Tales of Zestiria Producer Shares More Information On The Game’s Heroine

By Sato . January 4, 2014 . 5:00pm


In a recent interview with Famitsu magazine, producer Hideo Baba talked about Tales of Zestiria and how it will be different from past games in the series. In the same interview, he also shares a little more information on Alicia, the upcoming game’s heroine.


Alicia occupies the lowest seat in the royal family, meaning she is the farthest one in line from being the next heir of the kingdom. So even though she is considered royalty, her position isn’t very high. However, this doesn’t matter to her, as she chose the life of a knight, and loves doing what she does.



According to Baba, she’s the type of person who’d put herself in danger in order to be of help, while protecting her country and its citizens.


She ends up traveling with Slay, but her reason for going on a journey is different from his, as she always acts while thinking about what she can do. In terms of personality, she’s a little bit more on the serious side, and properly responds to Slay’s optimistic personality. As the story goes on, however, you’ll be seeing different sides of her during conversations and other sub-events.


As far as the battle system goes, Baba doesn’t reveal much, but he says that it will focus on the “sword and magic fantasy” and will be quite different from what you’re used to. It will be an evolved form of the current linear-motion battle system, but he says there will also be a “big surprise” he hopes fans will look forward to.


The focus of “dragons” will be a first time for the Tales of series. According to Baba, dragons are often depicted as good, evil, and are some sort of symbolic existence to various worlds. While he doesn’t reveal whether they’ll be good or bad in Tales of Zestiria, he says they will be a big part of the game’s story.


Baba also says that Tales of Zestiria’s scenario and character designs are pretty much complete, and at the moment the development staff are working on various systems and graphics pertaining to the game. Their next step is to work on in-game and animated scenes, which they expect to be a tough process that will require plenty of work, but Baba is confident that the staff’s motivation will get them through.


Finally, Baba ends the talks by saying Namco will be hosting more events as we approach Zestiria’s release date, where they’ll be announcing more information, and thanks fans for making the Tales series’ 20th anniversary possible.


Tales of Zestiria is currently in development for PlayStation 3.

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  • Alexander Aubert

    i can’t wait to see another character design!

    • makubexnas

      lol i’m waiting for what kind of loli character they going to make……..loli Dragon Overlord sound good.

      • Ric Vazquez

        True that, there is always a loli in a Tales game XD

        • makubexnas

          The Grand Jrpg Rule # 97 : The Three Female Rule.
          – There will always be either one or three female characters in the hero’s party, no matter how many male characters there are and one of them is a loli.

          • Ric Vazquez

            And also one with a huge plot XD

  • Ladius

    Alicia has the potential to be one of the best female leads in the series, and I’m really interested to see what they’re going to do with this new seamless take on the traditional LMBS formula, considering they will have to make some tweaks to make it work (for example, it would be lovely to explore the world with your full on-screen party).

    Happily, the wait for Zestiria will be easier than usual considering we will have Symphonia Chronicles in less than two months and Xillia 2 (one of the jrpgs I’m most hyped for in 2014, alongside Trails SC, The Witch and the Hundred Knight and Atelier Escha & Logy) some months after that, not to mention ToZ is already locked for a western release.

    • Kai2591

      So battles are seamless now then? No more map transitions?

    • MaximDualBlade

      The thing I wish the more is that if by any chance there is a romance, that the story is more mature, because my last experiences in tales of romance was so telegraphed that it hurted XD Tear and Luke was from their first conversation really obvious that she would fall in love with Luke, and the romance between Cheria and Asbel was so badly done that it hurted my feelings(even though it pulled a few laughs) because of Asbel ingenuity and Cheria cowardice. I think Mint and Cless was ok, not surprising but Cless was more perceptive imo, and Lloyd and Colette wasn’t exactly romance as you could technically choose your favorite person with the affection points. (wow all that was a sentence, sorry)

      I would be ok with optional romance but I like to choose my favorite character, but Alicia’s description above is reassuring at the moment.

      The battle system is what really excites me because I know the game will not disappoint since they seem to have learned from the 15th anniversary with Xillia, because they ommited a lot of things deserving of an anniversary title(apparently they fixed all that with Xillia 2, I have yet to play them).

