Final Fantasy XIV Producer On Borrowing Elements From World of WarCraft

By Sato . December 13, 2013 . 5:00pm

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has been doing well recently, and with patch 2.1 coming out soon, players of Eorzea will have plenty more to look forward to. Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida recently spoke with Dengeki about catering to MMORPG beginners and veterans, and what his team borrowed from World of Warcraft.


Now that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has over 1.5 million registered users, Dengeki asks Yoshida if he had expected this to happen all along.


“I more or less thought that it wouldn’t be too strange for it too happen,” shares Yoshida. “Previously, it was as if the customers didn’t have many other MMORPG choices, so they continued paying for services. According to recent MMORPG data, those who continue with the monthly subscription after purchasing the game are roughly around 30~35%. That means that each person’s retention rate gets shorter and shorter, so being able to keep them is an advantage for us.”


“Most of [our] players are originally loyal fans of the Final Fantasy series, so I believe the majority of them purchased the game knowing it’d have a monthly subscription,” he continues. “From this point on, if we want to expand our subscribed members, we’ll have to earnestly sell packages to increase newcomers. Of course, this doesn’t mean we’ll be ignoring our current players. After releasing patch 2.1, we will carefully be providing more information through our PR for those who’ve purchased the game.”


Dengeki also asks Yoshida if there are any differences between the upsurge of games in the west, compared to Japan.


“Rather than comparing it to North America and Europe, I believe the difference lies within those who’ve played MMORPGs before and those who are playing them for the first time,” answers Yoshida. “Those who’ve been playing globally-standard MMORPGs for a while, and those who’ve been part of Final Fantasy XI’s community, have a different approach.”


One example of this, Yoshida says, is Final Fantasy XIV’s Duty Finder feature, which allows players to find others to play with. This is a feature that different kinds of players react differently to.


“To put it simply, the Duty Finder is a system that might be familiar to those who’ve played World of WarCraft, but those who aren’t familiar with the game might find it very useful,” Yoshida says. “Due to this, we’ve had some people who felt that it might be difficult to create a proper community under such circumstances.”


“Again, there are many players from the west who look at the Duty Finder and say ‘why isn’t there a kicking function?’. It was quite normal for those who’ve played World of Warcraft to have the option to kick people who are harassing, or simply just not geared well enough. On the other hand, had we implemented from the start, I believe we’d also hear people say, ‘Why do we need a kicking function? Wouldn’t it only be abused?’”


“Those who are new to the Duty Finder system, most likely find it more convenient than anything, and probably wouldn’t expect harassment from other players,” Yoshida emphasizes again. “So if we were to add a kicking function, there’s a chance they would see it as something like, ‘So we’re allowed to keep kicking whoever we don’t like, right?’”


“To an extent, things such as kicking functions are there for the player’s needs, but if we focus only on their needs, then there’s a chance that a feature could lose its original purpose,” he continues.


“So depending on the difference of [MMORPG] experience between players, we’re controlling certain parts on what to implement and what to leave out.”

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  • harmonyworld

    Make duty finder better!
    Takes friggin forever to get a party together for a dungeon~

    • Aunna Terrell

      Sooo this! XD It took me an hour to find a party for the lvl34 Titan story line battle today. I almost fell asleep waiting for it.

      • r0gamer940

        become a medic

        • Aunna Terrell

          I’m white mage and scholar main. It still took an hour.

          • r0gamer940

            really! I thought medics always get spots quickly since they are in high demand.

          • Guest

            What is more needed is tanks I’d say. Always waiting on tanks

          • Lucky Dan

            Same problem in both games, there are 0 tanks in world of warcraft and 0 tanks in final fantasy XIV.

            You could say add more tank specific classes but that is not the case, World of Warcraft has 5 tank classes all with different ways to play and you still have trouble finding them in filling raids, dungeon finder and also also look for raids etc.

            Adding more tank specific classes does not make them more abundant but just a bit more slight increase.

          • Aunna Terrell

            Duty Finder randomly teams you up with people on different servers… So it can take a few seconds to an hour+, depending on who all is seeking for the dungeon or boss battle. Normally, if I was with a friend who had a tanking job, it won’t take too long. But I was all by myself this morning.

          • Ty Austin

            Healers and Tanks generally get through the DF a lot quicker, but as you level higher, Healer’s wait time increases closer to that of the DPS classes while Tanks are still relatively quick.

            But yeah, with the lower level story stuff, I can imagine it taking forever. Hopefully the DF roulette will help newer players since there’s now an incentive to play older stuff.

          • After lv 30, Arcanist as a Scholar can queue in as a Healer increasing the competition with white mage for spots. Tank is the position that is always in demand and will determine your waiting time.

    • Crevox

      There’s no way they can “make it better.” It takes forever because there’s no people playing tank and/or healer roles.

