People Are Still Buying The Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky

By Spencer . December 10, 2013 . 2:39am

BbGWKebCUAAUPc7If you want to talk about super long tail games, look at The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. The PSP version was released in Japan on October 28, 2006 and the initial shipment was a mere 18,000 units.


Fast forward to seven years in the future and The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC racked up more than 500,000 units sold. Not sure if international sales are part of this figure since Xseed and Ghostlight published Trails overseas.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC will be released next year in English on PSP and PC care of Xseed.

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  • Alex Sargeant

    I was going to wait for SC on the PSP but I figure I might switch to the PC just for the sake of double dipping on FC.

    • Fox

      I never got around to finishing the game on PSP. Will love to get PC version so I can delete the game from my Vita and get some extra space.

      PC version will also look better, which is nice. Though may not play so well on a pc gamepad.

      • icecoffemix

        It probably will play better on proper gamepad than PSP cramped control.

        Of course you can’t beat the convenience of PSP portability though.

  • d19xx

    The series deserves it. Thanks for localizing them XSeed.

  • TheDarkEmpress

    Trails in the Flash plz.

    • neocatzon

      Non-moon reader might have to wait for years ;(

      • Altin

        More like decades.

        • Arcana Wiz

          probably never

      • dahuuuundge

        get cracking at them Nihongo textbooks

        • neocatzon

          ongoing~ waiting (and collecting friends) for second level class.

    • As someone who’s officially finished Sen no Kiseki (I refuse to use “Trails in the Flash” because it’s a *horrible* translation of the title), I think it’s far better to focus on the earlier games

      It’s a “flashier” game (lol), and some really good things came out of the combat system, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near as good as the system in the earlier games.

      XSEED’s close to releasing SC. 3rd is a crucial game to the series- moreso than I expected, as Sen even makes direct callbacks to it. Then Zero and Ao are happening simultaneously, and I think that knowing what is going on in Crossbell right next door at the same time makes the story of Sen that much better.

  • Planning to buy Trails in the Sky through PSN on Vita soon. I played through some of it on a friend’s PSP back in the day; it was really good stuff. I’m glad the second game will be coming next year.

  • Triplicity

    If Sara Leen is still the programmer lead and she figures out some way to import FC PSP save info to SC PC, she will be a hero

    • Oxybelis

      afaik psp saves are encrypted on system level. It is not possible.

      • Haganeren

        Well… Possible maybe but not legal that’s for sure !

      • icecoffemix

        It’s probably possible, I’ve transfered my save game from PSP to emulator (to play on its enhanced graphics and other benefits).

        Some PSP game looks really really good btw (Brave Story).

        • Pardon the redundancy but emulators emulate a system. If something is encrypted, an emulator can work with it as if it was a PSP.
          Now, PC games don’t work with emulated PSP format, they are built for PCs.
          If what he says is true then PSP savefile crossplatform transferring should be pretty difficult.

          To be fair, that applies to nearly every single thing. Cross-platform savefile transferring is a very delicate task.

          • icecoffemix

            PSP save file is encrypted, there’s no way to read it without decrypting it and you can’t magically make “the emulator to work with it as if it was a PSP” without knowing and decrypting the encryption.

            Someone has to code it, in fact the emulator wasn’t able to read PSP save file well until one of the coder complete the encrypt/decrypt part after extensive research.

            You can well be damn sure if it’s readable by emulator it’s also possible to read it with basically anything. But as someone pointed out earlier it’s a gray area I doubt carpe fulgur want to dip into.

            I’d just buy the First Chapter again on steam. :P

          • Thanks for being condescending, it helps a conversation a whole lot <3 ;)

            Just because an emulator can reproduce the same way a PSP works doesn't mean there are tools specifically to port a PSP savefile to PC/Steam format.
            They are -not- the same game emulated. The PC/Steam game may use completely different instruction set.

