That Mysterious Square Enix Social Game Now Has A Glorious Title

By Eugene . January 8, 2014 . 12:00pm

Remember when Square Enix was teasing a new game with Gloops? It’s got a title now—Glorious Blaze: The Princess of Destiny and the 8 Soldiers. Yes, it is a social, free-to-play game for your smartphone.


While we don’t know much about what it’s about or how it plays, we do know that there is the suggestion of at least two different energy bars—AP for Action points and BP for Battle points bars—based on the freebies being given to those who’ve been lucky enough to get into the game so far.


Checking out the teaser site gives us a little bit about of info on the story, too. Our Princess of Destiny is apparently named Moira, and she has to defeat the Empress Echidona from the Arcadia Empire. Why? Who knows. I hope she doesn’t literally only have like, eight soldiers, though. That might make things a little tough.


Glorious Blaze: The Princess of Destiny and the 8 Soldiers is currently set for a Spring 2014 release.

  • riceisnice

    Oh, what fun…

    • Ecchi Pantsu

      I can’t even express my excitement……

      • makubexnas


      • new_tradition

        I see this pic used all the time, and not just for SE announcements.

        You think Hashimoto knows how memetastic his one line has become? xD

      • Kenny Loh

        yo shinji bitch

      • Learii

        excited games on iphone? no thank man

  • Niveous

    Moira, Princess if Destiny is just a /teensy/ bit redundant, SE. But there is an interesting implication there; ‘moira’ is a fate you can’t escape, no matter what road you take to get there, or how you try to avoid it.

  • Mitsukiix

    people will never understand how addictive social games are.
    but i do and i love them especially ones with beautiful art.

    • Godmars

      I don’t get how RPGs with interesting/involving plots have become so anemic.

      Chrono Trigger and FF4/FF6 dump truck loads over anything “social”.

      • Mugiwara

        Couldn’t agree more Godmars .

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        The fact that you think social is it’s own genre of game play is sad and says a lot.

    • Shippoyasha

      They will have upsides into the future but I am hoping for control add ons for mobile devices because the extreme heat the things produce when running games can get dangerously hot. I love some mobile games but I can’t play them too much before I worry about burning my fingers.

      Also, they need to stay away from excessive grind heavy gameplay to entice users to buy speeding up items.

    • GameTaco

      I’m always willing to give one a shot. It’s too bad a lot of them tend to be lazily developed, to be bluntly honest. Heck, that’s how I felt about Guardian Cross. I was more interested in the monster sniping minigame to earn the cards than I was in the actual card game. :/ Still, it surprisingly holds a fairly active community.

    • KnifeAndFork

      They appeal to non gamers. People who like real games usually avoid them

  • Saoryx

    I believe it is “Glorious Blades” as in the meta keyword tag

    • Yan Zhao

      And for those of us who can read some JP, it clearly says Blaze.

      • Saoryx

        Then I envy you because I can only read hiragana and katakana ^^
        But… If it is “Glorious Blaze”, then I wonder why they would have called it “” ._.

        • brostar

          It is katakana though…

          • Saoryx

            Oui !
            And what I read is “Glorious Blades” :9

          • brostar

            Ah fair enough. It’s an easy mistake because the only difference between the two is one character. ド/ズ

          • almostautumn

            …those aren’t similar at all. And besides, ド is “Do,” and falls under the “T” modifier, and ズ is “zu,” and falls under the “s” modifier.
            It’s basic tables work, which I guess you know but— no way. Hira/Kata are cut and dry; it’s when you get to mutli-particle kanji that it goes to hell.

          • brostar

            I never said the characters were similar. I just meant that there was one character difference between Blaze and Blade in katakana so the mistake is understandable.
            I agree with you on the Kanji part though. Some characters are very similar with only a slight radical change or additional radical. Plus in terms of gaming, complicated kanji + low res font… oh man…

    • Kokoro

      It does seem to be Glorious Blades. The site is g-blades, the meta tag is “GLORIOUS BLADES”. Also, see: Unchained Blades. アンチェインブレイズ

  • Glorious Blaze? More like Glorious Daze! Because that’s what the thought of social games do to me. They put me in a daze. Aren’t I just hilarious?


    • brostar

      Your username is a character from Valkyrie Profile so I already like you.

  • Chim_era

    If she uses her 8 knights like Zero in Drakengard 3, THEN we will be modestly excited Square Enix !!!!

  • Samsara09

    Well,won’t be joining the mobile KKK around here,but that title indeed doesn’t look exactly promising….And this game looks heavily cheap.Well,if SE is forsaking us,at least do good mobile games.thank goodness I ain’t a mobile fan.It’s game library is full of plagiarism..with many games having as much complexity as “Teletubbies”.Perhaps that is why they addict so many people.

  • brostar

    If it comes to the android store and is addicting enough I’ll give it a shot. If it’s free that is.

  • Bakano

    The market is trying to move on to a new audience of gamers leaving pretty much a majority of their old fan base to eat dust. I’m stuck in the ps2 and older eras of game now days. I don’t mind, theirs a buttload to beat from that point n back I guess.

    • Gemlit

      Does that mean that you haven’t upgraded to a smartphone? Because I am pretty sure many of the PS2 and older eras of gaming gamers have pretty much either quit or upgraded to those new phones now. Not everyone can afford or want to buy the new consoles so they choose to buy the new phones instead.

      • GDI

        It depends if the new smartphone/android/i-device can be had for cheap. I only got into iOS gaming because of a gifted ipod touch, but since it’s more expensive than either a PSVita or a 3DS I wouldn’t have gotten one myself.

        But PS4 and Xbone I’m staying away from those, they won’t have Japanese style games anytime soon, if ever.

  • Nyandroid

    The art has definitely caught my attention. =owo=~

  • GDI

    Going to the teaser site… dat sideboob -_-.

  • Seven of The Scions

    They really give it their all into social games…

    if only they use those power for console/handheld gaming…

    They could turn the table.

    If only…they have the strong confidence and culture gaming like on their glory.

  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus


  • Social, check. Free-to-play, check. Smartphones, check. Crazy name, check. Ok guys ready to ship a new Square Enix game e.e

  • Slickyslacker

    The artwork reminds me of Valkyrie Profile. Too bad the franchise was practically killed by reducing it to a horrible DS 3rd sequel.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Man all I hear is mobile gaming these days, Jesus smite these mobile evil doers that want to send console gaming into oblivion.

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