Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 Video Shows The Epic Battle Versus CFW Magic

By Spencer . December 11, 2013 . 10:48pm

When Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 starts the CPUs are in a battle with CFW Magic, but the PlayStation 3 game doesn’t actually show the battle. You just see the aftermath when Neptunia and her friends fall to the ground.


Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2: Sister’s Generation shows the fight and you don’t have to wait until the game comes out to see the missing scene.



Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2: Sister’s Generation comes out on March 20, 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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  • Guest

    This is cool and all, but the feminist part of me can’t help but be slightly appalled by the underlying objectification of these characters (animated or not). It sort of takes away a large part of my enjoyment from the whole thing.

    • LastationLover5000

      Then don’t play the damn game and be done with it

    • Jjilatt123

      Are you serious?

      This is a game where;

      -all of the major political figures are women
      -all of the religious figures and deities are women
      -all of these women could destroy ARMIES if they wanted to, with their power
      -even most of the military and commons is made up of women
      -most if not all of the men are either antagonists or relegated to minor/grunt roles

      And you’re gonna cry sexism on… what, that they look visually appealing?

      Give me a break; if that’s how the feminist part of you thinks, then the “feminist part of you” is a blinded idiot.

      • Guest

        There’s no need for the name calling.
        Let’s be honest: “visually appealing” is sugar coating it.

        If you don’t know very well that there is a fine line between making something visually appealing and blatantly sexualizing the whole cast, then my words are wasted. Carry on.

        • Jjilatt123

          How am I sugarcoating anything? I could just as easily flip it and say you’re blowing it out of proportion.

          Why not complain about games like DMC3, then? Dante is running around shirtless at the start, and has his abs showing the entire time. Is that sexist? It’s the same.

          And if you can’t tell the difference between sexism and some underlying sex appeal for visual stimulation, then any word you say on the matter would be wasted to begin with.

          • Guest

            This isn’t the same as a brief scene with shirtless Dante and you know it.

            It’s not just aesthetics,either. From what I’ve read, a significant aspect of these character dialogues and behaviors are hypersexualized simply so there is something for people to gawk at. It is dehumanization by definition and it and I personally find it distasteful.

            If you’re okay with it, then so be it. Feel free to downvote, insult, deny the issue etc. and continue partaking in your complicit masculinity.

            I am not, however, and that is all I was saying.

          • Shippoyasha

            I wouldn’t say it’s ‘hypersexualized’. It’s just ‘sexualized’ as characters just poke fun or do sexy things in very comical and lighthearted ways. And I don’t see how human beings having any kind of sexualized fun is ‘dehumanizing by definition’. I think you’re being awfully prudish if I have to be blunt. We can be complex and respectful human beings and can enjoy a little silly game being sexy and not treat characters/people as sub-human just for having a little fun with our sexuality. Besides, there’s basically no implicit act of actual sex or anything even close to it in Neptunia games.

            I think you’re seriously mixing your personal distaste with some inherent moral wrong and that’s where I believe the modern radical feminists’ war against sexiness in media goes. Having personal taste is fine. But bending it to some ‘objective truth’ that enjoying sexiness is some attack on women is seriously beyond the pale. Also, it’s seriously insulting to think people are just ‘denying the issue’ because the point is that to many who enjoy these things in healthy ways, it has never been an issue to begin with. It’s kind of funny people think divulging in having sexy characters in games is ‘masculine’ as well. Fun fact: The characters in Neptunia games were created and designed by female artists and designers. A lot of girls and women actually do enjoy a little fanservice, cuteness and sexiness. I dare not say they’re some gender-traitors for doing so. It’s just a healthy and fun expression and escapism.

            To equate something so innocent and correlating it to some real life subjugation of gender is seriously misguided at best, possibly malicious and sinister at worst. Our modern culture in many developed nations already have way too much restrictions and fear based around sex and sexuality already. It boggles my mind that there’s people who feel we should be even more closed off and restricted.

