Tales Of Zestiria’s Story Is About Dragons, Has A Battle System Built On Fan Feedback

By Sato . December 12, 2013 . 2:57am


Namco Bandai just announced Tales of Zestiria for PlayStation 3, as part of their celebration of the franchise’s 20-year anniversary during a NicoNico Live show, where series producer Hideo Baba shared a few more things about the upcoming title.


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Tales of Zestiria will feature some sort of new battle system that was designed after evaluating fan feedback from questionnaires. Hideo Baba says that they’ll be announcing more on the battle system in a later announcement, but he expects it to be something new that fans can expect to look forward to.


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The story will revolve around the subject of “dragons,” which is also the reason why it’s shown in the logo of the new title. According to Baba, dragons symbolize fantasy, which is something they’d like to focus on for the upcoming title. The game will also focus a lot on the explorative aspect of the game, with various terrains and landscapes to explore in the lands of Green Wood.


Hikaru Kondo, producer of Japanese animation studio Ufotable, who worked on the Tales of Symphonia OVAs, will also be involved in the development of Tales of Zestiria.


Tales of Zestiria is currently in development for PlayStation 3.

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  • xe7en

    What’s surprising is that its gonna be released on PS3! \(^O^)/

    • Guest

      How on Earth is that surprising? Let’s take a look at the series release history; The SNES had Phantasia (ported to the PS1 and GBA), The Gamecube had Symphonia (Ported to the PS2 and PS3 with added content), The Wii had Symphonia II (Made on a smaller budget than most of the series, ported to the PS3) Graces (Some of the worst QA in the series, ported to the PS3 with much more content and far fewer glitches), The DS got Tempest (done by a different developer, considered the worst in the series) Hearts and Innocence (Remade for the Vita, a console too unpopular in the west to justify localizing either remake). The 360 only got Vesperia (ported to the PS3 with more content). Not counting remakes, the PS1 got Destiny and Eternia, The PS2 got Destiny II, Legendia, Rebirth, and Abyss (ported to the 3DS with no added content), The PS3 has Xillia I & II and now Zestiria, and the PSP got World I, II, & III. Namco despises releasing Tales games that aren’t on a Sony console, and if they do they port it to one. The surprise would’ve been releasing it for anything else.

      • xkumo

        No one cares, smartass.

      • xe7en

        Ummm… Probably because they didn’t decided to release it on a next gen console/ps4 maybe? smh.

    • Tamborine Man

      It’s really not surprising at all. The majority of Tales games come out on Sony consoles, and those that don’t get ported to one. They’ve also said they weren’t developing any Tales games on any console they hadn’t already worked on, so the next game being for the PS4 was unlikely. The only consoles currently supported that they’ve released games for are the PS3 and the 3DS. And between those two, the PS3 has gotten two original games and three enhanced ports/remakes, while the 3DS has gotten one port. The PS3 is likely the console they feel the most confidence releasing games on.

      • xe7en

        Yeah, kind of see it. Knowing that this is tales and not ff franchise you can say that the budget is there but I think it’s more profitable on the ps3, so I guess that’s one of the logic there to it.

    • CirnoLakes

      Yeah, I have to agree with others that it isn’t surprising at all.
      In fact, I’m a bit saddened by the fact it isn’t announced for the PlayStation 4. But I expected it.

      Namco has been very pro-PlayStation 3 with Tales for a long time. And have shown no signs of support for non-Sony platforms outside of the 3DS. There is so much support for Sony hardware, that I partially expect there has been a major deal between Namco and Sony.

      In fact, I only hope that Tales games don’t stay exclusive to Sony hardware for the next 10 years. I’m a bit relieved though, that it sounds like the next Tales game is going to be PlayStation 4 compatible.

      I feel like, that the sooner the industry as a whole can move on from the cell architecture and stop its support, the better. And so many great games being exclusive to the cell architecture, honestly makes me nervous. I just hope that many of these games will be ported many years down the line and be able to survive the obscurity and difficulty of the cell architecture.

