Square Enix Is Working With Freedom Wars Developer To Create Guns’N’Souls

By Eugene . December 19, 2013 . 10:31pm

One wonders why it took this long, but Square Enix have announced that they’re putting out a new version of Song Summoner. Kinda. Called Guns’N’Souls feat: Song Summoner, the game’s teaser website shows it has gotten a 3D look and jumps genres to be more of what looks like an action-RPG game. Wait, wait, you say. What’s Song Summoner?




Glad you asked! One of the more interesting types of games that came out of experimental times, Square Enix once put out this game which was intended for your… iPod. Yeah, the iPod. It was a tactical turn-based RPG which utilized your own music to generate different kinds of troops for you to move around and fight with against foes. The main character, Ziggy, is a Song Summoner who originally sets out to save his brother Zero. Things… don’t quite go as planned. That game was released back in 2008, and updated in 2009. And then went silent ever since.


No longer. You’re still controlling Ziggy in Guns’N’Souls and in this game, Ziggy’s music sword will be powering up with different characters, who are represented as cards now. All of them look like they come with some form of musical instrument, which might mean that it would take advantage of whatever music you’ve got—only this time, on your iOS or Android smartphone. You can take a gander at the trailer as well on the site. The game takes place in the same world as Song Summoner with the machine army. Ziggy awakens inside a prison transport ship convicted of a crime.


While it’s kind of hard to figure out what’s going on with the scant information on the website, it looks like you’ll be running with a deck of instrument-ready characters who’ll charge up your sword while Ziggy takes down foes. It might play something like Death God Messiah moreso than Guilty Dragon but it’s hard to say for now.


The character designs are done by Roberto Ferrari, who did work on the original Song Summoner game as well as Final Fantasy XV, and Chaos Rings artist Yusuke Naora. The scenario is by Yukinori Kitajima from Synthese who has done work on Ace Attorney 5 and the Senran Kagura series. The theme song is from an all-girl band called.. Larval Stage Planning. Ahh, Engrish. Shift, the developer behind God Eater and Freedom Wars, is developing the game.


gunssouls-07 gunssouls-08


We’ll keep you posted on more when we find it, but Guns’N’Souls feat: Song Summoner is expected to be out on iOS this winter and on Android in Spring 2014.

gunssouls-01 gunssouls-02 gunssouls-06 gunssouls-05 gunssouls-04 gunssouls-03

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  • Solomon_Kano

    Whoa. Just the other day I was trying to remember the name of that one Squenix game I played on my cousin’s iPod way back when and now I know. Song Summoner. Very dramatic shift from that to… this.

    • mike dickson

      nice avatar kano im digging it

      • Solomon_Kano

        Glad you like it. Remember, grill with a clean-burning fuel this holiday.

        • mike dickson

          Lol i will dude I’m not a fan of charcoal enjoy the holidays as well man

  • surakian

    I loved that game on my iPod. Hope they localize it!

  • JustThisOne

    I’d love to see how this goes! I remember I used to spend forever on my iPod trying to see what each of my favorite songs would become.

  • makubexnas

    Need gun’s n rose’s member act as player summon’s or spesial attack then the game will be totally awesome.

  • godisdead

    That game was highly amusing- the controls were wacky, and some questionable songs (guilty pleasure ones) yielded stronger units than actual good songs… Not sure why that was the case, but it happened.

  • brian

    Wow, this is a game (Song Summoner anyway) I’ve thought about for the past couple years occasionally that I’d like to get once I have an iOS thing.
    This is pretty sudden.

  • Looks interesting. I wanna see it in action though.

  • Warboss Aohd

    But will it have the almighty Dubstep gun?


    • neocatzon

      No, but it has the soul..

  • transferstudentx

    so if this game sell well on ios and android they PORT no they think about porting it for consoles thats there stratgy now, wow ..uh thanks but no thanks?

    • saxophone15

      Where does it say that in this article?…or are you just assuming thats the case? From what I read here, it sounds like this series was never on consoles, so even if what you say is true, why would that be a bad thing?

      • transferstudentx

        i am not talking about this game specifically didnt they say in an earlier article about how if it becomes a hit on smartphones, then there’s a chance we may also release it for consoles, too i assumed that this is the case for this game too and about why would that be bad part its only my opinion i really dont like the idea that popular mobile titles get ported to consoles, console are superior system so it should be the opposite release it first on consoles and port it later to mobiles


    >Larval Stage Planning
    new CD to be bought

  • Demeanor

    “Guns ‘n’ Souls”… the sound kinda reminds me of Puzzle and Dragons…

  • Notquitesure?

    I just remember getting a rare archer unit which had “purple rain” as an attack, was very powerful

  • Kevin Schwarz

    I see why the characters look so generic, ala FF.

  • mike dickson

    seeing the title brings blade and souls to mind i wish that game was localized lol

  • Tom_Phoenix

    I bet the only reason this is called Guns N’ Souls is because they couldn’t trademark Guns N’ Roses. =P

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