Angel Beats! Is Getting Two Video Games Next Year

By Spencer . December 27, 2013 . 12:19am

imageTwo video games based on Angel Beats! are in development and scheduled to come out in 2014. One of them is, of course, a social card game. Angel Beats! Operation Wars might be interesting because players will be able to experience events that weren’t shown in the anime series. Operation Wars also has shadow battles and early registrants get a SSR rank Kanade card.


Key and Visual Art’s is also developing a visual novel called Angel Beats! 1st Beat. The PC game lets players choose which characters they want to spend time with and has multiple endings. Six "beats" are planned for the visual novel series. 1st Beat focuses on Yui, Matsushita, and Iwasawa. Here’s a look at the PC game, which is scheduled for release sometime in 2014.


sample_cg_vol1_matusita_l sample_cg_vol1_tk_l sample_cg_vol1_tensi_l sample_cg_vol1_yuri_l sample_cg_vol1_iwasawa_l sample_cg_vol1_yui_l

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  • TheExile285

    I wonder if anyone will ever bring the PC one stateside. LOVED the anime so I could see myself playing a PC game.

    • DyLaN

      I suggest you import instead and wait for the fanpatch, Exile. The only localized key VN is Planetarian and tht on the iOS.

  • JeremyTMH

    Just waiting to preorder…

  • Derek E Nay

    Gogo American dude!

  • Shippoyasha

    Makes me wonder if Xseed, Atlus and other companies might dabble in Western releases of some VNs in the near future. Also considering that some Japanese companies are looking into releasing games overseas by themselves instead of using a game localization company. Considering the massive success of unique and niche titles via digital stores, Steam and more, it might be prime time to try.

    I really wish these games can have physical releases but it’s disheartening to hear from some interviews in past months regarding how selling games with mature themes is considered risky at least in America and a few other hypersensitive nations where people still treat games like they are toys for little kids. I know it’s going to be an uphill battle, but I cheer on for any game that can break through on the console and portable front. Though I can always import VNs on Playstation portables as always, there are too many non Japanese (or those with language knowledge) gamers missing out on these gems.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      Xseed won’t do VN except corpse party, and so atlus , maybe moenovel will do, or aksys

      also, they only do console gaming, not PC one except the sora no kiseki one which is multi-platform

      console VN isn’t popular in west

      • Sanjima

        The fact that AB is going to be an eroge probably won’t help…

        • Renaldi Saputra

          nah, that’s too

        • Ryo-kun

          Really? I thought it’d be like the anime except more fleshed out (well the anime was supposed to be 26 episodes after all if there were no executive meddlings)

        • darkbartz

          Well, thankfully it’s not one then. It’s gonna be like Rewrite, all-ages.

          • Renaldi Saputra

            all ages? really? even with this pict? but well I heard it’s not R-18 indeed.. I guess it’s R-15

          • darkbartz

            Yeah, I saw that too. Not sure if there’s even any other rating other than All-ages and R-18, especially since the official rating on the AB VN site is All-Ages.

          • Renaldi Saputra

            IIRC there’s R-15 too on VN

          • Yause

            Yes, although it’s rarely used. The main purpose of the rating board is simply to differentiate between 18+ and non-18+ titles.

          • Wappuli

            There is, if it’s for PC then there’s all ages, 15+ and 18+.
            If it’s for consoles then it’s the normal CERO-rating(all ages, 12+, 15+, 17+ and 18+)

          • Niyari

            you have to think about the voice actors though. not all of them do eroge stuff. i know Yuri’s voice actor does, but that’s about it

            edit: oh nvm just noticed you were talking about it being 15+, not 18+

          • DyLaN

            Fanservice =/= eroge.

            Also Japan have a loose def of all ages…. I think.

          • Shirogane Takeru

            who knows, might have something like Little Busters Ecstasy Edition

  • xAtKx

    Many manly tears will be shed again when that VN comes out.

  • Muffum

    Hopefully the VN format means the plot won’t move at such a breakneck pace. I enjoyed the anime, but pacing was definitely its biggest issue.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      Well key novels are hella long so i guess that depends

    • MrTyrant

      The novels will be devided in six parts. Each one with 3 or 4 routes. This novel is just the 1st.

  • Servant BerserCAR

    I hope my man TK has a good amount of role in this game. “Just a wild heaven”

  • ZeroV3

    Bring it! My tears are ready..

  • akiko_sakuraba



    I’m waiting three fucking years for this VN.
    better get some emotional preparation since it’s a Key VN

  • Ren Yuumei


  • SupaPhly

    I always thought that this would make a good visual novel, and the story is by KEY nonetheless, bring on the tears!

  • I recognise that last image (Yui wearing a Baseball Helmet). Clannad was the first to break my cold heart and make me cry, but that scene where Yui disappears will always be the most heart breaking and touching event in anything I have and will ever see. Too bad the anime wasn’t longer. They want to tell more of the story through various other media outlets, too. So more than any other game, simply for more of this story alone, I want an English localisation/translation of the game(s).

  • I would just about sell my soul for an official Angel Beats VN localization. Love love loved that anime.

    • Aesma

      …with KEY? Localization is impossible. Translation? Almost certainly.

  • Alexandra Cordes

    If Yui and Hinata don’t end up together…
    I mean, yeah, they kinda did, and that was great. (the anime)
    But if this visual novel goes more in the ways of the very short light novel…
    Please, just… no Hinata x Yuri. I’m sorry, fans of that ship.

    But enough of my crazed inner shipper. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS TO BE A THING.
    We didn’t get to know all of the characters well enough in other media, so this is a great opportunity to finally do so. :3

  • Zak Ledward

    Oh hey there Angel Beats VN announcement, been a while.

    Hoping every girl/every character is getting a place in these novels; there are so many characters with their own stories that they basically HAVE to give everyone their own spotlight because they didn’t get the chance to do so in the anime. Welp, I’ll just play the Iwasawa and Yui parts and just wait on Kanade and “Operator” (can’t remember her name orz)

    • DyLaN

      There should be 19 routes acc to wht I read over the another forum. Ppl are speculating it will have 18 old + 1 new.

      • Zak Ledward

        1 new as in a new character not in the anime? I’m interested in who they’d put and whether it’d be a girl or a boy, since this VN actually has a guy’s route.

  • AkiraScare

    YUI (TT_TT) bring back those tears (TT_TT)

  • Margaret Chan

    If I remember correctly I read something about MangaGamer looking to use crowdfunding to do some titles? I’d love for this to be one…

    as unlikely as it’d be..

    • DyLaN

      Unless the key changes its head, yeah.

      Fanpatch is almost certain though.

  • ZekeFreek

    You just know Angel is gonna be last.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Time for a re-feel

  • Firion Hope

    HOLY SHIT!!!! I didn’t know this was a thing, Im so excited, Angel Beats is my favorite anime ever!! I REALLY hope it gets localized eventually but in the mean time what’s a good place to import things like this?

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