      All in all I haven’t found a Tales game that has dissapointed me so let’s be patient for more news

      • Setsu Oh

        the best friend and the scientist in tales pf destiny 52(not eternia) was a nice romance thatt flourished in the side conversations

    • Ric Vazquez

      I’m on the same boat *high five*

  • Tales_of_Master

    Alicia seems to be quite the unique Tales heroine. Hopefully she will prove to be something different than what we are used from the female leads in the series.

    A Tales game that focuses on “sword and magic fantasy” is something I’ve been wanting for a long time now. Not since Tales of Phantasia did we have a Tales game with European style fantasy (and even ToP was more Norse inspired). So Zestiria is shaping up to be one of my favorite in the series.

    I really hope that Zestiria doesn’t fall prey to the Xillia syndrome, where the game feels very light in content compared to what the series usually has. I’m seriously hoping for a Colosseum cameo battle this time around. As the title celebrating the 20th anniversary of the series, it only feels right to include one.

    • Suriel Cruz

      I agree with you about the amount of content. I mean, come on!!! I have 65+ hours in Tales of the Abyss and still A LOT MORE TO DO and that includes the CRAZY Cameo Colosseum Battle.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      has there never been a goody touche lay down my life for you heronie in the series?

  • 1. Alicia seems interesting. At first, I was like “Yeah, ok, another Princess”. But the fact that she’s not the typical princess, and also that her position isn’t very high makes her more interesting already. Depending on how her personality develops during the story, she can be one of the best females of the series.

    2. Seems like the gameplay will be the best of the series, with what they’re saying so far. Really hoping for open and not restricted combats.

    3. I’m betting on the Dragons being on the “Good” Side. Dunno, just a feeling. l_l

    4. Can’t wait to see more characters revealed~

    • Sergio Briceño

      @3. I’m betting on them being on their very own “don’t mess with us human” side like most of the spirits and ancient monsters in the To series. Which eventually turns into the “Oooh so you weren’t actually evil” side and finally “But you understand we still need to kill you to complete the Pokédex and save the world, right?” side.

      I’m also looking forward to the battle system. It was a novelty in Symphonia but it hasn’t evolved much to my liking so I prefer the older ones to be honest. I didn’t like the direction it took with Xillia so hearing they have taken fan feedback to completely rebuild the battle system made me hopeful.

      • makubexnas

        Dude, i lol hard at your post. Take my like.

        • Linhua

          … and take MY like for asking him to take YOUR like.

          … I enjoyed that little line and thus I shall be using it every so often.

          … with your permission of course. XD

        • Sergio Briceño

          Appreciated. And liked.

          What are your hopes for the battle system? Mine are each character covers ground distinctly differently and I know To is all about large combos, but I think it’d be nice to have some more brawler like mechanics like combo resets, etc.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      Why the princess hate?

    • Luke Blackwood

      My bet is that Dragons will somehow fight humans because “lol survival” and then find out that humans are not the ones trying to get them dead and go on to the “Good” side xD

  • Masa

    “According to Baba, she’s the type of person who’d put herself in danger in order to be of help, while protecting her country and its citizens”

    So prety much the same as most female heroines, xD.
    Not complaining, i mean its pretty impossible to make a unique character these days, we live in the “been there, done that age”

    • Pinwheel

      To be fair, this series is pretty well known for having rather cliche characters.

      • Ladius

        To be fair, most jrpg series do exactly the same (wrpg, too, albeit with different tropes), and Tales is better than lots of them in giving its character and their relationships some additional depth thanks to sub events and skits.

        • Pinwheel

          The sub events and skits really don’t pull them too far from the general cliches you’ll find in JRPGs though. They’re fun to watch and play, yeah, but they don’t really add much to the characters as a whole.

          Not disputing that (most) JRPGs don’t move much outside of the generic characters department. This series is just as guilty though, even if the combat is fun.

    • Shippoyasha

      There’s always ways for the characters to grow and how they do so is going to be the crucial part. I think the Tales series has always done that pretty well. They just need to put more intriguing main plot lines in their games. Tales has always fluctuated in story quality, even though their characters are usually solid (thanks to the hefty amount of character banter).

    • Bec66

      I wouldn’t say its hard to make a unique character these days, I’d say its very hard to make a unique, likable, well written, and well developed character these days.

