Linezeta Is Yet Another Japanese Game With An All-Female Cast

By Eugene . January 12, 2014 . 9:30am


Linezeta is a new iOS and Android smartphone game that’s mostly your standard puzzle fare—sync up same-colored gems ship core lines and watch them charge up the weapon systems on your battleships and mechs—but tries to be different by having the cruisers, mechs and other ships under your control be powered up by beautiful woman.


When you get the combos right, they’ll yell out their various special attacks and unload on foes. There are some 500 different mechs, called Zeta’s, for you to capture and collect in the game.


Linezeta is available now on iOS and Android in Japan. There’s also an English version of the game available on Android here.



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  • Godmars


    This the best I can expect for sci-fi/mech gaming isn’t it…?

  • Chogokin

    Another totallynotpuzzle&dragons game! I’m looking forward to our mobile gaming future.

    • Strain42

      Eh, all game markets all the time have been like that. Back in the day we had a lot of totallynottetris, we used to have tons of totallynotangrybirds, then we had totallynotwolfensteinand/ordoom, totallynotGTA, and even now on the AAA market we’re loaded up with totallynotCOD or totallynotmasseffect. Almost the entire history of gaming has been based on mimicking the success of others. I mean even Puzzle & Dragons wasn’t the most original concept out there.

      …That said this game looks awful xD

      • brostar

        I want a mass effect style dating sim now.
        “Tell me more about your boobies!”

      • Demeanor

        I think the genesis of gaming predates to when people had 5000 different consoles, and they were all totallynotpong XD

    • Noelemahc

      Considering that P&D itself is unavailable in multiple regions, having equivalents is sort of acceptable, you know?

  • Reki Honoo

    There’s also a linezeta version for ios.

  • Yause

    This is a Korean developed game. The Japanese version is a localization.

  • Arrngrim

    This is a lesson for everyone, sex sells. Period. :)

    • brostar

      Nintendo you hear this? Time to sex up the Mario games. I want Bowser in speedo right now!

      • Arrngrim

        Do you like to play Gamecube bro?!

    • Richard N

      We should listen to Arrngrim he’s pretty wise. I mean he’s only been re-incarnated several times.

  • That was a terrible trailer.. The female captains/pilots are extras more than anything. You have to charge up a meter to even use their skills/attacks. They change from ship to ship not pilot to pilot. Pilots just give extra passive bonuses.

  • Nana

    “but tries to be different by having the cruisers, mechs and other ships under your control be powered up by beautiful woman.”

    Like every other japanese/korean IOS game.

    Well, at least this has a lot more gameplay than most :)

    • Game play was pretty scarce.. Doesn’t show how different the matching is from a game like Puzzles and Dragons. You don’t move the gems in this game you just connect them. Makes for easier combos but harder to pull long string of gems

  • Junkogaf

    The ios version has an english option! Still on the JP app store though.

    • Android version
      has English too..

      • Junkogaf

        Yes, I read that above. But nothing was said about if the iOS version had english or not so I was confirming.

        • Oh well they recently updated the language thing not as much broken English as before

  • DanielGearSolid

    I wonder how female gamers feel when almost every game they play is with a male lead.

    Then again on the otherside of the coin alot of the female characters they play as are created by males anyway

    • Hyli

      I personally am sick of games with all female casts, because I hate fanservice and games made for the male gaze. The gender of the lead isn’t a huge factor for me, as long as they are good, well-written characters.

      • DanielGearSolid

        Cool cool

        • Hyli

          That being said, the mechs in this game look pretty dang cool

    • Fiora

      In this sort of game with the Self Insert Male Protagonist + all-female cast, cutting out the guy doesn’t really do much; you still end up with a moe/otaku game aimed at guys, usually without much interesting for anyone else. Every once in a while there’s some dual appeal, I think, like with games like Neptunia (I wasn’t much of a fan but I know a couple girls who are into the series).

      I personally usually don’t play games like that. I do play plenty with male leads, but they usually have a mixed cast, like Tales, and plenty of good female characters to connect with. Plus the lead usually has a real personality to them instead of just being a placeholder for the player.

      Of course female leads can be really great, like in Atelier or P3P or Xillia, but we kinda have to take what we can get.

    • GDI

      I wonder how male TV watchers feel when almost every soap opera / j-drama / k-drama they watch is about the heroine (female gaze).

      They just don’t watch those TV programs.

      This game practically screams moe otaku cash grab. The assumed target audience is thus cemented.

  • Callonia

    OOooh Space pew pew game with battleships and mechas? Excellent.

    English version is out? Yus.

    Clicks trailer.

    *sees puzzles which must be solved to pwn.*
    Exits article.

  • Boospengi

    This is actually the second Linezeta game I’ve seen so far, except the other one was a carbon copy of Puzzle & Dragons while this seems to have different gameplay and graphics.

  • Guest

    This but still no English version of Kancolle.

  • neocatzon

    Umm.. is Alvin Kenes, the final commander, a female name?

  • fairysun

    OK, here’s the real serious question.
    Is this a good game to play while taking a dump?

  • Yan Zhao

    Black hair girl with the side tail is the best one.

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