Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 And Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Leaving Xbox Live And PSN

By Ishaan . December 14, 2013 . 9:30am

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 are going to be leaving the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network stores, Capcom have announced, recommending that you grab the two games while you can if you still want them.


The last day that DLC for these games will be available on the two stores is December 26th on Xbox Live, December 17th on PSN in North America, and December 19th on PSN in Europe.


At present, a 50% discount sale is being offered on all DLC on PSN, while discounts for Xbox Live may be announced in the near future.


Capcom haven’t said why the two games are being removed from the Xbox Live and PSN store, but one would imagine that it has to do with contract issues between Marvel and Capcom. Type-Moon fighter Fate/Unlimited Codes was removed from the PSP in a similar manner last year.

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  • GH56734

    Like Tatsunoko Vs Capcom going out of print (at least it has physical copies, not the same could be said about the DLC half of the content of these games though..).. or J. J. Rocket for the iPhone being withdrawn indefinitely..
    Ah, the joys of digital-only gaming.

    • John Diamond

      Yeah i remember that time when because snk and capcom were having difficulties. They went to my house and took Capcom vs SNK 2

      • Slayven19

        What! lol.

  • I’ve played the game before, but wondering if I should pick it up again or not because of this. Any opinions?

    • Both games are a ton of fun, personally I would get 3 if you can only afford one of them though.

      • I already have 2, (Srry I didnt specify on that), but yeah, seems like a good idea to pick up a physical copy of 3 or Ultimate 3 I guess lol =)

  • d3v

    Because Marvel doesn’t care about Esports.

    • Just Tim

      d3v, is that the reason why MvC3 didn’t get the “makes-sense-in-context” Marvel Zombies DLC for Halloween?

  • DarthSithZero

    The title says Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Marvel vs Capcom 2, but at the beginning of the article says Marvel vs Capcom 3 and ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 2.

    • Fixed, thanks!

      • Guest

        Isn’t it MvC3 and UMvC3 ??? both games have DLC sale right now.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    First Tatsunoko going out of print, then Fate/Unlimited Codes gets removed from PSN, and now this is getting removed from XBL/PSN? I guess I’ll pick up UMvC3 when I can. Made the same mistake of not picking up Fate/Unlimited Codes and I still regret it to this day.

    • GH56734

      Tatsunoko was rather *pulled* from the market over copyright expiration issues, according to Capcom at any rate.

      • Sentsuizan_93

        Yeah. The reason for Tatsunoko being pulled out was understandable. I felt we were incredibly lucky to get Tatsunoko vs Capcom localized at all, albeit with the character themes being ommited and Tekkaman Blade and Zero being added and Hakushon Daimao being removed from the roster due to copyright issues in the NA/EU versions.

  • Wait, Marvel Vs Capcom 2 has DLC?

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      Nope, it doesn’t. I don’t see any on the PSN Store (checked via browser, not through PS3 or Vita)

      • BufferingX

        Nope it doesn’t, too old of a game for that kind of stuff.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I assume since Marvel vs Capcom Origins isn’t on here because it’s newer with a different contract/license agreement?

    Anyways… all I’m missing out on are really costumes… I bought the MvC3 LE with the Jill & Shuma-Gorath DLC. I have yet to get Ultimate though. I suppose I should get on that soon.

    I also have my “physical” copy of MvC2 for the PS3, if you know what I mean :)

    • BufferingX
      • MrSirFeatherFang

        Yup :D

        • BufferingX

          That seriously annoyed me when they did that. One of the biggest advantages of buying physical console games is that you can bring them anywhere and buy doing this, its kind of well…. removed.

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            Yeah… even some games that used to be digital that get physical releases, actually just makes you install the game on your system but you still need the disc :/
            I just wanted it for collection purposes lol, didn’t want to pass it up.
            Good thing I held off for DuckTales Remastered… I wonder who at Capcom thought it was a good idea to make a code voucher version and then release a physical disc one later…

          • BufferingX

            Was that actually worth buying? I’ve heard a lot of mixed feedback, but really loved the original.

            Installs also kind of remove a pretty big benefit of physical media, how you can just pop it in and play. (see Metal Gear Solid 4, for an example of how you don’t want to do installs.) And though they are pretty annoying, it is much more aggravating to be giving a PS3 box with a code inside. Like MvC2 or Terraria “physical releases.”