      You can’t make people appear from nowhere.

      • I agree. Best thing to do in my opinion is play with FC members.

        Suddenly, waiting isn’t an issue!

    • Bunzi

      They shot themselves in the foot when they released exactly one class that can flag itself as a healer from the get go, and only two that can be tanks. It’s why World of Warcraft’s two new classes could at least Tank, and why upcoming MMO Wild Star allows every class to both deal damage and either Tank or Heal – so that the numbers won’t be as horribly skewed in damage dealers’ favor as they always will be.

    • The Duty Roulette might help this a bit but if you’re playing a DPS you will always be playing the waiting game for the few tanks and healers while competing on all the other DPS also waiting for tank and healers. Nearly everyone on this game is a DPS ( Black mage, Bard, Dragoon, Monk, Summoner)

    • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

      Do people forget that you can change class after registering and so other stuff like crafting, huntimg logs, FATEs, guild leves while you wait. You can also watch tv. Or do what I did, made a tank. Almlst always insta queue, and when I want to run dps or healer, I do any of the above mentioned, ask linkshells or my fc, friends, shout in More Doughnuts or where the imstance is. Plenty to do.

  • Vash bane

    never used duty finder since my purpose for playing isn’t the multiplayer(yeah I know weird eh?) so I really don’t have a input on that

    • Crevox

      Yet to get past the level 15 story quest, you have to use Duty Finder. Even in a premade, you have to use it.

      I question how long you’ve been playing…

      • greeeed

        from 1.0 with many 50+ level
        (joke since even though I am from 1.0 I still used it ^^-)

  • Alestaos

    I think what would help the duty finder is more tanks or classes allowing certain melee classes to line up as tanks if they have the right cross class. But in all honesty id much rather perfer new or extensions of the class’s that can lead to a tank job. Like ninja crossing pug with thm or whatever is a popular choice. But theres only two tanking classes and thats not enough since majority of players are on DPS’s because they like that style of how the job plays. When more diverse playstyle tanking jobs come that will be great. But at the minute being a dps and healer the que times are very long and when it pops your like “forgot i even signed up”.

    That said its a young game and i love it, and cant wait for the changes and additions in 2.1 onwards. It can only get better, theres a great community on Moogle and im in one of the best FCs interms of community imo.

    tldr: Need more tanks maybe new jobs, or letting or jobs have a go at it by unlocking some of the class skills needed for it. Great game and great community.

    • Yuta Takemoto

      The problem isn’t that we need more tanking classes. The problem is people don’t wanna tank because you can’t slack off at all. You have to be ON 24/7. And put in the most effort. Not to mention that tanks are usually the first ones blamed when something bad happens. MMO players are mostly lazy / don’t want responsibility. Adding tanking classes/options isn’t going to change things. It all comes down to players being lazy, selfish, and not wanting responsibility.

      • I agreed with you until the last sentence. Strongly disagree there.

        • Guest

          Actually World of Warcraft have 5 tanking classes and you still have to wait an hour for the party to form.

          Healers no problems dps no problems not many people like to tank.

      • Duo Maxwell

        It’s not the player problem only. It’s also the pressure of being a tank. For a DPS, you have the rating range from noob-poor-average-good-great-pro, but for a tank, there is only success or failure. Most of the time if the group failed, people will put the blame on the tank or the healer instead. Rarely I’ve seen people praised the tank for properly tanking. It’s not rocket science to see why tank isn’t popular, and that is every game’s problem.

        We actually need more tanking classes with flashier presentation to draw in people.

        • Lucky Dan

          Actually World of Warcraft have 5 tanking classes and you still have to wait an hour for the party to form.

          More tanking classes would get more people slightly playing but I’ve played all 3 roles in World of Warcraft and I assume this would be the same situation in Final Fantasy XIV: A RR

          Tanks = 1 second to dungeon
          DPS = 30 mins – 1hr to dungeon
          Healer = 1 second – 10 mins max to dungeon.

          If that’s the same as in FF as in WOW then adding more tanking classes will make 0 difference, just people don’t like to play them :).

        • AFatHouseCat

          I play both Tank and DPS but I’ve gotten so I only Tank with my FC because PUGs are SO unforgiving to a Tank that makes a simple mistake. Strangers are ready to jump on the Tank no sooner they mess up, even if it doesnt even end in a wipe, while other classes can cause wipes multiple times before people rage. I think if the community could lighten up and give Tanks a little breathing room, especially since there are a lot of new to MMO players in the game, it would encourage more people to stick with Tank and use DF. Tanks have enough stress just doing their job without having the added stress of getting raged at if they slip up and lose aggro for a sec.

