Final Fantasy VI Makes Preemptive Strike On Android

By Spencer . January 15, 2014 . 10:48pm

Final Fantasy VI came out on Android devices today and this is the fourth version of the Super Nintendo classic. The smartphone release includes the extra espers and events from Final Fantasy VI Advance.


The sprite graphics were remade for the first time and here’s an interesting tidbit about that – Kazuko Shibuya, one of the sprite creators for the Final Fantasy games, was brought back to supervise the process. Siliconera put together a few more comparison screenshots between the Super Nintendo release and the smartphone version.







ff6a image




Final Fantasy VI is $15.99 on Google Play and will be released for iOS soon. Matrix Software made some additions to Final Fantasy VI like pop up menus so you don’t have to switch character turns, added unlockable achievements, character portraits to text, and a help system you can access by tapping the "?" on the top left.


image image

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  • Very kitschy. Given that Square Enix has done way better in the past, this is really disappointing treatment for one of the best-known classic RPGs. They look so plastic… Everything else looks ok (world map aside), but what the hell happened to those sprites?

    • Really, I agree. If the sprites were more in line with the PSP FF1/2/4, I’d be a lot more behind the look and style of this.

      But… This just looks too cartoony. Too cheap. And it’s a shame.

    • Kaitsu

      I don’t mind it, I just wanted FF6 with GBA updates with better visuals and sound.

      • Haganeren

        …. Except I have personally a hard time saying this is “better” visuals….

        • Kaitsu

          Not sure why I got negative feedback for being positive about a game I enjoyed. And the visuals are better, aside from the sprites. It’s a mobile port, you can’t expect much from it.

          My initial wish was a full remake into a more accurately proportionate 3D game. But I’m not picky about it. I’m still going to enjoy this game, even if you guys aren’t.

          • Haganeren

            It’s a mobile port on something that can play an emulator Super Nintendo anytime of the day. It’s not as if it was a GameBoy or something like that.

            I don’t even find the background especially more appealing… They don’t have any sense of “unity” with the sprite and like someone say, they didn’t even bothered making more detail. (The water seem to have LESS details… Even the train which seem alright at first glance) The laser seem out of the place too…

            And that’s only the part Square Enix wanted to share so the BESTS parts… Because when you play it seem to be worse :

            Not sure why you had initial down-vote too, that’s just a little debate. To be honest, I think i would have been more disgusted if this port was actually better than the SNES counterpart… Because I don’t want to play on mobile.

  • Warboss Aohd

    but can i recruit Ultros now?

  • Twilleppac

    The touch-ups to the environments are nice and all, but I gotta say in my opinion, these new character spites kinda suck… They’re way too bright and cartoony-looking.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    The sprites are atrocious. They lack the character of the SNES version. The backgrounds are pretty well done, however.

    They all look like children…*facepalm*

    • I like that you’re saying that with an original sprite as an avatar.
      d < thumbs up

  • Ping92

    they made it look like a browser flash game

  • MasterScrub

    I think I just threw up a little.

  • Monterossa

    Here we go again… the unpleasable FF fanbase.

  • Anything less than animated Yoshitaka Amano illustrations is no longer acceptable.

  • iANiMeX

    If they just made the character’s sprites looks like the ones in Brave Frontier then I would consider buying this game.

  • bVork

    What the new art really lacks is the density of the detail seen in the original. They really used every single pixel in each sprite and tile with maximum efficiency. The new art simply takes the old art and blows it up, without adding any more detail to it. Look at Banon. His hair in the SNES sprite implies long, lustrous locks. The phone sprite looks like there’s a giant noodle on his head. Look at the bottoms of the pillars in Figaro Castle. The SNES tiles make it look either like complex etchings or very rough concrete. The phone tiles are just some diamond pattern that doesn’t even make sense for the perspective.

    At least the phantom train looks fairly nice, even if they did manage to screw up the palette.

    • Scrooge_McDuck

      I agree about Banon, but those pillar tiles have the same diamond pattern in the original. (and nothing makes sense perspective-wise to begin with).

  • rekka_zan

    I still don’t understand why they keep doing “remakes” with this sprite style, instead of the beautiful 2D sprites of the PSP remakes.

    • Happy Gamer

      Yeah the PSP version was pretty decent.

    • megaten666

      That would mean “work”. Nowadays, developers don’t like to “work”. At least the vast majority of AAA title developers.

    • seyEliveD

      It really is unfortunate. The new sprites are very generic (not much detail compared to originals) and do not match the portrait (similar to FFV); they also appear much younger than the original sprites – in particular, Locke appears to be (maybe) sixteen in the new sprite.

    • Yan Zhao

      Man that PSP version’s sprites were nice, why couldnt FF5 and 6 get the same treatment? And SE wonders why they keep falling economically.

    • Suzaku

      The honest answer is because they brought Kazuko Shibuya back as pixel artist (starting with the original mobile versions of TAY and Dimensions, and now the new iOS ports).

      Though she actually did most of the sprite work for the first six Final Fantasy games (and a fair share of the franchises’ UI work, as well as manual touchups for the CGI scenery in the PSX games), her approach to the higher res sprites has been to keep them at 16 colors, with roughly the same proportions as the original, though the dimensions are different.

      The sprites never matched the character portraits, which were based on Amano’s illustrations. The sprites were based on Tetsuya Nomura and Kazuko Shibuya’s own concept/reference art. The new sprites are actually more accurate to that reference art than the ones used in the SNES version.

