Monster Hunter Frontier GG Coming In Spring 2014

By Spencer . December 25, 2013 . 11:26pm

mhgg-01Capcom has a major updated planned for Monster Frontier G, an online version of the Monster Hunter series. Monster Hunter Frontier GG (pronounced “double G”) is a major update and it is scheduled for release in spring 2014.  The extra G stands for “genuine.”


Capcom has been pushing Monster Hunter Frontier G and ported the PC/Xbox 360 game to PlayStation 3 and Wii U this year. A Vita port is also in the works.


At the end of 2014, there will be another big update to Monster Hunter Frontier that involves this gigantic tower.


mhgg-02 mhgg-03

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  • JonathanisPrimus

    but by most accounts this isn’t a good game

    • TheExile285

      People say that PSO2 as well. Regardless, people still play them.

      • JonathanisPrimus

        It was a pun based on the game’s new name. GG = good game.

  • WyattEpp

    Could this be a tacit acknowledgement that Frontier sucks and that they’re going to fix it?

    • Fango

      they cant improve on frontier by adding more garbage on top of frontier…. no matter what suffix they use. Its still going to be the same old engine, same old grinding, same old graphics.

  • So, this tower, are we in Aincrad now? :P

    • fyi1191

      looks like Tower of Druaga to me.

  • JeremyTMH

    Good Gawd…

  • Crevox


  • Raze


    Git gud?

  • Ryujin

    And so, MH has moved into the territory of cup sizes to name their games.

    • PreyMantis

      They better show amazing plots on this one…

      • Syn

        lol, I see what you did there

    • Trevor Nicolaysen

      Well its still a fairly young series. As we’ve seen here it still has room to grow. With all they’re doing though, capcom seems to be reliant on it however. With both going on that’s a lot of pressure on MH’s back…

  • AokiShizuku

    Unless they fix Frontier’s rank system, I won’t be hyped.

  • konsama

    Obviously they forgot they had other expanded version titles to pick from.

    Or maybe Ultra Monster Hunter Frontier Forward G was too much even for them. keke

    • WyattEpp

      Ultra Monster Hunter Frontier Forward Second G Λ Cadenza EX + α 2: Khezu Boogaloo

  • Ren Yuumei

    no ps4?

  • porkiewpyne

    Would the next update be GGWP?

    Okay, that sounded funnier in my head DX

  • in other news this game will never come over here.

  • X_Bacon

    Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby…

  • Mugen555

    If you notice the logo changed from frontier G.

    Since one of update is new weapon that short of combination of Tonfa and Pilebunker. Also MHF-double G will have graphic overhaul.

  • Raine

    GG Capcom, GG.

  • AuraGuyChris

    Goodness Gracious!

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Good grief

  • The B is for Bargain!

  • Romancer Ecclesia

    Is this instalment between MH3 and MH4?

  • The extra G stands for “genuine”? Sooo, up until now, people were playing a fake game? :o

  • Azure Flame

    Whats next? Monster Hunter Frontier GGG?

    • J_Joestar

      Hammers would be broken if they did, and we better get this armor!

  • sharpshot909

    Do the PS3 and Wii U versions share the same servers?

  • $23890725

    “Capcom has been pushing Monster Hunter Frontier G and ported the PC/Xbox 360 game to PlayStation 3 and Wii U this year. A Vita port is also in the works.Read more”

    Why not port it to US and EU so we can play this awesomeness. No because the fan base in EU and US is to small to make cash on it even if we are the one who spend most times in MMO´s here in west well there lose in cash.

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