The Next Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII DLC Has Legendary FF Costumes

By Spencer . December 17, 2013 . 1:26am

The Cloud Strife costume is a pre-order bonus, but you will still be able to get the costume for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. On December 17, Square Enix will sell Final Fantasy Legendary Collection costumes in Japan.



Final Fantasy X-2 Yuna Style

Garb: Spira Hunter

Weapon: Brotherhood

Shield: Guard Shield

lig13 lig14 lig15 lig16



Final Fantasy VII Aerith Style (included with the limited edition in North America)

Garb: Midgar’s Flower Girl

Weapon: Guard Rod

Shield: Flower Vendor Basket

lig8 lig9lig10 lig12



Final Fantasy VII Cloud Style (pre-order bonus in North America)

Garb: Soldier 1st Class Outfit

Weapon: Buster Sword

Shield: Soldier Bangle

lig4 lig5 lig6 lig7


All three costumes can be purchased as a bundle for 1,000 yen ($10) or separately for 400 yen a piece ($4). The third round of downloadable content will be released in Japan on February 11, 2014, about a week before Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII comes out in the West.

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  • Espoir

    FFXIII: Lightning’s Dress Up

    • FlyingPony

      I like it.

  • Thrasher429

    $10 for 3 costumes and $4 for 1 costume holy crap that’s a rip off do they want your first born too?

    • LightningFarron19

      Well, you forget that these are just clothes. They can make them expensive due to the fact that these are the only DLC available.

      Seriously, you don’t need ANY of this to complete the experience of the game.

      • icecoffemix

        Just because you don’t need it doesn’t make the price okay.

        I guess I don’t care for whoever ripped off by this shady shit but this make game industry as a whole even sucker.

        • NewestType

          Ripped off* the standard price for this game in Japan is 80 usd. Is this really your argument? You display your lack of Japanese media in that comment good sir. TYPICALLY, these type of items cost more in Japan. Ahem… Come on now! This is like Otaku 101. These will be free to $1.99 in the us store. You need to unbind your panties.

      • Raltrios

        But they aren’t ‘just clothes.’ They’re also fighting styles, remember.

    • Aoshi00

      In general Jpn games are more expensive, $70-80 instead of$60, unfortunately the same goes for dlc. Like the saint seiya costumes, $1.99 to $2.99 on us PSN while being 500 yen on Jpn PSN, for those who need to import Jpn yen cards even more expensive.. I imported LR not knowing us ver would include dual audio.. These costumes might be cheaper on us PSN later.I wonder if the us saint seiya dlc work with my Jpn copy but I don’t want to risk trying lol.. I liked 13-2 so much I ended up getting all the dlc at the time, but probably not for LR… S-E should really throw people a bone by offering the option of a discounted season pass if they know so many dlc is coming… Those who are getting the exclusive $90 L-E should get more than the aerith costume too..

  • Somber

    Dat Yuna outfit! Looks hot!

    • icecoffemix

      Setting aside all the FF13/SE hate or any other bias.

      Am I the only one who found Lightning unattractive? I mean out of all those shots here she looks best when she close her eyes with neutral expression. I imagine her normal face is what Squall will look like with today’s graphic, eversour.

      • Somber

        People are different. Some may not like her but the others may.

      • Zurashii

        She looks like anime Bella.

        • mockturtle

          I want to downvote this because I disagree, but then I can’t upvote it for being hilarious.

      • TrueDefault

        She looks too much like a man for the princess look.

  • Servant BerserCAR

    Every time I see a FF 13 related post here:

    • Ric Vazquez


  • Arcana Wiz

    Funny enough i think she combines more with Cloud clothes than the girls ones.

  • new_tradition

    I’m still waiting for that Squall DLC outfit, SE

    • Chido55


    • Marcus

      It would suit her very well.

    • Ric Vazquez


  • Namuro

    Lightning is a gorgeous woman, for sure. But…out of those three costumes, I think I like her best in Cloud’s outfit, for some reason… Maybe it’s because of her mature aura, the male clothing seems to suit her well.

    Love it!

  • ivanchu77

    Is there any fanservice (items, costumes, etc….) from Final fantasys BEFORE VII ?