          • Guest

            The designers are by no means gender traitors, but ya gotta admit this “escapism” isn’t exactly empowering women.

            We clearly have a very big difference of opinion about whether or not the extensive use of ‘sexiness’ in games is harmful or where the line must be drawn.

            I view most blatant forms of using bodies/physical appearance as a draw for audiences is cheap and degrading. The individual’s personal traits and characteristic get drowned in the flashy display and it just seems shallow to mesh such pleasures while also trying to tell a serious story. The sexual object to unique character ratio becomes uneven pretty quickly. I’d like to think that one day we won’t need to rely on such things to keep the audience’s attention.

            I don’t really have the time or the resources to adequately debate the moral implications of promoting the indulgence of a (non pornographic) entertainment medium that portrays depicts people for the sake of sexual arousal, among other things. I simply think the fan-service is distracting and I’m not very fond of games that employ it.

            Attribute it to naivety, culture, censorship, idiocy, whatever. It’s how I feel and I’m sticking with it.

          • Landale

            It might not be “empowering women”, but it’s not really doing the opposite either.
            Aesthetically pleasing things will always be used to draw people in. Unless there is a fundamental shift in nature, that’s not going to stop. Compile Heart tends to load nearly all of the fanservice in their games into the advertisements, within the games themselves though, it’s pretty much buried under the characters themselves. If you can’t be bothered to look past the surface, it’s not their fault you think any personality traits and characteristics are drowned out, it’s your own laziness at fault.
            Surprising as it may be, despite all the seemingly mindless fanservice they put out if you look solely at the advertisement, there is always some sort of logic behind it if you actually look at the games themselves and is always vastly lower in content compared to more modest character depictions. The one time they actually crossed the line into some really questionable shit that had no excuse, pretty much everyone called them out on it.

          • Shippoyasha

            I don’t see why visual appeal automatically destroys character depth. That is a very unfair indictment and it seems you just dislike sexuality in media a tad too much. Also, sexy characters can be plenty empowering such as fighting game characters and pretty characters who can kick ass and be capable, serious characters no matter how effeminate or delicate they may seem. Also, sexual arousal simply is not a matter that is ‘degrading’ in any way as long as it’s done in fun and even sillly ways. Unless a story is meant to be harrowing or extremely serious, we simply don’t see characters be belittled sexually. Even for extremely fanservicey games, they tend to operate in a very specialized setting such as games/anime featuring an all female cast for example.

            But you know, I think you have a point about culture. Modern western culture has hammered the point that sexuality is risky, outright dangerous, degrading or even morally evil, it just gets in the way of discussing this without the context that sex simply is not something negative at all. Especially not the fluffy, frankly very mild fanservice we get out of a game or anime.

      • No insults. You won’t be warned again.

    • Romancer Ecclesia

      ………. sigh.

      • Guest


    • michel

      But you must understand that, from a marketing point of view, that’s how it works for this typical “moe” products sold in Akihabara. Everything is at least subtly cute or sexualized, form the Mirai Suenaga invented by Danny Choo to the little bouncing tits of the Atelier protagonists… It’s part of the commerciall formula. After all, it works on the opposite way too, with the “macho” appeal of protagonists like Dante of Devil May Cry, or some popular Hollywood stars… Don’t you agree?…

      • Guest

        Sure, dude. I get why it’s there. In fact, if/when it is in fact subtle, I hardly ever give it a second thought. I’m not as uptight and bitter as people seem to think I am.

        What is showcased here isn’t subtle, though, and that’s probably why I find it so unappealing as an entertainment medium. Thanks for not being a jerk.

    • Landale

      You know, I’ve yet to ever see this get explained. Now perhaps I’m wrong, lacking explanations does tend to lead to that after all, but objectification is treating something as a mere object. Correct? And in regards to feminism, it’s typically meant to be sexual objectification. Correct? If this is correct, I can not see how these characters, who have several pronounced traits, are objectified. Wall of text incoming!

