Moerok Chronicle Revealed As Compile Heart’s New Vita Dungeon RPG

By Spencer . December 24, 2013 . 11:01am

otton The teaser from last night is connected to the Monster Monpiece series, but the game isn’t another card game. Dengeki PlayStation announced Moerok Chronicle (Moerok is probably a portmanteau of moe and erotic) which is a dungeon RPG with Record of Agarest War character designer Katsuyuki Hirano as the character designer for this title.


You play as Io, an ordinary boy with a tender heart. To save the world from a disaster, the village elder forces you to go on a journey. Io has friends with him like Leche, a close friend that’s a daughter of a nekomata. Lilia is another close friend with an energetic personality that’s a daughter of a fenrir. Koko is some unidentified monster’s daughter. And finally you have Otton (the seal mascot character) who is… a wandering panty hunter.


Moerok Chronicle is slated for release on April 24 for PlayStation Vita.

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  • Haha, sounds interesting. Can’t wait to see the screenshots/gameplay for this.

    *Already imagines the monster harem*

    • Yuan

      Imagine Dungeon Travellers… Or for easier imagination, Etrian Oddyssey with monster girls designed by Hirano (designer for Agarest series).

      • I can see the ending. (Different series – I know. But I couldn’t help it.)

  • tubers

    (Moerok is probably a portmanteau of moe and erotic)

    I thought it was “Moe + Ragnarok” xD

    • lozffvii

      I would’ve said the same thing.
      I think whoever wrote the article doesn’t understand Japanese word puns:
      Moe + Erotikku ≠ Moerokku.

      • Buretsu

        I think whoever wrote the article understands Japan just fine, and ‘erotic’ is almost certainly correct.

  • EX+

    Another game that might persuade me to buy a VITA.

    Also, this is completely off topic, but Nomura said something about FF15. Look at it as you want to, but I think it’s a good thing:

    • DyLaN

      Off-topic, but Open Thread is always there for off topic discussion/news.

  • TheExile285

    That title! LMFAO xD

  • Audie Bakerson

    “You play as […] an ordinary boy”

    OK, there is a point where this needed to stop and we’ve clearly passed it.

    Who actually likes these generic “self insert” characters and wouldn’t rather play a cute girl picking up other cute girls?

    • TreizeX

      You must be those moeshit lovers

    • Landale

      Is “generic ‘self insert’ characters” really that common a thing, especially in japanese games? That and given that the setting is pretty humanoid monster heavy apparently, “ordinary boy” may very well simply mean “human”.

      • Buretsu

        They’re everywhere, ESPECIALLY in Japanese games. They make the male main character so vanilla and bland that it’s super easy for the player to project themselves onto him. Playing into the masturbatory habits of horny teenagers is the surest way to make a buck.

        • Landale

          Huh. Fascinating stuff, I’ve yet to see Idea Factory, Compile Heart, or Nippon Ichi do that, and the few I’ve picked up from others beyond them I’ve not really seen it either.

    • Wtv

      That reminds me that I will never again watch an anime with a lot of girls that begins with “a ordinary high school boy” in the sinopsis.

      I have a lot of things to play already, though. So whatever.

    • Tom Toonami

      Me, sure being ordinary isnt fun, but the one thing worse than that is being female in an ecchi series

    • GameTaco

      I’m more concerned about the “village elder forces you to go on a journey” part.

      This tells me there’s a possibility that not only is the boy totally vanilla and ordinary, but that he probably is the only one not at all concerned about the conflict and adventure and/or is totally pathetic in nearly every situation. That’s the kind of ordinary character that bugs me. He’s not even a self-insert for the audience, he’s just *there*.

    • chibidw

      “The cheerful boy from a small village who’s not too bright but has a big heart and lots of potential!” is probably a more worn archetype than any of the female ones.

      • Landale

        To be fair, the only bit to that that’s accurate at the moment is “boy from a small village” maybe the “big heart” bit but they said tender. The rest of that is guessing. I seem to recall a lot of irrational guessing and outrage over Fang on Fairy Fencer F’s initial character reveals due to the overly simplified explanation he had.
        Take a step back, breathe, and wait for some details. Idea Factory and Compile Heart might not be a source of “greatest gameplay ever” games, but they’re pretty good at making characters that are entertaining.

        • chibidw

          Take a step back, breathe. I was making a general statement man, not specific to the game.

          • Landale

            Given that the general statement doesn’t match up beyond one, maybe two, points it’s not really a relevant statement to be making, unless your intent was to include this within the generalization in which case my statement still stands and is fairly reasonable.

      • Kai2591

        Sometimes I wish they’d just give a handsome ace guy maybe with long hair for once.

        • Yuan

          Well, his appearrance is precisely a long hair Bishounen. You’ll be surprised to see his appearrance if you’re just imagining it from his personality description.

          Only monster girls participating in battle though.

          • Kai2591


            But he’s still ‘ordinary’ haha.

    • Anthony Birken

      Don’t know when we’ll start to shy away from the stereotypical generics

      • DyLaN

        Until the crowd tht has been paying the devs changes interest, which is highly unlikely.

    • DyLaN

      As long as he looks decent and have a personality I can live with it.

    • Who likes them? Many people, especially the Waifu crowd in Japan who the games are made for and marketed too. It doesn’t need to stop, since obviously, you’re not the target audience.

      • Audie Bakerson

        But generic males are not moe at all and greatly bring down the average amount of moe in the cast!

        • DyLaN

          Female/a certain demographic players will disagree with you if my forum lurking is any indication.

          • Audie Bakerson

            There’s a certain demographic of female players that disagrees with that (look right next to this post…).

    • biskmater

      The ones not into lesbians?

      • Audie Bakerson

        There are people NOT into cute lesbians? What kind of blasphemy is that?!

        • biskmater

          Heretic present and accounted for, my good sir.

  • brostar

    I’ll wait for some actual footage and maybe some import reviews before I decide what I think.
    But…. the premise sure sounds super generic. The trailer was also really awful with heaving arses. It’s also Compile Heart who are the king of mediocrity. (IMO)
    Well… I’m going to go play some better games. :p

    • DyLaN

      Everyone needs to play FFF, period.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Moerok Chronicle, eh?
    Interesting. Wanna see some screens first, but that mascot.
    Best. Mascot. Ever! XD

    • DyLaN

      The seal is right up there wh FFF Pipin IMO. XD

  • Ladius

    Now that I think about it, Idea Factory could be the Japanese publisher with the biggest Vita output. So far they have released or announced four Neptunia games, Monster Monpiece, Hakuoki, Amnesia V, Sorcery Saga, this Moerok game and the half-unveiled game by Yamamoto, and I’m sure I’m still forgetting something.

    • brian

      Probably because they do a lot of games, most of them being pretty cheap and quick to make.

      • I think you mean “Outsourced”. Every single Vita game they’ve made has been outsourced. Neptune Re;1 and Re;2 are by Felis Stella, Neptune PP is by the dev of Dream Club C.

        While another JRPG they have in the making is by the director of and the former Disgaea team.

        Compile Heart’s vita offerings aren’t even their own half the time. =/

        • Audie Bakerson

          That tends to be for the best though.

    • Yuan

      Compile Heart still can’t compete with Koei-Tecmo and Bannam in Vita department. Those two are the biggest supporter for Vita. Especially K-T, as it is also the one porting Atelier games to Vita.

  • AkiraScare

    the boy with a tender heart…. and some hard parts (^_^)

  • Monstergirls for the win lol =^_^=

  • psycho_bandaid

    waiting for the Monster Monpiece-style rubbing trailers.

  • leingod

    I’m totally OK with this game.

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