More Screenshots Of Corpse Party: Book Of Shadows On iOS

By Spencer . December 9, 2013 . 11:47pm

corpsebos-065bp brought the original Corpse Party to iOS last year. Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, a direct sequel made for the PSP, will make the move to smartphones sometime in December.


Just like the PSP version, there are two parts to Corpse Party: Book of Shadows. In adventure mode you read text and choose how the story progresses. Search mode has players examine objects and pick up items akin to classic PC adventure games. In the iOS version, Search mode has touch screen controls.


Xseed localized Corpse Party: Book of Shadows in English and here’s an in-depth look at the game.


corpsebos-01 corpsebos-05 corpsebos-04 corpsebos-03 corpsebos-02 corpsebos-07 corpsebos-12 corpsebos-11 corpsebos-10 corpsebos-09 corpsebos-08

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  • KuroNathan

    I still need to finish the first game =/ but the story looked good

    • Keksus

      You can skip the first game. Book of Shadows tells the same story with a little bit more stuff.

      I do want an Android-Version of BoS now though.

      • Raze

        Isn’t book shadows only tell some continuation of bad ending and some character story before they got trapped in heavenly school?

        • Arcana Wiz


      • Book of Shadows is NOT the same story. It’s kind of a mess storytelling wise, unlike the first game, and doesn’t have any sort of good resolution. The entire game is pretty much made up of what would be considered Extra Chapters from the first game.

        • Kumiko Akimoto

          How was it a mess? It was straightforward if you played the first game. But no it doesn’t tell the same story not exactly anyways. Though even repeat they don’t go the same way because of “things”

          • It’s a mess because the story leads nowhere. It’s a bunch of random chapters that don’t link with each other. The only “Worthwhile” part is the final chapter, which I dislike because the series doesn’t need a canon sequel and never set itself up for one. They should have focused on making the time loop story good rather than doing what they did.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Are you serious?
            The stories lead no where because they were what could have happened and retelling from others eyes. They were meant to shed light on the story we couldn’t see and meant to give character they got killed early or got almost no lines more say.
            Everything you saw was happening in the time loop bad ending so what they did was right and it worked out just fine.

          • Yes, I’m aware. They could have done all that while still giving a solid storyline where they all end up dying in the end.

            Like, Satoshi didn’t even have a real chapter, despite him being the one who remembers everything that happened in the main timeline. That’s just not good, a lot of people wanted to see what he would do, but they decided to only put him in the dreadful “Chapter 3” instead.

            Chapters 1 and 2 (Mainly 2) did good jobs, and they should have continued doing things like that. Chapter 1 was Naomi and Seiko, just like Chapter 1 of the first game. Chapter 2 was Ayumi, Yoshiki, and Mayu, just like Chapter 2 of the first game, but with Nana added to mix things up a little.

            Chapter 3 could have been Satoshi and Yuka, with maybe someone like Kurosaki joining them. Kurosaki got really left out in BoS and would really benefit from having a part in the story. Same with Nari and Chihaya, all of them having what I would consider as cameos.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Satoshi didn’t need any more spotlight he had it all in the first corpse party the purpose of this game was not to give every chapter a continuum.I don’t know what’s so hard about playing a game to get a better understanding of events that had passed or get new light shed on something.

    • Arcana Wiz

      i would advise completing it first, BOS it is a aftertought, which flesh out stories of characters who didn’t have much screentime, and stories before entering the Heaven school, and stories who let you play with different points of view, which are more interesting cause you know what happened in the original game.

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