Square Enix President Talks Future Plans For Smartphone And Console Games

By Sato . December 12, 2013 . 5:31pm


This year has been quite an eventful one for Square Enix, ranging from getting a new CEO,to the successful launch of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and finally revealing more on anticipated titles such as Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III. Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda recently talked about future plans in an interview with Famitsu magazine.


Matsuda previously spoke of Square’s intent to develop more smartphone titles. Now that the publisher will soon be releasing ports of Dragon Quest IVIII for smartphones, Famitsu asks Matsuda to share his plans and strategy behind the recent move.


“Smartphones aren’t mainly used to exclusively play games, but there are many who enjoy them [on those devices],” replies Matsuda. “The Dragon Quest series are games that can easily be enjoyed by just about anyone, so we’d like to do just that, and have as many people as possible play it. With that in mind, I believe that it’s only natural to expand towards smartphones. Again, smartphone capabilities have increased, so they no longer have any problems playing games from those series, and we’ve also decided to expand now that these devices are booming.”


We’ve seen how impressive these titles look on mobile devices, such as Dragon Quest VIII, along with its one-handed control scheme. Famitsu asks if we might be seeing other series and games ported or remade for smartphone.


“Of course, I believe that it’s important to release our content for smartphones as they continue spreading [in popularity],” responds Matsuda. “Not just ports of games, but for example, the Final Fantasy series has Final Fantasy Agito in development for smartphones. For other franchises, too, we’re thinking about working on past titles and new ones [for phones].”


“Also, not just limited to smartphones, but we’re putting consideration into the type of games and their target audience, as we decide on the platform,” Matsuda continues. “Again, I feel that we also need to add more original titles for smartphones. Similar to Kaku-san-sei Million Arthur, if it becomes a hit on smartphones, then there’s a chance we may also release it for consoles, too.”


While it may seem like Square Enix have their hands full with smartphone titles, Matsuda also talks about how they will be releasing games for various platforms, from next generation consoles in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, to handheld and PC, including titles that utilize cloud services, as a way to further expand their portfolio. Above all, he says that their most important focus will making games with Square Enix’s characteristics.


Famitsu points out that earlier this year, Square Enix had stated that their domestic development studios will be increasing their development in smartphone titles, so they ask Matsuda what will be happening to the many titles Square Enix offers, that have captured the hearts of fans through their beautiful graphics and strong storytelling elements.


“Domestic development will not be completely devoted to just smartphone devices,” emphasizes Matsuda. “For high-end devices such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, we will continue focusing on them with our “flagship” titles. We’ve already announced Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III, which our domestic studios are working on, and our foreign studios are working on a sequel for Tomb Raider.”


“I believe that such story-driven single player games are written in Square Enix’s DNA,” continues Matsuda. “On the other hand, for example, if we make a sandbox-style game, I believe we’d make it into something with an online feature.”


“However, even if the game is one that focuses on its storytelling, it won’t simply just end with us selling the package and leaving it, as I’d like to continue challenging [the market] with a new business model. The business of simply selling a single item package, has become very rough, so I believe that more ingenuity and innovation is required, now more than ever.”

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  • maruhadapurpurine

    Sigh… since there is no fighting the mobile stuff I can just ignore all that as long as they keep things like KH3 and FFXV coming.

  • surakian

    “Again, I feel that we also need to add more original titles for smartphones. Similar to Kaku-san-sei Million Arthur, if it becomes a hit on smartphones, then there’s a chance we may also release it for consoles, too.”

    So essentially it needs to sell on smartphones before they are willing to invest in an original title on consoles?

    Really, all I need for Square Enix to do is remember there is a middle tier game model that people have and will continue to buy. I don’t care if they do more smartphone games, but I do care if they don’t keep making good handheld and console games because there is still a market for them.

    Edit: I should clarify that I know they definitely plan to make more games for handhelds & consoles, rather it is a fear of mine that they will cause an influx of games on smartphones and leave handhelds & consoles barebones and for their flagship titles only.

  • Heropon

    Square enix plan is pathetic as usual

  • Strain42

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with Square (or any company) wanting to create some new and interesting IPs for smartphones rather than consoles. I wish more people would realize that.

    Square’s problem though is that they aren’t good at monetizing their smartphone titles. Like All the Bravest which wasn’t even a Freemium title and yet required in-app purchases unless you were fine with playing for about two minutes and then stopping for an hour.

    I got that game when it was on sale for free and I still feel like I paid too much…

    • icecoffemix

      There’s nothing wrong with wanting better version of the game with sane control on stable platform too. Especially if it’s their favorite IP.