  • natchu96

    It’s always the royal closest to the commoners and farthest from the actual throne that seems to have the good leadership qualities huh.

  • JustThisOne

    Oh man, this “big surprise” is keepin’ me on edge. :> Hopefully, it’ll be for the better. And hopefully, whatever it is – they kept the local co-op players in mind. >__< The whole link artes thing is Xillia was cool, but it'd feel pretty horrible yanking control from another player.

    • God

      I Usually play solo, but ocassionaly when i played with other people i found it very entretaining to annoy them by taking over their character and going in a kamikaze rampage, killing their characters and staying alive thanks to items.

      • mike dickson

        wow dick lol did u ever tell your friend you can delink by click the d pad direction for there character

        • God

          Nope, they found out eventually, but it gave me at least 7 hours of cruelty before someone found out (since i played the tutorials alone)

          • mike dickson

            lol u did it right then

  • Samsara09

    well,this info is old.Still,it was well informed.Well well,a surprise…and a big one at that.i wonder,what cat is he holding in the bag…I imagine he is gonna do away with the battle transitions…that would be nice,but I hope it doesn’t end up limiting the world map.

  • DesmaX

    “Big surprise”

    Boy, I hope it’s battles on the actual field. No changing to battle scenario anymore

    • 하세요

      It’s one of the reasons I love FFXII so much.

      • MrTyrant

        The only thing I linked about that thing.

    • Sergio Briceño

      That would be awesome. But special care would need to be taken to make each map more battle friendly. Or perhaps just make them all bigger.

      Maybe in the next gen where “bigger is better” they will think about doing it.

    • Will John

      Thats what i was thinking based on the trailer

    • Demeanor

      Frankly I don’t really see your point… battles fought in a “dedicated battle space” are a staple of classic jrpgs, and I never had a problem with them, what exactly is the advantage of open field battle? Are you hoping for a Ys-like gameplay? Or the mmorpg feel of FF XII?
      Imho the “battle space” allows the Tales’ battle system to shine to its full potential. I mean:
      – field battle means dragging 4+ people around everywhere you go / barring your view
      – field battle means you could be surrounded by allies, enemies from any side and air, rocks, walls, cactuses, how would you move around and perform all the dodges/jumps/advance steps that are the backbone of Tales combat? It can be done, but I see hindrances more than advantages.
      – what about the camera? even on open field I’d expect the camera to stay focused on my enemy, or my character, etc., with how spectacular Tales combat is I certainly wouldn’t want it to be fixed.
      – the only advantage I see would be the increase in “realism” from the lack of transition to the battle space.

      • Ladius

        While I’m really interested to see what Tales could do with seamless battles, I fully agree with you regarding how well the series has handled separate battle arenas so far. It’s an interesting change, but I never felt separate arenas were holding back the series’ potential in any way.

      • DesmaX

        – Transition to battle scenarios breaks immersion from the player (And not only considering the loading times, changing maps can be disorienting for some players too). And even not considering that, it’s still time that the player would use for actual gameplay;

        – Being a staple doesn’t mean it’s not outdated. Or you’re gonna say they should keep random battles forever, because it’s a staple?;

        – Xenoblade Chronicles

        – Using the actual field for battles could lend up for more variety for the battles, as the player have to think about their strategy considering the field they’re into. And of couse, nowadays Tales is just a button-masher, I think it’s a great idea to make the player think about the buttons he’s pressing beforehead.

        • Demeanor

          Now I see your reasons more clearly. Unfortunately I never played Xenoblade Chronicles.
          Personally I think battles would be fine like they are in the latest Tales games, not really the random battles of old but the see-the-enemy-touch-it-to-enter-combat, however if devs can suprise us with an innovative system that’s actually good, I’m all for it.
          Regarding Tales being a button masher… it COULD be, depending on what the player is trying to do and the difficulty chosen, I’m shooting for the Graces f Platinum these days and oh boy, battles on Evil and Chaos are anything BUT button mashing; the game is packed with artes and features, the battle tips section has an astounding 105 entries.

      • fireemblembeast

        I totally agree with you. You make some good points. I was actually kind of shocked at how easily people would want to throw away the “battle space” that’s made the tales games shine since forever.

