A Little More About Tales Of Zestiria’s Sword Swinging Hero

By Spencer . December 16, 2013 . 11:41pm

tales1Namco Bandai has a little more information about the two main characters in Tales of Zestiria, the next major game in the Tales of series. Slay, the male protagonist, will be voiced by Ryohei Kimura who was Joshua in The World Ends With You. He has a sweet and pure personality with a forward facing attitude. Slay wields a one handed sword.


Ai Kayano who was Yomi in Senran Kagura voices Alicia. Alicia uses a spear as a weapon and she is a princess that would rather server her country is a mere knight.


Tales of Zestiria is in development for PlayStation 3.

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  • bloodiOS

    I don’t know about you guys but Asbel probably looks more “slay” than Slay here… why they would give such a menacing name like “Slay” to a guy who looks gentle as fuck is way beyond me.

    • Maybe it’s a tribal name? He seems like a “country boy” to me.

      Or maybe it’s rather alias than his real name.

    • icecoffemix

      He probably has something like ID within.

    • Raze

      Because He will “slay” a dragon?

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Because his name is Sylvester Leon Avereine Yahia.

  • Slay… such a weird name for an innocent looking guy~ I’m waiting to know more about him, because as for now, I’m quite meh about him. Alicia, on the other hand, interests me more. I do like Princesses that want to fight instead of being damsels in distress.

    Waiting for the obligatory femme fatale of the group~

    • Arcana Wiz

      it malkes me wonder how many people will be in the party, i mean if it’s 8 like Xillia 2, we could have a femme fatale and another woman that isnt the child… and the “old” character, the rival… speculations, speculations…

      • M’iau M’iaut

        The loli will have issues which are honorably resolved by onii-chan’s love. The perky childhood friend will have regularly beat the snot out of the MC and the secondary male character will not always be acting with the party’s best interests at heart. If he is not the plant, it will be the secondary female character’s duty to assume that position.

        • Arcana Wiz

          ….. seems right, Tales of arent the most innovative series… I think we all will know who will be the traitor character the moment he will be revealed.

          • The traitor character you say? Well, we all know it’s going to be the handsome one, who either seems cold or cool at first sight. ;D

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Time to go beat Anise up again.

          I know you hate her.

          Give in to the Tales of Humooooorrrrrrr

    • Slayven19

      Oddly enough all tales games don’t have femme fatales. I think they all however have a child character, someone who acts like they are old, and a traitor. They don’t always have big breasted females either although there’s only been like 3 games without one.

    • Anthony Birken

      I did have some killer moments with Estelle in Vesperia, but I’m hoping Alicia can pull of a Judith of some sort~

  • Surf

    Maybe in the game you’ll be……

    Slay-ing some dragons.

    • Pockystix

      you’ll need to borrow Gut’s sword

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        Sword? I think it’s more like a slab of iron…
        Also it’s a useful fly swatter :V

        • Arcana Wiz

          Fang, you really are into Beserk this week hum?

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            Oh yeah~
            Gonna keep tweetin’ those pics too.

          • Pockystix

            hopefully the creator gets interested in it again soon. . .

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            Not sure if you know, he’s working on a short 6 chapters mini-series called “Gigantomakhia “. Release dates for each chapter are:

            Nov 22, Dec 13, Dec 27, Jan 10, Jan 24, Feb 14.
            After that… more Berserk ^_^

          • Pockystix


            I swear, he worries me sometimes

          • Sergio Briceño

            Must import.

        • RichyGaming

          Nah, not strong enough. Just play the whole game with a DLC skin banana.

        • Yan Zhao

          I would REALLY like to see a conclusion to this series before I die….

    • bloodiOS

    • Oh you SLAY me! Ho ho ho!

  • bloodiOS

    Say, is “Slay” the official translation? Because I was digging around for the Japanese text and thought that it might be possible that his name is Srey or Sleigh or something instead of Slay? (I mean really, Slay rivals Square’s level of bad naming sense here.)

    • M’iau M’iaut

      He’s probably related to Shing in some round about way :P.

      • bloodiOS


        • rekka_zan

          Wouldn’t “Sleigh” a worse name to pick? I mean, I know it’s almost Christmas but…

          • bloodiOS

            That might be the reason, since I was just throwing out whatever sounds closest to “Surei” that I could think of at that moment.