          • Daniel Williams

            I hear that this happens often, but not all the time. FFXIV is my first MMO, the first instance I ran was as a tank. I didnt even know the most basic of basics like attacking every enemy (I let the healer die in like the 3rd mob). Instead of screaming my head off like they could have done, they instead chose to give me help and let me know how Im supposed to play a tank.

        • Landale

          Flashier presentation is actually what helped kill tanking in WoW.

          Before it had been simple, know how to pull threat and not take more damage than you can handle. Threat has since been rendered nearly obsolete, while the Tank needs to pull nearly as much DPS as people in the DPS role, know how to not only take as little damage as possible but to generally know how to heal that damage they’re taking themselves and if they have time heal others as well, and up until a recent patch had to understand how to stand in stuff you shouldn’t stand in just enough to abuse a mechanic to raise their damage and healing without taking too much extra damage. So to be a Tank in current WoW you need to be a Tank/Healer/DPS all at the same time.

          DPS on the other hand almost never have to worry about their own mitigation outside of a couple mechanics on a couple of fights, that groups often find a way to push back off onto Tanks anyway, nor do they really need to keep themselves in check anymore due to threat changes.
          Healers have had a lot of their concern for Tanks taken away as they can now heal themselves quite a bit, and get a lot of assistance from some Tanks in regards to healing the raid as well. They do still have some difficulties, as there are mechanics that just hit everyone and they need to keep alive DPS that have long since forgotten the concept of self preservation.

          DPS need to be given more survival based responsibilities beyond pushing big numbers if these games want to increase the number of Tanks and Healers.

        • Alestaos

          I have seen alot of people praise the tank but rarely praise the dps or healer. If the want praise then they should praise everyone as well not just the tank. I mean HM titan is harder on healers than tanks yet i have healed it to completiton and didnt get praised so i think same goes for everyone praise wise.

          Would like to see Nin and Dancer still xD

      • Alestaos

        Im leveling both maraduer and gladiator and having alot of fun on them in dungeons. I understand what u mean but from parties i have been in the tank rarely gets blamed unless they really are bad. And i know a paladin who says pld is easy mode and hes tanked all hm primals solo etc. Also alot just say its boring doing pld.

  • Anko Is Furious (King T.G.P)

    Yeah.. Really wish the monthly fee wasn’t enabled on this game >.>.. Call me cheap but I think 2014 is going to kill my bank account easily lol. I’d love to tank to see what the fuss is about ~.^.

    • Darkerson

      Such a first world problem. Im glad there is a paywall involved. Only those that are genuinely interested in playing the game are there, instead of a bunch of people that are looking for the flavor of the week.

      • Anko Is Furious (King T.G.P)

        Yeah well honestly when you’re the one paying rent, paying your internet provider, putting food on the table etc. and plan to not spend the rest your earnings on just one (< Keywords) game with a monthly fee to get my extra entertainment.. Then I'm sure you'll understand exactly where I'm coming from lol. That aside in all honesty I didn't really ask for your opinion but I appreciate you taking the time to do so.

        • Darkerson

          When you post a comment on a public website with a public commenting system, usually you dont need to worry about asking whether or not people can also give their own opinions in addition to yours! :3

          As for all that …whatever it was you were trying to go on about regarding being an adult and paying your bills and all that, you do realize a 15 monthly fee is pocket change In regards for the amount of entertainment you receive.

          There is really not much else out there that is cheaper than an MMO sub. hell, it typically costs more to go out to eat or see a movie than it does to pay a monthly sub for an online game

          Oh, and come back to me about monthly costs like rent and grocery bills and whatnot when you are married and have kids.

          • Anko Is Furious (King T.G.P)

            Lol there really isn’t anything for me to comment on aside from the fact you’re trying to tell me a monthly video game subscription (Which I can live without.) is cheaper than something that’s needed in life (Food)..

            Not sure what you’ve read that’s somehow implying I’ve said I can’t afford it.. I’m merely saying paying monthly fee is pointless and not even worth it in my eyes when I have things to take care of but its still a game I’d love to try without having to add more money wasted with the games price (I do have to purchase the game too, ya know?) and the monthly fee x.x. Simple.

            I’m sorry but I’m not really buying your last part lol. Now if you’ll forgive my rudeness I’ll allow you to continue down voting my posts and end this discussion here.

          • Darkerson

            lol dont really care if you believe me or not, but thanks for letting me know how you feel :3

  • Jirin

    Any time Square is accused of copying another game they should be like “Well, the entire genre copied all the early Final Fantasy games, so we get to.”

    • Landale

      Phantasy Star has been around as long as Final Fantasy, went online a little over a year before Final Fantasy. Dragon Quest had been around for over a year before either of those series came around. Dungeons and Dragons had been around for over a decade before any of them. The original Final Fantasy was obviously and openly heavily based on D&D.
      As stupid and pointless as people bitching about things being copied from or inspired by other games and sources are, if you’re going to try to defend against it make sure your defenses actually have any merit.

