Brave Frontier Channels A Little Bit Of Valkyrie Profile

By Eugene . January 15, 2014 . 4:30pm


If you miss Valkyrie Profile, you might want to check out Brave Frontier, which is making waves as a solid smartphone game where you don’t have to worry about juggling an entire puzzle board full of random gems. While the game is from Japan, there’s an English version out for both iOS and Android from Gumi (whose localization team is based in Singapore).



At first glance, it might look like a Puzzle & Dragons clone, and to some extent it does play similarly. You’ll be able to capture and evolve over 200 different fantasy style characters, monsters and ubiquitous slimes and fights generally revolve around getting the right element matched up against its opposing type to deal mega damage.


What sets Brave Frontier apart, though,  is that you get to actually choose which of your characters will be fighting which enemy. Do you want to gang your troops up on some poor skeleton sod? Smashing it into the ground with more attacks will pop up more rewards like cash and Brave crystals, but obviously leaves you open to counter-attacks from foes.



Those Brave crystals charge each character’s special skill which ranges from healing to direct damage to area-of-effect spells and effects. You have to hold and flick on a unit to do so, and it’s also possible to chain attacks together by selecting multiple units at the right time during a fight.



Another unique aspect of the game is its town system. Here, there’s crafting and basic harvesting that you can do. In order to get better items, you’ll need to spend some points to level up your buildings. You can then craft gear such as healing potions, antidotes and what not. There’s also an arena mode for players to fight against other players in player-versus-player team fights and various standard fair such as raid bosses and special events to partake in.



Be warned that the game has a very hefty after-download update requirement, so don’t do this in a place without Wi-Fi and some time to kill (it took us about 5 minutes to finish downloading the additional updates). The game is pretty intensive on the memory, too—the devs recommend at least 1GB of RAM for your smartphone or Brave Frontier will likely lag. On my Samsung S3, it did fine, however. We’ll give you more play impressions when we get more time in.


Brave Frontier is out now on iOS and Android in English.

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  • Slickyslacker

    Now is one of the few moments that I wish I had a phone.

    • I’m in the same boat in that my Galaxy Player doesn’t come close to meeting the minimum specs. I’d rather just have an Android tablet in the 5-7″ range than a phone since I’m around net 90% of the time anyways and don’t really have an excuse for having a net connected device over 3G/4G otherwise.

  • Its funny that Siliconera published this article, and I just started playing the game last week lol. It seriously is a good game though =)

  • Jumbokitty724

    This is exactly why I love this game <3 It totally reminds me of my favorite game of all time * Valkyrie Profile* I like the cute characters <3 Wish the rare drops on the Rare summon were better though =/

  • To those that have played, how pay-to-win is this?

    • Ryuki

      The game’s not really pay to win actually. The only thing you can use Gems (the currency for real money) for is either expanding your unit capacity, (You have 50 slots to hold your units) item capacity, summoning a rare unit or restore your arena and stamina energy. Right now they’re having an event for reaching 500k downloads where you can get a Gem for each day you log in.

      • About how much playtime can you expect before ‘stamina’ becomes a problem? That was the big thing I hated in Puzzles and Dragons in that it limited your game time unless you paid for it.

        I mean I can see why they would, that’s not rocket science for me, but it is a bit of a downer…and one more reason why I’d like to see P+D Z stateside.

        • Ryuki

          Hm. The stamina becomes a little bit of a problem once you get to the second land. Luckily though, your stamina is restored every time you gain a level plus you get one gem for clearing a dungeon.

          Also, I noticed that sometimes a dungeon you may be doing or have already cleared will have 1/2 stamina which helps alot.

          • So about what I would expect from something like P+D then. Fair enough. I’m debating getting a better tab so I need ideas like this to push the notion along for tax season.

            Especially when they term ‘Valkyrie Profile’ is used. That’s a pretty heavy recommendation in my book that I hope isn’t one treated lightly.

          • Ryuki

            I love the VP series so I know where you’re coming from. The combat is like Valkyrie Profile which was a plus in my book.

