Aeria Games On Anime MMO Aura Kingdom And Bringing Scarlet Blade Overseas

By Robert Ward . December 13, 2013 . 1:00pm

Aeria Games are one of the more well-known online game publishers in the west. You probably know them best for Shin Megami Tensei: IMAGINE, which they’re no longer in charge of, but they’ve also published and operated games such the anime-esque Eden Eternal and the dystopian Scarlet Blade.


Siliconera recently had a chance to catch up with Aeria to find out how their next major title, Aura Kingdom, is shaping up, and what makes it different from their past projects.


How did Aura Kingdom come to be? Were you looking for an MMORPG to license, or did X-Legend [the developer of Aura Kingdom] approach you?


Trung Trinh, Producer: X-Legend, the developers of Aura Kingdom, came to us with the title. Since we’ve already launched reputable games like Eden Eternal and handled them well in Western territories, they showed us Aura Kingdom and asked if we’d be interested.


Aaron, Associate Producer: It’s continuing along the series of these games. X-legend is very good about making a good game, and then bringing the elements of those good games into their latest projects to improve them. That’s what we’ve been very excited about—that this is a core, solid game that’s been developed over a long period of time into something better. There are a lot of online games on the market.


Is it usually the developers that come to you, or are you often the one’s that approach developers?


Tom Nichols, VP for PC Games: It varies quite a bit. We’re always looking for products that are out there, and our business development team attends relevant game shows and has meetings with developers. We have a couple of people on are team that are spending a lot of time in Korea, for example, and really know all of the developers there who keep in touch about up and coming games. We have good visibility into the pipeline of PC and Mobile games that come out abroad from these developers.


So which countries are making the highest-quality free-to-play games right now, in your experience?


Tom: That’s a tough question, because if you can include games like League of Legends, which is the number one online game in China right now, well, it was made in the U.S.—so how do you define quality? As it turns out, with our corporate stream, in our business model, we’re a publisher, so we tend to take games from other developers, primarily ones in Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan, and bring them to a western market. I can’t say that one is better than the other, they all have their different strengths and weaknesses and they all have their different kinds of focus.


The free-to-play model is wildly popular in Asian countries. Why do you think this is the case, and is it that this model is so slow to take off in the U.S.?


Tom: It definitely has been. The U.S. market, when you’re talking about MMOs, really came to be through Blizzard. They certainly weren’t the first—after all, you had titles like Everquest that were wildly popular, too—but even those games had the model of a boxing product with a monthly subscription fee. That’s been the U.S. standard for about 15 years. Needless to say, it’s taken longer for the U.S. market to get away from that [that a monthly subscription and box price imply quality] model.


In Asia, there’s just not that kind of devotion to retail. You don’t go to a store in Korea and buy a PC game in a box—it’s more about playing games in Internet cafes, or downloading games directly to your PC; the Internet infrastructure is entirely different and much, much better than it is in Korea than it is in the U.S. Those market factors really led to the adoption of free to play.


That said, I think that the free to play market is definitely growing in the U.S. and the transition is accelerating. You can see all of the big MMOs moving from subscription to free to play, and I think even with the new console systems, over time, you’re going to see a gradual increase in the availability of free to play games [like Killer Instinct on the Xbox One].


You mention consoles. How is the structure of one of your free-to-play games different than, say, a console game? How does that initial investment manifest itself in free to play, or does it at all?


Tom: I think it’s changing. Previously, on PC and consoles, a game that was free was seen as a negative thing. “If it’s free, it must be poor quality,” people think, “or it must be a low-budget game from a low-budget developer.” We’re slowly changing that, and it’s happening faster on the PC than it is the console. You can see with Steam and Aeria, there are really rich, high-quality games that are available for free.


I also think what’s happening now on mobile and tablets are educating gamers that you can have really good experiences for free. Now it’s to the point on mobile where people aren’t going to pay two or three dollars for an app because they know that the free ones are just as good. I think that’s leading the way and that, over time, you’ll see that trend make its way into consoles. The economics right now are different on console because you’ve got a sixty dollar box, and tens of millions of dollars in development with big franchises, so it’s hard for free games to compete against that – but I think that we will, overtime, see this trend take over consoles.


We’ve always thought that Scarlet Blade was a unique choice for localization. What drove the decision to localize it for the west?


Tom: Like I talked about earlier, we have strong relationships with our developers in Korea. We found out about this game early in its launch through these developers, and we worked out a deal. When we evaluated the game, we saw good gaming potential in terms of mechanics – and it had a unique aesthetic, if you want to call it that, in its sexuality, which helped separate it from other products in the market. As it turns out, I’m still an active player—and I like the game because it has a very good PvP balance, and the PvP gameplay is still a lot of fun. It’s still one of the strengths of the product, and we just recently released a new class for it last week, so the game is still releasing new content and new features.


Did you consider what kind of response the game would generate in the more conservative sect of the gaming community? Do you run into similar issues when you’re localizing titles like Aura Kingdom?


Tom: It does pop up, and we definitely do take a look at those things. With Scarlet Blade, for example, one of the classes looked like a teenager. We didn’t think it was appropriate to have a nude teen girl in the game, so we made some significant changes to her costume that covered her up a bit more.


With other games, there may be some changes in the degree of violence in the game, or language and themes that don’t have equivalents in the United States. For example, a lot of games from Asia draw on the “Three Kingdoms” lore explicitly, so we have to change elements of that to be more relevant to a western audience. This is all part of our localization process. Have there been any major issues like this with Aura Kingdom, Aaron?


Aaron: We’ve primarily dealt with issues regarding language. When we look at the initial translation of some of the material, it’s pretty clear what’s not going to slide with a western audience. So we’ve had to do some localization as far as that. When it comes to gameplay mechanics…


Trung: When you look at our portfolio, you’ll notice that there are games with a lot of different features and elements that are meant to attract a diversity of players—so maybe one person will be into PVP, so they’ll play a game like Scarlet Blade, and maybe one person’s not really into PvP, they just want a social group, so they’ll play a game like Eden Eternal or Grand Fantasia. We don’t really try to stay in a safety zone—we try to branch out with the kind of games we bring here.


Another one of your projects is FEAR Online. Can you tell us more about how this got started and how it’s progressing?


Tom: Here, again, we found out about FEAR through our relationships with developers. This was a title of particular interest to us because of the IP, which is well established, particularly in North America. We’re in the middle of the second alpha test right now, so we’re in the process of gathering feedback from players and looking at the metrics and date for the game. With this game in particular, we want to make sure that it feels like FEAR, which is a bit of a subjective thing, but we’ve got enough people between those testing it and those developing it to get a wide range of opinions on what exactly that means, and to make sure it feels like it’s something that lives up to the franchise and the genre that that franchise represents. We’ll have more information as that comes up.


Let’s move onto Aura Kingdom. Tell me a little bit about the story—what exactly is it that pushes the player through the game?


Aaron: Aura Kingdom is all about being the envoy of Gaia. Gaia provides a select few people with the ability to use Eidolons and go along throughout the story, and in turn shape the history of the game’s world. Basically, as you going through, you’re earning renown, you’re earning titles [a game mechanic that gives you specific permanent stat increases for meeting certain prerequisites], more and more people come to know you, and you’re becoming stronger. This all happens within the overarching story of the Shadow Knight—who’s attacking and trying to corrupt and destroy things, and who you are trying to stop, but might actually become him as well.


How do Eidolons play into the role of the Envoy of Gaia?


Aaron: Eidolons are the hands of Gaia. They’re manifestations of it, and all display a particular characteristic of Gaia. For example, one might represent its healing aspect, and so it excels at healing magic. They might be more suited to attacking or defending.


Trung: When you start out, you will witness another character that was an envoy of Gaia, but became corrupt and transformed into a monster. Around the time, your main character discovers he/she is the envoy of Gaia, and it’s at this point where he’ll obtain his first Eidolon. After your character defeats the NPC, he’s afraid that he, too, might turn evil one day, so he/she decides to go on a quest to try to get rid of the Eidolons. As the quests progress, though, the character realizes that there’s much more to this relationship than he/she understands. That’s where the story gets interesting.