          • Lynx

            Sleigh’s an actual name in some cases. Rare but it does happen. Hell, one of my best friends has that as her name. (She does shorten it most of the time to Slei though)

    • icecoffemix

      What’s wrong with Lightning Cloud following a Squall? :/


      • Steven Lamphere

        I do think he is referring to the wonderful name of “Edge Maverick”

        • icecoffemix

          That’s Tri-Ace who also happen to have the greatest JRPG protagonist name ever : Jack. :P

          • Steven Lamphere

            Actually, Star Ocean the Last Hope is by Square-Enix

          • icecoffemix

            And Tri-Ace, but yeah published by SE because it’s Enix’s old IP. Star Ocean however is always developed by Tri-Ace even before Square got in so I consider it Tri-Ace’s child. :P

    • Audie Bakerson

      Could be worse. Look at Shining Blade: The main character is レイジ, which is an actual Japanese name normally romanized as “Reiji”, he is not from the game’s area and carries a talking katana named Yukihime, but for some reason Sega made the official romanization “Rage”.

      • bloodiOS

        Yeah, I remembered it since I set up the Wiki page (since no one bothered to do it). It still cracks me every time I see it

      • rekka_zan

        That reminds me. In Tales of Destiny… “Mighty Kongman” was changed to “Bruiser Khang”, “Woodrow” was changed to “Garr”, and “Johnny” was changed to “Karyl”…
        I wonder what they were thinking at the time.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Because Carl>Johnny

  • In that picture he’s clearly slaying a dragon lol. Can’t wait to see what Alicia looks like as well =)

    • bloodiOS

      It looks more like a minotaur to me.

      • A Minotaur Dragon? =P

        • tubers

          a hooved dragon? Interesting xD

  • Slay’s personality sounds a lot like Jude’s — not that I have a problem with it.

  • Alos88

    Does anyone else think his face looks a little like Link’s?

    • bloodiOS

      Seems gentler than Link to me…

      • Arcana Wiz

        And more child like if you understand.

  • Pockystix

    I wonder if they are gonna do the whole ‘choose your perspective’ thing from Xillia. I kinda liked that.

    • Anthony Birken

      Wasn’t bad, but they get rid of it in ToX2

      • Pockystix

        I’ve yet to give that one a whirl. Not a big fan of Ludger on first glance (kinda seems Gary-Stue-ish what with his abilities and weapon switching).

        • Anthony Birken

          You can pull off some pretty creative combos though (once you get the hang of memorizing 48 shortcuts~)

          • Pockystix

            I’ll probably opt to have him be controlled by the AI

          • Anthony Birken

            I did that, for the love of customizing every character along the way of the game, but eventually came back to try out some of that killer potential. Those three weapons may seems like a stretch, but the abilities are beautiful. At least let him be AI until he learns a bit of artes. I got bored with him in the intro part of the first few chapters. Through out the game though, you won’t be able to kick him off your team (I assumed it was because of corpse shell) until you get to post game (and also free picking for arena fights).

            P.S. Cameo fight will give you a run for your money

          • Pockystix

            I’m assuming there will be parts where i will be forced to play as him, kind of like Jude in certain parts of Xillia. I HATED playing as Jude. For some reason, I just didn’t like his style. Didn’t have the versatility of Milla, or the fun fluidity of Graces F characters. . . just kinda rubbed me the wrong way, every time the game tried to put him in my team, or make me play as him.

          • Anthony Birken

            I do believe you can switch him to AI with whatever party members the story sticks you with. I guess besides party locking him, the only time you’re forced to play as him is with story events and such. And of course the above stated.

  • fyi1191

    YES! Ai Kayano finally got a role in Tales of.

  • Arcana Wiz

    Huuum, i wonder about this protag, he doesnt look someone who would go into battle just cause, i wonder about his story, and why the name Slay.

  • Warboss Aohd

    ‘Sweet and Pure personality and Forward Facing Attitude’ ‘Sword Wielding’

    Wow, he’s like the cliche of your average JRPG/Shonen Anime Protagonist.

    • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

      Maybe they will make Zestiria 2 with another silent lead like Ludger, better silent than cliche i would say.

      PS: No offence but you got better at english i had say.

      • Warboss Aohd

        The Tau captured me and the Mad Wolves again, altered our brains so we would speak better.

        Apparently they were tired of you humans constantly complaining about it.

        Also you can’t see it in my picture, but i also wear a monocle and Top Hat. I am now a Classy Ork……..sodding Tau.

  • Nitraion

    How to make tales of game you just need:
    -A MC that have no idea what’s going on or skilled MC who serious
    -Adult/cool general type male
    -one more male chara
    -A loli
    -A childhood friends
    But i really like this series even though their main cast easy to predict XD

    • William Cox

      I’m writing a story with a main character that has the cliche amnesia thing going on but he acts like a smart-ass most of the time, a middle aged samurai that tries to act cool, a teenage tomboy with a short temper, a young female knight, a formal prince with dark secrets, a typical female white mage, and an assassin with honor. I tried to change some things but others were a little difficult without making the story seem like shit.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Let me guess. They failed and all shot themselves in the head to go to sleep in the Rhineland

  • Charmchar

    The main male character is just like every other tale main character, I would like to see a bad ass, scythe wielding, crazy, loli who has a dark past; she wishes she could forget.