      Starting with perhaps the most obvious thing leading to the claim, the HDD forms. Yes they are typically revealing and provocative. But there’s a reason to it, attention is what powers them. Friendship, trust, worship, lust. All provide some level of power to them, and I’ve listed them in generally descending order. Friendship and trust from three matched the worship from a nation. The few times they go out of their way to sexually pander to the people, it’s almost always treated as a pathetic act of desperation to get an edge over the others. Most of the time is spent in their normal forms, some even outright declaring a preference for it, most of their time is spent hanging out with each other or working to improve their citizens’ lives. Relevant to this particular detail and article would be Magic. She’s been stated to be the personification of fanboys, mindless superficial devotion without full attention to detail. All she is is HDD form design, sexual and powerful, but ultimately can’t stand on her own in the long run and as a character is far and away the most shallow in the series.

      Neptune is a childish character on the surface, but overall actually fairly mature and reliable, though she can also be petty without being mindlessly so. Her design visually reflects this. Exceptionally baggy and childish clothes, covering what is actually a rather mature body. She’d prefer to goof around with her friends and family, but if she has to she is incredibly quick and thourough in accomplishing tasks. She’s also willing to put herself on the line to protect her friends and family. Her HDD form is merely the complete removal of her childish cover. Her petty streaks can be seen most blatantly in Victory with Peashy and Nepgear, her increasingly harsh treatment of her sister comes as Nepgear repeatedly, though mostly accidentally, screws her over. Nepgear became the CPU at the end of mkII, but was pushing her duties off on Neptune by the time Victory had started. Nepgear’s refusal to listen to reason lost what was thought to be her only chance to go home and left their country without a leader. Nepgear betrayed her for power, despite Neptune working to get her that power. Despite all this Neptune still supports her sister and protects her.

      Noire is socially awkward and a fan of cosplaying. Due to her difficulty with friends and family, she attempts to compensate by working excessively and dressing in a way to draw attention. That habit of hers gets her mocked rather frequently as well. As with all HDD forms, hers draws to the front the aspects of her personality she represses showing off a childish girl completely desperate for attention with no clue how to properly act around others. Her personal failings and attempts to compensate for them are shown to have a detrimental effect on her family. Uni is a mess because she looks up to a sister who can’t even properly show affection or aknowledgement for her accomplishments. Noire is not in any way depicted as some sort of perfection, she’s depicted as a complete wreck of a person.

      Blanc is similar to Noire in that she has issues with people, though rather than mere awkwardness it is simply a preference for solitude. The concept of divinity is also a blatant strain on her, she shows the need to present herself as being in complete control. Cold, emotionless, and perfect. Except she’s not. Her HDD strips away the mask of perfection, easily angered by any and all personal failings and obstacles. She cares for her family, but spends too much time trying to figure out how to be the perfect sister to really be one. Ram lashes out at random hoping for attention, while Rom is reserved to the extreme as a mimicry of how the sister she looks up to presents herself. Exposure to others, as well as the chance to be out of her shadow helps them grow a bit beyond this while Blanc’s exposure to others help her to ease up on her attempts at perfection and act more on the emotions she repesses, which helps her situation with her sisters.

      Vert is rather similar to Neptune, and yet presented inversely. A blend of childishness and maturity, a fixation on her friends and family, and a petty streak. While Neptune presents herself childishly to hide maturity, Vert childishly flaunts hers with a false elegance that hides little. While Neptune spends the majority of her time with just a small number of friends and her family, Vert spends her’s socializing with massive numbers of people online while lamenting that she doesn’t actually have a family, and hoping to be able to make someone her family. Her HDD becomes much more childish in behavior while dropping the flashy royal look and just being excessively revealing, flaunting everything she’s got with no restraint. While Neptune becomes petty over actual slights, Vert often becomes petty if anything fails to go her way, even when the failings are her own.