So there’s a cost to this power—the potential to become corrupted – what leads to the threat of corruption, is it canonical, or does it show up in the mechanics?


Trung: So, we can’t reveal too much, but the Eidolon will become restless if you don’t continue to feed him…something. Well, it’s a part of the story we don’t want to reveal quite yet!


So then, if the story is structured, what incentivizes exploration in Aura Kingdom?


Aaron: So, we have these things called achievements that are spread throughout the world, anything from open-ended quest completions to listening to NPC’s, that a player can spend time hunting for. We also included a gliding system that lets players get from one place to another much faster than on foot, and without having to face the same enemies in the same area over and over again without choice. It will also let you access some hidden areas you won’t be able to find right away.


Trung: The Achievement system has improved a lot since X-legend’s previous game. Now, there’s badge system, where a player can unlock a different kind of badge, which earns you new titles. Titles will increase the stats of your character permanently, and they’re accumulative, so the more that you unlock the more powerful your character is. What will get players to come back? Well, we also have a huge number of eidolons to collect. It will take some time to get them all. The quest in Aura Kingdom, the story, is really interesting. It’s not just about finding X and killing Y; it’s about doing different things in the world [here he’s referring to quests that involve stealth and reconnaissance].


This is a very unique story that the player can experience. Every day, each of the cities will have a different bulleting board where a player can pick up a variety of quests. The quests change day to day. If you join a guild, then your deeds will affect your entire guild as well. There’s a lot more to it than just grinding. It provides a lot of unity in the community but promotes self-achievement as well.


Aaron: Every dungeon also has three versions: a one-man version, a five-man version, and a hell mode [higher difficulty] version, so you’ll be able to come back and revisit these dungeons once you’ve mastered one version and want to master another.


Can you explain a little more about how guilds work themselves into the gameplay?


Trung: So at level 20, I think, you can create your own guild. Each level that you increase in your guild [up until level 40, I believe was the cap], you open more slots to invite more people. The only way that your guild can level up is through daily quests or daily dungeons, which people can do on their own. Eventually, your guild will earn a guild town. This is a place that only people in your guild can visit.


Useful NPCs that are scattered throughout the world have a chance of being here as well, so you don’t have to fan out to find them anymore. Also, there are certain Eidolons that will only appear in your guild town. There will be an NPC with a table that tells you what day and time specific Eidolons will appear, and we hope that will motivate players to come together and take it down. The Eidolon you defeat has a chance at dropping that Eidolon for you to use in battle.


So, returning to the first question, Aeria has a lot of MMOs out on the market. How is Aura Kingdom supposed to stand out amongst them?


Aaron: For me, well, I’ve seen quite a few of X-Legends’ games here, but I think that Aura Kingdom is the most polished. It’s got solid mechanics. It’s aesthetic borrows much from anime, which I think makes it stand out beside a game like Scarlet Blade. For me, though, it’s the solid core game mechanics.


Tom: Like Trung said earlier, we try to offer a broad array of gameplay experiences for our customers—and we haven’t even talked about games outside of the RPG genre [first person shooters and action games]. On the MMORPG side, we’ve got some core fantasy style, some PvP focused games, some games that are more PvE focused, and then, with Aura Kingdom, you’ve got a little bit of a bias towards PvE but it’s really the style and variety of gameplay types within it that makes it special.


When we were playing Aura Kingdom earlier, we fought a giant steampunk robot with a chainsaw for an arm, but also visited a verdant forest with colorful, almost Metroid-like aesthetics. What kind of world is Azuria?


Aaron: I think it’s a good mix [of natural world elements and technological elements]. It has magic, Gaia cubes, but also a technological side. Grenadiers use canons, gunslingers use pistols— the technological side is there, but I think they’re both in harmony when you look at the game.


Let’s wrap-up by talking about the classes in Aura Kingdom, since you mentioned pistols and cannons. Can you give me a run-down of the eight classes in the game?


Aaron: Sure. First, we have the Guardian, our tank class. It uses a sword and shield, is designed to outlast enemies, and is balanced in both offense and defense. Second, we have the Ravager. This is a melee DPS class that uses a massive two hand axe. They use both single-target and AoE attacks to punish their enemies. Next, we have the duelist. They use dual blades and are designed to be a melee DPS, leaning generally towards single-target, they combine acrobatics and magic to disorient and wear down enemies.


The fourth class is the gunslinger, a ranged DPS that uses twin pistols. It’s both single target and AoE, deploying special bullets and magical traps to debilitate their foes. Next is the Grenadier, who uses a massive cannon. He specializes as a ranged DPS mainly focused towards AoE. He fires missiles, discharges powerful plasma bursts, and even launches elementally charged grenades.  The bard is next, our healer class, and uses a harp. The bard can compose songs to both harm enemies and bolster friends.


The wizard is second-to-last here, a ranged DPS who uses stalves and elemental spells that can change the tide of battle. Finally, we have the sorcerer, our support character, who has a host of debilitating spells.


Trung: So! One of the things we want to stress about Aura Kingdom’s characters is their versatility. Once a character turns 40, you can switch to any other weapon from any other class. If you don’t like the secondary weapon you chose, then you can always switch and try something else.


Aaron: In the envoy’s path [a track of benefits you choose from as your character levels up], where every few levels you get a point you can spend and pursue your own play style, there are special skills if you have a certain main weapon and a special secondary weapon. So, if you’re a bard and you have the harp, and you decide you’re going to go with the twin pistols, there may be a skill in your envoy’s path where you need to have those two weapons to unlock it.

Also, Aeria Games provided Siliconera with founder pack codes for Aura Kingdom that give players early access and special pets. We have one Diamond Founder’s Pack and two Platinum Founder’s Packs as a prizes to give to our readers. Post a comment below if you want to enter to win one of the founder’s packs. We will notify winners on Monday, December 16 through their Disqus registered email when the Founder’s Beta begins.

The giveaway is now over. Congratulations to readers HerosLight and Crim who won Platinum Founder’s Packs. Falkyrin took home a Diamond Founder’s Pack. Keep your eyes peeled for more secret giveaways on Siliconera!

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    Great read! I’ve registered for the CB of Aura Kingdom ever since Aeria emailed me about it and I can’t wait for it to come out! Of course winning the founders pack would be totally awesome as well. Really excited about the character customizations you can do.

  • MelonLizard

    I’ve been waiting for this game for so long! One of those founders packs would make a really good graduation present (I tend to have bad luck on these kinds of giveaways, but there’s always hope!), though I’ll be sure to still enjoy the game. ^u^

  • Sarah-Chan

    I can’t wait till Aura Kingdom, comes out! though cence I have no key I can’t play.I’ll just see what I have to do!! GO AURA KINGDOM!!!!!! XD

  • mkip

    hopefully AK will be fun

  • Leblanc Bot

    Can’t wait to try out Aura Kingdom! The pet system has me really intrigued.

  • Fuyumi

    Hoping to see if I can still enter for a code! Thank you!

  • redblitzer

    I’d like to win please :D and thank you

  • looking forward to the beta

  • Hatatake Yu

    Looking forward for AK founder pack

  • Dain

    Dual jobs, endless possibilities.

  • Frostyrose

    I want to win the founders pack.

    A question i think that should have been ask was do they plan to do or implement to maintain the population of their current anime insipired mmo’s especially considering they already host two other XLegend games (Grand Fantasia and Eden Eternal). I can see a low population spread across the three games

  • Ethan Watson

    Well, I wouldn’t mind the chance to win. Would make for a really awesome holiday gift.

    Thank you for the chance.

  • DGAlex

    I’d love to receive a pack :)

  • Dylan Kao

    Hi Sorry i wasn’t able to read the whole entire thing, but i would still like to win :D *Got my right hand up*

  • Bromancer

    Been a while since I played a good MMO, hopefully AK can deliver.