    • Arcana Wiz

      well i would like too a scythe wielding character and a different child character, but this is tales of…

    • David García Abril
      • Arcana Wiz

        but actually red turned to be very…. happy.

      • Warboss Aohd

        Ruby isn’t crazy, she’s bubbly and happy all the time.

        Also, ‘clears throat and raises flame shield’
        Rooster Teeth’s Anime is better than most modern Anime.

    • Chiupon

      you mean drakengard 3, which is also on the ps3?

    • pimpalicious

      If we’re going to be different, how about older not younger? :P

  • Masa

    urgh. main character looks and sounds so boring and cliche………….still buying day one

    • David García Abril

      In the “Tales” series, if it sounds “cliché”, you know it will be subverted and/or deconstructed in some way at some point in the game. :D

      • Masa

        haha, true, very true. :)

      • Chiupon

        you mean like partially?
        because sometimes the generic characters stay generic

      • KingGunblader

        Everyone is always so quick to say that Tales “subverts” or “deconstructs” genre cliches in some way. Now I love the series, but I don’t really see that… at all. It usually turns out exactly the way you’d expect it to. :/

        • Hentailover

          I think they simply don’t understand what the games ACTUALLY do. They do something very simple. Skits. Even the most generic of them ends up having multiple(if generic too) dimensions at least on some level purely because of HOW MUCH characterization there is. Since you have to have a lot of it to make tons of skits.

        • David García Abril

          It’s difficult to discuss this without entering spoiler territory, but here it goes:

          “Symphonia” deconstructed the “Chosen One” concept back and forth several times over.

          “Abyss” subverted both the Chosen One and Amnesic Hero tropes (in one of the best plot twists in JRPG history, I might add), while deconstructed the “because destiny says so” trope. This is the best entry in the series in that regard (and IMO, the best entry in the series, period)

          “Vesperia” deconstructed the concept of vigilantism and morally-gray actions, although it’s true that it dropped the ball half-way through. Which was a shame, because it got REALLY interesting, with some awesome scenes.

          “Graces” is probably the weakest of the bunch, though, since the tropes it deconstructs or subverts are done only superficially (Kid hero, specially).

          I haven’t played “Xillia” yet, but I heard that it’s at least at the level of “Symphonia” in trope deconstruction.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Did you hit your head?

            If you dont mind me asking.

          • God

            I understood what you said, while i don’t agree with you since most of those subversions and deconstructions end up being really cliche and predictable. But you do know that not everyone uses tvtropes right?

    • Anthony Birken

      I’d still throw wallets at my screen regardless, but the moment Tales can keep their greatness and detour away from the cliches….life has moved forward~

  • Triplicity

    Cute girl, cute name, spear, princess who just wants to be a knight.

    please be the best Tales main heroine ever

    • Arcana Wiz

      please dont let be her the damsel in distress, even in games that the heroine is capable she ends needing the male character help…. and if she ends, please dont let this destroy her character as a good knight.

      • David García Abril

        I can only think of two “Tales” female lead that really fit the “Damsel in Distress” role: Colette from “Symphonia” and Estelle from “Vesperia”. And even then it’s only temporary and don’t destroy their character.

        “Abyss” didn’t have a “Damsel in Distress” (rather a “pre-teen boy in distress”), and in “Graces” Cheria is distressed for… 5 minutes?

        Haven’t played “Xillia” yet, though…

        • Aqua

          Rebirth; Tales of Rebirth’s heroine was not only an NPC, she stayed kidnapped for literally the entire game and served entirely as grounds for his motivation and confusion regarding the racism later in the game (his obsession with her also caused him to become the butt of many jokes among fans of the series lol)

          • Michael Connell

            Wow, even Shirley from Legendia got out of being damsel in distress in the latter part of the game

          • Slayven19

            Shirley was also playable in the latter part of the game.

          • David García Abril

            I haven’t played “Rebirth”, but I’m aware of the meme. :P

            Still, the balance I think is more on the positive side here.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Tales of Rebirth is my favorite Tales game because I know that feel of watching someone go after someone with that level of obsession. So I feel for the cast XDl.

            But the real reason I like it is because it has some of the best 2D gameplay for the Tales of Series.

          • Aqua

            Yeah haha. Veigue’s obsession aside, i feel the game’s story and fanatic racism is actually fairly well written; they certainly do a very good job of making sure you hate the Four Stars (though at least the two cool ones were redeemed by the end), and yeah, it’s easily got some of the best gameplay in the series, and I can easily consider it a favorite of mine, both in game as a whole and its battle system alone.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            I like this person’s taste^

          • Anthony Birken

            CCCLLLLAAAAIIIIRRRREEEE!!! (peach pie, lmao XD)

        • Arcana Wiz

          well this why i like tales of, Tear is my favorite character from tales of, and one of my dearest from all gaming universe,

    • DyLaN

      Fan artists sure is fast. Look nice btw.