            It's not "magic", an emulator will act as a medium so that the savefiles are read as if it was a PSP; that doesn't mean a PC Steam engine -can- do it with the exact same instructions let alone translate them back into the format the PC version needs. Then you have to consider discrepancies between how the savefiles work in PSP and PC/Steam and how to rectify them without losing data or adding garbage.

            So that it's possible to do it with an emulator doesn't instantly mean it's readable by anything. You are working with two very different enviroments here.

            It's a whole lot more work than what you seem to take for granted. I repeat, just because a PC can replicate a PSP game doesn't mean it's PC counterpart works the same way or the developers can access the exact portion of code. There's lots of obstacles.

            That doesn't mean it's impossible, just very very unlikely given the amount of effort they'd have to put into it (and money).

          • icecoffemix

            And I’m saying it’s not impossible to make the toolset and why would instruction set matter? The whole point of emulator is to make it so that a whole different kind of computer architecture can emulate another.

            Here’s the thing though, a save file is nothing more than a set of data, PSP save file is unreadable only because there’s an encryption for it and as long as the data is decrypted it’s readable by anything and it’s not really hard to make a tool that convert that data into PC save file even moreso from original developer (Falcom) standpoint.

            People have been using this kind of exploit to do many things for many games for years, many tools has been created by amateur and advanced coders alike.

            If they don’t make the save file transferable it’s not because it’s difficult (it was but someone has broken the PSP save encryption already and it’s readily available to read so it’s not now). But because the legality of it, it’s probably not worth it to pursue Sony on this matter.

          • Just out of curiousity, have you ever tried to program a cross-OS program? Instruction sets matter. It’s more than “decrypting”. Any discrepancy could translate into hours, days of work. That gamers do it (for completely unrelated projects than this game) doesn’t mean its efficent nor economical.

            You are trying to use empirical logic by using examples of things that have completely different context, but do you know how hard it -actually- is? Have you had your hand with encryption and how differently the processors understand instructions?

            I dunno, you seem pretty sure about what you’re talking about for such bold statements about how cross-platform data works for two different applications built from the ground up for their respective platforms.

            At the same time, things could be easier than I estimate but given my little experience trying out cross platform stuff there are more unforseen difficulties than expected.

          • icecoffemix

            Nope, but are you talking about save file only or other function?

            Never said that cross platform is not hard but for this case where the open source PSP emulator has already done all the hard work, it is easy. I’ve been saying this from the start.

            The way emulator work today as I understand it is not to brute force emulating every instruction set of foreign component but to provide correct response to any given data from the game, in the most efficient way on the platform the emulator run.

            PPSSPP and JPCSP source code is available for anyone to access if you’re interested. The specific encryption key stuff should be there.

            – It is hard to make cross platform data to be read on another platform
            – But in this case the only barrier is the encryption
            – Someone has already decrypted it for emulator’s work, the code is public

            So why is it still unreasonably hard?

          • Because the “only barrier” isn’t encryption. I’ve been trying to hammer that point for a while.

          • icecoffemix

            What else?

            It’s a save file, it’s decrypted, the raw data (lvl, item, etc) is there for the taking, Falcom developed the game, they know the file scheme for the both version, they can make tools to read that raw data and convert it to proper PC save file if they want, it’s trivial too.

          • But the important question here is can Falcom devote the resources to do such a thing? Recent interviews seem to hint at possibly two (or more) games being released next year.

            XSEED couldn’t get Celceta out sooner because Falcom was too busy to do the text insertion for Sen no Kiseki- the one game they released for 2013.

            XSEED does all the programming for Steam themselves, but when it comes to PSP programming, they need Falcom’s assistance. Not to mention that Falcom no longer does PC development, due to the shrinkage of that market in Japan. They had to go to console only to survive.

          • icecoffemix

            The code is here:

            If they know that they could spare a one or two hours of coding to make the simple tool for converting save data.