  • Saranpawilon

    I definitely want to play Aura Kingdom *w*

  • Noein

    nice, some posted info about how guilds work in aura kingdom :D

  • Hieu Tran

    I’ve been with aeriagames for a long time, back when dream of mirror online was just beginning its closed beta service, and I have to say I am proud to be a continuing member. I am super excited for Aura Kingdom, having played the TW version and loving it. The only reason I stopped playing was because of distance between the servers and the lag I felt as well as the language. Now that Aura Kingdom has come to the US, none of those should be a problem and it should now be at its fullest potential, aside from getting the updates the other countries already have.

  • レンセン グレン

    Really like this game can’t wait to play, I hope they will maintain a good update schedule and a friendly fan service ^-^

  • Shiroe94

    cant wait to play this game!!hope its better than EE or Grand Fantasia~~~

  • xSpiraL

    As we are all aware, a great vast majority is excited for this game.
    Anime visual graphics, unique companion system, vast diverse world.

    As much as the many options are, to tell the honest complete truth, I
    can not just tell you one specific thing I am excited for in this game.
    Everything I’ve read, seen or even heard about this is getting me more
    hyped up more then ever.

    Firstly, the main unique thing I’m loving the most about this game is
    the Anime Graphic style. I’ve been an anime fan for years, and I
    haven’t been able to find the kind of game that fits closely to my kind
    of graphic style. The only style I got closest to was Fiesta Online,
    published by Outspark, and now run by Gamigo. The graphics by just
    watching videos of it already is a huge thing for any Anime lover, and
    I’m no exception.

    Secondly, the next huge thing is the whole companion system. I am a
    preferred solo player in every MMO game I play, but now with a companion
    to help me out, and even potentially heal me, since I prefer the Damage
    Dealer type classes, such as the Duelist, this new system will be big
    game changer to me. I’ve always wanted some kind of pet system where not
    only did they help me out in item gathering, but also help me in
    battle, or an even possible mount to top it off, saves a lot of time and
    effort, trying to rummage through your inventory bag just to find a
    specific item/mount to use temporarily, when your companion can be the
    all-in-one exclusive.

    Lastly, the biggest thing I’m looking forward into this game is
    Combat. I’ve tried many games thus far, and they all have their unique
    flavor of taste. But by the review posted onto youtube yesterday, with
    the first look, and seeing what the combat system is capable of, plus
    the added companion system battle mechanics, this game by far is looking
    very promising, hopefully more so in the future end-game contents.

    I have so much more I want to write, and even add to this list of
    what I’m excited and looking forward for this game. Of course, that list
    will be forever long, so I’ll keep it as short as possible. I’m hyped
    for the beta, and even more so for the full release. This looks like a
    game my friends and I can join together and hang out, meet possible new
    ones through the game, and just a game over all I will enjoy during my
    spare time.

    When I heard about this chance to win, I figured I may as well
    attempt to join, see if I could possibly win. If not, it’s fine by me
    either way. Another person will get to enjoy it just as much as I will
    in the coming days to come. To show my favorites of this game, and for
    others to find as much passion for this game as I do.

    For those who have decided to read this, I hope to see you in the game of Aura Kingdom!

  • Ikue

    I really hope I can get into this founder’s beta. Aura Kingdom is the best mmorpg I have ever played imo :3 Thnx for the chance~

  • Pete Colin

    thats pretty awsome actually ill have to make a guild as soon as I start , and its too bad that people think that just because its free to play that it would be as good as some that you must pay for,

  • xillareborn

    I am really excited to play this game because of its complex pvp system and the eidolons :) I cant wait to try out the different classes and sight-see in the various maps of Azuria ^^
    I would also like to be entered to win a founder pack!

  • Zellerx

    What i have been longing for is a game i can play and truly enjoy….I’m
    sure others feel this way as well. I have been looking for that game for
    some time…and sadly it hasn’t arrived to me..until i saw this game and
    looked over it a bit and thought to myself..”Hey this game actually
    looks like something i can enjoy for some time…” I’m here now hoping i
    get that chance to play this new game that is presented before me with
    some hope of entering the founders beta…which can be a new opportunity
    to play a game as its being brought to life for the public. Well that’s
    all i have to say…hope i can get that chance to win

  • Brad Humphrey Zane

    Can’t wait for this game to come out , would be cool to get a founders pack to play early.

  • Dominic Wayne Hehner

    I am so ready for Aura kingdom, it looks so fun!

  • Tien Nguyen

    Can’t wait to play Aura Kingdom. Its been a while since a well polished one has come out. The only ones I really liked were Grand Fantasia and Eden Eternal the other ones felt rushed. Hopefully and it seems already so, Aura Kingdom has some good quality to it.

  • Ember.Squall

    Interesting. Aura Kingdom appears to be a game that can revolutionize many games and MMO’s alike.

  • Gabriel_Scholl

    Aura Kingdom looks great , i can’t wait to play this !

  • Kristian Mira

    i am much anticipating on aura kingdom based on the stream that i saw and my experiences to anime mmo such as steam online, grand fantasia, eden eternal, flyff, ragnarok, elsword, and dragon nest. Makes me excited about this game i heard that the makers of the game are professional anime mmo makers hope i can experience it on founders beta <3

  • Sage Lancaster

    I’m looking forward to playing Aura Kingdom. Thank you for the chance to win a founder’s pack, ^w^ -crosses fingers and hopes for the best-

  • Ely Tom

    I’m in need of that Founders pack the price is currently way to high for me.

  • DeathSashimi

    Really looking forward for this new X-Legend game! It is like the combined form of Grand Fantasia and Eden Eternal. The new classes coming out every so often are very exciting!

  • flufftime

    The gameplay mechanics speak for themselves. In that respect its pretty similar to any other X-Legends game. With that being said I didn’t really have any problems with the systems in games like Eden Eternal… since, you know, I have been a long time player of Eden Eternal haha

    On another note, I quite enjoy the art presentation for Aura Kingdom.
    Still looking forward to trying it out in beta.

  • qwerty

    Posting to prove I’m right. Oh and I can’t wait, less than 24 hours until the launch!!!!

  • Adam Del Vecchio♛ ‏

    This game is gonna be awesome!

  • span

    Great article! Love to hear more and more about Aura Kingdom :D PS. Would LOVE to win a founder’s pack!

  • Ignas Rocas

    i want to win founder’s pack to aura kingdom very much its nice game

  • EtherealGame

    I would love to enter this contest to see if I win. Being a founder would be great.

  • Anish Ruin

    First of all from what i can tell Aura Kingdom looks/sounds great and i cant wait to plat it second scarlet blade looked good but it had no base to it also Scarlet Blade was the Worst Mmo ive ever played

  • Adam Del Vecchio♛ ‏

    This Game is gonna be AWESOMEE!~ I need it~

  • yasubear

    Thx Siliconera!
    AGE outdoing themselves with this hype-train management!

  • firebaldrago

    Scarlet Blade was painful to play..
    Good luck to everyone participating int the raffle for the founder’s packs

  • Beelze

    I want win stuff

  • Ojösama

    I am so looking forward to this ^^

  • Anika Wong

    I can’t wait to play, I’ve seen it advertised the last time I went to China and have been waiting for the English version ever since I heard it was being made!

  • Sparta

    I am really excited for the game and the fact its free to play and looks this good is a huge + (y)

  • Beelze

    Looking forward to it! :D

  • Kyouko Puruchi

    Can’t wait for that game .I’ve been waiting for it since it was in devlopment and eveytime I hear about it , it makes me even more excited for it! Looking forward for Aura Kingdom <3

  • Tayler

    I cannot wait for AK to come out!!!! I have always been a gamer and think it ia the best way to experience a world other than the one you know. If more people played games there would be more happiness lol :)

  • M4rumi

    All I can say about scarlet blade is ehhh…..

