Otome Vita Bundle Getting Reprint For New Hakuoki Game Launch

By Spencer . January 8, 2014 . 1:07am

otomateRight now the PSP is the main system for otome or girls romance games, but Idea Factory is determined to make PlayStation Vita the next home for the genre. They released an Otomate Special Pack with Amnesia V Edition and a Vita port of Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom in December.


This 22,050 yen ($210) bundle, which includes a white PS Vita 2000 series model and an Amnesia V animation DVD, will be reprinted to coincide with the launch of Hakuoki: Sweet School Life. This Hakuoki title is a spinoff that reimagines the series in modern Japanese high school instead of feudal Japan.


The Otomate Special Pack and Hakuoki: Sweet School Life will be available on March 27, 2014.

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  • GDI

    Dear Idea Factory International: License your PS Vita VN engine and open it up to English otome devs. Ren’Py is practically an english otome scene precisely because of lack of translated content coming from Japan. Lots of great artists, and the writing is slowly getting better.

    Be the console publisher for the top devs. Then get SCEA to ignore the “no pure VNs without gameplay rule”. Then again, maybe making it as a PS Mobile engine to hit the Android market as well.

    • Alter

      Golden Time has many fun mini games. I guess VN makers should go to that direction.

    • Lumi

      Does that rule actually exist? Hakuoki and Sweet Fuse got released without problems

      BTW just downloaded Sweet Fuse from PSN. Great stuff!

      • Aerii

        Sweet Fuse has some gameplay in the form of the Explosive Insight thing. Don’t know about Hakuouki, haven’t played it yet.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Last line noted — let’s not return to the days of that internet assumption. Even when the story screamed its strongest, there were notable ‘exceptions’, and reasons against localizations which had nothing to do with Sony’s great unwritten rule.

  • Chim_era

    I just really hope we get Amnesia. It looks like a game with a good story and with a broader appeal than the ios and android otome games.

    Please Idea factory you know what to do to enslave your fans ;)

    • Lumi

      Yes, it has a great story, but the andorid/ios otomes are mostly pretty bad in both plot and writing. They are like half-baked otome games, designed to sell dlc that only lets you read XX lines per dollar, or other cosmetic items to “dress up your character”. So that’s a poor comparison.

      I’ve yet to see a Android otome that’s actually good (and not a port). Has anyone tried East Tower? The demo looks like it has a real plot, but the female protag has gender identification issues, so I’m not sure if they can really pull it off well enough.

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        I think that shall we date and games like that are fine for what they are designed for.

        • Chim_era

          Yeah true, but I haven’t enjoyed the last ones as much. Next to that I hate the games that are free but then not so much if you want to read more then 10 sentences a day :p

          I just hope more games like Sweet fuse will come to the vita. It was a good and funny game. Better than I expected.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            I can’t get into shall we date because there’s no music which is why i prefer voltage’s games.

            I hope we get more games like sweet fuse and haoukai too but those games were kinda on the fence of being geared towards girls but possibly accessible towards a larger audience which is why i think they were the first choices.
            I do hope we get more stuff like amnesia or diabolik lovers since both are pretty good

          • Lumi

            “kinda on the fence of being geared towards girls but possibly accessible towards a larger audience” I’d like to think of that as a good thing for VN in general. It can mean that it’s got a decent and sufficiently satisfying plot in general.

            BTW, are there any phone otome games that you’d recommend? Those publishers have an overwhelming large library of games of uncertain quality. Is the plot so predictable that you can tell what it’s like by just reading the app description alone? I’ve tried a single route from one of the Oku games and this was the vibe I got…

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Hmm I’ve looked, but all i have is a android tablet at the moment that isn’t mine so i can’t be sure. I believe apple has more visual novels in general in their store, i did find a nice school one but i can’t remember how it was.
            Personally i did like the story changes in the americanized versions of the voltage games just because they seemed a little bit more realistic.
            Like in the game that has the devils taking your souls, in the Japanese version they just pop up randomly and give you things before you were supposed to die to make you happy, but in the american version they all try to lead you straight to your death throughout the day but fail because of one circumstance or another
            I don’t know about the full story since it cost money I don’t have right now but I enjoyed reading it more then the japanese version even with the art

          • Aerii

            Just because a story is purely romance doesn’t mean it can’t have a satisfying plot. And just because it’s not only romance doesn’t mean it is better written. I just want to see more pure otome games translated, without any attempts at appealing to a periphery demographic.

      • Roses4Aria

        I enjoyed My Forged Wedding for what it was, but nowhere near Hakuoki level, that’s for sure.

      • Firekitty

        East b Tower looks like it could be interesting, but the gender issues smack of either ‘the moral is going to be, being a girl is rad!!’ Or ‘wanted to make a BL without actually going whole hog’.

        And if it’s the latter, that’s a pity, since I’ve found a grand total of one BL game on the play store.

    • Haunting Horror

      Yes, Amnesia has an AWESOME story (or stories rather)! And great characters. The anime didn’t do it justice at all. Also unlike most otome games there is no common route, so all 5 routes are long and you don’t have to re-read (skip) anything. It’s one of my most wanted otome games in English.

      • Chim_era

        I picked up on the anime to see how it would be because I was really interested but I didn’t get it :p

        I was thinking. What is Orion really? And scheming females in the first episode already? :p

        Outside of Amnesia I would also like to try diabolik but I will probably have to be content with the voltage games untill then. At first I didn’t really like their stories, pretty shallow, but the lats one was pretty good. I hope the can keep the pace up … or not .. my wallet needs a break :3

        • Haunting Horror

          Yeah, the anime is confusing if you don’t know much about the game. And with how they did it they just cut off at the half way point for each character which just doesn’t work as you need the whole route to understand (esp for ones like Ikki). They should have done their entire stories OVA like instead of connecting them like they did (with the heroine going to different worlds), that just was an awful idea. Amnesia is like a mystery as you see more and more of her memories (which in each route is different, she even has a different personality in each one) to piece together what the truth is in that route.

          Orion is indeed a fairy! Kinda more of a spirit really. Ah, Ikki’s fangirls, only become clear in Ikki’s route. XD If you want to know more about Amnesia then here: http://yumemirusekai.wordpress.com/category/otome-games/otomate/amnesia/

          Yes, Diabolik Lovers is also one I would like a lot. It’s not as bad in some routes as everyone makes it out to be really. There’s definitely way worse out there than them.

          • Lumi

            Amnesia definitely make more sense in the game. Really hope that it gets localised, it definitely deserve all the praise and fandisks.

            I think the thing with Diabolik Lovers is that the creators deliberately made ALL of the characters mentally screwed up beyond repair, incapable of normal affection (except for one), but model them after the standard character archetypes.

            If you compare that with the Alice series, well, at least you KNOW they are all crazy in the first place. The entire world is crazy!

  • Roses4Aria

    My Vita is soooooo ready for this. Please IF, I’d even be tempted to buy another Vita if we could get that bundle over here, and SSL is making me salivate…

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