Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Is A PS4 Launch Title In Japan, Cheaper There Too

By Spencer . December 9, 2013 . 12:01am

tombraiderSquare Enix announced Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for Japan and the visually upgraded port will be a PlayStation 4 launch title. The game is slated for release on February 22, 2014 for PS4 and will also be available for Xbox One whenever Microsoft’s console is released in the region.


What’s interesting is Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is actually cheaper in Japan than here. Square Enix has it priced for $59.99 in North America, but 4,800 yen ($46) in Japan. When Tomb Raider first came out it was a full priced 7,980 yen ($77) game the same price as Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and Drakengard 3. This is a rare case and might actually be a first for Square Enix.

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  • Arcana Wiz

    they have to make the console interesting somehow to the japan :)
    without doubt it will be the console where the japanese games will go, but now the ps4 has a library that focus on the west…..

    • KnifeAndFork

      You’re actually defending this? Unbelievable…

      • Arcana Wiz

        what? i only said the reason of them doing this… there some people how cant understand that? unbelievable…..

      • bigevilworldwide

        Here I’ll defend it for ya…..There is nothing fucking wrong with the price….As they states had you actually have paid attention that they completely re-did the character model and put alot more work into it than just a simple port as some of you mental midgets seem to not be able to comprehend….

        I know it’s the cool brain dead conspiracy theory thing to do by claiming they just ported it, however the pics from the PS4 version CLEARLY had a lot of work done to it….This ISN’T THE PS3/360 version, not should it be priced as if it were from the amount of work genius IF you don’t want to pay for it there here is a novel idea don’t buy the shit

  • Jahred Down

    The fact that this game is full priced in the US is baffling. I really hope this doesn’t start a trend of PS3/360 games being brought to next gen and all being $60.

    • $1392518

      I’m still hoping that that price is an Amazon Guess since they are the only ones listing that right now.

      Because even with additional upgrades from the PC version, it’s essentially a GOTY re-release…

      • The Wolf 47

        Just don’t buy the game full price.
        If nobody is buying, then they’ll drop the price fast.

        • $1392518


          SE confirmed the pricing AND the Current-gen GOTY to be $30……

          But i was never gonna buy it past the 40-60 price range. I gotten the Collectors edition, and the end game didn’t intrigue me enough to bother.

          Though curious with the “art book Packaging edition”.. if it came with one of those $30 artbooks, i would likely go for it. I like Artbooks

    • ishyg

      People complained about this trend happening on Wii U, and then this starts happening. How ironic. I hope for the same, we need titles that will showcase what these new gen can offer, not showcase enhanced versions of stuff we’ve seen already last gen.

    • bigevilworldwide

      Um you do know they again as it was stated SEVERAL times, completely reworked the game It’s not just a port Jesus Christ.

  • Hector Velar

    darn they already started releasing remakes of games that have not even been out a year from older consoles…. I think with the lack of original games for both new gen systems this seems awkward, I can’t say this will be a smart decision or what, but …uhm…yeah i got it on 360 and i don’t know if other players who also purchased this game for the older consoles will purchase this one out. Maybe they should wait a little longer and add more content as well as making it a pack with other Tomb Raider games on HD. But as is I think the game looks great on older versions and not enough incentive for me to purchase this game on PS4…if anything I will buy it on PC for moding.

    • Ali

      I’m actually OK with this. If people want to buy it, great, if not just erase it from your mind. I for one am glad there’s a definite ver. I’ve been so busy this year with work that I haven’t even emptied my backlog let alone play recent releases e.g Last of Us, TR, Windwaker, etc

    • bigevilworldwide

      You know Tomb Raider is over a year old now right? And there was a shit ton of work done to rework and upgrade, it’s not a simple port

      • Hector Velar

        darn time is flying brother! it feels like only a few months ago. Well I guess if you have not bought it is now a good time to get it for the new consoles, awesome game. I’m still not sure if it is enough incentive for me(who already own a version of it) to buy it, specially so early at this time with the next gen systems recently out what they need is fresh games not remakes it seems a bit unethical as if they are just going for the easy cash instead of developing brand new games. I just think is too early for them to start doing this or if they are going to do it then offer something other than just re-rendering of character models with a bit more polygons, still finding myself with lack of words to express my confusion from this release because I do want to support Tomb Raider they did a great job and it is an awesome game.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    can’t wait for this

  • dapaintrain

    Im waiting for the Australian price to be released im more then positive it will be $120 at EBgames.

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