  • NorthernPatches

    Hopefully it comes to the West. In 2014 as well, I can’t imagine this being held out from us until 2015 though by then PS4 might have its PS3 streaming ready.

    • KingGunblader

      Given that “our 2014 title” is Xillia 2, I would get comfy, because if Zestria is coming here at all, it’s not until ’15.

    • *sigh* I think it’s gonna be 2015 if we end up getting it.

  • Nanaki

    Nice! My “Tales of Wyvernia” submission wasn’t too far off it seems! Looking forward to it.

  • icecoffemix

    I just hope they don’t reuse too much asset like Xillia did (dunno how it is on Xillia 2).

    • Kai2591

      I haven’t played Xillia, but I agree that reusing assets too much is…undesirable. Breaks immersion.

      • The Watcher

        Doesn’t Bother me. If every game played like ToV i wouldnt mind it.

    • Samsara09

      of all the rpg sequels where this happen,only here with xillia 2 is this actually said as a bad point.The game has many new places…but,well,people wanna bitch,so they repeat the reusing of content like a mantra.

      • icecoffemix

        I’m not sure if you’re agreeing with me or saying that Xillia 2 is not like Xillia 1 where every overworld map is practically pallete swaps of each other.

        Edit: Oh, you thought I said it’s bad for Xillia 2 to use Xillia 1 asset? That’s not what I’m saying at all, heck I haven’t played Xillia 2 (as I said in the post) so I don’t even know what it’s like.

        • Samsara09

          don’t worry.I didn’t meant you,since you didn’t say the game was crap because of it.Just saying that reusing content is no bad,doing something bad is.

      • Ladius

        Yeah, sometimes I feel there’s an issue of double standards going on regarding some of the criticism brought up against Tales games.

  • Alos88

    The combat seemed to be real time rather than moving to a battle screen, at least judging from what I could see.

    • DanielGearSolid

      The only thing I’m hoping is we don’t lose 4 player co op

      • s07195

        I’ve never actually done co-op in Tales with anyone… is it good?

        • neocatzon

          Much much better, you’re going to thankful for heavily competent mages and melee combo buddies.

        • DanielGearSolid

          Its perfect actually. I had no choice. I was stuck on the boss fight in the snowy mountains vs the God Generals. My brother jumped in I gave him a quick tutorial, and we busted ass

          • EinMugenTenshin

            This actually makes a valid point. The Computer AI tends to be a little stupid if you don’t have the right commands. Ellies should never have Pixie circle on as you’d run around so much that she’ll always miss. She is resurrect only + Black Mage, and you use Leia as the healer. This way you’d also avoid wasting so many life bottles that you’d always be stuck at 2 before they start using resurrections. With that team combat usually goes alright and the last 2 could be anyone, and success or failure depends upon you alone. Another element though, your linked partner should not always stand behind the target. Sometimes this spells disaster, yet they keep going there when you attack. There should be an option to make them stand in the same position or on the side, or at the very least not run into obvious damage. Perhaps we should send a recommendation letter to the good cast over at Tales Game inc.

          • DanielGearSolid

            Well I already beat the game. But thx I will take into account your tatics for future adventures

    • Samsara09

      maybe it was the camera,maybe they revamped the battle areas so that they would have a greater background?

  • Kuroxis


  • malek86

    Open map and dragons. Tales of Skyrim?

    • CirnoLakes

      They call him Slay, Wolf-Team born!

      Skyrim would have been much better if it had a Tales narrative and Tales characters.

      • malek86

        Not really, it was already clichè enough without that. Little point in exchanging generic medieval fantasy guys with generic anime fantasy guys.

        • CirnoLakes

          Well, I disagree with just about everything you just said.

  • XypherCode

    The “explorative aspect” doesn’t necessarily mean a more open-world environment right? I hope it is. :)

    • Samsara09

      well,it doesn’t mean world map…but well,that field was huge.

