Hungry For A Look At J-Stars Victory Vs.With JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure Fighters?

By Spencer . December 17, 2013 . 4:03am

Namco Bandai’s latest trailer for J-Stars Victory Vs. shows Jonathan Joestar from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, and Sasuke from Naruto in the heat of battle. Keep an eye out for support characters like Kuroko from Kuroko’s Basketball.


The game comes out in Japan on March 19. A special version of J-Stars Victory Vs. also includes 21 anime theme songs, but this version costs a little bit more than a regular release.

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  • Byron Kerrison II

    Now all I want to know is if it is crossplay compatible.

    • It is Cross-Play compatible.

      • Byron Kerrison II

        Thank you. :)
        Now all I need is to convince my friends to import it.

  • megaten666

    Kuchiki Rukia is support only, but that caveman/baby blockhead thing with big round eyes and dripping mouth (that Yamada something) is a playable character.
    I didn’t find any there.

    • fyi1191

      Don’t you wish your avatar is playable too or at least be in-game?

      • megaten666

        Well, Aizen Sousuke IS my favorite since Blade Battlers 2nd. I pretty much trolled everyone on stage with Aizen’s standing O attack during powered up mode. Used up all my reiatsu, but in exchange, the screen shattered like a mirror and everyone got damaged. *Sigh* Good times :)
        But this is not a Bleach game, this is a serious cross-over title. I just don’t like the fact that some series got more respect/attention than others.

        Forgive me Yamada fans, but how that thing ended up as a playable charcter is soo beyond me.

    • Rayshawn Davis

      Yeeeah, doesn’t make much sense to me either, she has enough kido and abilities to make a solid moveset. Only how they could make her a support is if they have another character from BLEACH in mind to take her place as a playable.

      God I hope it’s not Aizen, he’ll just troll and monologue us to death until we rage-quit the game lol Then again…It would be funny if he interacted with the amazing Joseph from JoJo xD I’d love to see that.

    • Logic? He’s a main character from his own manga. That’s the logic you need

      If you apply that logic direct it towards Boa Hancock who’s not even part of the main cast of One Piece. She was picked over Nami and Robin.

      • megaten666

        I completely understand that. But seriously, that character doesn’t have anything appealing to him at all. I’m hyped for this game, but it’s like plagued with bad decisions. Where is D.Gray-Man representation for example? Or Hokuto no Ken. To Love-Ru over Hokuto no Ken in a fighting game? Are you kidding me? Lala and Yamada would be fine as long as they are support characters. Can you see my point?

        Also, I’m sorry for Nami. Again, bad decisions. I just… ehh…

        • Ninastars

          Do note that the picks for the playable characters are likely based on their popularity in Japan as well as their significance to the history of Jump. What’s popular over here has little to no weight to it.

          Also the absence of Hokuto no Ken could be simply because it’s under another publisher these days.

          • megaten666

            Well, the best I can do is NOT choose Yamada to play with, I guess :/

        • Fitzkrieg

          Please keep in mid that lack of appeal is in the eye of the beholder.

  • RichyGaming

    Well then…

  • fyi1191

    At 0:54 We have our winner.

  • Fitzkrieg

    Am I the only one who found Joseph telling Gintoki what he was going to say next particularly funny because they’re voiced by the same person?

    • colorblindnightmare

      yes! I laughed hard for that.

  • dahuuuundge

    Still waiting for Bobobo and Super Saiyan Don Patch.

    • SpeeeeedowaGOOONnnn

      Those two have got to be in it. No questions asked

    • TheGameTagerZ

      I need Super Patch more than anything

  • fairysun

    Most of my favorite heroes are there. This game needs to be released outside Japan.

  • refrain

    Man, I love GIntoki

  • James Reilly

    To the people complaining that their favorite characters are only in the support slot…cry me a river. There are plenty of other characters that didn’t make the cut at all yet which I feel are most deserving.

    • Rayshawn Davis

      Pretty much this. Besides, simply because you don’t like some of the choices in handling a character or character choices, don’t make the choices themselves 100% bad in general. It just means you simply disagree with them.

  • colorblindnightmare

    I am 500% Sold on this game. Ifbyou Give us Kenshiro and Rei as playable characters….Then I will boost to 1000%!

  • DivinePhoenix69

    They did say that the current lineup is not the final roster and that there are still several characters left to be revealed. Its pretty likely that they’ll reveal some more at Jump Festa this weekend along with another playable build of the game.

    Hopefully they made some adjustments to the gameplay for the final retail release since the build that was at the TGS seemed pretty slow and clunky imo.

  • WolfDuo

    Be still my beating heart!!
    I need this game!

  • hazelnut1112

    Can’t freaking wait, hoping Bobobo and Kinnikuman join the damn roster.

  • leingod

    As soon as they add Kenshiro and Kinnikuman I’m sold. On the import, that is… since I bet this will never… EVER get localized.

  • Daniel Padilla

    damn if only they could add Kenshiro and some Hokuto no Ken characters I would have pre-ordered this in an isntant

  • yes yes yes i cant wait

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