      (BOFVI still hurt)

      • Strain42

        And you’re right. It’s fair to be upset that an existing IP you really like suddenly became smartphone exclusive. I think that’s a bad move on the developers part, but I’m talking purely about brand new IPs.

        • icecoffemix

          It’s still upsetting since we have never see a case where mobile phone games having content as rich as game like Bravely Default and not littered with IAP.

          Coupled with less than optimal control (which often mean simplified mechanic), no universal hardware specification on Android and people’s expectation of mobile game’s price (forcing devs to go for non-content rich IAP route or go bust).

          I’d love to be proven wrong but I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

  • GDI

    >>”if it becomes a hit on smartphones, then there’s a chance we may also release it for consoles, too.”

    I’ve long been tolerant of mobile titles but it’s supposed to be that popular console and handheld titles get ported to mobile, not vice versa as is being suggested here.

    As a traditional gamer I’m already insulted at being offered Angry Birds at jacked up prices. What’s next, Candy Crush for $29.99?

    Console is Upstream; Mobile is Downstream. That’s the frickin’ rule.

    • Namuro

      Man, I really do agree with you… That used to be the way things work, eh? But we’re seeing more and more of mobile games being ported to the consoles now, even from the handheld side, like Resident Evil: Revelations.

      It would be really bad, if in the future, the mobile platform would be the one to decide whether we, the console gamers will get games or not…

    • yomachaser

      That’s a poor example mate IMO a Candy Crush minus iap would be worth that much money.

      • icecoffemix

        Are you fkin serious?

        • yomachaser

          If the powerups weren’t iap based it would be just as good as any other tetris/columns puzzle game on ds and what’s the new price of one of those?

          • icecoffemix

            I dunno, I don’t buy shovelwares on handheld console. Moreso if it’s twenty dollar a pop.

          • yomachaser

            Now you’re just being a dick to be a dick, there isn’t anything inherently special or wrong about candy crush. It’s a more complex version of bejeweled or something like columns if you’re old school.

            Don’t be childish.

          • icecoffemix

            I don’t like the “game” and think it’s overpriced for your named price, so I’m a dick now?


          • yomachaser

            It’s not about you or me liking it,it’s about the fact that it would be fine on the shelf next to all the other puzzle games on any platform if one removed the iap. How does you liking anything affect prices?

          • icecoffemix

            Whether they’re fine or not is extremely subjective so yes, it’s about you or me. Why do I care what other people think? I can only speak for myself.

            Now if you’re talking fine as whether the game will sell or not with that price, you don’t know for sure.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu


      • yellowmage

        O hai Bejewelled!

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      I don’t see your point I don’t see a problem with it ether way, as a “traditional gamer” I don’t like it when 60 dollar games get made yet don’t live up the price tag if you don’t like the price wait for a price drop.

      • Haganeren

        I think sometime, people need to know the price of things. When you sell a game 60 dollars you’re basically saying “that’s the price of our development” even if the game is only 3 hours but have incredible cinematic/graphics.

        The studios have to made choice, if people think that beautiful graphics is more worth 60 dollars than having a great gameplay or length… So be it.

        I’m personally very sad to see that a shoot-em up can’t be sold 60 dollars with a big budget like before. Theses games are labeled to be “not living up the price tag” even if a boss to the quality of a Treasure game cost a lot of money and time !

        Worst of it, the free aspect of smartphone. Now everybody is accustomed to having everything for free thanks to the Internet. That’s why F2P came to this world, tricking people by making them think that the cost of a game even F2P have less value than a single hat decoration ! And that’s why big compagnies like Square Enix go for it… I don’t think there is anything to do at this time…

        That’s why I prefer seeing game which “dont live to the price” at 60 dollars (you just need to don’t buy it, studios will notice that and say “ok, so graphics is not the solution, we will make better gameplay/story/something-else ! ” than the F2P and micro-transaction craze which seem totally artificial and sad in this society as for me.

        • Kumiko Akimoto

          The price tag for a game doesn’t just into consideration of “We used this much to produce the game” it also goes into consideration for how much is in said game and the like.

          The reason they are labeled that way is because they are up to par with how much money was spent on them. If a game made with less money can have a more stable game function them something with motion capture and actual actors then there’s a clear problem there.

          F2P play has been around for a long time i have no idea what you mean by that. It didn’t start with mobile games. and the japanese have always been big in mobile gaming.

          With that logic most studious that produce 60 dollars of crap should have learned something by now but it doesn’t look like they have.
          I’ll stick to my 19 buck game that will give me hours of pleasure and still be decent enough for me not to be angry with myself

          • Haganeren

            They have learned something in fact ! A lot of them say that making big AAA blockbuster isn’t as viable as they though so I think this kind of product will eventually drop out. (Apart from big franchise like GTA or Final Fantasy). I have seen several report to investor which were along the line.