  • oooo shiny!! :D cant wait to see mroe~

  • urbanscholar

    Dragons huh?

    Well fantasy/fairy tales have thought us that a dragon is the symbol of strife and discord. A knight/hero often journeys to defeat one and save the day

    If we were to take a page from Darksouls. It was shared that a knight’s greatest honor & his greatest fatality is to battle a dragon.

    The dragon is a staple that a lot can be done with!

  • Shippoyasha

    I just hope the combat difficulty and enemy animation are better. That’s all I can really ask for. For one, I feel a lot of lesser important enemies can be animated very rigidly or even poorly at times and it’s something the series can keep improving towards and I’m pretty confident they will.

    As for the combat difficulty, I just hope that enemies aren’t a total pushover outside of boss battles. Even regarding boss battles, they can afford to be more challenging midway and late game as player characters often become way too powerful in most Tales games, defeating a lot of the sense of challenge the early parts of the games often bring.

  • I hope to have a dragon partner or a demi human dragon. Its been a while since we had someone like my favorite Tales characters to date Repede.

  • Go2hell66

    Tales of Drakengard

    • Dark Lord Ash

      Mah tales bro

      • Lets avoid using any form of racial slurs, please?

        • Dark Lord Ash

          Sorry, meant it in the form of “my comrade”.I mean no disrespect.

          • That’s fine. In the future, lets try to avoid it and maybe at some point, edit the above use. (Maybe to actually be my comrade instead~?)

          • Dark Lord Ash

            There, it’s changed as requested.

          • Setsu Oh

            ….then we ll get into red community….nowhere is ‘ safe’

          • Huh?? ^u^;

          • Setsu Oh


          • Ohhh~. Hey, communism is the way to go. In communist West, you are the sharing!

            Or something zany like that.

          • Setsu Oh

            Well, communism never really got any success because of greed anyway. even in china there is corruption

          • Not to defend communism necessarily, but that goes for most/every government. x’D

          • Setsu Oh

            Well…to be honest, communism never got its chance, really, greed and corruption, power always went against its values . the people is better protected with capitalism

      • Ketsuyame

        I enjoyed Tales of Graces f for what it was but the chibi characters really rubbed me the wrong way… Thats one of a few other issues I had with this game.

    • neocatzon

      Someone Much people expected to die.

  • Suriel Cruz

    So happy that is for the PS3.! ^ ^

    • Learii

      same here I can’t believe my eyes I not dreaming am I?

  • Nitraion

    Hmm its kinda weird from video the battle system is real time or something like that…
    but hope it doesn’t remove What it means to be “Tales of” game…
    but they said battle system will be similar or evolution of graces

  • Kitestwinblades

    Wait, Isn’t the name of the main character Slay?
    I see what you did there… God I cant wait! AND we have Symphonia Chronicles and Xillia 2! Oh you Slay me, Namco (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

    • Aunna Terrell

      I’ve seen some people use “Slei” instead of Slay. But both here and Abyssal Chronicles use “Slay” as the spelling for now.

    • Pockystix

      I wonder if he has a friend named Guts

    • NTaiyokun

      Get out

      • Kitestwinblades

        I’ll be here all nigh- *gets shot*

  • Death Saved

    Great news i was kind of worried by Xillia’s connecting areas that they would pull an SE and force us into tight corridors.

  • Kai2591


    Bet you can ride Doragons in ze game, to explore ze zkiez.

  • megaten666

    Hope the battle system is something Graces F-ish. Grinding never felt a chore to me with that system :)

    • Kelohmello

      Graces is still my favorite battle system of the Tales games. May not have had the flashiest combos, but it was ridiculously fast-paced and technical. So much fun was had with that game.

