Dream C Club: Host Girls On Stage Is A PS4 Launch Title In Japan

By Spencer . December 20, 2013 . 12:13am

dcclubon-12Before the new Dream C Club game comes out for PlayStation 3, D3 Publisher will release a Dream C Club game for PlayStation 4. Dream C Club: Host Girls on Stage is slated for release on February 22, 2014, the same day as the PS4 launch in Japan.


Dream C Club: Host Girls on Stage has players place pick the formation during a karaoke show. The center character is the team leader and lead vocalist. It’s a free to play game and players can purchase tickets for different girls to place or have drinks with them



While you’re viewing the performance you can tilt the DualShock 4 controller to see the show from a different angle.

dcclubon-10 dcclubon-11


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  • 無尽合体ブランタコブスキ

    Ohhhhhhhh Reika-chan so kawaii

    • Slayven19

      I need to find a dream club fan-site or a least a Reika one. I really love the reika character and her personality.

  • Stranger On The Road

    To reiterate myself from else where:

    Ladies, I’ve been in love for few years now, since the first time you showed up on the XB360 (and made me curse the regional lock). So why don’t you all learn English and come to the west so that we could communicate?

    P.S. my motivation to learn Japanese is in full swing once again (second time today)…. most likely will last for another hour.

    • brostar

      As someone who is currently learning Japanese I can tell you that the hardest part is starting. It really is. Because once you master kana you basically become unstoppable. People who never learn Japanese are the people who quit at the start. No one quits halfway. Nobody! You need to find something that motivates you. I recommend importing a Japanese game you REALLY want to play and stick it in the room you’d learn Japanese in. Look at it whenever your motivation starts to wean. It will reinvigorate your brain boner.

      • Stranger On The Road

        Will try that and see how it turns out, thanks :-)

  • Bob Obb

    Since it’s F2P you can probably expect to spend as much money as the virtual hostesses as you would a real one

  • More interested in this as a launch title than most of the launch titles we got here lol

    • Arrngrim

      Completely agreed, one reason I’m disinterested in both the Xbox One and PS4 is the lack of any launch titles I really want to play. Will probably buy a PS4 in Feb just to pick up this title though. Even if I don’t play it, I’ll put it on the PS4.

      • I have a PS4 and although I love the system, it has no games lol. This is the first time I’ve ever actually owned a Call Of Duty game just to have something to play. While COD is fun to play sometimes, I haven’t touched my PS4 in a few weeks now lol. With that said I don’t blame you for being uninterested. Wait till next year to get one and hopefully there will be more to play for both systems.

        • Testsubject909

          Go play Warframe.

  • Arrngrim

    “players can purchase tickets for different girls to place or have drinks with them” – Someone please clear this up for me if you are able. This is what I’m getting from that line…Basically, the game is free but if you want to PLAY the same game that we’ve played in the past…you’ll be paying real money for each “date” or “drink”…or am I completely out of left field on this one? o.O

    I’m just curious where they intend to make up the cost of the game since it’s a F2P at launch…

    • Aoshi00

      There was in game currency for Dream Club and Dream Club Zero (you work to earn money to buy gifts when you’re not patronizing the club).. since there were 2 similar games alrdy, I think they just want players to spend money on DLC costumes or accessories just like before.. the girls are cute, but it’s quite hard to get a good ending for any of them w/o a guide, you need to pick certain choices on dates w/in 1 yr.. and the choices are hidden behind the button prompts so it was like educated guessing..

      What the heck does the C in the middle stand for anyway, the title has always been pronounced as just “Dream Club”..

  • megaten666

    [insert fap joke here]
    [no, seriously… insert one]

  • Fire.fire.kun

    Here’s hope for a Senran Kagura collaboration.

  • Repede91

    I wonder how I will go about playing this on my NA PS4 with this being free to play and all…

    • ShihonoRyo

      I think you can’t download it on the PSN store, seems like only people in Japan can buy it digitally…
      I was looking for it, but the PSN accounts are still region locked.

  • David Day

    I wish they would release a North American version of this game

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