            And if talk about shmup game sold to full price, we can think of Sin & Punishment 2. Did that game have less content than an action game ? I didn’t think so. Of course, if they have a budget, they can make content, that’s just logical but even with that “shoot-em up game = download” seems to be the rule and that’s really sad because I think it can stop the evolution of this genre which still have potential in my opinion.

            But back to the main subject, I think F2P (and micro transaction) is the main problem here. Only 1% of the players buy something and they, by themselves, support all the mobile gaming industry ! I think it’s not good to have a market which is aimed for an “elite” which like to spend 1000$ for having all costumes on an obscure free game. That’s why I don’t like this economical model. The value scale is completely broken ! Why people would pay for something if they have a free alternative even if it mean make publicity via Facebook or having a game design in the game which is more about “making you want to pay” than “having a great experience” ?

            So, if the blockbuster model (which was abusive at time, i completely agree with you) can be taken over by not buying it, it’s more complicated about the free to play and it vampirize all casual gamers that were on handlet or classic console before and payed a game for what he was worth. It seems to be a far more inextricable situation…

            I also like a lot the actual system of downloadable title at 20$ but I don’t mind paying 60$ a game – If it’s not crap of course.- which was made with more budget for a niche genre like RPG, Plateformer game (thanks Nintendo…), Fighting or Shoot-em up.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            You do know that many games with bad reviews have been 60 dollar games from big name companies yes?

            What your saying about F2P doesn’t make any sense.
            free to play has been around a long time, having that option doesn’t effect things that are buy only.
            If it was the question why would people buy the same game when they could play the free version then maybe but unless all those games are exactly the same someone is gonna wanna get one or the other

          • Haganeren

            You’re saying that because you’re passionnate but a lot lot lot of people don’t think of games like being “an experience” but more to be “something to pass time”. If we think about video game like that, we can see that people will go about the less expensive and will not spend money like before with Tetris on Gameboy. So no, not all people will buy a game now that’s in on the F2P. (Oh, and in addition of that, we can see game like Tekken Revolution or Tales of Phantasia which try the system of F2P)

            I know F2P was here for a… “relative” long time but it was mainly on MMO and it had some restraint. Now with the smartphone craze it’s on a totally different level ! (and we see micro transaction on no F2P games !) Again, my main reproach with this system is that people don’t know/care about what it take to make a game… And that it seem to be a system which like to “trick” the player which think it’s “free”. F2P isn’t “free”.. It’s just that other pay for us and all this kind of game are ultimately for them… And it can only be more and more like that and i don’t like it at all.

            Also, why a “bad” game shouldn’t be at 60$? THe only think i can thing of is the fact it’s not a very interesting marketing choice but… Who cares ? A bad AAA games is a game which was in preparation for one year or more ! There is family to pay, even if the studio didn’t manage to make what they wanted/hoped. Again, it’s easy to not having those kind of game : Just don’t buy it and it work well. (Ok, with a latency of 3-4 years… )

            But again, with the F2P system, it’s more difficult to say “we don’t want that”…

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            All games are just to pass the time, there are different incentives for everyone to buy something rather then play a f2p game but again there are way to many different genres and such for you to say”Well with all the free games no ones going to buy” someone looking for skyrim or a casual game that cost isn’t going to opt out just because of random f2p game.
            That and it’s possible to enjoy both f2p games and be a buyer.
            As for freeuium games they hold back the story line or something greater so the developers are still getting money and many people end up buying the full entity of the package anyways
            No one is tricked by f2p games anyone who’s played them enough knows you are probably going to spend more on it then you would if you just bought a game
            Aa bad AAA game that’s 60 dollars isn’t worth the price and shows the developers knew they could at least get a good first buy result out of people similar to how movies can still make money off of bad movies because people have to see it before they can determine if it’s bad
            It’s not a f2p game can fail just like a regular game you just buy

          • Haganeren

            (ok, i don’t know why my answer isn’t here anymore)

            Well, if you think movie, music, literature, comic and video game are here just to “pass time”, i guess it’s no wonder we don’t agree… I think it’s more than that personally.

            If you’re going to buy Skyrim, you play Skyrim, not some F2P game, that’s right. But first, if you don’t know what to buy, there is free game here and you don’t specially care about video game industry, you know where you’re going.

            Second, my main point was about the value of thing not necessary the F2P. Today, it seems only RPG and big blockbuster is worth the price tag of 60 dollars. And i simply don’t agree with that, a plateformer can be done with a medium budget, that much is right but it can also be done with a much larger budget if we wanted. The fact that for people “60$ = Blockbuster” is really annoying because I think it’s why the physical video game console market lacks so much diversity. It’s not because of developers, it’s more about the consumers.