    • Linhua

      … then if they do that… they’re gonna have to do something about the ‘Active’ party members who will be participating in the immediate battle. They may have to be following the leader around real time.

      … to just make them appear out of nowhere with the leading character would look kinda tacky.

      … I can understand the reserved characters not appearing… that’s too many people on the screen at once all the time.

      … be cool if they were controlled by the other players… so you could explore these maps together!

      .-. W-wait… i’m spilling my own documents… @[email protected]

    • Slayven19

      I actually don’t want that somewhat because that means the victory dances and poses will be gone because there’s no battle ending. Or maybe it will still happen because even in battle I remember the scenes switcing when you level up or otherwise so never mind.

  • Jirin

    I like the stuff I’ve heard about Zestiria so far, but what I would love is to hear the focus is on using abilities that move you around the screen and you have to aim and not on stuff like link artes that give you damage that trumps normal damage once in a while.

    When I’m playing games like Tales and Star Ocean I’m having a lot more fun when I’m trying to figure out how to win with basic skills than when I’m waiting for a ‘rage break’ or ‘mystic arte’ gauge to fill up.

  • $61526767

    Alicia sounds very interesting. Hope to see the rest of the characters soon.

    • 40

      Same here

  • Suriel Cruz

    I instantly like her, when I read this line; “…she’s the type of person who’d put herself in danger in order to be of help, while protecting her country and its citizens.” It reminds me of Tales of the Abyss’s Natalia and I’m liking her(Yes! currently playing Tales of the Abyss for the 3DS.) Love the heroine to be of help and not the cutesie type of Princess, that always find trouble and is the hero who ends up helping her. Hopefully she’ll be bad ass and she can make herself bright by fighting a Dragon alone(story wise), THAT would be awesome.

    Does that “big surprise” means, they can transform by taking a Dragon’s scale, jewel, magic..ect.?!… LET IT BE, PLEASE!!!! Dx

    • Zoozbuh

      Ooooh I never thought of the being able to transform into a dragon but… I’M EXCITED NOW XD

    • Ric Vazquez

      Transform by using a dragon jewel, it just reminded me of The Legend Of Dragoon, I’m liking the idea!

  • CureMarine

    Alicia sounds interesting and all but I just cannot be happy with the battle system changing so much. First they take away the traditional world map and now they are changing the battle system. What’s next? No skits? Changing Gels to something else? I Don’t know. it’s just the things I love Tales of for seem to be… well, changing.

    • Sergio Briceño

      They can’t take the skits out… They amount to about 50% of my gameplay time!

      And I grind!

    • Arrei

      That he makes it a point to specify it’s an evolution of the familiar linear-motion battle system probably means its basics won’t change very much.

      That leaves the question of what the “big surprise” is. And someone did mention from the trailer it kinda seems like the battles possibly could be seamless between overworld mode and battle mode, so….?!

    • Ladius

      Even if they end up making combat seamless, that doesn’t mean they will change the root of the LMBS battle system. We have already seen a quick battle with Around Step and fast combos reminiscent of Graces, and Tatsuro Udo (the series’ most talented combat designer, see Destiny Remake, Graces and Xillia 2) is developing Zestiria.

  • Darkrise

    Still not sold on either of the main characters, I’ve already seen quite a few stoic “princess” types in multiple series. But still, looking forward to the fantasy setting.

    • Arrei

      The whole point of this new info was that she doesn’t care about being royalty, she thinks of herself as a knight first and foremost. She’s really not a “princess” type.

      • MrTyrant

        He said that he saw plenty of those stoic “princess” not the cute wannabe princess. Normally in novels the typical stoic knight in your party is the princess who likes to be a warrior a not a princess.

        The most interesting part of her story is that she is far from the throne but I bet she will become a queen at the end of the story.

        • Arrei

          Even still, those kinds of characters don’t just leave the princess angle behind, they’re still quite refined and “princessy” even if they have a warrior spirit.

          Alicia, however, is so far from the throne that “princess” might not be a factor in her character at all, is what I was trying to get across.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Not really they tend to be tom boys who’d rather take up arms then sit around on a throne so there have been plenty battle happy and/or trying to live among the common people princesses

  • Revorse

    Didn’t Chloe Valen already have a personality like that?