    Even if you disregard fanservice its still…

    AK on the other hand

  • Blazeshark

    When I saw Aura Kingdom, i fell in love, but when i saw the price, i thought I could not buy it, so if there is a chance for me to win a pack, I’m not going to lose it.

  • Viola Wonsey

    I really love aeria and I hope I get to play it soon.

    I did another contest for this game but sadly I lost.

    Here is the link

  • Anika Wong

    I can’t wait to play! Glad there’s an English version now, I saw it in China and was really interested in it. ~

  • sacat89

    Mount, Eidolon, a free costume every month for 3 months, AND a Kero plushie? Totally worth it. My nephew would love the hell out of that adorable purple creature of fluffness. Who wouldn’t?

    • sacat89

      Not to mention a pretty bitchin’ tophat.

  • Nicole Flaim

    Cant wait for AK!

  • Reese Taguchi

    If there’s one thing AeriaGames is good at its keeping games afloat.

    I don’t think I can juggle that many balls at the same time!

    Hope this doesn’t impact Eden Eternal community so much, it seems like everyone is planning on moving over to this game.

    Looking forward to trying this out!

  • Vallation

    I’m definitely intrigued by Aura Kingdom. It seems to have a pretty fun combination of gameplay elements based on what they’re saying, and the visual style is a nice change of pace from a lot of the “gritty” stuff that seems to be really common these days. Looking forward to seeing more coverage/info once the beta hits tomorrow!

  • Kyouko Puruchi

    I can’t wait for that game anymore! I’ve been waiting since it was in devlopment and everytime I hear about Aura Kingdom it makes me want to play even more! Looking foward for that game!

  • Tayler

    I love AK I really want to be a founder Woo Hoo!! I believe that being a gamer is a cool way to see worlds outside your own. If people played more games their would be more happiness

  • Necromancy

    This feels like a grown up Eden Eternal and I don’t mind at all. I liked playing EE and look forward to this game. All we can do is try it out and see if we like it. I’ve been waiting for Lime Odyssey fro a while now and as soon as this was announced I was excited! I can’t wait!

  • Tony

    Really looking forward to exploring the world. Sounds like the game has a good incentive for players to do more than just quest and grind.

  • In The Dark #SpiderSquad

    Looks fun. Can’t wait to play. :)

  • Nicole

    Hell mode for dungeons seems interesting. I wonder how hard it actually is compared to the others. Also the classes are fairly balanced, making this game seem more interesting then the rest. I look forward to playing this new game!!!

  • Eziea

    I love the whole being able to switch weapons at 40, I know I get very bored of the same weapon all the time, so that’s a great option to have.
    I can’t wait to play. Totally want to try out the Ravager, Duelist, Gunslinger and Grenadier! Kick-ass! xD

  • AppleShrapnel

    Most intrigued by the eidolon system- I always like having a (combat) pet ingame. :3

  • plakster

    wish some one gave me a diamond pack :( but i never win anything.

  • Moe

    Omg. Wish I could win this one.

  • Deryer7

    If you played Eden Eternal you just CANT miss out on Aura Kingdom, it may not be the same as lvling every class you can have but they still deliver the you can be everything as sub class which is pretty neat in it self.

    Overall this is a game one everybody must try out list!

  • Brendan

    I cannot wait to jump into the world of Azuria(And neither can many of my friends)! The game seems to have so many solid features from guild towns to the ability to use secondary weapons. I don’t know about all of you, but i’m going to be a Gun-slinging Duelist :D

  • Shirokaze

    sigh. i wish i could get a key >_<
    Aura Kingdom looks so good =<

  • Rodel Corton

    I cant wait for the founders beta that is coming today with the features that aura kingdom is presenting us it will surely be a game that will last for a long time

  • Texer

    Mannn, Aura Kingdom gonna be the best anime MMORPG from last years!

  • Soken Tonaka

    I really enjoyed playing Scarlet Blade when I did and I’m so excited about Aura Kingdom coming out very soon! Reading this just made me even more excited to learn many things about the game play that’s soon to come. The story line also seems like its going to be a very addicting one to where you want to see the ending and find all the clues of the Eidolons. Guilds also seem to have a very meaningful role in AK as well and I can’t wait to try all of the features out along with it. But I think one of my favorite parts is where you can unlock a secondary weapon at level 40 squeeee can’t wait :D

    With all that said I would like to enter to win one Diamond Founder’s Pack or one Platinum Founder’s Packs c: But if I don’t win, I’m still excited and cant wait to play cx

  • フラフィライム

    Looking forward to Aura Kingdom!

    I was little worried since I have been getting some ping issues with Japanese server after moving to Canada…

    Thanks AeriaGames for bringing this game to North America, and thanks Siliconera for the interview.
    Very glad there will be a North America release ヽ(^。^)丿~~

  • RoscoDante

    I hope I win one of the packs! Playing the Founder’s Beta…man! How exciting!

  • Anika Wong

    I can’t wait to play! I’ve seen it advertised in China and was very interested in it. So excited! ~ Hope I win the founder’s pack, if not then closed beta.

  • benjamin

    Cant wait for it!

  • Ming Cen

    Last game I played from Aeria was DoMO, and that eventually was shut down. >.<
    Aura Kingdom looks promising enough, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

  • benjamin

    Cant wait for it to become open beta!

  • White Knight

    I am really anticipating this game’s release and hoping that everything about the classes are true. I want to see more pets that they might implement later and really hope I can win one of the founders pack to be able to have early access.

  • benjamin

    Cant wait for Arua kingdom to become open beta!

  • Cj Earley

    This will be an interesting game to play, because it does remind me a bit of Eden Eternal. Getting a few other friends to play this game with me. Hope to meet everybody ingame soon!

  • Nate

    I’ve been following this game for a bit now after my friend told me about it. I’m excited for this game to come out because i want it to take place of my current MMo that’s dying. This game looks amazing, the thing dragging me in is the Duelist and dungeon system :P. Would’ve bought a founders pack but i can’t afford that at the moment :( But i’m happily waiting for CB. Maybe even the founder pack tomorrow :D

  • Sounic

    I love the art of Aura Kingdom and hope the gameplay would be interesting, I hope to win a pack, but would wait for CB. Hopefully the we don’t get to end-game too quickly

  • Al-Gates

    Games like Aura Kingdom are hard to find, hoping it’ll be fun.

  • White Knight

    I’m so excited for this game and hopefully get a chance to experience it by winning the founder’s pack giveaway ^^

  • omegasereon

    Can’t wait for closed beta!!

  • Holly Jordan

    This game looks so good! Husband bought the diamond pack,and I’m so jealous! xD

  • Vipertech

    It’s been a while since I played a decent MMORPG and Aura Kingdom sure looks like one, I would love to have the opportunity to try it out, check the amazing pet system and of course every class. I would also enjoy very much to have the founders pack because I believe that alpha/beta testing is VERY important in video games, specially this type of video games, Aeria Games will need people that are there to help them test, check if there are any bugs, give constructive criticism, point out the awesome things, but also point out the bad things so they can try to fix them and make it a better game

  • omegasereon

    can’t wait for closed beta!

  • Nana

    Really looking forward to this game!! Can’t wait!!

  • Lucia


  • Nana

    Can’t wait for this game!!

  • Tommy

    Can’t wait for this game i hope i win one of the founders pack!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicholas Souchitto

    I really like how versatile characters can be when you hit level 40 with a secondary weapon as well as having an envoy path. Most games that I have played just have a single path for you to choose with a slight scaling with skill points on characters. This is what had really interested me because I don’t want to be the same as the next person with choosing the same class type.

  • RainbowGiraffe

    Wooo :D Nice interview, I can’t wait to play ><!!

  • Lillian Chau

    So cool! I can’t wait to play AK’s beta, it seems like such a beautiful f2p mmo.

  • snake5483

    Awesome! Excited for this game to come out!!