      Plutia is someone who is, yet again, similar to Neptune. She presents herself as being a bit slow, stupid, and helpless, yet she is anything but. She is a sadist who enjoys mind games, leading people to expect one thing but get another. The others even openly speculate that the difference between her two forms is largely an act to help get the reactions it does. Despite her sadism, she is shows a great deal of concern for the others. She generally allows them to restrain her, directing the excessive portions of her behavior towards those who are willing to accept it or those who cause her friends and family harm. The latter catagory rarely recieving much mercy, which does eventually backfire on her by traumatizing the person she was trying to protect. Within the group itself she has only ever gone beyond mere mind games with Noire and Nepgear, the former to motivate her so she’d stop screwing herself over and the latter for her momentary betrayal of the group.

      Honestly, I could go on but I’ve covered the majority of the CPUs and have been writing this for the last few hours, so I’ll close on this. You might say it’s been hypersexualized based on what you’ve read, but that’s largely just in the advertisement. Within the games themselves, it’s fairly limited and there are features within the games to tone it down even more if you wish. Have you looked beyond what you’ve read? If not, well make sure to read this a few times and let it sink in; There may be sexualizaton, but it’s fairly restrained and the way the characters are handled over all avoids dehumanization.

      • Guest

        It seems like you know a lot about these characters.
        That’s great. I’m glad that you can enjoy this game, and take the visual “objectification” with a grain of salt as I’m sure a lot of people do.

        Being someone who does not care much for it, I find that the highly revealing outfits and sexually suggestive escapades indirectly give people the wrong idea about how women should look and behave.That’s me. You could call it a pet peeve that would prevent me from fully enjoying the game.

        I’m not saying “Oh! This was made by sexist pigs who should all die!” (the creator is female, after all) so much as “Hey. On the surface, I can’t really take this game seriously because it feels like they are pandering too much with the character appearances.”

        • Landale

          I’m rather curious as to how that’s going to be giving a “wrong idea about how women should look and behave”, given that there’s a wide variety of body types and fashion choices, and that in general those
          choices are fairly modest or there’s actually rational reasons behind why they’re not. As for “sexually suggestive escapades”, that really doesn’t happen that much, for the most part the extent is mildly flirty. Aside from that it’s things that only seem that way out of context, or implications of some kinky stuff between Neptune and Plutia. There’s also plenty of characters that have nothing romantic going for them, almost as many that do actually.

          • Guest

            The escapade thing wasn’t referring to character interactions. I’ve never played the game, after all.

            It refers to the “direction” by which how the story is experienced, which emphasizes the objectification of its characters. A review quote about one of the previous iterations says “The camera lingers longingly over stills of each girl’s crotch …. while characters make lewd comments”

            I think the damaging effects of their appearances are pretty obvious on their own. Depicting a whole cast of characters casually dressing in such a revealing matter promotes expectation that it is the only way to be visually appealing, despite the objectification that comes with it.

            Don’t get me wrong: there is nothing wrong with these characters having feelings for each other or behaving flirtatiously from a story’s perspective. When it’s apparent that the viewer has to be in on it as well, it makes me a tad bit uncomfortable.

          • Landale

            Can’t say I recall any lingering crotch shots paired up with lewd comments.
            And, again, most of the cast is not dressed revealingly.

          • Landale

            Ok, yep, just loaded up my saves, checked the gallery. No crotch shots. Admittedly, I’m missing a couple pictures, but given that I’ve gone through the game a few times and haven’t unlocked a lingering crotch shot image relating to some lewd dialog ridden event, I’m sure there isn’t one.
            Admittedly you can get panty shots with like one or two characters’ victory poses, but those linger only as long as you want them to and there’s no lewd dialog.

          • Guest

            We’ll chalk that one up to exaggeration, or misinformation on the reviewer’s part.

            If it means anything, you’ve convinced me that there’s probably more to these games than meets the eye. Unfortunately, many easily offended people like myself, won’t find the courage to dwell deep enough to find out from just looking at the trailers and artwork.

            Thanks for the information, though.

          • Shippoyasha

            You’re coming off from the assumption that any consumption of sexiness in media is malicious. But it’s really benign stuff in the end. It’s just light entertainment, nothing more.