            But, yeah, I suppose we can count of the 20$ downloadable market for now. I just think it’s really a shame that the public thinks like that. (I loved Catherine also because that was the first time I have saw a video game company solding what was no more than a mere PUZZLE GAME at full price… And was worth it ! That’s the kind of diversity I love to see )

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            If you didn’t care about the video game industry in the first place you probably wouldn’t have bought anything in the first place.

            Games can be done with many budgets but that doesn’t mean they are worth the price they were given and if you feel a game isn’t worth getting because of the price waiting for a price drop or renting is your best bet.

            Catherine was has a full story with 3d models and a tough puzzle gameplay with a moral choice system it wasn’t just a mere puzzle game and it also didn’t suck

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Have you play Darumeshi Sports Store? Master of the Free to play model.

            The entire game is about money and phone rather than treating the monetization like some dirty thing to bring up at opportune moments

          • Haganeren

            Oh, sure, there is of course game which can well hide the monetization aspect instead of just bugging you with it.

            But that’s well beside the point. I criticize the F2P system, not the fact that some F2P game are great. In F2P, the developers HAVE to find something to trick you into buying something you wouldn’t have if it was payable from the beginning…. It can be well done, no, it MUST be well done to work. I think that’s a sly monetization system and it works so well it even go into payable game !

            You add to the sly part the fact that I don’t like the fact these games are designed for an elite which pay instead of me, the fact that we, as a consumer, can’t say “I don’t like this” by not buying it because you were not in the 1% who paid at the first time. And of course, the fact that the experience is basically designed for you to pay instead of “being glad you paid”. (Even if it’s well done)

            I don’t think that’s really far fetched to worry about this system….

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Well the game is literally bartering with an annoying person over the money used. i think you’d be glad to beat the silly thing XD

    • I would like this twice if I could. This is the truth.

    • Luis Camargo

      I keep thinking about Puzzles & Dragons when I read your post.

      While the original is a smartphone game, I do not know much about the 3DS version. As far as I know, they even created story modes and more content for this release.

      If the end game is of quality, I would not mind paying full price for it.

      But I agree that a simple port should never go for full price or anything close to it.

    • Ric Vazquez

      As the same type of gamer I agree 100%, we should go to Japan and riot for them to stop focusing on mobile so much, the Square fanboy in me dies a bit each time I see mobile on stuff related to them.

  • AkiraScare

    phones…. no matter how powerful they are the more you use them the more the battery dies and then you have to buy batteries… bad idead(-_-)

    • tubers

      Battery may not be the strongest point against smart phones. Battery cases and replaceable batteries, more often than not, are cheaper than a portable console device and its typical prices for games.

      • AkiraScare

        and are you forgetting the constant bombardment of ads… that really kills games….. i prefer my portable games anytime over phones (^_^) plus the button layout isn’t always the best…

        • surakian

          I rarely ever get ads when playing games on my iPhone. The sad thing to say is that ads are a part of the future of gaming (it technically already is if you haven’t noticed. I get sent alerts from Nintendo about new game releases via Notifications on my 3DS, or when you are logged in to PSN on the PS3 your system will show you ad boxes)

          That cannot be avoided. Apps generally don’t show ads if you’ve paid for the full version, anyways.

          Point is, you cannot escape the advertisement sphere without disconnecting your devices from the internet altogether.

          • Lumi

            You can if you have a rooted Android though. But I understand that some people do not want to go that route

          • AkiraScare

            woohoo rooted is the way to go (^_^)

          • AkiraScare

            but it doesnt show ads on console like right in the middle of the screen making it almost impossible to avoid touching it and then aving to go to their website/store lol

          • KnifeAndFork

            IOS ads are more obtrusive

        • Kumiko Akimoto

          I only get that with free games or demos, I’ve never gotten ads with big games on the i touch.

    • Lumi

      I think my 3DS (with 3D turned on) has worse battery life than my note

      • AkiraScare

        regular or XL?!!! mine last without the 3d dont really care much for it… but i do hate the 2ds lol

        • Kumiko Akimoto

          Please my vita last about as long as my sister i touch did

        • Lumi

          Regular 3DS. I enable 3D, wifi, and forget to lower screen brightness most of the time. I get a lot more if I turn off 3D, but I almost never turn off wifi, so I’m not sure if it helps that significantly

          • AkiraScare

            Yeah the Wifi does make a big difference its better to have it off if youre just playing local/single (^_^)

          • Lumi

            Cool, I’ll have to remember to turn it off when I’m leaving it somewhere stationary!