  • Arch Michael

    Aura kingdom is the best game i have seen sins playing Grand Fantasia i find it cool due to the fact that you get a partner (eidolon ) witch is kinde rare in many games and that you can use 2 classes. together with the different ways to make your character your own i find it quite interesting.

  • Thy Otaku

    Aura Kingdom! Possibly best anticipated MMORPG for me, graphics and customization I watched two Twitch streams of it and I was just amazed * o *. You also get color armor permanently and switch between them which really makes me happy ^.^

  • Purple Pandas

    Ah, I’ve been waiting forever for AK to come out! It is almost here and I’m so excited.

  • Drynn

    Looks like fun! Would like to win one of the packs! Goodluck to everyone

  • Daniuel

    I really can not wait to get in to this, As an anime fan who loves MMO’s, And enjoyed Eden Eternal & Kitsu saga (Why it lasted) I have high hopes for this title.

    And Good Luck to all.

  • MonteXMat

    Waiting is killing me… Keep up the good work Aeria Games. Aura Kingdom, I’m comming!

  • Wyndam

    I played previous X-Legend games and you can tell they were getting better as they released new ones, really looking forward to see how Aura Kingdom fairs and how much of an improvement it is.

  • DreamzKira

    Aura Kingdom Founder’s Beta comes out tomorrow!!
    Everyone, get ready and race to be the strongest! :)

  • Nicolas Gayoso

    Wou *-* Awesome I’m still hesitant to choose any of the classes and made ​​anxious by playing excellent game but really I can not stand to come out> ->

  • Cassandra Walsh

    its looking good so far just hope its as good as it looks. would like to win a founders pack :)

  • Guest

    another p2w game

  • Razwolf

    I just can’t wait to try this awesome game!!! :D

  • Nicolas Gayoso

    Wou Awesoma game :3 I’m still hesitant to choose any of the classes and made ​​anxious by playing excellent game but really I can not stand to come out> -> good luck Arias game :)

  • Guest

    just another p2w game :c

  • Patricia Rush Walsh

    game looks fun and very interested in playing. Would like to win the founders pack.

  • Guest

    I have played many Aeria Games and this one looks amazing. I love the The part about the Eidolons sounds interesting to me

  • Karina Benavidez

    I played Scarlet Blade and i dont really like it.. But Aura Kingdom, it just looks awesome. I’m looking foward to try it out, but i still dont have any key…

  • AbyssalChains

    I played a number of Aeria Games, and by far I’m really looking forward to Aura Kingdom. From the pictures and videos I have seen, I really like the art style. Would be great to get into Founder’s Beta, but if not it seems to be worth waiting for Closed Beta.

  • Reo Baskerville

    I have played many Aeria Games and this one looks amazing. I love the part about the Eidolons sounds interesting to me and of course the anime style <3

    I cant wait to play *-* I will be either a gunslinger or most probably a grenadier!

  • Nicolas Gayoso

    Good luck Arias game :) awesome aura kingdom ,Be one of the best games

  • Sparta

    Looks like its going to be awesome and there is alot of developer/ w/e promotion. like they are getting all this information to us and I gotto say, looks like great customer relations in the future

  • Kryseme

    Hoping this game turns out better than Scarlet Blade and Eden Eternal. Looking forward to trying this game out and giving Aeria another chance. d:

  • Thiago Uchoa

    Aura Kingdom just look so awesome can’t wait to check it out !!!

  • Advarian

    The pack……

  • Jen Cradock

    I already joined with a gold pack but would love to win the Daimond founders pack I am so looking forward to starting this game people say you have played one you have played them all for a 62 year old grandmother I say the games are great.

  • Nicolas Gayoso

    Very good game aura kingdom, I really love the different classes but can not decide which to make even me xD ancioso because I open and play and can not wait xD good luck, will be one of the best game :)

  • Brittney Van Cise

    I’d love to win one of the founder packs for aura kingdom

  • SaTenaz

    Excited for this game to come out!!

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    cant wait for this game :)

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    I’m looking forward to playing Aura Kingdom. I think I know what class I’ll be trying first (wizard) but there will be many other options in the game (such as which eidolon to start with, what my secondary weapon should be later and of course my character name) that I still have to decide. Here’s hoping I win a founders pack, otherwise I’ll just have to wait for Closed Beta to see you all there!

  • Arba Sasmoyo

    sounds great, cant wait for closed beta!

  • Christopher Costa

    Hopefully it will have open pvp maps because apparently eidolons are hungry for “something” and pvp is fun

  • Wezurii

    Looking forward to the pvp in this game. The talent system is gonna’ bring some exciting stuff!

  • Perverted Him

    Can’t wait to dye my armor pink :P

  • Qana Blue

    I want a Platinum Founder’s Pack! :)

  • melz_mel

    i’m really love and waiting for this game
    i love anime graphic mmorpg
    love xlegend type game
    love when i saw it as fantasy frontier, before licensed to english
    i praying aura kingdom will be my perfect christmas gift this year^^

  • Christopher Costa

    Eidolons being hungry for something eh. hopefully they’re hungry for souls and open PVP maps will be that one exciting feature :D

  • Jen Cradock

    Only a few more hours to go and we can commence playing I am really looking forward to the game.

  • Jau Tuparan

    I hope I win! The Witch of Certainty and Miracles commands it!

  • Ondii

    Definitely looking forward to Aura Kingdom.
    Though, I’ve played Fantasy Frontier HK Server.
    My favorite class is dual pistols / dual daggers.
    The game’s good. Great graphic, and I really like the Eidolons system.

  • Zix

    Can’t wait to get into the beta for Aura Kingdom! Looks really promising and flashy!

  • wei keong

    I can’t wait to try Aura kingdom! Especially after trying eden eternal only recently, but the population is pretty much dead. Have been hunting for a game that has a similar or even better presentation.

  • Angela Gwey

    Ah, I love this, can’t wait to play. It would be awesome to get a Diamond Pack, wishing I could buy one, but at the same time I would be contempt by just getting a beta key. I read the interview and I’ve become even more excited for AK. I like the little twist about the characters and the little story of the Shadow Knight and how the characters have a possibility of becoming corrupt like them. I love when story lines have a twist, it gives me something to be be even more excited about :) I do have a question. In the game plays and First Look videos. I’m wondering if the gliding feature costs your character Mana. I understand it can get you pretty far with continuous use, but at what costs? When using the glide feature often, does it use up mana,gold, or does it have a cooldown? In my view it seems like with the Gliding feature in place, mounts would become a fashionable accessory or would it still have it’s use? >.< Overall, I really enjoyed the interview, I've been excited about AK since I found out about it in early Aug, and I'm still excited, neither less to say even more than a few months ago.

  • saim

    can’t wait to play

  • Stephanie Lynn Butler

    I’m really looking forward to Aura Kingdom! :)

  • Guest

    Ah, I love this, can’t wait to play. It would be awesome to get a
    Diamond Pack, wishing I could buy one, but at the same time I would be
    contempt by just getting a beta key. I read the interview and I’ve
    become even more excited for AK. I like the little twist about the
    characters and the little story of the Shadow Knight and how the
    characters have a possibility of becoming corrupt like them. I love when
    story lines have a twist, it gives me something to be be even more
    excited about :) I do have a question. In the game plays and First Look videos. I’m wondering if the gliding feature
    costs your character Mana. I understand it can get you pretty far with
    continuous use, but at what costs? When using the glide feature often,
    does it use up mana,gold, or does it have a cooldown? In my view it seems like with the Gliding feature in place, mounts would become a fashionable accessory or would it still have it’s use?
    >.< Overall, I really enjoyed the interview, I've been excited
    about AK since I found out about it in early Aug, and I'm still excited,
    neither less to say even more than a few months ago.

  • Viv

    Looking forward to playing Aura Kingdom!

  • Brotato Chip

    Hm would like to test this game out! Looks fun

  • FlamePaladin

    Aura Kingdom seems promising. I am looking forward to trying it out. Let’s hope it can keep my attention like Eden Eternal does.