            But as I said from the start, they would not do that for various other reason. I don’t mind buying first chapter again on Steam anyway. :P

          • “One or two hours of coding” – I only wish it were so simple. In the end, they’re creating a PC utility based on something that is likely a proprietary system on Sony’s end.

            If you want to do this through a legit method, you also need to get Sony in on it and get them to agree to it. That is more red tape and will definitely take more time from both companies.

            There are definitely more things involved in it than “just” creating the code. And if XSEED got the utility without consulting Sony first, they’d be in pretty big trouble.

          • icecoffemix

            I can tell you that it’s that simple to get alpha quality working converter given all the work already done by community and adequate documentation on Falcom’s side. Probably shorter. :P

            Yep, again I’ve said that point before, they won’t go all the trouble of asking Sony permission to legally use PSP encryption key (even though it’s reverse engineered, hence not the copyrighted code) on the converter. It’s a hella gray area even though there won’t be another bleem for this case.

            This discussion seems to exist while implying that I insist Falcom to release PSP to PC save file converter, I’m not at all. I know it’s not easy to do that given other factor beside coding the tool, but to actually code the tool is not a totally impossible stuff to do, and if they know where to look for, it’s even relatively easy.

          • This still falls back to my original point. Falcom doesn’t have the resources or manpower to do this kind of work at this point- especially with the fact that there’s a jdk Band concert coming up in two weeks as well, so a lot of their planning and so forth is caught up in that, too.

            Contrary to popular belief, Falcom is also an extremely small company. Definitely one of the smaller developers in Japan.

            Certainly, XSEED can ask if Falcom will want to do this, but it also means delaying our version for Steam in English, most likely till who knows when. Especially if Falcom’s expected to have a new game out in summer 2014.

            As I said above, the whole reason that we got Celceta when we did was because of Falcom having their hands full with Sen no Kiseki. XSEED had to wait on Falcom for the last steps with the text insertion.

          • icecoffemix

            Super extra busy to even make a junior coder or even some intern to code a simple program? I doubt it. Again I know the process is not that simple and they need a lot more than that to actually ship the software but I’m scratching my head at some of you guys making this to be like a really complicated impossible-to-do early-ps3-cell-level nightmare inferno difficult. It’s not period.

            Also, again and again I’m telling you I’m not expecting Xseed or Falcom to go through this, No an No. Heck they’d better not and spend resource elsewhere, FC is really good I don’t think people will mind replaying the superior PC version again anyway (I hope). :P

            Geez, it feels like I’m antagonizing them when they’re probably my most favorite video games companies in the world right now.

          • Please don’t take offense at my statements, since I’m not trying to offend you at all (and you clearly are seemingly reacting to it as such).

            But when you say something like, “Super extra busy to even make a junior coder or even some intern to code a simple program?” it is immediately contradicting your next sentence here: “Again I know the process is not that simple and they need a lot more than that to actually ship the software.”

            My “manpower” statement is not entirely for programming, but partly on the process to make the clearance to do such a thing. It’s way easier to do something as a fan without having to cover your bases, but in the case of the PSP save system, as I said above, it’s a proprietary system from Sony. This means that Falcom or XSEED can’t officially touch it without Sony’s involvement. It’s not just an issue with coding something at all. This kind of thing in the industry never is “just that.”

            (SOURCE: Let me tell you all about trying to get permissions just to put a proprietary system I designed the wireframes for into my portfolio. I’m several months into “discussing things” with my company’s legal department and am still not allowed to do so.)

          • icecoffemix

            Notice that I said other factor earlier in my post? That’s the difficult part. Actually making the software though? It’s peanut.

            If you read the context of this discussion is how it seems impossible (or really hard) to create the tool, and I acknowledge the narrative of the difficulty of making the tool out for users, please differentiate it with actually making the tool by itself, inhouse only.

            Please don’t confuse it with your suggested narrative, it’s not what this discussion about at all.