            Also, liking a certain design is not something to decry over at all. It’s just simply liking the design aesthetic of a given game. Nobody can dare say that somehow carries over to the real world. That’s really going out of bounds, literally. Anime stylings are already very unrealistic and are great for escapism as is. Ascribing it to some real world ideals of beauty is really missing the point entirely.

        • Shippoyasha

          I think people who think gamers ‘only look at women as objects’ are giving gamers too little of a benefit of the doubt like we’re some base animals. Look at the hardcore anime/manga and gamer scene and we’re all pretty cynical and know the game here. Practically nobody ever goes out of the way to say that’s how women are supposed to be (or male characters having any pull in the real world). Many jokingly say ‘2D over 3D’ referring to preference or the simple separation of the fantasy depictions compared to the real people. The great thing about fantasy is that we can admire and get attached to characters whether they’re cool or sexy at a healthy distance. Nobody is saying that real people should be judged in the same light actually.

          Also, I’m kind of sick of explaining that ‘pandering’ isn’t automatically a bad thing. If anything, it can be good. Visual appeal is a huge part of Japanese entertainment and people who are deep into the culture knows the score there. The visual elements are NOT infused with some sense of morality or breaking the 4th wall of escapism into reality. If anything, that’s considered a deep taboo even with the most hardcore otaku out there.

          • Guest

            I see what you mean. However, I personally feel that the fact that the medium is in a ‘2D’ fantasy world, or ‘not real’ does not make the concern that it will translate to reality any less valid.

            Depiction is still at the end of the day, depiction.

            This may be a bit a bit of a stretch, but recall something like the offensively inaccurate architecture depictions of Jewish peoples with long noses in antisemitic Germany. It feels similar (sort of) when these girls are shown in such a way that people will not look at them as individuals but as another pair of barely covered breasts to gawk at.

          • Guest


            caricature* depictions

            It’s late (early?).I’m off to bed.

            I know a lot of people are upset, but what I said was almost an instinctive reaction to how I felt the characters were portrayed.

            Thanks for the discussions, everyone.
            The non-hostile ones, anyway.

          • Shippoyasha

            There’s nothing wrong with ‘gawking’ as long as it’s done safely and respectfully. Honestly, it can’t get more ‘respectful’ as long as the characters are purely fictional, which they are. Even at that, the entire games’ premise is not about gawking at all. That’s really up to the player, as much as anyone can gawk at any type of character in any game, male, female, robot, whatever. I think people should have the freedom to do so and it’s really silly for a heavily visual medium to self censor itself. Games and fiction in general are great in that we can indulge in the outrageous things that we would not get away with in the real world. We can’t indulge in violence in the real world without extreme consequences for example. While we can have fun in Battlefield or Doom or something, slaughtering things at will.

            And I’m not sure why you keep landing on some ‘real world consequence’ element here because no anime character can ever be equatable to a human being in how they’re ‘depicted’. Look at any Japanese anime and tell me how any of them even look Asian or even human with the way people have giant eyes or pink/purple/blue hair. In fact, the way it’s so outlandish in anime/manga/game stylings is GREAT because it’s hard to ascribe some real world equivalent to it. And it works wonderfully with escapism.

            It’s not a ‘bit of a stretch’. It’s a MONSTROUS stretch to equate how people in real world are to be judged is dependent on something out of a cartoon.

            If you really feel that fictional depictions do such harm and damage, I think that’s extremely unfortunate you think that way. But I really wish people can stop this context that people are complicit in real world problems and people who indulge in fantasy are potentially dangerous or sick in the mind. It’s extremely unfair and to be frank, very upsetting.

      • This is one of the best wall of texts I’ve ever read =)

      • Leon_Tekashi

        That…Was…Beautiful. You deserve a medal man. Bravo. =) Amen.

      • Anesia Hunter

        I actually read all of that and not one part of me feels like i wasted my time. that was awesome.

      • Is any/all of this stated in an official source, or is this just your personal interpretation?