  • Samuel Jensen

    Was wondering how Aeria was able to make a western release of this

  • Dave

    Really excited for aura kingdom! Crossing my fingers for a Founder’s Pack.

  • Saudademaru

    I have been looking forward to this game for quite a while now. Glad it’s finally coming out, it’s a good time for me since 1: I’m bored and 2: I’m looking for a long term game. I shall search for bugs, and squash them! Or just report it if it’s of the programming nature~

  • Senpai

    I actually found the review rather interesting.
    Looking forward to playing with you all soon.

  • Ikue

    I am really excited for Aura Kingdom, have been looking for a game that satisfies me for awhile now. Thnx for having this chance :3

  • Rachel Goh

    cant wait for this game to be released to all

  • Aeron Mark

    Aura Kingdom…yet another cool game :D

  • Suluh G’nexs

    I still dont understand why much people spend much money to play broken game

    • Aeron Mark

      What do you mean by broken? o-o

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    scarlet blade is shameless lol I also got banned for posting a video about it here

  • Kotarou

    I’ve played Eden Eternal waaaay back in its early stages, and I’m can definitely count on Aeria to deliver yet again for Aura Kingdom. Props!

  • Roger

    This is so cool. I really want to play. Nice interview!

  • Seelph

    Would love to enter to win the founder packs! Cant wait for this game, the hype is too damn high!

  • Scott Durbin

    Meh, might as well enter to win the pack, I doubt I’ll win though.

  • Hinagiku Asuna Shirai

    Yay xD Yet another cool game besides Eden Eternal.

  • Guest

    Great article. Aura Kingdom definitely brings something new to the table and I for one, am very interested in trying it out. Can’t wait to play with you guys if I win!

  • Melanie Judith

    Cant wait for Aura Kingdom to come out. The combat system with the Eidolons looks awesome!!!

  • Qana Blue

    I want to win the Diamond Founder’s Pack :)

  • Vince

    Can’t wait for this game! Excited to try out the mechanics and to experience Azuria! The storyline looks interesting too :O And the achievement system :O And the Eidolons :O And the Class secondary weapon :O And the fortify system :O And the everything xD A founder’s pack would be awesome! Please enter me for having a chance to win a platinum or diamond founder’s pack and good luck to everyone! :) Can’t wait to see you all there in this anime-styled world! :3

  • Dominic Arrojado

    I’ve been longing to play Aura Kingdom. Can’t wait! Hoping to win the founder’s pack. Awesome interview btw.

  • Yonke Saitama

    While reading this interview it gave me few additional ideas about the difference about the pc game market between asian and western gamers because I myself is from the Philippines and played a lot of pc games there who is currently here in U.S. with my family and still playing mmorpg kind of games. Eden Eternal is a success and now they have Aura Kingdom and been waiting long enough. What a wonderful holiday gift for aeria game fans or should we say generally mmorpg gamers. The most anticipated game of the year is coming to town! ho~ ho~ ho~

    I hope I can get an early christmas gift by winning a founders pack ^_~

  • EpiKnightz

    Good game, looking forward to it

  • Justin

    Lol, it’s imminent to Scarlet Blade’s downfall. It targeted an older aged audience while Aura Kingdom targets mostly teens and anime-lovers (A higher player base). Anyways, if anyone was wondering, the founder’s beta starts Monday tomorrow at 4:00 PM PST.

  • BitterMelon

    I’ve always been looking forward for the release of Aura Kingdom. The graphic of the game caught my eyes the first time I saw it. Just like any other x-Legend game, I expected some similarity that’s enjoyable for gameplay, but with improvements. It’s going to be amazing when the game is released!

  • Aerialkat

    Excited to see what the PvP/PvE balance will be in this game…

  • Leonardo Machado Pereira

    Scarlet Blade was…Ok… There was a lot of boobies, and that makes the game awesome (lol)
    I’m waiting for Aura Kingdom since its annoucement. D:

  • kittymix

    I am looking forward to playing Aura Kingdom. Thank you for providing this information to your viewers.

  • Pudz Live

    duelist is the best… acrobatics + magic = one hell of a show.. >_<

  • DilBert

    so close to beta

  • Kevin Tsao

    I’m really looking forward to play this game. This looks like the best MMORPG yet and the interview is spot on (got a the information I need to know, good job ;D)I’ve been waiting so long for this game to release its closed beta. I don’t think I can wait till open beta anymore :/ and I can’t afford a founders pack myself :( I really hope I get a shot with this :D Good Luck everyone!

  • ElementSn

    Finally! An article where I can read about the guild system! However, still no info on whether or not there may be a Guild vs Guild feature.

  • Yoruki

    I can’t wait to play Aura Kingdom! I really want to make a guild and have the guild town because it seems like such an interesting feature! I hope I can get a founder’s pack to test the game soon and know what type of character to make on the release day!

  • Genome

    Definitely can’t wait for Aura Kingdom, I think Fear online is kinda interesting but for Scarlet Blade and Eden Eternal they are easy to get boring I don’t know why…. I just played for 2 days and that’s it.

  • Justtine Joel Vincent Gastardo


  • Sarah

    This article is good it covers more than just Aura Kingdom but Aeria games as a whole. I’m really excited to play Aura Kingdom tomorrow. I liked both Grand Fantasia and Eden Eternal but the Eidolons in this game give it a totally different element and I’m curious about the story as well.

  • ThatGuyWhoJustSignedUp

    Awesome! Thanks for the give away. I really cant wait to try out Aura Kingdom it looks fantastic and I’m sure ill have lots of fun playing it with everyone, 18 hours left till beta starts!!

  • paragon8801

    game looking awesome

  • Crºss

    Cool can’t wait to play the game when my finals are over by FRIDAY!!

  • Justin

    Founders pack please…

  • Guest

    very interesting world, can’t wait till it’s released

  • luis22000

    aura kigndom the ilustration is awesome. the eidolons , the story every part of this game is great the skills are increible.. you have a lot of classes the double arms is a great idea. Aura Kindom is a game that people we love it becouse the game have new ideas. The Motor graphic is incredible and the figths with boss are epics. every person that don,t know about aura kigdom they lost a great game

  • Watashi Kuro Neko

    Awesome!!! Can’t wait for the beta to come out!! X3

  • Dante1011

    Aura Kingdom seems like it should be a pretty interesting game for now, the biggest deciding factor of the success of this game is how Aeria will handle the end game content of the game, but here’s hoping for the best for AK, btw good luck to everyone participating in the giveaway

  • GeneralWarpath

    Really looking forward to AuraKingdom, some features implemented in this game, that I haven’t seen done to other mmorpgs. Hoping it will finally be a change for once.

  • geloisawesome

    Oh man! I hope I get a pack. This game looks like fun!

  • Alvars

    I want to play AK with my friends/guild because we love this kind of graphics, especially if combined with a lot of possibilities that this game brings. I can hardly wait to create my character!

  • Squeel Wheel

    Very interesting. Watched the stream of gameplay from various players showing a preview of Aura Kingdom – must say, the cut scenes of battle animation and movie clips are a wonder. Nothing quite like Grand Fantasia – which is under X-Legend also. Haven’t tried Eden Eternal. Eidolon system reminds me of the sprite system in Grand Fantasia, so it would give me a slight common ground on what the partners do – talking to them for items/having them battle – which is neat. I also saw that some of the Eidolon could turn into mounts – nothing like Grand Fantasia xD
    I would like to be picked for one of the packs to try out the exclusive mount and try out the animation of that specific Eidolon. I saw that each one had different bonus abilities towards supporting the main character. Very cool. Upon reading the interviews of this post – I noticed about the different market between the U.S. and Asian countries. Interesting to see that hit the mark about the U.S. selling the PC games rather than directly downloading or heading to a gaming cafe like Korea or other parts of Asia.
    I’m also interested to see how the story plays out in this game. I heard maps were locked until the player finishes the story quest or something – so that players don’t skip out or miss anything, I’m supposing? In Grand Fantasia – it was possible to move onto other maps if the player manually ran there. So I wish to see how that turns out.
    Well thank you for the interviews and overviews about the Anime MMOs – Aura Kingdom and a bit of Scarlet Blade, also FEAR.