            Arghhh, I dunno why this is so hard. I understand your point (and even said it right from the start even before you join the discussion) but it seems I cannot get my point across at all, I blame my poor english. :(

          • As a note: I’ve never said making the tool is impossible in any of my posts. I’ve just been saying that it’s beyond Falcom’s current resources which I think is the important part regarding whether or not we’d get a tool like that in the first place.

          • icecoffemix

            Right, I got it. It’s all conjecture though, but I have no doubt if FC PSP was successful enough they can spare the resource to make it. Alas the reality.

    • wyrdwad

      Sara is still the programmer, but sadly, she’s already informed us that this will most likely NOT be possible — the way save data is handled between PSP and PC is far too different, and there’s really no viable way to make it work consistently and reliably.

  • Arcana Wiz

    The series deserve it, i wish xseed and the new localizer that they teamed up with (forgot the name) have success with the second… to them localize the rest.

    • Naryoril

      it’s Carpe Fulgur
      i don’t know if they’ll do such a project so soon again. Carpe Fulgur are just 2 and a half person. All in all they’ll probably work for 3 years on SC

      • 3PointDecoupage

        So its two people and a torso?

        • Naryoril

          no, 2 guys and one who helps out from time to time, but afaik he only does graphics stuff (like changing japanese text in pictures to english and the like)

          • icecoffemix

            holy shit that’s crazy, mad respect to them

      • Dang, just 2-3 people? That is god-tier. I imagine they’ll handle Trails in the Sky 2 well. I loved the script for Recettear.

      • Arcana Wiz

        well xseed isnt big too, last time i remember it was five people… so our chances arent very good looking regarding Trails in the Sky…..

  • Holylifestar

    Whats that picture from 0-0? It says first chapter on it, but I only remember 1 of those characters :/.

    • CobbleCake

      Image is an extra tidbit that comes with FC:改 HD Edition.
      Tita Russel, first appearance: Sora no Kiseki FC.
      Tio Plato: Zero no Kiseki.
      Renne: Sora no Kiseki SC.

  • Naryoril

    to be honest, it’s not XSeed localizing SC. All the translation work is done by Carpe Fulgur (they localized Recettear, Chantelise and Fortune Summoners)

    • xkumo

      Yeah, no. Xseed is paying for it and overseeing it.

    • JohnNiles

      This baffles and amazes me… it’s not like the script suddenly shrank.

  • icecoffemix

    Glad to hear that, such great game. :D

  • JuhRo

    I’m one of those purchases.. Haha. I impulse bought this quite recently.

  • Alestaos

    Is Trails in the Sky SC its sequel or is it an enhanced story version im asking cause in thinking of getting the orginial on PSN for my vita. I wish though they would licalize the vita game flash i think its called. That looked awesome

    • Nyandroid

      Its a sequel.

    • MrTyrant

      FC for first chapter and SC for second chapter. It’s the direct sequel.

    • Ladius

      The Trails series so far has six chapters, FC (the one already available in English), SC (its direct sequel), The 3rd (the last episode in the Liberl saga), Zero (the first chapter of the Crossbell story arc, set in a different region but with recurring themes and characters), its direct sequel Ao and SenFlash, a new entry focused on the Erebonian Empire that starts yet another story arc while still being linked to the previous games.

  • Kornelious

    Hopefully this is a step in the right direction on the trail to sen no kiseki….Trail in the Flash that is!…….:P

  • Haganeren

    Yeah… But… Just in Japan right ?
    I wonder if people still buy it in the Western market…

    • I”m sure there is a spike of sales thanks to the announcement of 2nd.

      • DesmaX

        If people actually brough PSP games these days…

        • doubleO7

          People still do. It also helps that the Vita is backwards compatible, at least for digital game.

  • DesmaX

    aaaaanyway, where’s the Steam version? It should be coming out, soon

  • Zer0faith

    Thumbs up to both XSeed and Carpe Fulgur for bringing this here next year.