    • MrTyrant

      She wasn’t a princess, she belonged to a family of nobles and seeked revenge against her parent’s murderer while trying to restore her family’s name. She was cool I liked her for that.

  • MrTyrant

    She still looks like a typical princess to me just that Baba tried to do something different by putting her as a serious warrior instead of a cute healer but still I saw plenty of works with stoic knights that were interesed more in fight than play their part as royalty members. Also an optimistic main x serious pair looks…somewat cliche.

    • kaotron

      I agree, it’s the same cliche in every tales game(expect xillia/legendia apparently) male lead who is warrior class with sword and the heroine is the white mage healer.

      Tear from abyss was suppose to be the so-called veteran soldier and she just end up as a healer, natalia is the same story, lame arrow attacks attacks more support artes..

  • Kornelious

    This Alicia character seems pretty interesting, more than Milla at least (Please don’t kill me for saying that X() It’s kind of interesting to see two protagonists with similar but not identical personalities instead of polar opposites.

    I hope this big surprise is non transitional open field battles, that would be amazing! :)

    I’m hyped! Only one year to go! :) (Well technically anyway)

    • MrTyrant

      I fail to see why she would be more interesting than Milla when she was presented to us as the legendary Maxwell, had the four spirits and wanted to understand humans. Now if we didn’t like the devolpment I can relate with that and probably this characters will give us some nice surprises. Also polar opposites personalities is a given in most stories and main pairs

  • Seven of The Scions

    And i’m still curious about the surprise…

    Is it join battle in multiplayer mode? if that so, then it must b very interesting~

  • DanielGearSolid

    Baba is the man

  • CDM

    “According to Baba, she’s the type of person who’d put herself in
    danger in order to be of help, while protecting her country and its

    What, another Colette/Estelle? I’m tired of this archetype, especially from the Tales of series, and I especially hated Estelle. I’d much rather have another Tear-like heroine.

    • fireguardiancoty

      Actual Princess Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear is the first person that popped in my head.

    • Ladius

      Except Estelle and Colette are extremely different characters, and none of them fit with what we know of Alicia so far, unless you’re willing to strip their personalities to the point of saying that any heroine willing to help others is the same.

      As the other user said, Natalia seems to fit this comparison far better, and even then I don’t think Alicia will share her naive, pampered personality, or share her personal issues regarding her birth.

      • CDM

        Estelle and Colette are different, sure; Colette’s clumsy and Estelle’s innocent, and they both develop in different ways, but ultimately both characters are the type to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. They are not “extremely different”. They are the goody-two-shoes type. This is a character arche-type that’s often used in jRPGs. Given Baba’s decription of Alicia, I can only surmise that Alicia is going to be of the same arche-type as Colette and Estelle. And personally, I feel the Tales of series doesn’t really have a good track-record with characters of this arche-type, since I’m not a big fan of either Colette or Estelle.

        Of course, this is only a guess based on very limited information, so it’s likely to change the more information is given, but I can’t say I have high hopes at the moment.

        I used Colette and Estelle as examples instead of Natalia, because Colette and Estelle are both designated as the main heroine, like Alicia.

        • Arrei

          Colette and Estelle are, as you mentioned, self-sacrificing characters. They are not designed as strong characters, but still wish to protect people despite that.

          That’s not the vibe I’m getting from Alicia’s description and design. She’s a knight, proud of being a knight, and trained to fight unlike the other two (well, Estelle was trained by knights too but that wasn’t actually training for real combat) – it seems to me like her character is the type to not care about the danger or their own well-being as long as they can help someone – the gung-ho sort of hero like a female Lloyd or Asbel.

    • Zoozbuh

      I loved Tear!! One of my favourite female characters in the Tales series. To be fair I haven’t played Symphonia or Vesperia yet, so maybe my opinion will change in the future xD

  • Richard N

    Aw man, I dunno everything sounds good except for the Dragons. Am I the only who is dead tired of dragons being the highest/strongest entity in an RPG? I mean yeah, fantasy and all that jazz, but seriously, it’s just a flying lizard.

    Ah well, here’s to hopefully Zestiria doing something unique with dragons!

