Here’s A Look At The Chinese Version Of Drakengard 3

By Spencer . December 30, 2013 . 11:10pm

Speaking of Square Enix and Sony Computer Entertainment partnerships, the two companies are also working together to make a Chinese version of Drakengard 3. The game, which will be distributed by various Asia region branches, has Traditional Chinese text and Japanese voiceovers.


Drakengard 3 is slated for January 23, 2014 in other Asia regions, just a month after the game launched in Japan. Square Enix will release Drakengard 3 in North America and Europe in 2014.

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  • Scissors

    Haven’t played the first 2 games, haven’t even played Nier (I’d like too once my PS3 gets fixed), but man am I excited about this. This trailer and the debut Trailer are so good, I’ve rewatched them now so many times. The character designs are incredible, the story seems good, and that music wow. This is on top of my 2014 hype list, this is looking to be one of the last great games of the PS3, and a good note to send the system out on.

    • FelixJRPG

      same here, haven’t played their previous games, but somehow i found myself interested in this game

    • BizarreJelly

      I suggest you both play or at least familiarize yourselves with Drakengard 1/NieR as the games plot is heavily reliant on them to fully grasp it – although that shouldn’t be surprising with it being the forth game in the series… It is not a beginner friendly entry despite its “prequel” status.

      • herb

        Haven’t played any other Drakengard or Nier, but really enjoyed DoD3 and had no problems understanding the story whatsoever, I’m not sure how you came up with “not a beginner friendly entry”.

        • Rayhan PromisedGallery

          mainly because there are some references that works better for the old fans.

          Just a bit example, maybe spoiler :

          the goal of multiple ending is basically for searching better future for DoD world.
          And if you have played previous games or read the not-in-game-material, you’ll know how F**Ked Drakengard world is after Ending A of DoD3.

          • herb

            Yeah, the novels are pretty cool. But still, it’s certainly not “heavily reliant” on the other games.

        • BizarreJelly

          I think you misunderstood me, I said knowledge of 1 & NieR is required to FULLY grasp it.

          If you’re telling me you went into this game blind to the series and completed it fully – achieving all endings and found it to be a satisfying and sensical plot, I’d find that very hard to believe.

          The fact you need to read out of game mini novellas for 100% plot comprehension isn’t beginner friendly, I feel sorry for anyone going into the game not aware of them.

          • herb

            I guess I was thrown off by the “heavily reliant” part, sorry.
            I didn’t play it blind, I just didn’t play the other games.

  • This remind me how long I have been avoiding spoiler.

    I know the game had tight budget, still hope for localization at Nier’s level.

  • firstarioch

    I’m Playing it right now .got Anniversary 10 year edition . this game is a magnificent beast … I love every moment with Zero . She is dark nihilistic but boy she is mu fav game character ever even beats Kaine from Nier .
    Game is straight 10 out of 10 for me .

    • Aoshi00

      I’m anxiously waiting for my 10th Anniversary LE as well, it was heavy like 4.5kg, so I had it shipped slow, not eligible for SAL either, so the goodies are worth it? cost me $270 total *.*.. I got LR alrdy, it’s a good game but I hate the time limit while doing the side and main quests, feels like being pushed all the time.. loved Drakengard and Nier, so have no doubt I would love this as well, going to pre-order the soundtrack soon too..

      yeah, Kaine was a good char, hope Zero would sound as foul mouthed as her when dubbed in Eng lol..

      The Chinese subtitle 誓血龍騎士3 (literally blood pact Dragoon) is pretty cool..

      • British_Otaku

        Over $270 including shipping for any game is ridiculous, “10th Anniversary Limited Edition” or not.

        How big is this thing…

        Very nice actually if most of this is exclusive to this limited edition ( )…
        Still rather expensive.

        I’m guessing LR feels comparable to Majora’s Mask though it is rather odd for an RPG to have a timer on you which isn’t attached to main quest progression. At the risk of spoilers (I still haven’t played any of the FFXIII games), does time loop in a similar fashion to Majora’s Mask?

        • Rick

          No time doesn’t loop in LR. You get extra Time added for every quest that you complete.

        • Aoshi00

          Thanks for the early unboxing vid! pretty nice one, it’d probably be a while till I get mine, hopefully w/in the next month.. I have both Nier & Replicant like this guy too lol…

          I know $270 for a LE game is ridiculously expensive (almost like a console), believe me I thought long and hard, back and forth but finally bite it.. the thing is it cost ~$200 in Jpn w/ free shipping. since game is $70 anyway, they’re paying only an extra $130 for the goodies. But poor us outside Jpn we need to pay for agent fee + shipping, and this thing apparently is massive and heavy (4.5kg). I got a reasonable price for $230, I thought I could get away w/ extra $15-20 SAL shipping, but $40 is the cheapest w/ surface mail. I’m not paying over $70 for EMS.. If it weren’t sold exclusivlely via S-E store, I could’ve saved a bunched ordering thru AmiAmi.

          Anyway, looks like the goodies (artbooks w/ interviews, script, novella, CDs, etc, I’m a sucker for the Drakengard/Nier world and Fujisaka Kimihiko) are quite worth it, if considering those things are sold separately, I really wanted the 8-bit OST… would’ve been better if they threw in more DLC or Drakengard 1 or 2 HD, but Jpn game prices are nuts.. guess Limited Edition here too, S-E is doing it for LR and X/X-2 HD as well, they’re making lots of moolah.. I pre-ordered both but I’m still considering if vanilla would enough..

          Hm.. the clock in LR is contantly ticking on screen (I don’t like that reminder).. you do side quests and everything to get GPs, which you could spend to stop the clock (1pt) or 2pts to use teleporting btwn worlds, taking the train from place to place takes time.. The 4 areas are huge, filled w/ NPCs and quests (all of which take place w/in a certain time slot).. I really want to take my time to do them all, buy diff. costumes, listen to all the conversation, but am always scared of the clock ticking.. and I’m playing on easy mode (enemies still hard).. you only start w/ 6 days and 1 day passed for me alrdy.. I didn’t play Majora’s Mask, but no time looping… It’s as I feared, to many Jpn gamers, LR’s time clock is really an annoyance, kinda like Dead Rising I guess. I really prefer no time limit.. like I played Nier and am still playing AC4 Black Flag.. LR is nice, but I’m scared to go back to it cuz of the time limit.. would be nice if there’s a mode time passes even slower? You get points to prolong it, but you still have to do things to get those points, just a bit counter productive and a chore..

          Oh, wish you a Happy New Year man! I just ordered the $30 OST too, so it’s like $300 *.*;; oh well…

          • Brandonmkii

            My [email protected] 2 LE cost almost that much, so I feel your pain.

          • Aoshi00

            From the unboxing video I think it’s worth it… S-E knows how to make money w/ all these LEs selling exclusively on the S-E store now.. they really should’ve included those DLC on PSN for free at least lol.. I’m a big Yoko Taro/Fujisaka fan, so..

            I got the Dodonpachi Saidaioujou for almost $200 too.. damn these tempting LEs :(..

  • boink

    When I started reading the last paragraph and saw that Asian release date, I was hoping to see a US/EU release date aswell. I should’ve known better.

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

  • gRiMmYdArK13

    So lame… Give us an English release date!

  • ZeroV3

    Just can’t stop watching this promotion video.. The music fits perfectly with the trailer

  • NanaMiku

    The only reason why I’ll buy this game:

    • Vonter

      o_0 It’s just like those tanks from Ghost in the Shell. Why do badass things have childish voices it makes no sense.

      • Kaetsu

        I was thinking the same thing. There called Tachikoma by the way.

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