Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2 To Make Tweaks To Songs, Fix Crashing Bugs

By Eugene . December 22, 2013 . 11:00am

Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2 fans will be getting a patch later this month that will fix a number of crashes and re-calibrate a few songs. The details are below.


During gameplay, a bug that causes the game to just tell you, nope, you aren’t getting any good hits in has been fixed. Meanwhile, The PV Theatre, My Room and the Changing Room will have bugs fixed that cause the game to hang or crash.


There was also a glitch with PV costumes when you purchased them using allowances that didn’t let you acquire the cards that go with them. That’s also been fixed. And in the best catch-all terms, a “variety of other minor bugs” will be addressed.


Three songs will also have their songs mildly (and really, it’s practically miniscule) adjusted to give a fairer shake at them. Current versions are on the left, post-patch on the right.



oshirase_ss_01 oshirase_ss_02


To the End and Button Mode


oshirase_ss_03 oshirase_ss_04

Clover Club

To the End and Button Mode


oshirase_ss_05 oshirase_ss_06

Romeo and Juliet

All Difficulties and both Touch and Button Modes


The update is planned for a “late December” delivery. Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2 is out now on Nintendo 3DS

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  • Shippoyasha

    Really hoping for localization on this one. I still don’t get why region locks is a thing on the system.

    • Arrngrim

      Because it’s Nintendo, they’ve always hated their fans. Look at how they kicked them all to the curb when the Wii struck it big with the family oriented gaming. I agree with you and am truly hoping for NA localization on this game, or at the very least a PS Vita release later. :)

      • Fronkhead

        Given how Rhythm Thief and the original Mirai (released when 3DS was in need of saving) weren’t ported to Vita I couldn’t see Mirai 2 being ported over. Its art style alone was designed for 3DS’s smaller screens, and the touch controls just wouldn’t work without compromise without a stylus pen from the 20+ hours I’ve played.

        Vita is being graced by Diva F 2 this year, too, and Sega wouldn’t want it to compete directly with another game. I’m not sure if there are enough resources to port it over either, with Dingo busy with Diva F 2, Persona: Dancing all Night and the three Love Live games.

        I don’t believe Nintendo fans were kicked to the curb at all, in fact during the Wii/DS generations Nintendo fans never had it better with such a raft of new ideas (Mario Galaxy, Ouendan, Hotel Dusk, Xenoblade, Rhythm Tengoku, You Me and the Cubes, etc.) quality games which were Nintendo through and through and they even managed to get worldwide release dates sorted out for Europe.

        I’d say the hardware leading to creation of experiences aimed at a wider audience which weren’t traditional at all (Wii Sports, Phantom Hourglass, Layton etc.) was a worthy trade-off given how Wii/DS saved the company, those games still retained the Nintendo magic at heart, the little things.

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World


          While many gamers i have heard always said Wii is the worst consoles. They don’t have any good games only shovelware.

          That always makes me kinda irritated here.T_T Wii actually had tons of new IP’s and great one too.

      • Eder García

        PS Vita has Project Diva

    • 하세요

      To keep Japan inside, not so much keeping us out. They can get our games much cheaper, so sales wouldn’t be as high. I don’t know why people think Japan is out to get us.

      • Fronkhead

        I don’t think I could have put it better myself really.

      • InfectedAI

        But wouldn’t Japanese people prefer their games in their language rather than English, even if they know English? Not to mention getting their games sooner.

        • 하세요

          I’m pretty sure Japan, like most other countries, must learn English to a certain extent. Also, many of these games actually have a lot of English in them, including menus. Hell, this game alone has many English words in it.

          If I could save money by getting through a game with basic language knowledge, I would too.

          • InfectedAI

            I wouldn’t I’d rather have it in English. Now I’m curious about Japanese import statistics…

    • Fronkhead

      Fingers crossed. Given Diva F’s localisation and release even on Vita in the west (which genuinely surprised me given the smaller install base and the amount of fans who imported the game) Mirai 2 seems likely. Can’t see anything else Sega would bring to 3DS in the west (Atlus stuff aside), unless I’m forgetting something.

      • Serge

        I’m really hoping for the localization of project Mirai, but is kind of hard. The debut week of both games is really different:

        Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f – 159,592
        Project Mirai 2 – 88,708

        • Fronkhead

          Ah yes, interesting. Guess it depends on how Sega view the western fanbase and/or potential buyers. Wonder if it being featured in a Nintendo Direct would improve sales towards series newcomers as well, or even those who only play on Nintendo systems? There isn’t as much competition from third parties over in the west for 3DS games after all.
          Still, hard to tell…

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          Well, those two had their different share of demographics here.

          Project Diva is targeted for male there while Mirai 2 is more for female.

          Not to mention, Mirai series actually grows the number of sales this time compared to Diva series who had been at falling pattern.T_T

  • MasterScrub

    Romeo and Juliet? Don’t you mean Romeo and Cinderella?

  • 하세요

    I haven’t noticed any myself but now I’ll watch out until those get patched.

  • ronin4life

    I’m good with the fixes…
    but why touch my game difficulty? WHY? >[]>/
    That little button adjustment is a vast world… what is so wrong with a little adversity?

  • JMaster3000

    *localization cry*

  • Chadi

    The patch is up now.

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