      • greeeed

        FFXI(jpn version) come before Phantasy Star

        • Landale

          Phantasy Star Online, December 21 2000
          Final Fantasy 11, May 16, 2002
          Anything else?

  • They should borrow no gcd ffs

  • The Watcher

    Thats why i love being a tank.No waiting

  • Pockystix

    kinda wish the game had a Mystic Knight/ Spellblade/ Spell Fencer/Red Mage already.

    just kinda feel there’s not that big of a variety in classes yet.

    • Ferrick

      iirc those are being taken into consideration according to one of the interviews with Yoshi P

      classes that are taken into consideration according to the interviews are; (do note that as off now, these classes are still unconfirmed, so take it what you will)

      -Red mage
      -Dark knight

      • Pockystix

        Fencer (I’m assuming a spell one) sounds nice. Red Mage is a must, Ninjas and Dark Knights rule.

        Tough choice, but I can’t see them not adding a few upon expansion, in a similar way to DQX adding 2 classes per update.

        • Ferrick

          i don’t think it’ll be a magic fencer like Rune fencer is, since the interview states that it’s just a musketeer, so it’s possible that it’ll be a tank with evasive skills ?

          also on the same interview, yoshi p hints that classes like RDM are branch classes that you get when combining both white magic and black magic, (possibly lvl 30 tharmautauge with lvl 30 conjurer needed for red mage class ?)

          • Pockystix

            I guess that could work with the current system they’re using, what with the souls
            though if they really want to give the Red Mage it’s proper feeling, they’d have to find a way to make either one of those pure mage classes somewhat competent with armor, swords and shields. Which I suppose brings us back to the original problem, I guess lol

            it’s either they make a kind of Red Mage soul that either THM or CON can become, gaining really only Red Magic, and none of the equipment draw. Or they go all out and make a new class. Or find someway to translate Dualcast into MMO gameplay lol

            in any case, FFXI RDM wasn’t exactly like regular FF’s class anyway. It was a little too support based in FFXI; leading to the reason why I think Rune Fencer was eventually added (late as it was). There’s a decent enough demand for it, now we just gotta wait and see if the class is possible in their new system.

          • Ferrick

            well there’s always a possibility of giving the gladiator class the RDM soul, and give it a RDM exclusive rapier, but who knows, nothing of the sorts have been mentioned in 2.1, and it’s 3 months before 2.2

            that’s possible too, making musketeer class make sense as a basic class to go with thau (black magic) or conj (white) and give it en-spells when it become RDM (and dual cast is <3)

            correct me if i'm wrong, bust isn't RDMs a support class back at FFI ? it's been a while since i've played FFI and have no recollection of it. Though Rune fencers are added as tanks instead of DPS (which is kinda weird seeing that rune fencers have the lunge ability that can dish out crazy damage depending on how many runes you have on)

          • Pockystix

            I can see RDM or RUN being a Gladiator class (it’d prolly be the only other class to use shields lol).

            In the original FF RDM was essentially the all-arounder, Jack-of-all-trades, Master-of-none class. They had better weapon and armor draw than the Thief, Monk, Black Mage and White Mage, but overall weren’t the best. Basically serving as a nice backup character for DPS or healing. In FFV they gained the absolutely essential Mage skill; Dualcast. Making them much more of an offensive threat, and a support saint. Ironically, the Mystic Knight from FFV was also capable of legendary levels of damage with their Spellblade skills, and could easily outperform many classes fairly easily with even early game skills. For example Two-Hand+Mystic Knight+Elemental Spellblade the enemy is weak to usually equaled 3x normal damage, or in some cases instant death.

            On a side note, I hear RDM/RUN is a great build.

  • KiTA

    Kinda wish they had bothered to borrow WOW’s anti-RMT stuff.

    There is no reason at all in 2013 a 5 minute old account should be able to send out 10,000 private messages or send nearly identical /shout broadcasts every 2 seconds for 6+ hours at a time.

    The fact that they don’t have the ability to right click and mute or right click and report RMT spam, in 2013, is utterly inexcusable.

    • Naux

      I think there are alot of things that are inexcusable in FF14. Like lag issues (No dedicated EU datacenter) and bugged skill mechanics left to rot for months. Yet even though everybody is paying monthly for this game, none of the players really seem to care. It’s quite fascinating.

      • Ferrick

        i do agree about the lag, but i’m not sure on what you meant by bugged skill mechanics, i played all of the classes and they seemed fine to me (skill mechanic wise), unless if lag spiked

      • Shady Shariest

        Ouch. They said that there would be dedicated EU-servers at launch since Beta Phase 1 on the forums :x

    • Enma_Kozato

      Right click report is being added in the patch on Tuesday iirc.

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