  • Felipe Bustos

    “I think it’s a good mix [of natural world elements and technological elements].” That’s why I want to play Founder Beta for explore Azuria World and see the different types of monsters !

  • wtosh

    A Guild Hall/City!? Brings me back to the good old days of Guild wars!

  • Kouhei

    Awesome game! Hope I can play it soon.

  • Miko Pineda

    can’t wait to play ..:)

  • Kouhei

    Awesome! Hope I can play it soon :)

  • ArticLuna

    Played quite a few of Aeria’s games, and gotta say im really excited for this one rather have dual weilding than having all the classes like EE. Especially excited for the “flying” feature *-*. Still hoping to win a founder’s pack to have the wolf mount though QQ

  • Joe Lin

    Eden Eternal was great if only it wasnt so grindy at later lvls. Looking forward to try this.

  • Trevor Toryk

    Scarlet Blade is not a game <_< . And I really would like to win one of those Aura Kingdom founders packs!

  • TechnoRain

    Waiting and watching every bit of news coming out about Aura Kingdom is making me even more excited for when it comes out! I can’t wait to play it when it is released!

  • Justin

    Looking forward to this game! Been following for a few months now and it looks amazing. Great job AerIa! I’ll be sure to tell my friends about it once I try it out for myself.

  • ShiawaseYuki

    I am so looking forward to playing Aura Kingdom, I’ve been waiting and hoping for it to be localized in English since I first saw it on the X-legend website as Fantasy Frontier.The Eidolons system looks so interesting.

  • Eric Do

    Can’t wait for Aura Kingdom to come out. Love anime & games. Aura Kingdom’s the best of both worlds!

  • Onggo_Paw

    yeah, right… Scarlet Blade need to reach all regions… spread that boobs all over the world… oh, Aura Kingdom do got some kind of attracting aura… i wanna try those eidolon thing… wait… doesn’t it make all the class must be summoner??

  • Kuma

    I’m really excited about this game. Looks to be a quality free to play along with the anime aesthetic. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • Negation

    Great interview on the projects Aeria has going on and the details with Aura Kingdom and asking questions that a lot of people have asked. This game has the makings to be the best game developed by X-Legend. This will be the first time I’ll get to play an Aeria game at launch and I’m looking forward to it.

  • Jake Myers

    It’d be nice to win a pack!

  • Requiem014

    I’ve been following this since the beginning and I can’t wait for open beta. :)

  • jason

    Looking forward for AK. Been waiting for along time.

  • I’m abnormally hyped up for Aura Kingdom’s release, so naturally like most everyone else, I’m looking forward to seeing what it has to offer! Hopefully I can get my friends as interested as I am as well so we can have a consistent world to call our home.

    • Congrats you won a Diamond Founder’s Pack. We will contact you via the email you registered with Disqus!

      • Casey

        are there any packs left?

        • Unfortunately, no. We gave out the three packs we have.

          • Casey

            Alright, thanks anyways


    • kanjidesu

      grats :D

  • CC Nyao

    >w< I hope closed Beta comes out sooner

  • Youngril

    I would like to win! ^.^

  • KirisameMarisa

    I guess I can try this. I would like to try and in please.

  • Shuu

    Aura Kingdom sounds so different than the other anime MMOs. Sooonnnn…. :D

  • Eidoron

    Getting a diamond founders would be ideal, but to be honest any founders pack would be an awesome prize! *Fingers Crossed* I hope I snag one!

  • kanjidesu

    Ohh. This new game looks pretty good.^^,

  • Nymph Astrea

    I played Eden Eternal and talking about the game core such as different levels in dungeon, achievements, inventory, dye, guild hall & quests, pets, weapon fortification and other stuffs this game Aura Kingdom inherit it all and they level up to another level (X-Legend Forte). I’m pretty sure we have a lot of things to do and make us busy, while playing this game and not focusing only to level-up, I know I can say this because it will be the same with Eden Eternal. Anyway I love the anime inspired character the looks, eyes and the hair who won’t fall in-love with that?

  • Garibel Honos B

    Interesting note :)

  • Saranpawilon

    I definitely want to play Aura Kingdom *w*

  • kanjidesu

    Beta’s coming real soon for the founders haha. Good luck to those that will get the packs here.

  • Shin Zame

    This game realy looks awesome. Waiting foarwerd for Aura Kingdom.

  • Shin Zame

    Im exited and waiting for the release of Aura Kingdom. It looks awesome.

  • Kirill

    Because it good game.

  • erosplusmassacre

    This would be absolutely amazing! I’ve been wanting to play this for a while now.

  • Kyle81290

    Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    For some reason, the girl with the axe in the last pic reminds me to Cheria from Tales of Graces

  • ninjafx

    I’d love a founder pack :D

  • Lufer

    Hope I win one of the founder’s packs :(

  • Ravenchain

    I’ve been longing to play an anime game like this, I’ve followed it for quite some time and it’s really promising…

  • Trichia Owusu-duku

    Me…want….pack..D< gimmegimmegimme~!!

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    I certainly am excited about this game and really want to play it sooner… If only i had a founder’s pack (winks)

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    Looking forward to this game since when i saw the announcement for it many months back! A lot of nice features!

  • Guest

    Looking forward to this game for many months now!

  • MammonQ

    Didn’t expect to see AK covered on siliconera :P Great interview and interesting questions. Personally, I’d like to see an English interview with X-Legend themselves.

  • cookiesaur

    Fingers crossed. Lets hope i’ll win something! I’ve been good all xmas and all i want is to play!!!! :DDD

  • Andrez

    In it to win it! Cmon Diamond or Plat Pack! This Game looks like its going to be one of the best.~~~

  • harrybeary14

    Really hoping to win a pack. I am so excited for this game! Can’t wait!

  • Guest

    Great article! I have been following aura kingdom since notice of its release and I can’t wait to play – here’s to hoping I win :( the most exciting feature are the deities and class combo skills…so many to choose from!

  • victorianrobot

    In some ways the combat reminds me of Blade & Soul (the use of an eidolon reminds me of the Summoner class) — I’m looking forward to playing this game and seeing how it feels :)

  • Trip Red

    Can’t wait for beta!

  • Shashank

    I like the fact that the items don’t break when we fail in fortification and i am also expecting the loyality shop will have lots of good gear

  • Hao Pham

    I believe!

  • Succubusty

    I can’t wait for Founder’s Beta to begin! I’m super excited about it and hope it won’t be as similar in gameplay progression as I suspect it will be to Eden Eternal.

  • Kitex2

    Played the HK version of this game, its pretty alright. Also id like to enter in the drawing

  • Vui la Chinh

    i want one key

  • Leo

    i hope this one good, get bored with todays english MMO :/ korean and japan have all the good MMO nowday :x

  • Love Gamez

    i hope im still on time to participate for the founderspack??? I canot wait to explore AK

  • Joel

    Aura Kingdom pretty much 2.0 of Grand Fantasia with a upgrade of Eden Eternal’s pet system. Characters look good though with anime air brush style.

  • Mitch Huang

    so pumped for aura kingdom!. other mmos just never had the right feel after i stopped playing them around 2008

  • kazza

    Hmm I thought my last comment went through but I can’t see it anywhere. That’s odd.

    • kazza

      Oh never mind there it is, I didn’t load more comments enough times. There have bee quite a few people here in half a day.

  • Lamnbet

    Am I going to start playing MMOs again… well there goes all my free time

  • Genome

    when is the announcement?

  • Darkms3ry

    awesome!!!!!!!:D Wooo can’t wait for this game

  • Sturm

    I’m pretty excited about this game, I’ve been reading about it for the past few months ever since I first heard it’s name. I also checked out some of the korean server’s websites and it just looks so promissing. Sadly I don’t have the money to buy myself a founder’s beta pass >.< . But as the collector I am, I will surely make my way to the closed or open beta tests and start collecting eidolons :D

  • Jacky Chen

    Grand famtasia is great, hopefully AK too!