      • Nana

        Eeeeeh….that is pretty typical ios pay to win fare. Particularly the stamina energy. Notice that the more you progress, the worse this gets, because all your non-pay ways to get stamina evaporate. Level ups become too infrequent, for one.

        It’s entirely normal for these games to seemingly give you a lot of refills before hitting you with the timers – Immortalis or Trexels are infamous examples of that. Both of which quickly turn around and pretty much require payment if you want to get gameplay out of it.

        And the rare one is even more pay to win, if you realize that rare = significantly better, and the challenges get exponentially harder. Good luck getting past some enemies without a proper set of rares =)

        Remember that what SEEMS to be equal is not. Your cute commons? Trash that can’t even get past level 10. Meanwhile, rares get up to 65.
        Oh, and did I mention that fusion/evolution in this game requires specific materials, in pretty hefty amounts for cards worth evolving? Good luck getting any of that without paying.

        This game is utterly pay to win, it just masks it well early on. And it’s a damned shame, too – I’d rather pay once and then have proper gameplay without timers and “summon” lotteries. The valkyrie-profile-ish mechanics worked pretty well, before the paywalls hit :/

    • Ren Yuumei

      You can pay money for gems to get rare cards in a luck of the draw kind of thing. they give you gems for free but not alot.

  • Ryuki

    Not to be that guy but Eugene, the raid mode isn’t available yet. Just don’t want anyone to see that and call you a liar and such. xD

  • deadMastershiro

    Why isn’t this on 3ds? And my phone is old, broken and has no touchscreen.

  • Lilith

    I started playing this like 3 weeks ago. I enjoy it.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Every time I hear Valkyrie Profile mentioned, it just makes me want a new Valkyrie Profile game so bad…. ;_;
    That aside, this looks fun. Might give it a try.

    • Yea I wouldn’t mind a new title either.

      I’m worried that Squeenix these days WOULD turn it into a card game or something…

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        Yeah cause card games can’t have rpg features duh -sarcasm-

        • Nana

          They can have RPG features.

          And are still utterly terrible. Duh.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Yeah that’s why we should always assume that they are just terrible no matter what because that’s how it works in the gaming world.
            Everyone knows that if a game fails that means every game in the series, on the system and in the genre will fail.
            That’s just basic game knowledge duh

          • We want real rpg, not a game with rpg features…

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Yeah totally I understand, don’t watch the try out something new and innovative. Close minds ftw

    • Crevox

      I came here to say this ;( ;(

    • hng qtr

      We’ll never get Valkyrie Profile: Hrist/Ahly.
      Now I need to lie down in fetal position and cry.

      • Xerain

        I’m not a League player, but the fact that they have a character named Ahri always makes me wonder if there’s a VP fan among their staff taking Jabs at S-E’s in ability to localize that name properly in any instance tri-Ace uses it.


          we could speculate the same for Lunia staff but with EVA. Asuka and Kaiji? seriously? :p


      LRFFXIII is the closest of a new VP that we will probably get

      • Eric

        I never thought to compare the two, but you’re kind of right. Nice observation.

  • AAa

    YAY Another game that looks like valkyrie profile?!
    *Looks at iOS* lost interest…

  • ronin4life

    I have no Idea what the RAM on my phone is, let alone if I have enough.
    If I find I have enough, I’ll look into this.

  • Keine

    wish they did the remake of 2 on the vita but the chances are very very slim…

  • Lightthrower

    I installed this game 2 weeks ago and it stopped working on the 2nd day, couldn’t get past the update screen…

  • neocatzon

    ..and I just started playing this yesterday o_o
    It’s a few balanced mobile game in the wild.

  • Dexward

    I still can’t get Alma and there’s one day left til her dungeon disappears.

    • Linhua

      … it took me an entire week, actually.

      … are you trying to get her on Level 2…?

      … I kept playing on this level… and eventually she gave in.

      … now i’m trying to get Oboro, the Ninja guy on Level 2.