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            I think it’s just decent if you played the original. If still interested, maybe wait for a price drop.
            Ah, yes. Metal Gear Solid 4. Glad they made it a “real” installation after the patch.
            I know, I’d love for them to give me a disc copy. I suppose since there was nothing else but getting a box with a code, I’d at least like MvC2 box next to my MvC3 one.
            Also something is weird with Capcom or Sony. Capcom’s games like D&D, Darkstalkers Resurrection, Okami did get physical releases in Japan, but only digital everywhere else. Same for the upcoming Strider. I think they all have really awesome Limited Editions too.

  • KingGunblader

    Crap, it’s impossible to find a physical copy of UMVC 3 in stores as it is, doubt I’m gonna be able to jump on this before it leaves PSN. :(

    • NimbusStev

      Amazon is your friend! :3

    • Arcana Wiz

      seriously? here in my country it`s one of the most common games and cheap, i got mine in a sale in small store this year….

  • BlakShiranui

    Yikes. I guess that means I should finally buy that costume pack otherwise it’ll be lost forever D:

  • CartmanKusanagi

    I know the announcement didn’t say anything about it, but should MvC Origins be affected by this?

    • pimpalicious

      I would assume yes. If you want it buy now, especially if you’re in NA it’s currently on sale anyway.

  • Saeed Al-Thumali

    does anyone know if the two DLC characters are worth the purchase?

    • AriesWarlock

      of course, it’s shuma-gorath!

      • Saeed Al-Thumali

        I have the Vita version and apparently that one’s not on sale so Shuma-Gorath can suck it

        (I’m sure he’s a good character it’s just 5 bucks is too much compared to the 2.45 for THE PS3 version)

        • Matenshi

          The PS3 DLC is cross-buy, so you get the Vita versions as well when you buy them. :)

    • KingGunblader

      JIll is a good zoning character, much less Chris, she’s also really strong but surprisingly slow. Shuma-Gorath is a combo machine with lots of hitboxes on pretty much all his attacks. He’s quick as a feather and a tough target, but can be kind of hard to control.

  • Almost guarantee it’s a contract issue much like the issues Activision had with Marvel over the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games.

  • RichyGaming

    -reads title- Never liked playing UMVC3 online anyways.

    • Brandonmkii

      You can still play the game online, it’s just being removed from the online marketplace.

  • urbanscholar

    could this maybe be a hint that a new patched version is coming?

    • MasterScrub

      Honestly, I’d probably say the exact opposite is true.,

  • XypherCode

    Yup the same why Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom had a limited run. Bummers….


    Is DLC for UMVC3 on sale on European PSN? I’m on US PSN and I don’t see discounts for any of the DLC packs. Checked from both PS3 & Vita.

    Got discount only on MVC2 and that was PSN+ discount.

    Did I miss the sale already or it’s yet to start? Can someone clarify, thanks.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      Probably for EU; UMvC3 was discounted a while ago but now it’s full price again~.

      • ALfromHELLSING

        Suck, guess I’ll have to pay full price then. Thanks for the info.

  • anthony apduhan

    So does this mean MVC4 confirmed oh wait…

  • TheRequiem95

    I’ll have to keep my eyes open for the Xbox sale. I’d like to get Jill, but Shuma Gorath can tentacle-F himself. At least we’re getting the heads up this time vs. the game and its content just disappearing someday.

  • hazelnut1112

    If the DLC for UMvC 3 will be removed, They might as well give away Shuma and Jill for free.
    It was stupid for them to be the only two DLc for the game in the first place.

  • Keiji Johnson

    Does that mean no Vita compativility for MvC 2? :(

  • TheHolypopeofgaming

    Guess what I just bought today on PSN? Yep wasn’t expecting to but eh…

  • Spirit Macardi

    Look at stuff like this, and then think about how much Cloud Gaming is being pushed…

    At least currently there’s still the second-hand market, and people who already own the game still get to keep it. But once it gets to the point where games are no longer owned by you in any way and are merely streamed to your device, imagine how much more a situation like this will suck.

  • fairysun

    Hmm, does this mean if I uninstall the digital game, I can not redownload the game again in the future?

  • J_Joestar

    Digital! The Future of gaming mirite?

  • I wish I’d gotten this memo when DefJam Rapstar was on the rocks.

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