Watch Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate’s Marie Rose In Action

By Eugene . January 9, 2014 . 12:02pm

That’s Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate’s new playable character, Marie Rose. The beautiful lady with the Russian style of combat (we said don’t ask) had some nice person filming her in action at an arcade somewhere.



Yeah, it’s kinda grainy footage but what can you do? She’s shy like that. Hopefully, she’ll come to the West as Tecmo Koei stated on their Facebook last year.

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  • Scarlet_Devil_Slave

    Oh god she’s adorable! + her moveset is awesome.

  • konsama

    Rainbow Mika younger sister detected, and god, i think i would buy the game just cuz this character. >>

  • KoRLumen

    Dayum. That’s hot.

  • Captmotorcycle

    She reminds me of Hinako from Kof

    • Mopz

      Don’t you dare compare the finesse that is Hinako to this hack.

    • Death Metal

      I kinda felt the same, even though they move differently.

  • She has the potential to be my new favorite character. Love her design and fighting style. ♥

  • Chaos_Knight


  • BlueTree

    There are two direct stream arcades with YouTube video archives that show off this character. acho and Kouhatsu spring to mind.

  • Ah, the birth of my new main character lol =^_^=

  • KyoyaHibari

    *cries* *looks to see if she is getting attention* *resumes crying* lol

    • Romancer Ecclesia

      rofl~ attention seeking gothic loli with world class russian-type martial arts skills… do want! xD

      • Linhua

        … that’s… quite the mouth full… lol.

  • Callonia

    I like.

  • Mopz

    Still giggling like a lolita girl at her “SYSTEMA Fighting Style”.

    More like “Rochefort Style: Level 1” kiddo.

  • Anesia Hunter

    there are very few lolis i actually like and she made the list. do you guys think they’ll make a DoA5:U+ and add her to it?

    also, the crocodile tears are adorable. it kind of makes me want to give her a nice big hot cookie.

  • Sergio Briceño

    I expected her to be more of a grappler based on her fighting style, or at least have some throw into combo options. Maybe they are there and just weren’t shown. Loved her taunt though.

    • Mopz

      Same… I expected too much from watching videos of Legit Systema on Youtube.

      What’s going solely for this character is the appeal, nothing else.

  • Demeanor

    What’s that costume in her second match, Marie Rose Append? XD
    I expect a flood of loli maids online when she’ll finally be released (me included). XD
    Wow, her ultimate is awesome… (3:05)

  • rurifan

    It’s been a while since I played DOA, but isn’t this character’s moveset largely ripped off from Ayane? Most of the stuff in this trailer (other than the gimmick rolls) feels very familiar…

    • Mopz

      Ayane with mixes of Lili of Tekken.

    • Göran Isacson

      Yeah, felt like that too. Kinda expected more grapple-moves and not just some more of the arm-waving we see so many other ladies use.

  • Lilith

    I wish I could get her for the version I already own. DoA 5 Vita.

    • tarbis

      You and me both. THEY MUST UPDATE DOA5+.

  • evilmajikman

    My ears. They bleed.

  • EinMugenTenshin

    I want a release date.

  • Ren Yuumei

    stop being cute damnit


    damn. the only thing that shows up in my mind when i look at rose is ‘what if illusion makes a new battle @#$%¨&**&¨%$%¨&*( ?’

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