      • KnifeAndFork

        Hell no. You’re doing something wrong then….

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Due to the Wifi and the 3D.

      • FlyingPony

        But you don’t need your 3DS for incoming call and SMS..

        For a phone-handheld combo, long lasting battery is crucial for the communication aspect. To make gaming phone a success concept, fixing the battery life is crucial.

        • Lumi

          True enough, but the recent phones are getting a lot better with battery life, especially big screened ones.

      • icecoffemix

        Playing intensive game?

    • yomachaser

      But many game control cases (and regular cases) are batteries so you can game all day without consequence.

    • KnifeAndFork

      Not only that but delete the game and you lose your save

    • icecoffemix

      Yep, battery tech is still a big joke today. And phone manufacturer are all in pissing contest making moar core, moar slim (which sacrifice battery), moar pixel, moar big, moar- battery? wuzzat?

  • Lumi

    Million Arthur for consoles?? They nuts? There’s no gameplay in that thing at all, just collecting cards for moemoe girls and fighting is just a tap of a button and watching cards fly around the screen

    • surakian

      He’s referring to the monumental popularity of the game in Asian countries and how that kind of success inspires creating console versions of a smartphone game. (Obviously not with the same gameplay)

    • FlyingPony

      I watch the gameplay, and disappointment. Not even attacking animation present, just the card with character’s picture on it flying towards the enemies, when you attack the enemy.

      • Lumi

        Yep, the moemoe girls is its ONLY selling point.

  • Rohan Kishibe

    Man I frankly don’t care about any other Square Enix Game other than Type-0. I know Kingdom Hearts 3 is inevitably going to be localized in the west but just give me a clear cut answer on wether or not I will ever play Type-0 on a Vita. I hate Square Enix’s mind games.

    • surakian

      Tabata has said he is definitely interested in trying to get the game to the western audience before they try to get Agito to us. Who knows what may happen, though…

      • Rohan Kishibe

        It’d be cool if they made Agito for PS Mobile and Ported Type-0 to the Vita, and sold them together giving some promotional in game items for Agito since its free to play. That would generate a good amount of sales

    • Slickyslacker

      It’s one of the few games for which localization is still entirely viable, despite multiple years passing since its release. Fan interest has solely sustained this possibility.

    • LightZero

      With the way the Vita selling (miserably), I wouldn’t even count on a Vita version. A 3DS, PS3, or sadly smart phone version are far more likely and more lucrative given that they are actually selling very well worldwide and have the userbase.

      • Rohan Kishibe

        I’m sorry but a 3DS can’t handle that game graphically or size wise. The game’s just too big. I don’t think a smartphone would either. If it’s released on PS3 it would probably be digital so I wouldn’t see why it wouldn’t be digital for the Vita as well.

  • Leon_Tekashi

    Okay…I think I’m getting the picture of what SE has been trying to do lately. They’ve been concentrating on making smartphone games and porting their old games to smartphones to gather more fans while at the same time getting easy money. Depending on how popular the new smartphone games are will give the games a possible chance of coming to the consoles. They haven’t forgotten about console gamers since they’re also working on KH3 and FF15.

    Overall, I see what they’re trying to do. I understand the SE hate but if you look at it in a different perspective, they’re bringing in more fans while also gaining more money for future projects for both smartphones and consoles. So in the end, I don’t hate SE. I respect their decision. As long as the games are fun, that’s all that matters to me. =)

    Although, it would be nice if SE USA would localize more of their games.

    • yomachaser

      What haven’t they brought over? They seem pretty good about localizing on mobile. Or did you mean console?

      • KnifeAndFork

        Console and handheld

        Dragon Quest VII remake
        Both Dragon Quest Monster 3DS games
        Final Fantasy Type Zero
        A console port of Gunslinger Stratos would be nice

        And in terms of mobile, DQ VIII iOS should have been released globally since the game has already been translated..

  • [S]unjΔy of Equestria

    I just hope that they don’t forget about the Vita….like Rockstar did with the GTA series.

  • epy

    “However, even if the game is one that focuses on its storytelling, it won’t simply just end with us selling the package and leaving it, as I’d like to continue challenging [the market] with a new business model. The business of simply selling a single item package, has become very rough, so I believe that more ingenuity and innovation is required, now more than ever.”

    Sounds to me like they’re going to ramp up the micro-transactions in the consoles games they DO release, huh? Square Enix DNA… I don’t think you have that anymore, for Square nor Enix.

  • tubers

    SE: “Please be excited..

    ..to tap and swipe.”

  • Pekola

    On one hand they have smartphone/mobile gaming and other they have middle tier console games.

