki’s soundtracks are beautiful. Case in point: For my Important Friend and Idol of Nothingness.

    • Raze

      It seems I can’t reply to your comment because awaiting moderation or whatever it is…I’ll just reply it here…lol

      Well…For the last boss battle…
      I liked the one on one (The Final Decisive Battle) more than the big monster battle…

      And I agree Nayuta OST is more awesome
      I don’t like all the music in it but there are at least 15 music that I
      like in that game…Ex : Canyon of Harvest, The Place Where the Star
      Sits, Temple of Continent, Heliograd, The Door to Adventure, Desolate Earth, The Island theme, and many more…

  • I have no idea why it’d be a bad thing to tailor the endgame to Adol. He IS Ys

    • I think I was just spoiled by getting to switch so often and make good of every character prior to that, so I missed that at the end. :D

  • Ys has become my game of the year, and this is after having wonderful experiences with Tales of Xillia and Atelier Ayesha.

  • Guest

    damn you siliconera i was gona miss this game cause i never played any ys game before but after reading this i went and bought it ….first bravely default and now this… i am really weak to articles from this site

  • Julio D. Zulkarnain

    Nice, planned to buy A Vita when Danganronpa comes out, but this article makes me want to buy Vita right now.

  • urbanscholar

    Can I take the time to mention the music? it’s Highly impressive. I bought the collector’s edition and I never played any of these games before.

  • Ryudo9

    My avatar should give away my fave series of all time. I bought a Vita in 2012 in promise for Ys same with PSP. Memories is my Game of The year

  • Ric Vazquez

    Nice review, was really worth those $40! I’m having a blast.

  • RegReach

    ys seven was the best

  • Sounds pretty good. Plan to make this the first Vita game I’ll buy whenever I get one. The PC games will be enough for now.

  • Demeanor

    Playing this right now and it’s bloody awesome, somewhat similiar to Ys 7 in “spirit” but not a bad thing at all!
    Red-hair Adol Christin arriving at a new big and dangerous place… check
    Big build companion willing to lend a hand… check
    Peaceful town where a hot chick gives you a chance for adventure,.. check
    GOD-TIER soundtrack that makes you wanna take up a sword now… check :D
    Super awesome gameplay…check (better than Ys 7!!!)
    I especially like the way they did the flash guard and flash dodge: the first gives you an attack boost with all critical hits for a few seconds after parrying, the second gives you invincibility for a short time after evading, perfect high-risk high-reward (annnd flash guard -> guaranteed criticals -> HI OUGI! :D).
    Now, I’m only missing the girls who come flocking to Adol… XD I guess they’ll be coming soon enough.

  • Pain777sev

    Not to go too far with it but this is a perfect fit for the Vita in everyway. The only thing is the aesthetics will not wow you. The models are better thank Ys 7 but you know the Vita can do more. However, If you like action RPGs you will LOVE this game in every way. Really loving it so far. Very good Vita implementation for controls, touch etc…. The game is fantastic for old schoolers.

  • Thanks for posting this article, Siliconera. It’s a great game and more people should know about it!

  • Sergio Macellaro

    Fantastic game in a fantastic franchise.
    Now lets go to TiTs SC & TC!
    This 2 games needs love as also the Zero no Kiseki’s series on PSV (another pair of juwel on Vitas crown).


    Celceta was a good game. not THAT good for a YS game thought. 1&2 Chronicles, Origins and Oath in Felghana are still the best ones imo (well AoN too because Ernest and Geis).
    In terms of combat system Celceta and seven are my fabourite because falcom just did the right thingthe games are beautiful in this regard (specially in harder dificulties).
    The story isn’t all that good. I was expecting a better scenario writing but it’s okay I guess (in terms of story 1&2, OiF, and Origins aret he best ones in my opinion).
    I wouldn’t say anything regarding the OST because it’ll be biased as fuck because i really like Falcom JDK (specially the Kanako version of the Celceta opening. god is this a sexy song to listen).

    Now falcom just need to remake Ys 5 WITHOUT party system. instead of a party system. I would like a multiple character campaign system where we choose Doge (:p) side and play as him in solo mode visiting diferent areas and stuff.

  • Vanadise

    “Yet, as the game draws to a close, preferences start to fade in favor of constant Adol usage. Not to say you can’t still use whomever you want, just that Adol ends up always being the “smart” choice.”

    I gotta disagree about that, actually. Adol is far from the overpowered jack-of-all-trades that he was in Ys Seven; if I were to rank how much I enjoy playing as the different characters, I’d put him fourth, behind Frieda, Calilica, and Karna. He’s still very good — the only character I’d describe as /not/ good is Ozma — but he doesn’t really shine in any one particular area like some of the other characters do.

    I’ll also add that I feel like the endgame really encourages players to mix-and-match their party and use whichever characters they like, since enemies who are weak to a particular damage type become less common as the game progresses. (the one exception being a couple of enemies who can only be killed by Adol)

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