      • megaten666

        Talking about Graces F fun, just one word: Piggybacking.
        I constantly raped Rockgagong for money on Chaos. I couldn’t help but laugh at it :D

    • ZEROthefirst

      If the game has a Graces or Rebirth battle system I’d be in love(especially Rebirth’s 3 Line Linear Battle System, oh the fun I had with that,and I don’t include Tempest’s attempt at it… that was horrible).

      • Ferrick

        Rebirth battle system with 256 lines instead ? XD



          • Ferrick

            L-E-T-S M-E-E-T O-N T-H-E S-A-M-E L-I-N-E!

          • Ni ~UNREAL BLACK THINGS~


          • Ferrick

            *Flag morse code*

          • Ni ~UNREAL BLACK THINGS~

            Bravo! I finally comprehend!
            *runs to the line you are positioned*

          • Ferrick

            *runs to the line you were positioned at*

          • Ni ~UNREAL BLACK THINGS~

            Go five lines upwards!

          • Ferrick

            Go ten lines downwards!

          • Ni ~UNREAL BLACK THINGS~

            *gets tired*
            I think that 3 lines is good enough

          • Ferrick

            *pants* *pants* A-agreed

          • Ni ~UNREAL BLACK THINGS~

            after this I really hope that vesperia got released on vita just for a new gumi special.

      • Exkaiser

        Rebirth is fantastic! There’s no other Tales game with combat so deliberate or strategic.

        • ZEROthefirst

          Thankfully someone who knows the truth.

          Also on a side note while I know this is off topic, imagine if Rebirth had Legendia’s soundtrack… I think you know what I’m talking about here (perfect game lol).

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            I’d love to hear Go Shiina work on another Tales.

    • I think the battle system will be like action rpg, like Kingdom Hearts, when don’t load to a new battle scenery.
      Look the trailer, the camera its too back-close to the character… o.O

  • The Real CZ

    I hope the dragons actually show up instead of the characters flopping their wieners all over the place while telling us to wait for the dragons.

  • Samsara09

    hope the story and caracters are equally great.Well,the new protagonist uses Asbel’s combat style…it seems.That spinning kick kinda gave it away.So I can see graces will be heavily influencing here.I don’t mind it…

    • BlakShiranui

      Hopefully he doesn’t use his personality either.

  • Was really hoping for new designers or new style…
    Well, I guess people who want more Tales here you go. Choosing the PS3 as a platform was really smart, though.

    • Ladius

      Okamura is designing the female heroine and Iwamoto will have some role, other than that considering Xillia was modern fantasy and Xillia 2 was steampunk I think returning to a traditional fantasy setting makes Zestiria different compared to the last mothership games.

      • It’s literally reusing Xillia graphical engine and all its style perks. Fujishima is back on making character designs. Okumura’s character looks somewhat cool but it’s hard to not see how repetitive her designs in Tales get with Marta and Elle. And Ufotable is back too.

        Even if it’s “different compared to last titles”, traditional fantasy setting has been overused in the series. Something like Legendia would be nice for a change of pace in the future.

        Was half hoping for the series to get a fresh new start with new designers and everything but just in the minority of the people thinking Tales is stagnant, I guess.

        Guess there’s just no love in me for these “new” Tales anymore. From being my absolute favorite JRPG series, I see new entries as nothing more than “yet another JRPG”.
        Only minorly interested on the fact Alicia seems to be a Lance/Spear user (such a neglected classic Tales weapon).

        • Slayven19

          Tales have been stagnent, hell games as a whole to me have been stagnant, I still play them though.

  • LustEnvy

    I hope that this time around, the scenery will vary. Xillia’s backgrounds and field maps were so bland and same-y. How about some variation this time, Namdai? The older games had better, more varied towns/fields.

  • transferstudentx
  • Neophoton

    Nice to see the PS3 going the way of PS2: still getting plenty of exclusives even after the launch of its successor.

    And dragons. Me likey.

