PlayStation Plus Members In Japan Can Play Lightning Returns For An Hour, Tales For 2 Hours

By Spencer . December 10, 2013 . 11:57pm

image Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia added two RPGs to the game trials section for PlayStation Plus members in Japan. You can play one hour of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and two hours of Tales of Symphonia Chronicles.


On December 18, Sony will add new PlayStation Plus free play games including:

Chaos Code (PS3)

Gate of Thunder (PSP)

Lords of Thunder (PSP)

Ragnarok Odyssey (Vita)

Armored Core Formula Front International (PSP)

Steins;Gate (Vita)

Touch my Katamari (Vita)

Limbo (PS3)

Holy Invasion of Badman! (PSP)

  • Crevox

    So the Lightning Returns version for this is not the demo?

    • Xerain

      PS Plus has a timed play feature. You download the WHOLE game, then you can play it for 2 hours before deciding if you want to purchase it.

      A demo differs in that its a separately created program that exists for the purpose of being a demo. This way it can pick and choose what parts of the game to show you, especially things you wouldn’t normally get to see during the first few hours of the game.

  • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

    2 hour trials are nice, wouldn’t mind seeing them here too. Though honestly I haven’t seen many games being added to this recently for PS+.

    • katzedan

      yeah, I would love to see some new games like Gran Turismo 6 or NFS Rivals to decide if I’ll get these games, but it’s seems Sony forgot about these timed trials :(

  • FlyingPony

    I hope that one, two hours of play time progress can be saved and transferred when I get the full game.

    Anyway, good move Sony.I wish more games doing this, a longer demo will entice gamers to try it out and if it click with them, they will be encouraged to bought it.

    2 hours is ideal, and long enough time for the gamers to get absorbed into the plot/character/gameplay and enough time to test the games. Once the gamers get absorbed, they will want to continue playing past the limit time, and will buy the full game afterward.

    Sound like a winning formula to me.

  • Charmchar

    I wonder if you start at a later point of the game or in the beginning, starting at the beginning would suck since you have to be quick about your plays, depending on what you want to experience.

    Though i have to admit, it makes me laugh a little thinking of the gamer; mashing away at the circle button. “Come on, i only have 20 mins left and I still have to save the girl, buy some armor, climb a tree! No time!” (*≧艸≦)

    • It’s a start at the beginning. Save data from these transfers to retail copies, so it would make no sense to start midgame.

      You literally download the entire game.

      That aside…2hours for Tales is almost too generous. especially with scene skip. You could cover A LOT of ground of you’ve played either of those games in the past.

      • StarWallace

        Yeah but that’s no fun! I’m buying it to enjoy the whole game again, not just blindly go through the motions towards the final boss.

    • StarWallace

      I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!

  • Minos

    Not doing O.K. on the retail, uh?

  • Gilgamesh2025

    Lucky Japanese!

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