    • quasadra

      the dragons are breed by the ancients as automaton weapon to fight aliens.

      several thousand years later, the dragons are all like : meh, warfare is overrated.

      at least that is the vibe i am getting.

      • Richard N

        Hm. Reminds me of Scrapped Princess….

        But that’s an interesting origin for their dragons. We’ll see what else they have in store.

    • Ladius

      They have never had a central role in the Tales series, and we don’t know anything about them aside from their appearance. Considering the series’ love for plot twists, they could very well be something different from what we expect.

      • Richard N

        Oh I wasn’t referring to Tales over using dragons, more all RPGs in general. That was one of the things that I liked about Tales of series, that they always had their own unique creatures that they developed and creative mythos I don’t see anywhere else. Which is why I was kinda sad when they said dragons were the main focus this time.

        Like I said, I hope for the best. I’m sure they won’t disappoint.

  • Earthjolly

    I wonder if there will be Dragon tranformations a la Breath of fire. As for the archtype *sigh* wished it was a pascal type heroine now that would be funny

    • Bobby Jennings

      Friend of mine at my house right now said the same thing.

  • Trismagistus

    While I’m not writing off either main characters just yet, they do sound like they’ll be rather generic from the information we’ve received so far. They seem like the type who’ll stand before a villain who committed genocide and refuse to kill him because “then we’ll be just like him”.

    • Ethan_Twain

      I’m not aiming to be a giant jerk or anything but… has Tales EVER had characters that transcended the generic? Tales is quite good at what it does, but what it does isn’t terribly ambitious, you know? There’s a reason these can come out as frequently as they do.

      • Daigure

        I mean, to a certain extent, you’re right. But for whatever reason, through skits and other bits of optional dialouge, these generic characters are incredibly memorable.

    • Scourge626

      Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesparia seems to be the character you’re looking for.

    • Slayven19

      So they’ll be the same as always like we expected anyway?

  • I’m liking the character designs a lot already, and Alicia’s personality seems fine to me. It seems that Hideo and the rest of the staff are putting in a lot of thought into this game so that it will turn out really well. Also interested in this “Surprise” he mentioned. Can’t wait to hear and see more soon.

  • ndjn3979

    Hopefully this will be much more fleshed out than Xillia. That game was so hollow.

  • Really looking forward for more information about this game and its characters! Xillia, its sequel and Vesperia should maintain me occupied while I wait for this game to be released.

  • Atmey

    Please port the localized version on PS4, like you did graces.

    • Rintarou

      Yeah, Graces was especially enjoyable on PS4…

  • Loli Summoner

    Shes hot :o looks better than milla but less interesting than milla.

  • I hope there will be romance between the 2 main chararacters

  • Ridho Siregar

    I just hope the developers gonna fix her 3D face model to look closer to the 2D arts. I dunno, her face seems better, sweetier, in her artwork than the 3D come out. I think it’s something with her 3D model’s cheek.

    • Suzaku Kururugi

      3d model’s face is longer

    • Zoozbuh

      There’s always been a disparity between the 2D art and the 3D models… I’m not sure if it’s just the graphics style or just lazy art direction, but it’s something I’ve noticed ever since Tales of the Abyss xD

    • Off topic, but why are many spear-using RPG girls in similar poses? I’ve seen Judith and Cordelia from Fire Emblem: Awakening in that pose so far.

  • brostar

    I like the female character from the description but not the male character. Which seems to be something I encounter in ever Tales game except Vesperia. Asbel never shut up about friendship but then again the whole game was about frienship (I hated Graces so much). Jude is too self-righteous. Luke from Abyss is a massive dick and I don’t care that he gets better because he’s so unbearable right now.
    All I want is Yuri Lowell again. Give me a character like him. A guy who gets things done. A total badass.

    • JustThisOne

      That’s basically Millia, I think. But anyway, it’s a little too soon to write of the guy yet. So far, everyone’s getting very … undescriptive descriptions. Stuff like, “Passionate young man that has a strong sense of justice.”

  • Ryo-kun

    Please focus on making it long and have plenty of character developments. Xillia feels barren in that regard IMO.

