Two Psychedelic New Bosses Join Bravely Default… And They’re For Level 99

By Eugene . December 26, 2013 . 2:32pm

Bravely Default continues stuffing in as many bosses as it possibly can into the game. Not that we can blame Square Enix, though; nor would we want to dissuade anyone from free additions to this already very fine game. The two latest bosses have a little bit of extra street cred from them, having a special art designer in Matsuda Sebastian and returning composer Revo in the mix.


All around King of Cute Matsuda Sebastian, one of the big names behind 6% Doki Doki in Harajuku fashion, did the designs for the new bosses. He also helped with breaking out J-pop singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in her first CD single PonPonPon. He’s got the words psychedelic down pat.


Topping off the star power here, composer Revo—who already did work on Bravely Default: Flying Fairy and might be more well known for his music in Attack on Titan—is back to add the battle tracks for these two bosses. Both of these demon king bosses will require the utmost preparation to fight as they’re suggested for parties of level 99!


The two new bosses are demons with the first above being called Dove. There’s nothing dove-like about it, yes, but it will peck your brains out. You’ll be able to get the boss from Christmas eve till the end of the year. Look at Ringabel’s getup! So manly!



The second is Butterfly Tail, some horrific re-imagining of what happens when goldfish go to hell and come back. This will be available from New Year’s Day till the 6th of January.


While you’ll only be able to take them down once, you can get them to re-appear again by StreetPassing someone with them or from a Friend invite.


Bravely Default: For the Sequel is out now in Europe and set for February 7th, 2014 in the US.

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  • Blue Katamari

    Dove had an interesting gimmick attack, and some really nasty rushes.

    I can’t wait to fight Butterfly Tail. Those superbosses are fun to play against.

  • TheExile285

    This and Kirby Triple Deluxe seems like 3DS games that are gonna like amazing with 3D on. Question is, do I have the patience to keep my arms like locked in the same position for hours as I play these games? :V

    • Ric Vazquez

      My body=ready

  • Luis Es.

    Oh wow We’re getting FTS and not just the regular version? I didn’t know that. Also is there any where that i can see the differences/additions from the original and FTS? I looked on this site didn’t find it and i did a quick google search and didn’t much find anything. most the things were about bravely second.

  • Kotorin

    I beat the dove in hard mode. Best feeling ever.
    He was such a bitch as he had a disable he starts spamming at half health which affects 2 party members and goes through immunity and can only be removed if he does an attack that’s deal massive damage to those affected. Can’t wait for that goldfish though.

  • “This will be available from New Year’s Day till the 6th of January”.I’m worried if I miss the download during the period bracket how can I get it later on?

  • Nanaki

    Are these downloads similar to the ones on Pokemon Conquest, as long as you download it within that amount of time you can keep it in your game file?

  • Samsara09

    goddamit Ringabel…Man…thank goodness the graphics are not real sized…geez.

    Now then,unto business,really…that theme that plays while the fight against those psichodelic beasts is the same from that small trailer of bravely second…

    those beasts are demons,and that Magnolia beauty is a demon hunter,corretct?Looks like second will be having many colorful enemies.

  • Chris Cruz

    All the fish needs is music done by ZUNTATA if you get what I mean.

  • Neophoton

    I, for one, welcome Ringabel’s costume.

    On a more serious note, awaiting that Butterfly Tail boss on New Year’s.

  • Edgar Garcia

    Wow! Dudes all turned based rpg fans need to support this game. No matter what generation you are from. This game is the example of what we crave in future RPG.

  • Beta

    Wait, are those Japan exclusive bosses or are they for Europe as well?

  • J_Joestar

    with 99 as the recommended level, i wonder whats the lowest people will be able to do these at.

  • JAY

    and what about us Us gamers are these dlcs gonna be available to us or no?

  • k.b.a.

    so when this comes over to the states will they be paid dlc, pre order bonuses or free for a short period of time? and the bosses/dlc before these guys?

    • HansKaosu

      They arnt DLC. you dont have to pay anything. they just show up in your town. they are sent over streetpass / spotpass

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