  • Kinda made me wish we gotten the games closer to 06 but at the time Bandai was messing up the Gagharv Trilogy.
    Thanks to Steam we can at least see completion of the original Trails trilogy without fear of a platform dying out.

  • Suriel Cruz

    In 2022; “Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash will be release for the PS3 and PC.” *sigh* No kidding, it may happen. xD

    • MrTyrant

      What? it’s like too soon haha

      • Suriel Cruz

        Ikr! hahaha

  • Cannot wait to play SC! Hoping I can buy more than one copy and make my friends play it ( @[email protected])

  • FlyingPony

    Physical version in English, pleazzeee.

    • Brandonmkii

      English? Sure. Physical? Noooopppppeeeee.

  • Fox

    I can’t wait to get SC on Steam.

    Though it’d be nice if they could also re-release the FC on Steam, too. Would much rather play on my 27″ screen than my Vita.

  • Spicydicey

    Anybody remember Trails of Nayuta? That game looked good…

    • icecoffemix

      I want it but it’s a PSP game, and Vita isn’t selling well so yeah, the ship has sailed for that one unfortunately. :(

      • Red Veron

        I hear it’s still worth it to get that one. It’s pretty, good story, and fun gameplay.


      Nayuta is more like Zwei than a trails game. It’s good by yourself but we can’t compare it to the mainline games. To speak the truth? i still think that Falcom named it Nayuta no Kiseki because of the hype of the Kiseki franchise. The game is seriously Zwei III instead of a trails game

  • fireemblembeast

    I’m buying this for vita through PSN soon too! :3


    the more success that Falcom get the better
    I’ll probably just read the wiki or a summary of the first chapter before getting the second one on steam. Sorry people. But FC will please me more in text format then actually playing. The Second and Third one is a must play though.
    And I really need to thanks XSEED to bring SC for PC too. TiTS is too massive for a handheld game and the game controls just don’t work fine in a gamepad for me (god this almost looked like a DFC propaganda lol)

  • MrTyrant

    I’m more interesed to know if FC english version continue selling something because It can be a good signal. I want to believe.

  • Anesia Hunter

    as long as it’s available it will be bought.

  • TheExile285

    Not surprising. Its a great game. I wonder if its Falcoms best seller :V

    • Bec66

      considering it got a crossover fighting game with Ys, has recived multiple ports, and is currently on its sixth? game I’d say the series sells well enough for falcom.

      • TheExile285

        well I just meant this game in general. I wonder if its Falcom’s best selling game.

        • Bec66

          my mistake, I think that Falcom’s best seller is probably Y’s 1&2 considering how many ports its gotten over the years.

          • First, it’s “Ys.” There’s no apostrophe in the title.

            Second, to my knowledge, the original Xanadu was Falcom’s best-selling title. However, the Kiseki series is getting there.

  • H_Floyd

    Bought mine just last week.

  • Red Veron

    People around the world loves their TITS.

  • dahuuuundge

    I see more people interesting in playing the Kiseki series with the recent release of Ys Celceta. Good on Xseed making Falcom games popular and us Falcom fans for supporting them :D

  • Servant BerserCAR

    “The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC will be released next year in English on PSP and PC care of Xseed.”

    >> PC <>> PC <<<
    Finally! Thank you Lord, I praise Thee!

  • Callonia

    Its worth each dollar.

  • Astraye

    my fear now is that they dont localise the third chapter…

  • Hey, Spencer: A random note, if Falcom’s reporting the numbers (which they are, as this came from their twitter account), I don’t believe they have access to XSEED’s numbers?

    I can find out from Tom later to be sure, but these are going to be most likely Falcom’s numbers only.

  • CirnoLakes

    I’m sure that the announcement of second chapter being localized and the fanfare it has gotten, has piqued many Westerner’s interest in the franchise.

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