  • nororu

    they should work a little on her neck and hair. im just watching the pic :p

  • Demeanor

    Fantastic Alicia design… lady cosplayers, you know what to do! XD
    That aside, the logo has a lot of blue and clouds in it, so I suppose flying on the back of a dragon will definitely be something we get to do in the game.
    Speaking of dragons (who doesn’t love them???), I wonder if the MC will be a sort of dragon knight, bound to one? And if so, I wonder which color the dragon will be… classic red? Or blue? Black? Will it change?
    Can’t wait for this, and I’m mighty curious about novelties in the battle system.
    As for Alicia, I’ve seen plenty of battle princesses (Estelle from Vesperia and VP’s Alicia come to mind), so I’m looking forward to see if she’ll bring something new to the table.


    アリーシャ =/= Alicia
    アリシア = Alicia
    no ?

    • Euphoria

      Yeah. アリーシャ is Alisha, and アリシア is Alicia, I believe.

  • Anna Scruton

    What is with the character designer lately and giving the main heroines stupid ahoges? First Mila’s multicolored attenna and now this girls ridicilous out of place one curly bang.

    • Hunts Rattata

      It’s a ‘Z’ for Zestiria!

    • Ridho Siregar

      daemn I didn’t see that!

    • Arrei

      Pretty sure a bang isn’t an ahoge by definition. It’s just… well, a huge bang. Milla’s, too.

  • ivanchu77

    I always focus on the female leads in tales games insted of the males, i found them more interesting most of the time, and it seems this time won´t be the exception

    • Bec66

      Hate to say it but I mostly agree I ended up liking Milla more than Jude, Sophie more than Asbel, I’m split down he middle with Tear and Luke (Yes I like Luke), but I will say I preferred Lloyd over Collete.

    • Bell

      Agreed. Luke, Asbel, and Jude were completely uninteresting to me, but Milla, Sophie, and Tear were the shining stars of their respective games. In general, I feel like the series does a lot better with its female leads than it does its males, although the other male characters are still usually quite interesting. The only time I liked the male lead more than the female lead was in Vesperia. Yuri was so damn cool!

  • kaotron

    ok, the design looks cool but the selfless heroine/noble personality is a bit overdone in the tales series(oh well). Wonder what type of class and play style she’ll have(most likely to be a healer/supporter with a few offensive artes like the other tales heroines..)

  • Zoozbuh

    I’d be very, VERY surprised if they change the combat significantly and turn it into an open/in-field combat sort of game… While I LOVE the Tales series, it has never been one to innovate to be honest. And even between the last 4 main games, the battle system has changed very little (let’s be honest here…)
    I don’t think Baba-san would want to “fix what ain’t broke” but hey let’s see, I might be proven wrong?

    • Ladius

      To be honest, everyone who played the series should easily recognize how much it has changed during its history. Compare the original Tales of Phantasia with Tales of Eternia, then look up at Tales of Rebirth’s tri-linear battle system and Tales of Destiny Remake’s quick paced action and you will see just how varied gameplay has been, and this is only for 2d games, without even considering sub-systems. In the latest years, 3d games such as Graces and Xillia offered a really different experience, and you will often find fans supporting one or the other for very different reasons.

      Of course the series has always been focused on its LMBS roots, but criticizing it for that would mean criticizing every series for not completely changing their formula (for instance, every Fire Emblem game is a positional tactical jrpg, every mainline Final Fantasy is a take on turn based combat, and so on).

      • Zoozbuh

        That’s true, to be fair… I guess I didn’t think of it in that way. Like I said, I’m a big fan of the series but I’ve never played any of the 2D titles (other than a ‘Tales of Hearts’ demo), so what you say about the series evolving is probably true.

        I just don’t feel there has been that much development in the last few 3D titles, since they all felt very samey to me (and slight MINOR changes like strafing/free-running don’t really count…)

        (I don’t see why people have downvoted my comment btw, I love the series in spite of its flaws. It’s one of my favs!)

  • Yaxhakum

    I’d like a heroine like Tear, who was attractive but also wore pants ._.

    That said, I’m excited for Alicia as a character, which is more important.

  • Hau To

    I wonder if someone will target everyone in her line leading her to be the only being left in line to take the throne. “There were no survivors left of your family. You must now take the duty to become the successor to the throne, princess.”

  • Sardorim


    She shall be a Tsundere towards Slay eventually.

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