    One promises crazy sales + micro-transactions. The other offers breaking even and possibly creating a new IP. Guess which one they’ll choose.

    We’ll keep getting Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts for the consoles, but forget about anything else. It’s like money is the sole purpose.

    Gross. We hardly hear about creativity and making games for the love of the thing. It’s all about sales numbers and technicalities now. And it sucks.

    • J_Joestar

      Makes me wonder how they managed to get Bravely Default greenlit with that mentality.

  • Servant BerserCAR

    “The day gaming goes completely towards mobile, is the day I quit being a gamer.” ~Freakmasta

    Sigh…. I really REALLY hope that day never come…

  • My thing about paying certain games on smartphones is that it just doesn’t feel right. I admit that there are some games that look interesting, but I just can’t get into them because of how they handle on the smartphones

  • Chiupon

    > people complaining about SE using a profitable business model that pays their employees and keeps them out of bankruptcy

    > won’t buy their console games (like ff13) because they’re “bad”

    • AkuLord3

      Not really profitable when they make the games (on smartphones) too expensive than they should be…but they NEVER do that : p

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        Too expensive? Do what 2 dollars is expensive?

        • KnifeAndFork

          Try 9 to 18 dollars for rehashed games

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Ohh yeah that’s way less then what i would spend for a reshash on a console. Still not a compelling argument

          • epy

            The “rehash” on the consoles (or handhelds) usually came with tons of extra features, extra game content, remastered music and often even updated graphics

            The rehashes (no quotes here) for iOS have been lazy ports with no new content and the same reused cheap graphics that looked bad even in DImensions. I’m surprised they got new art from Amano for FFV, there must have been 10 meetings to approve that budget.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Ohh yeah sure rehashes always come with extra features, what is the bullshit you are spewing?
            The rehashes to the ios have been no different then any other ports to any other system.

          • epy

            R…really? I just said it…right up there? You know, the iOS ports have no extra content or features? Are your eyes ok there, son?

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            You said that console ports get better stuff while they don’t do anything to ios ports but they do the same thing for either
            They either add stuff or just port it

      • Chiupon

        they’re definitely getting profit

        or did you not get the memo that mobile games were like top sellers and that’s why nearly every company is expanding into them?

      • Arcana Wiz

        like chiupon said, you wanting or not, mobile market is giving money to devs, the best we can hope is that they balance things like namco with tales of,and not forget the consoles.

    • icecoffemix

      >People don’t approve bad business model and bad game

      • Chiupon

        yes a model that has been keeping numerous companies afloat and their employees paid is a “bad model”

        (bad games are valid tho)

        • icecoffemix

          Yes because that’s the only way any company can survive and the very same model isn’t the reason some company collapse early.

  • Kilim

    I miss Squaresoft

    • icecoffemix

      Square Enix was good up until about the end of PS2 era.

    • When I read Squaresoft, this song and menu comes to my mind:

    • PreyMantis

      Try Monolith Soft. Since some of the old SquareSoft members have transfered to Monolith Soft, you could say that they’re the spiritual successor to the company.

  • Shady Shariest

    Ugh… I saw the title, i read the article…
    And was foolish enough to scroll down to see actual comments…Which end up partly being pure rubbish and crying on this topic…

    On the topic: I like this guy :3 The idea of making old games playable on the go trough smartphones is understandable, and the strategy for mobile seems flexible enough to react to where-ever the market goes. Good to hear some trust for foreign studios, too :3

  • Slickyslacker

    >90% of these smartphone games aren’t even going to see Western shores. They can dangle FF XV, KH III, and even a Tomb Raider sequel in front of us as much as they want, but development on console games has clearly taken a bloody nosedive. If anything, Squeenix should return to former IPs (on that note, finish up The Last Guardian already), and stop trying to appeal to hipsters. They’ve betrayed their core fanbase more than any other game developer.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      Not getting localization isn’t really a good argument against this

      • Slickyslacker

        I shouldn’t have opened by saying that, but that wasn’t most of what I said.

      • KnifeAndFork

        Practically Everyone in the West has a smartphone. We’re talking over 500 million North Americans vs 127 million Japanese. And then there’s Europe…..

        • Kumiko Akimoto

          First off no not everyone in the west has a smart phone and smart phones aren’t the only things that play mobile games, second japan has been mobile gaming long before we got anything different then standard pre installed tetris and they didn’t even need a smart phone
          Lastly getting upset that mobile games don’t get localization is silly since console and handheld games are just picking up in decent localization news.

    • Norris

      The Last Guardian belongs to Sony, not Square Enix. The hell are you talking about?

  • equalequation

    I have no idea why the card battle genre has became so popular on mobile phones. The phones can handle plenty of genres which are fun, why that one? Is it because it requires little effort to play and you can quickly add to your deck with real money?