        • Landale

          Pretty much just stating easily observable traits as well as events from the games, and in the case of Magic a detail that was brought up in an article here back with the original mkII. So, yes to both. That there’s room for interpretation and speculation is why I’d say these are actual characters, not objects as characters.
          Magic is an object as a character. All there is to her is her design and power, replacing her with anything else would change nothing. Pretty much any other character is actually a character. They could be replaced, but this would make certain aspects of the plot and other characters not make sense, or change those as well. Which was pretty much the point of that long ass post, that the characters might be sexualized to a degree, but they’re not objectified.

      • Demeanor

        Objectify? Sexualization? I respect the megami for their personalities, and more often than not I feel like I’d be afraid of them in a irl scenario XD they’re so tough! XD But that’s also why they’re so dreamy, so commanding, at times so kakkoi, and at the same time so down-to-earth with their imperfect personalities and problems.
        Sexy as all hell too? Well, that’s a nice plus XD since they’re an object of “fiction”, why not make them beautiful? :D
        Great post btw!

    • Guest



  • Guest

    It was their plan all along…

  • That was too awesome. Sad that they got beat so badly, but an awesome scene nonetheless. Really hoping they have plans for localizing these remakes in the future =^_^=

    • Jjilatt123

      If Idol PP could make it over, I have high hopes that these games will too.

      • Reki Honoo

        It was already confirmed by NIS america in a news letter that Idol pp, will come to north america next year, called Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection

      • Yup. Looking forward to that one as well. Different from the rest of the games, but still interesting.

    • Suriel Cruz

      Not only that, but that they keep doing cutscenes like this one. I REALLY LIKE IT.! Reminds me of the KOS-MOS vs T-elos fight in Xenosaga.

  • fyi1191

    CFW Magic as playable DLC or not.

    • Landale

      Don’t see why they would. The playable characters have made sense so far, it wouldn’t make any sense for her to be playable. I do recall them allowing you to make parts for the HDD forms based on them though, I would imagine that’s staying.

      • fyi1191

        They can go with what they did with re:birth 1 dlc characters. Having no events nor a reason.

        • Landale

          You don’t necessarily need reasons to have something that makes sense. The characters are personifications of game companies working with personifications of game consoles.

  • Jjilatt123

    I can’t wait for this. This seriously looks so much more awesome than the original

  • Leon_Tekashi

    How many times do we have to go over this? Her name is Neptune, not Neptunia. ._.

    • fyi1191

      It cant be helped.

    • s07195

      I’m starting to think of this as a running gag, actually. XD
      Just like Ladder vs Stepladder, or ‘psycho-locks’.

    • TrueDefault

      I’m starting to wonder why the title is Neptunia. Even the Japanese title is Neptune.

      • brian

        Neptune was supposedly a trademark or something like that NISA wanted to avoid legal problems iirc.

        • TrueDefault

          Ah! Well, that sucks…

    • Luis Camargo


      Says P-ko.

      • Demeanor

        Neptenu!!! XD

    • Anesia Hunter

      by now i think we’re just being trolled.

  • makubexnas

    DAMN!!!, how can i miss this vital PLOT in ps3 version. i definitely buy this game for the missing PLOT!!.

    • Ric Vazquez

      Yeah, plot…I see what you did there XD

  • So thaaaaaat’s what happened. LOCALIZE PLS!!

  • Ouch. Pwned. Luckily, Nep Gear is on the scene!

  • Aristides

    Glorious intro! This is what we call, “too awesome to be Japan exclusive” :P

  • brian

    I guess this is the way turn based battles look to characters fighting them?

  • TheExile285

    You fight CFW (aka the bane of gaming) in mk2? Lol I must have this game.

  • bigboss09

    good quality of graphic it’s too damn good

  • Demeanor

    I always wondered how you’d go about remaking a fairly recent game that was already quite good to begin with.
    Well, they’re certainly making a nice effort in convincing me it can be done… I hope the other additions are as good as this one! (and hopefully plentiful)

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