  • MaAr Armeen

    Cant wait for keys to play Aura Kingdom!

  • Mihnea

    Awesome, can’t wait for an amazing anime mmorpg. Looking forward to the open beta, if I’m lucky, closed beta as well ;)

  • Kyazi_B

    This game has potential and an interesting twist on other games Ive played I like the multiclass/subclass system and the pets able to fight just pulls me into it even more :)

  • FuriusTop

    This game honestly impressed me a lot, I am very surprised by its combo system, eidolons look so incredible that although there are other games that I be played that can have some kind of pet but these do not look so amazing as the eidolons because in other game the pet only give you some kind of bufff but in aura kngdom my eidolon can help me in my adventure to fight by my side, mounting it and talking with he/she.I do not have much time like other waiting for this game, like 1 week, but I know that I have the same desire like everyone else for play it.

  • Ace350

    Very well informed interview. :) hope i get chosen XD

  • Kyazi_B

    Aura Kingdom has potential it uses a Main class/Subclass system which I love when being able to multiclass (even a little) and the summons/pets are pretty awesome as well :)

  • Live2K1LLHD

    aura kingdom looks very nice cant wait for the game :)

  • Eslam Sakr

    hope i win a pack :P seems like awesome game

  • Faith Decena

    wow that’s cool XD i can’t wait for aura kingdom to be played :D, and i believe every game has it’s own charm (in my experiences) so i don’t compare them too much with other games

  • Tsuyu

    can’t wait to play this, good luck everyone who need pack!

  • DanganKng

    This game is realy awesome i want to play it because i like the enviroment, the duel system, omg the eidolons but the best for me is really the soundtrack, without it the any game will be nothing, a game need to have a cool soundtrack like aura kingdom i really liked it :3

  • Guest

    did make it to the Aura Kingdom giveaway??:3
    (unicorn power all the way)

  • CraigB

    Can’t wait to play! I hope I win a founders pack, game looks so nice :D

  • starsj

    the game looks gorgeous:3
    and so cute
    (unicorn power all the way )
    i hope i win a founder pack >.<

  • Dejha

    Scarlet Blade was a short lived game for me, but I have hopes for Aura Kingdom.

  • Helen

    9 hours 30 minutes!

  • Flávio Tavares

    I want to play *-*

  • Jad Delgado

    I’ve been waiting for ages on aura kingdom. read a lot of articles, studying the game beforehand and planning stuff out with my guild. Surely I’m quite confident and prepared now for the game. Aura Kingdom here I come! thanks Aeriagames :D

  • Panem

    I’m waiting for Aura Kingdom so long :P Finally there is the Beta, just a founders pack is missing to start my adventure :/

  • Varen

    i want a founders pack please!!!!!

  • Jad Delgado

    yepp, every game has its pros and cons and its the job of the devs to look into it and improve and that is innovation. we always look forward to the best games given to us by these devs and pretty sure like eden eternal and grand fantasia + scarlet blade, Aura kingdom will be a lot more better. Its a new feel of MMO, lets be open-minded and be hopeful :)

  • Kayla

    ahhh soo excited about this!

  • Christian

    Aura Kingdom is going to be AWESOME !! ^_^

  • Krystal Morgan

    -casual comment- YES GIB ME VIRTUAL NOMS! :v

  • Unmei

    Seems nice Oo <3

  • Unmei

    Awesome :D Love it !! <3

  • Michele Biers

    I cant wait to play aura kingdom. Ive been playing Grand Fantasia for a few years now, but really excited to try something new. :)

  • firesorce

    Great, everything I needed to know about AK is here.

  • firesorce

    Lots of info on AK, great post!

  • Will John

    So who won?

  • bohaka

    Regardless of this, im buying a pack anyways. So pumped for this game! Only 7 more hours!

  • Saga Meow Meow

    I just cannot wait for this game to be released!
    Looks promising!

  • Ariel Hope

    That’s awesome! Thanks :D

  • Toasty

    Super excited for Aura Kingdom! If only we could all win the packs. :D

  • Arch Michael

    only 3 hours left for founders Beta cant wait to start testing stuff out :D

  • ~Ys~

    So excited for the release date… please come quick

  • ~Ys~

    So excited for Aura Kingdom… can’t wait ’till the server up

  • Oswald Vonfeld

    Thanks for posting up this site :) , Very interesting content to read.. A founder’s pack..Sigh.. so close yet so far from me acquiring it.. Best of luck to the others! Other game looks promising too..

    • flufftime

      If by ‘other game’ you’re talking about Scarlet Blade, its already out

  • Guy

    Here to entering in the giveaway! Thanks for posting this siliconera & Robert!

  • Draakdio

    The game looks awesome, I am hoping for a key so that I may participate in the founder beta. ^-^

  • Evelyn Hamilton

    Can’t wait to play this! Hope I win. ^v^

  • worry

    Looks interesting! Can’t Wait!

  • Antonie Khor

    Hope I can win the founder pack so i can play with friends while exploring bugs XD

  • deathman00789

    Contest still going on? I hope the duelist uses magic alot.

  • Harry Gormley

    personally i’m a huge fan and long term player of Grand Fantasia Online X-Legend have an eye for the kind of things we want in MMO’s which is why ever since i played GFO i havent been able to pull myself away and im extremely excited to see how Aura Kingdom plays ive watched alot of videos on youtube and the twitch channel and must say im blown away XD

  • Jan de Jesus

    The eidolon on this aura kingdom looks cool. I can’t wait to see the glass cannon range dps.

  • AyoManh

    A Bard that’s able to use twin pistols? This should be interesting.

  • AyoManh

    A bard with the ability to use twin pistols? This should be interesting.

  • Jake Christoffer

    i cant wait to get started on this 1 , after watching the stream and seeing how different it is especially in the way of fortification and the eidolon system you can tell that this game has a huge amount of potential

  • Awesome :) Been looking forward to Aura Kingdom for a while now, but something is wrong with my AP (Error -1) so I can’t purchase a Founder’s Pack. :(

  • Meow~

    cant wait for the game to be realeased. absolutely love the wide variety of classes~

  • Hero42

    The game sounds interesting .don’t have a beta key but ill just wait till closed beta. nice interview and learning about the classes though :)

  • MikeNguyen

    Nicely down

  • Guest

    Can’t wait!!

  • Guest

    Looking forward to playing. Haven’t really been able to “get into” an MMO since Mabinogi–still love it, but I can’t stand by Nexon–hopefully this one will fill the gap.

  • Dezmo

    Is the contest still going for the founder packs, if it is i’d love to be a part of it :)

  • 808akuma

    Looking forward to playing. Haven’t really been able to “get into” an
    MMO since Mabinogi–still love it, but I can’t stand by Nexon–hopefully
    this one will finally fill the gap.

  • Lifaen

    So excited to play,

  • Sanna Kurdahl

    I’m really looking forward to this! I’m really tempted to play sorceress or rouge.

  • ninetas

    Want to play Aura Kingdom~

  • Jake Christoffer

    less than 2 hours for founders beta

  • Bernardo Olbertz

    Aeria is trying to do the best, and Aura Kingdom proves this!

  • Bernardo Olbertz

    MIss my EE days, lets see what Aura Kingdom can do!”

  • Casey

    Aura Kingdom is gonna be epic! I can’t wait to play with all my PC friends! I’m mostly syched about the Eidolons!

  • Guest

    Aura kingdom is gonna be awesome! I can’t wait to play with my PC friends! I’m mostly syched about the Eidolons!

  • Guest

    My comment doesnt stay in the discussion?!?! D:
    I need that pack! :P (not really, i just want it)

  • Yasmani Aushduahsudhas

    awesome! i want a bard :3

  • Muriel White

    That’s awesome!

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