    • awat

      shes cute alright, her dress reminds me abit of marta the only heroine i hate +cheria urghhg, Milla is Boss , no ones guna be better than Milla. all that is jus my opinion so dun mind

    • Warboss Aohd

      seems too……Generic to me, she reminds me of alot of recent Anime and JRPG designs.

  • Chiupon

    why is this hero so boring looking? They get worse with every installment.

    well like minus yuri
    yuri was A+ flawless

    • Zangetsu777

      I agree Yuri was the best design

    • DyLaN

      Excuse me, but Jude with coat/jacket thing on makes a whole lot of difference.

    • Slayven19

      The female hero isn’t boring looking.

    • Anthony Birken

      I hated Jude’s Xillia 1 design but liked the Xillia 2 one a lot better

  • Samsara09

    tis “surei”….It could be Threy or something of the sort.They named the other caracter Alicia…and they usually don’t pull screwy names like “Slay”…

    wait,Alicia is a princess?Ah…that explains the clothes…and that decorated spear…

  • She uses a spear? Maybe she’ll play like Judith!

  • Jesse

    The title should probably mention Alicia too, since there’s some info about her, as well. =o

  • DyLaN

    1: Magazine scan with official art for Slay and Alicia.

    2: On an unrelated note XD

  • Cameron Ward

    “server her country is a mere knight”

    I think you mean “as a mere knight”

    anyways, i am excited for this game and i like the personalities of the two main characters

    • pimpalicious

      I also think they meant serve, not server.

      • Slayven19

        Whole line of mess ups lol.

      • neocatzon

        Scary dual mistype. something must be happened to Siliconera server.

  • Earthjolly

    Still waiting for a black MC, now that would spice things up.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Wait until they decided to subvert hindu.

  • Learii

    maybe they need a char that use staff?

    • Slayven19

      We’ve just had that in tales of xillia.

      • Learii

        oh right why I forgot XD how about claws or ninja stars

    • Warboss Aohd

      no…………A SCYTHE

      or a Chainsaw/Chainsaw mixed with something.

      • Learii

        how about a 2 sides swords lol

  • Ric Vazquez


  • natchu96

    It’ll be weird hearing Joshua be “sweet and pure”

    I mean, let’s be honest here, you all know what Joshua was like. Even in trying to help you it’s scheme upon secret.

  • Warboss Aohd

    Seriously though, we need more Exotic Weapon useing Protagonists (Scythes, Guantlents, CHAINSAWS, CHAINSAWS MIXED WITH OTHER WEAPONS (like the Chainswords from Warhammer), Claws, a freakin GUN, Laser Gun, Kataras (not Katana, Katara is a Indian blade), i could go on.

    I mean, so many freaking protagonists, in both Western and Japanese media use the bloody things, be creative Developers, do something new.

    • Arrei

      Chainsaws, mixed with… MORE CHAINSAWS?

      • Warboss Aohd


        • Ryuki

          The mother of all weapons. ALL SHALL BOW DOWN BEFORE THE CHAINSAW NUNCHUCKS!

          • Warboss Aohd

            IT WILL BE GLORIOUS!

          • Ryuki

            A GLORIOUS AGE!

            Anyway, NB should really take a look at other RPGs and see the weapons they have going on. I mean, look at Falcom. They have characters that use some unique weapons like Ries from Sora no Kiseki the 3rd who uses a Sword Whip.

  • Ryuki

    Doesn’t Namco Bandai get tired of making the main hero use a sword? I mean there are alot more interesting weapons to use such as-


  • Raine

    Tales of Zestiria is a game about slay-ing dragons (hahaha), but you’ll find out that Dragons are an extinct race, your protagonist is a half-dragon himself, and human actually need Dragons to survive.

    And you’re forced to kill them. Fun game, huh?

  • Raine

    Let’s see…

    Going by Namco’s Tales of routine, I bet ToZ will be a game where you’ll be slaying a dragon, while the dragon is an extinct species, is thought to be a danger for human-kind, and human themselves actually need Dragons to survive.

    Dragons are actually mutated human from another planet/dimension/reality and Slay himself is actually a dragon and for once, the protagonist himself will be the traitor.

    …Yeah, right.

  • CirnoLakes

    Too pure pure boy!
    Cookies to anyone who gets that reference.

  • axess707

    When I read Ryohei Kimura, the first thing that popped in my mind was “ERUERUFUU!!!”

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