    • komiko12

      I think there were porno mags in FF 4-6. There were also those female monster designs. I guess the pixels were not enough to express fanservice back then.

      • NewestType

        Lol fab service? This sounds like a comment from someone who doesn’t know final fantasy is a series… have you people played ff9? Or 7 or 6 or 5 or 4 or 2 or 3?

    • Aunna Terrell
      • ivanchu77

        I missed these, glad to see they gave old school fans a little atention :)

    • megaten666

      It’s like FF7 is the origin. A Tina/Terra costume for Lightning would be a logical step, but no. That would be a step for pleasing those other fans, who actually made SquareEnix a big company back in the SNES days, so screw us, I think :/

      • Ehren Rivers

        Well, there’s actually outfits based on both Locke (VI) and Faris (V) within the game, or at least on their Amano concept costumes. There’s also a traditional Red Mage and Dragoon (sans helmet sadly), and supposedly a few more that will remind us of earlier days.

        • megaten666

          Oh, that’s news to me. Locke and Faris?
          You just made me remember the story of Locke and Rachel. Damn, I love FF6 ;_;

  • Bobby Jennings

    This is nice. Thank you SE.

  • nathaniel

    there’s a limited edition? or are they just referring to the collector’s edition.
    anyways it doesn’t matter. i know myself well enough to know that sooner or later i’ll buy all of these :/

    • Herok♞

      The us is getting a collector’s edtion with an artbook, pocket watch and the aeries costume

  • Spider-Man

    >No Tifa DLC

    What’s the point? I want my jiggles and upskirts.

  • RichyGaming

    The Spira Hunter Costume can take away my money. Love dat sword!
    That’s if I actually get the game though. I’ve yet to complete XIII-2

  • makubexnas

    Square Enix budget on lightning outfits will make noctis goes naked on next game..

    • British_Otaku

      Or at least, wear less belts that we have come to expect.

    • NewestType

      Actually, they have money now. You must of forgotten to take off your blind judgment hat when 14 was re released

  • fairysun

    Need Celes outfit from FF VI

    • megaten666

      Need some more manly tear moments?

      =Opera scene=

  • midgard229

    Squall and sephiroth outfits would be EPIC for her!!!

  • Yan Zhao

    Cloud’s outfit would’ve been better if it was in AC version.

    Still waiting for AC Tifa costume, wouldnt mind a SeeD female uniform from FF8 either.

  • Kilim

    lightning does not deserve to wield brotherhood and ESPECIALLY not the buster sword

    im so sorry Zack ;_;

    • NewestType

      Why would YOU be apologizing to an 8 year old man made of pixels?

      • DCBlackbird

        ehhh he’s more like 16 now….

        • NewestType

          Blech senior moment lol

      • Brendon Mitchell

        Well i know someone who didn’t play crisis core

  • Ace

    Yare yare daze.

  • Raltrios

    Wait, so I don’t need to preorder the game to get Cloud, or the LE to get Aerith? I can just buy them later? Because I wasn’t planning to get this game for a while, as I still haven’t started my copy of XIII-2.

  • Can’t Best Me

    $4 for one? Here I though tales costumes are way more. And $10 for 3?
    I rather have $2 for each one and $6 for 3. That is rip off. They’re begin greedy.

    • 하세요

      It’s DLC. They can be as pricy as they want. You don’t NEED it, especially an outfit.

  • The good thing is that they didn’t make the costumes overly sexy like an adult Halloween costume.

  • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

    At least theyre giving the option to get the costumes rather than screw those that cant/womt buy 2 copies for some dlc. Pricey, yes, but likely cheaper in US/EU store.

  • ShadowDivz

    I don’t know what i wanna see more. Lightning’s ass in Yuna’s glorious short shorts or Tidus’s sweet brotherhood?

  • $1392518

    I would totally laugh, and be hyped if they had costumes of all the Aracadian judges of FFXII.

  • sharpshot909

    When are they going to rename “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII” to “Lightning Returns: Fanservice Fantasy XIII” ?

    • NewestType

      When they change all of the others… This is a series based on previous entries. And largely has always done fan service. Monsters, weapons, characters etc.

  • Kazekage Gaara

    I love lightning she so kawaii :3

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