Monster Hunter Frontier’s "GG" Stands For Great Graphics

By Eugene . January 6, 2014 . 1:02pm


GG? Good Game? Nope. If looks are anything to go by, Capcom’s upcoming massive update for Monster Hunter Frontier G will have some brand spankin’ new Great Graphics—at least on the PC. Alongside that comes a little more information on what else the update will entail, via a recent video feature.


gg2 gg3

The biggest and most obvious change will  be the upgraded graphics. Take a look at the enhanced level of detail in the monsters and weaponry above. The backgrounds, too, look brighter, and there are even shadowing effects included now. The updated level of detail makes it feel like Capcom have gone over the game with a comb and went hey, let’s upscale everything! Again, Capcom have specifically said this is for the PC edition of the game, so it remains to be seen if consoles will get the same treatment.




The other major news is the addition of an entirely new class of weapons—what looks like a tonfa, although Capcom’s calling it the Senryuu Kon. This might be because the weapon, while short at first, has three different forms. The second and third form extend the tonfa further out behind you and lending it extra reach. There’s not much to go on beyond that but it looks like it’ll be able to both land multiple blows as part of its combo system, as well as block attacks quite easily from monsters. It’s also been noted that this is, if you squint, reflected in the new logo as well.



Another, final addition we currently know about is the news that Felynes will also now be able to tag along on your quests and hunt alongside you.


Monster Hunter Frontier G is out now on PC and consoles, with a Vita version planned for 2014. The GG update is set for spring 2014. Note that the game is a subscription-based MMO-esque affair, and not merely a multiplayer-focused game like the main Monster Hunter series.

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  • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

    Would have been awesome to have uses the monster hunter online engine, even if its beimg made by another company under Capcoms advisement.

  • FlobotingIt

    So many facepalms… So many today…

  • SlickRoach

    If they make another edition I wonder of it will stand for Giga-Great Graphics?

    • J_Joestar

      Monster Hunter GGG?
      It better have a Golden Hammer that can reduce things to light.

  • ReidHershel

    In a nutshell:

    • makubexnas

      The creativity is strong in this game.

      • 하세요

        Sub-Sub-Sub-Rare-Subspecies Rathalos. It’s a rainbow and has a brand new attack – Rainbow Fire Ball!

        “Is it faster and stronger and stuff?”
        “No no, just…just rainbow.”

      • randominternetperson

        Haha, I love the amount of hate you are getting. I played most MH games including the Korean MHFO and I know this is true. Even in MH3U I was sick of them reusing animations. I’m tired of hunting the same monsters and making the same looking equipment in every game.

        • Syn

          Its just spambot downvotes man, its probably only 1 person doing that.

        • J_Joestar

          well at least gen 3 gave us some new types like Levis, Bear-like Pelagus, Fanged Wyvs, and Brutes.

      • makubexnas

        Wow so much hate :’-(

  • Weeb

    Okay so the graphics are good. So I guessing it will still be riddled with micro transactions like the previous monster hunter MMO. Oh well.

    • tubers

      It’s a sad and part of current and future gaming.. “graphics and microtransaction”; spearheaded by mobile platforms

      • Syn

        man, thats just….depressing.

    • J_Joestar

      previous MH MMO? isn’t it the pretty much just an update on top of it?

  • Lloyd Christmas

    Capcom, you’re so full of yourself.

  • Nitraion

    ahaha Thats smart… XD

  • Crevox

    Add bloom, make semi decent textures


  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    It looks… shinier and with better monster models. That’s it really.

    I think even MH3U looks better.

  • Namuro

    Man, that Senryuu Kon looks sweet! Persoanlly, I don’t use Dual Blades, but I really want to try this new weapon out. Being able to attack rapidly, as well as blocking sure sounds like a dream combination! I wonder what other functions it will have… Though, judging from what we are shown, the Lv.3 tonfa can probably do a pile bunker-like attack. That would be so awesome…

    I wonder what the deal is with the tower. Maybe it’s a randomized dungeon, something like the Unknown Great Forest? But then again, it could just be another tower map…

    Even if they didn’t change the graphic entirely to match something like the Chinese MH, It’s still a pretty nice update. I guess they couldn’t simply overhaul everything, since the content is massive. Ah, gonna have to wait and see the final result myself.

    Sure wish they would add the Senryuu Kon in MH4G or something…

    • Draparde

      I agree. those tonfa’s look pretty sweet. and I too hope they add it to one of their main games. since depending on how it fights I could end up maining them ><

      • Namuro

        What do you usually use?

        • Draparde

          Bow, and dual blades. I want to try the insect staff since i’m a fan of martial artsy stuff…so the tonfa’s are right up my ally lol.

          • Namuro

            That’s cool. I mainly use the Insect Staff and the Gunlance. I have yet to learn how to handle ranged weapons properly in MH4.

            If you like using quick weapons like the Dual Blades, I’m sure you’ll like using the Insect Staff. Such a fun weapon to use, and you look damn cool using it too! Just like something out of Chinese martial arts flicks. LOL

          • Draparde

            :D! well thats awesome. now i really can’t wait to be able to play MH4 myself.

  • SauriansMaster!!

    I cant be the only one who chukkled at the title

  • Virevolte

    I’m all in for more details in equipment.

  • Melancholia

    I thought it meant Good game ;P

  • J_Joestar

    sounds interesting that it is an actual new weapon and not them just tossing Bugstaff or ChargeAxe into it.

  • Achiel

    The next version should be called Monster Hunter GG no Re.

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