    Anyway, I really, really think SE and the rest of Japanese devs and their executive should really remember that there’s such a thing as a mid-budget game. That’s where the SNES/PS/PS2 era really shone, and it really adds to the health of the industry. Mid-budget allows you to flex creative muscles and still not risk too much…..like, remember how many of SE’s most fondly remembered gems were mid-budget stuff while the main teams cranked out their flagship titles?

    Now it’s either AAA or cheapass mobile games that probably cost very little to make. I find that sad. Since the cheap mobile games earn a lot of money, why can’t they funnel that into some mid-sized projects?

  • Adam Zaorski

    Square is dead for me.And up untill FFXIII I bought tons of their games, but enough is enough.

  • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

    It’d be nice if you sell mobile games without scalping us, Squeenix. I’m not paying for DQ or FF ports.

  • Unlimax

    This Smartphone market is truly killing my expectations on gaming companies Like what’s next .. Releasing Console Sequels on Smartphones just like what Capcom did with BoF6 ?
    Honestly , there’s no difference between Square-Enix or Capcom these days .. Back in the day They were Different and Creative but currently i can’t notice the difference between the two companies , they both doing the same business strategies and they both digging into the Smartphone market and they milked their own titles , No Difference at all .. its just a matter of time between the two companies !
    Unless Square-Enix Announce a new Survival Horror RPG like Parasite Eve for home consoles this will bring back some faith on the company .. at least for me .

    • Arcana Wiz

      or any ip to be revived in the consoles and it dont destroy the story of the previous entries…. third birthday i’m looking at you.

  • AAa

    …Oh good finally about console…*reads smartphone*
    Lost interest :|

  • Monterossa

    I don’t care if they’re going to make games for smartphones but why don’t make them for consoles too? Imagine how entertain can it be if I can play those FF remakes on my HDTV with a controller.

    • NickyArmstrong

      Both Android and iOS have TV-output and controller support.

  • Arcana Wiz

    While i dont have nothing against mobile games, i wished SE tried more with the consoles/portables with the old ips… they seriously have so many forgotten…

  • Number of times Square mentions Vita and 3DS in their future plans: 0

    • Anime10121

      3DS is getting Bravely Second and a new Theatrythm. Vita is the only one that has been and for the foreseeable future will be ignored by SE. The 3Ds has had nothing but top tier software since release….

      • Lumi

        Actually, “nothing but top tier” is a bit of a overstatement. The shovelware mostly shifted to the eshop, but there some retail releases here and there.

        • It can stay on the eShop then. I honestly think that’s beneficial for those kind of games so they won’t lose as much money on packaging, and they can set the price to whatever they want.

        • Anime10121

          I was referring to SE’s output on the handhelds, not their software as a whole. Meaning, while 3DS has gotten the Saga remake, KH3D, Theatrythm, Bravely Default, Dragon Quest Monsters, Dragon Quest VII remake, and is getting Bravely Second and Theatrythm 2. Whereas the only thing Vita’s gotten from Square are Lord of Apocalypse, Army of hell, and FFX HD…

    • Manny Being Manny

      “Similar to Kaku-san-sei Million Arthur, if it becomes a hit on smartphones, then there’s a chance we may also release it for consoles, too.”

      Million Arthur is a game they ported to Vita, so that counts.

  • Fronkhead

    I’d be embracing Square’s move to more mobile ports if it weren’t for one thing: their ports are lazy, cheap, and (most of the time) do injustice to the original games.

    The games are usually plagued with framerate issues, cheaply redrawn/’remade’ visuals, poor menu/UI design which discards what makes iOS/Android’s touch and gesture driven UI work beautifully for navigation (things like inertial scrolling in menus are ignored by Square, the game’s menus are confusingly laid out and unresponsive).

    Until this changes and we start getting quality and thoughtful ports like most other publishers (except Capcom to name one, their ports are a compromise over the originals too) manage to pull off, which actually justify the *premium* price Square charge, I’m out.

    I love a good port, especially on my phone, but Square take the biscuit.

    As for the rest of Square Enix’s mobile lineup, I can’t say I’m terribly excited given the abusive microtransactions that littered FFATB. A masterclass in how not to do a fair, fun, F2P game, that was.

    Square Enix really should be looking at their long-term reputation when they put out some of these games, rather than short-term profits to please investors.