      … seems if you’re not quite strong enough for Level 3… level 2 seems to be something of like a 35% chance… which is ALMOST 50%.

      … it’s like seven times out of ten, you don’t get the Special Unit when you defeat them… whole lot better than what feels like 5% out of Level 1.

      EDIT: … I forgot to add, they have been extending her event. This is the second time they have pushed the date. She was supposed to be gone yesterday or two days ago I think… according to the game… and now… once again… she’s got another 8 hours.

      … maybe the game itself is messing up the times.

      • Dexward

        Nah, it’s not the game that’s messing up. The company is extending it because of all the server maintenances that has been happening recently.

        • Linhua

          … ahh… that makes sense, actually.

  • Lunir Malheur

    Great… I got excited with the review and it’s not available in Mexico iTunes Store. GG Gumi! XD

  • That is…that is just too cruel. Valkyrie Profile is (obviously) near and dear to my heart and then it gets compared to a Candycrush RPG? The more I read about this title, the worse it sounded. I don’t care how flashy and sprite-y the game looks: this is nothing like VP and nothing ever will be unless Tri-Ace and Square get off their proverbial behinds and get to work on something the fans truly want.

  • brostar

    I just tried this out and I can’t install it because like Puzzle & Dragons the game refuses to install itself on my fucking SD card. Why is android so screwed up like this? I have about 400mb internal storage on my phone and most of it is taken up by apps that won’t let you move them to the SD card. Google needs to upgrade android and make it so everything is installed on the SD card. internal storage is shit on these phones. So I can’t play any of these games because of how fucked up the data management for android is.

  • Hector Velar

    f2p/p2w or pay one charge and own full game? cause it looks good for me to buy but not if it is going to nickel and dime me f2p/p2w.

    • J_Joestar

      it is no worse/better than Puzzle&Dragon’s in-app purchases if you’ve played that.

      • Hector Velar

        P2W not interested… gaah it had good looking sprites, i guess that’s how they get you.

  • Yan Zhao

    What has Tri-Ace been doing? The last game they released was Resonance of Fate, which was awesome like most of their games. Its about time we get a new game from them no?

    What I would do for a new Radiata Stories and Valkyrie Profile game.

  • DFM

    To be fair, this is a pretty solid iOs/Android game. As seen from the comments below, yes as you progress into the game you’ll run out of “stamina” (the energy required for you to fulfill quests/gain $ etc.). But for the casual gamer/RPG fan, it does not take too long to refill “stamina” (you’ve got to take a break sometimes yes?). As an added plus, the GMs/whoever is in charge of this game is nice enough to give you freebies when server maintenance has to be done/server problems occur. The learning curve isn’t too skewed either. Don’t treat this like Valkyrie Profile, Chrono Cross or some hard-core RPG game; it’s really much better than the Angry Birds trope we usually see for mobile games.

  • Linhua

    … LOL… I find it HILARIOUS that you guys suddenly bring up this game after I JUST discovered it around New Years.

    … it’s been all i’ve played since I got it. Can’t even put my phone down.

    … and as much as I would like to spam my I.D. Number over this page like everyone else has done elsewhere so that I could obtain more Metal Gods… i’d rather not anger the mods.

    … definitely a great game though… VERY addicting. I use a count down app on the side to count the time until I have enough energy to do the next thing I wanna do in the game.

    … i’d give ANYTHING to go back in time for a chance to get Snow Blade Stya though… = … I had JUST gotten my phone in December… and hadn’t found out about this game until the new years… and to suddenly learn that the event of my number one favorite Unit, Element and all… had already passed before I even knew she existed… was probably the most devastating thing of all.

    … if there is any other experienced players here who’s played this longer than two months… would you guys happen to know if these special character events reoccur…?

    … I wanna know if I’ll ever have another chance to get Stya.

  • Pichu0102

    Everything looks so similar to Puzzle and Dragons, but I feel I like it a bit more.

  • has amazing tips for brave frontier. Check it out

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