  • Pdugna

    Just like everyone here has basically said, this and Persona 5 basically makes getting rid of your ps3 stupid if you like JRPGS

  • release date jap december 2014 EU,NA august 2015 maybe

    • William Cox

      I think that the release dates should be very close to each other since they are working on all of the ports at the same time. Besides, they said that it would be a global release. That could possibly mean the release dates for all ports could be the same day.


    well, yeah. looks i’ll be playing games on PS3 for the next 2-3 years without caring for PS4.

    Also, the battle in the trailer looked pretty Xenoblade-ish with what seemed to be a open world segment. And you know what? Open World tales with the delicious Motion battle system will be awesome (OW-LMBS: Open World Linear Motion Battle System maybe?)..
    This one has the best Tales logo to date imo.
    Also, DRAGONS! MOTHERFUCKING DRAGONS! Baba! Let’s us have one in our party in a humanoid form!

    EDIT: another thingthat is just me lookin to much into it. MC is called Slay and we’ll fight dragons. So is he a Dragon Slayer?

    • Samsara09

      quite a pet you are proposing.

    • LightZero

      More like the battle system is similar to Graces. Now the map itself does remind of Xenoblade though.

  • AuraGuyChris

    Its name will be something-something-something-something-Battle System.

    • s07195

      Isn’t it OBVIOUS? XD
      Even better if its XXX-LMBS (It’s always a variation of the linear motion battle system.)

      • AuraGuyChris

        It’ll be called Fan-Feedback Linear Motion Battle System.

  • Takane Shijou

    I’m probably totally making this up, but wasn’t there something about ToX2 having dual audio for NA/EU? Can’t seem to find anything on it, so probably wrong.

    Anyways, interested to see what this new battle system is.

    • Pereb

      ToX2 was confirmed not to have dual audio. This might though.

    • pimpalicious

      Symphonia Chronicles is the one with dual audio.

    • Firekitty

      ToX2 was confirmed not to have dual audio specifically because they didn’t know if it was getting a Western release, and therefore the game wasn’t programmed with the potential for audio track swaps in mind, and the team was too busy with other projects to go back and add them in.

      Meaning that if this one DOESN’T have dual audio, Namco’s gonna have some serious ‘splanin to do.

  • Zeether

    How about a Tales game on a NINTENDO CONSOLE next, Namco? Or is the 3DS not good enough and Vita games we won’t ever get here are clearly more profitable?

    • Stop with the port begging -__- Baba has said in the past that Tales fans tend to flock to PlayStation consoles, in this case PS3, so that’s where they’ll focus their efforts.

    • EX+

      Calm down mate. The Tales games make most of their money on PS consoles.

    • Antonio C. R. Murray

      Numbers Never Lie. Tales of Grace f outsold the original Wii version by at least twice in its debut.

    • William Cox

      You do know that there is an Abyss remake on the 3DS? But I’d also like to see a side Tales game on the Wii U.

  • PotatoPower

    a tales game with a fantasy aspect? dont they ALL have huge fantasy aspects?

    • William Cox

      I’d say that most RPGs have fantasy aspects. Even games such as Star Ocean or Phantasy Star.

    • CirnoLakes

      Moreso on average than Final Fantasy.
      But definitely not really true Swords and Sorcery fiction.

      Most Tales games and most modern Japanese RPGs stray pretty far from most fantasy fiction traditions. Tales of Symphonia was probably one of the closer to traditional fantasy, having Elves and Dwarves, and so forth.

      But yes, I would suppose not just Tales, but pretty much all RPGs have a “fantasy aspect”.

  • Dragons are my favorite mythical creature, so you know I’m looking forward to this lol. Excited about this new battle system that was mentioned. I’ve always liked the battle systems in the tales games so I feel that this one will be good to. Also happy that they are focusing on exploration as well especially in a world that centers around dragons. I would love it if there were many different types of dragons and their respective environments to go along with them. It just seems like this would be key to the overall feel of the game.

    I’m excited either way, and couldn’t help but throw some ideas and thoughts out there lol

  • Crimson_Cloud

    More fast paced like Graces and more interesting Character-wise like Xillia and we have another winner.