  • Kamen Rider Rayz

    How about a Final Fantasy Dissidia Musou game exclusively for PS4 and Xbox One? Similar to Sengoku BASARA and Warriors Orochi gameplay. Imagine when you play as Cloud, Squall, Sephiroth, Zidane, Tidus, Lightning and other characters slashing your thousand enemies with massive combos and satisfactory at its best! In order to get the BEST ending, defeat the Devil King, Chaos as a true final boss of the game! More weapons, varieties of weapons to choose from, many different types of Musou to choose from, more stages from FF universe, more cutscenes, customization mode just like FF13 Lightning Returns for ALL characters, etc.! Sora from Kingdom Hearts as one of the DLC characters!

    Just some random ideas passing through my mind. I know its not gonna happen though. Hopefully I’m not out of the topic. XD

    • This sounds so fucking good.

      • Kamen Rider Rayz

        I know right, sure as hell I’d buy it on the first day of it’s release if Square Enix would consider to make a Final Fantasy Musou game in the future. Heck, to be honest, it would actually benefits the company and make a huge successful business for the company at the same time too!

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      and wii-u *cough cough*

      • Kamen Rider Rayz

        Oh, sorry, my apology for not included the Wii-U. Heh Heh XP

    • brian

      They did something almost like that in KH2, that’d be a nice idea to expand.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    waiting for Bouncer to be ported to the IOS

    • S-Someone remembers that game =O


      • That was my first PS2 game back then, game was bare bones but I loved it anyway ^ ^

  • Jirin

    I don’t care what they do on Smartphones so long as they’re still releasing good console games. Good console games that don’t make me pay extra for things that should be part of the basic game.

    Also I really don’t think Square understands the quality people miss in their newer games. They keep throwing slicker graphics and more convoluted world physics into their games thinking those are the main reasons people loved FF4-7. But weird world physics like Cloud’s relationship to Zack and Sephiroth worked because the weirdness wasn’t piled on until later in the game when anticipation had been successfully built. FF4-7 made you care about the characters then piled on the weirdness, whereas FF13 piles on the weirdness in the first hour so the gamer is too distracted by getting the terminology straight they don’t form that initial attachment to the characters. Also in early FF the combat was very straightforward and designed to make you feel totally in control of the action. If you need 20 hours of tutorial to ramp the gamer on the combat system it’s probably a bad combat system. Even in KH2 most of the boss fights boiled down to jamming the triangle button, so you lose the relationship between decisions you make and the outcome of the battle, which is really the core of RPG gameplay.

    I get that they want to get rid of pauses in combat, but if you’re doing it at the expense of feeling like you’re the one driving the behavior of your party it just isn’t worth it.

  • TheAnswerisback

    I want a port of Musashi Samurai of Legend or better yet a sequel sqaure do it please, not many people know that game but it was badass , I mean a samurai+gigantic sword+sagging pants+motorcycle= pretty badass character lol they slept on Musashi

    • brian

      Musashi on PS2?
      Have you played Brave Fencer?

      • TheAnswerisback

        Yeah Musashi samurai of legends on the ps2 was the shit
        and yea I’ve played brave fencer after I played samurai of legends though

  • If they want as many people as possible to play the Dragon Quest games, port them to PC and put them on Steam.

  • Syn

    Single reason I despise mobile gaming, one day a day will come (after a year most likely) when my phone model is obsolete and a new os version is out that does not support my game….what then?? lets not even go into how f2p formats just nerf the lifespan of a game in that 5 years down when its not supported the damn thing is unplayable. The mobile scene should never be looked at as a main gaming platform, thats just sad.

  • Sylveria

    “…he says that their most important focus will making games with Square Enix’s characteristics.”

    I remember when that phrase used to be something to get excited about. Now, it tells me it’s going to be a phone game drowning in Pay-to-win elements or an obnoxious 40hour long movie that I need to keep pressing forward in order to make it advance.

    “The business of simply selling a single item package, has become very rough, so I believe that more ingenuity and innovation is required, now more than ever.”

    In other words, cut content resold as DLC or just good, old-fashioned, extremely overpriced DLC like we got with 13-2.

    You could also start.. ya know.. localizing your good stuff a fair bit more readily and not just whoring out Lightning and taking the FF brand name for granted, like you openly admittedly you did with the original FF14. Probably every Vita owner would buy a Type-0 port, even if it was just a PSN port and I say that as someone who hate’s buying full priced stuff from PSN. One of your most anticipated releases is Bravely Default.. sat on that for over a year before even announcing the localization, and people have been clamoring for the DQ7 port/remake/whatever in the west.. no plans to localize.

    Square’s problems are all self inflicted. Instead of offering products people want and making them with reasonable budgets, they blow millions, if not billions, on graphics and advertising telling us what we want while they let more modest, yet hotly anticpated stuff, sit or keep it as a japan exclusive. Taking the initiative to localize Drakengard 3 was a great step, start doing that more often.

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