    • LightZero

      Correction more interesting like Vesperia.

      • Crimson_Cloud

        To each his own I guess. Aside from awesome Yuri and Judith I didn’t like the other characters all that much.

  • Timovisch

    I just hope the gameplay is more like Abyss, Vesperia or Xillia then Graces (really really disliked this).

    • William Cox

      I totally agree. I did not enjoy Graces battle system. The free roam around the battlefield is one of the best parts of the battles. I’d also like to go back to the way I could perform combos like in Symphonia or Abyss with normal hack and slash and then any combination of special attacks instead of the points system they had in Graces and Xillia for certain skills costing that many points. I’m talking about CC from Graces or AC in Xillia.

  • fireemblembeast

    Wait, why is everyone so excited to see an open-world battle system? That would be a drastic change to the traditional Tales of experience. I hope they were just removing the UI for the trailer.

    • William Cox

      People are making the same complaints about Final Fantasy XV’s new battle system. What’s wrong with change? It could be amazing. Especially if it’s anything similar to Kingdom Hearts or Rogue Galaxy but with the Tales of battle system. I actually wanted to make an RPG in the future that uses this kind of battle system in an open world setting, but Namco beat me to it.

      • fireemblembeast

        It’s not like I hate changes being made or anything. I just think it would be a bad change, but I didn’t want to get into all of that, so I just said it was “drastic” so people wouldn’t get all worked up :/

    • CirnoLakes

      Tales has always evolved somewhat on this front. Some for better, like removing the random encounters in early Tales games, and some for the worse, like eliminating the large overworld.

      I see this as a change I’ve always wanted. I don’t see how screen transitions help any Japanese RPG in any way. Except for when narrative or technology makes field or screen switches easier.

      This seems like a small tweak on the formula, and a step in the right direction.

      One thing I like about Tales is often not moving from formula for the sake of it. For instance, not doing away with skits after many years, because it affordably allows for much more character interaction than they could afford with purely CG interaction.

      However, it looks like they do have the funding, technology, and narrative to be able to do away with screen switches. And that’s a very good thing. It doesn’t stop it from being Tales, because screen switches in combat aren’t what Tales is about.

      This is just another evolution in combat like any of the Tales games. Combat in Tales evolved from Tales of Symphonia to Tales of the Abyss. And it evolved from previous combat systems to Tales of Graces. It makes sense that it is undergoing another evolution from Tales of Xillia to Tales of Zestiria.

      • fireemblembeast

        Well I just don’t get how the victory quotes at the end would be implemented… I really love them

        • CirnoLakes

          I think a simple camera zoom would work.

  • Everything there makes me giddy. ♥

  • Demeanor

    Everyone loves Dragons! There is a number of ways they could play this out, Tales with a dragon motif, it’ll be mighty interesting to see how this’ll turn out!!!

  • Ric Vazquez

    Long live PS3

  • CirnoLakes

    I’m ready to head to Tantegel Castle, to save the kingdom from the Dragonlord!

    Jokes aside, I love almost everything I hear about this. And I’m so happy and excited to finally hear a new Tales game announced. I missed traditional fantasy settings in Japanese RPGs for so long. Not only is it simply a setting I’m really fond of, but I have a lot of nostalgia for it, because the early Japanese RPGs of my childhood took place in such fantasy settings. I actually took up reading fantasy novels because of Japanese RPGs as a child.

    Also, this looks seriously innovative and exciting. The fields look so open and beautiful. And there doesn’t look to be any transitioning to another screen in battle. Which is one of my favourite things about games like Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and Kingdom Hearts.

    Also, Tales’ trademark, high battle system looks better than ever. The entire field has now become a field of battle like I’ve always wanted, and the combat itself looks fantastic. Perhaps the best battle system yet, from what little I can see. I’m very excited to get out onto those fields and explore. And I can’t wait to see more footage of what the combat, and field looks like.

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