      • Suzaku

        Oh, and while I personally think the sprites for FFD and FFV were perfectly fine in this style, it’s not really appropriate for the look of FFVI, which had a distinctly grittier appearance, with more muted colors and a lot of dithering, giving everything a bit of a grungy look. The background tiles retain this, but the character sprites are in the colorful FFD/FFV style.

  • Adam Zaorski

    I didn’t get to play FF VI(I’m 28 so I didn’t have a console back in those days), but thankfully I got to play FFVII. That said as soon as I’m done with Bravely Default/Etrian Oddysey(4 and 5) I will buy this.

    Now where is my FF Type=0 on Vita Square-Enix?! I demand it in english.

  • Detrimont

    sprites had better shading in the original
    (still hypocritical that i said i didn’t like the new look in one of the first articles, and got a ton of downvotes, and now mostly everyone doesn’t like it)

  • alfare

    Looks ok to me.

  • Amalaira

    I think they forgot the shadows. The characters do not fit the environments very well now.

    Still a worth-while purchase though. It’s not like it looks like TOTAL crap, it’s just that they could have done significantly better with it. The dialogue portraits and text look great though!

    • NimbusStev

      Yeah, they actually did a decent job with the backgrounds but the characters just look so out of place. It’s like they had one person do the backgrounds and another do the characters, both in isolation from each other. Then at the end they just threw them together.

  • ChiffonCake

    People have already commented on how terrible the sprites look, so I’ll instead ask why the hell they’re using Arial. Like, seriously? This is a commercial release and they’re using Arial of all fonts?

    • Hey it could be Comic Sans but seriously you are right the fonts do look odd.

    • megaten666

      What’s wrong with Arial? At least it’s not Comic Sans.

  • new_tradition

    I don’t hate the new sprite work, but it would’ve been nice if it was the detailed stuff like the PSP FFIV remake. That was some good stuff right there ♥

    But again, I don’t think this is terrible. I kind of figure the style might have to do with accommodating the variety of android devices people are gonna play this on. And as Siliconera mentioned, one of the original sprite developers more or less gave this the okay, so…

    Anyways, I’m not in a super hurry to play this game, so I’m gonna wait ’til this goes on sale (it’s gonna happen; don’t know when, but it’ll happen >3>)

    Best scenario, we’re looking at 50% off. 8 bucks to own a FFVI remake is not a terrible deal in my opinion.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    man…the spites look super ugly in this

  • Christ that looks awful. I’ll stick with the better looking, non-phone version of the game on the GBA. Or the PS1.

  • I’m not really found of the new character sprites, but Ultros is still as fabulous as ever ~

  • The menu and text boxes totally look like thy don’t fit the game at all, either. The whole visual style is a mess

  • Raidou

    I’d be interested to know how Sabin’s special moves are input on the android version.

    • SobriK

      It’s actually kinda slick. After selecting ‘Blitz’ a touch-screen GUI pops up over the battle with the 8 directional laid out in a circle / compass rose type pattern and there’s a big ‘ol fist in the middle. You tap the arrows you want to use then hit the fist to conclude the blitz.

    • neocatzon

      I think it’ll stay the same, they’re short and not hard. Hope they don’t remove suplex train.

  • Happy Gamer

    All in all I think it isn’t bad, but the color scheme is too bright, and kind of flat. I agree with Rekka Zan, they did a much better job with shadowing etc for the PSP remake graphics. You know what woulda cool is if they had a “retro mode” like they did with Monkey island remakes :)

    I still wanna get this but my iphone just broke :(

  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

    You had one job, Shibuya.

  • Randy Marsh

    Haha, now to buy this remake and anger the Final Fantasy community even more. *rubs hands together in a maniacal way*

    No seriously people, I’m buying this. I figure it can’t be as bad as the mobile remake of the After Years. :/

    • KnifeAndFork

      It’s worse

      • Randy Marsh

        Not taking anyone’s opinion on this guy, especially from another FF fan. People said that the mobile remake of FFV was possibly the worst version of the game, but on the contrary, it is possibly the best version of the game.

        So who knows, maybe this is the case for this remake too..

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      Randy! go home. you are sober

      • Randy Marsh

        Lol, indeed I am.

  • KnifeAndFork

    I don’t understand why they couldn’t have just remade it with Dissidia style graphics…

  • AuraGuyChris

    Ironically, the enemies look better just because their sprites were much more detailed (with the extra pixel count).

  • Arcana Drill

    I wish that in the end VI receive the same tratament of IV, in another words, that it in the end it have a complete edition with nice bonus and beautiful 2d sprites like IV in psp.

  • Hector Velar

    I don’t think the graphics are the issue here, they are still an improvement from original with a spice of freshness. I think the issue here that make people so angry is that Square is focusing on milking money out of remakes and phone games instead of original console games. for example, I already own the SNES original and the PS1 remake, what incentive is there for me to purchase another instance of this game? I guess if you have not played it is a great game to have. The problem is when it may have bad sales and Square is going to blame fans for bad support(kinda like Capcom did) when in reality have they added extra characters, continents and quests on this game that would make me consider buying it.

    • Kelohmello

      Not really sure why anyone would give a crap about square enix outsourcing to another company to make a port onto portable devices for a game this old. Brings it to a new generation of gamers that aren’t yourself, and square themselves aren’t making it, they’re focusing on their own projects, so I really don’t see the problem here.

      That being said I would buy a proper, high quality port of FF6 on iOS or Android. Not this though, these visuals offend my sensibilities. Really doesn’t fit the aesthetic.

      • Hector Velar

        well it is all an opinion I guess, as far as aesthetic goes I like it. I like the new in battle backgrounds just look at the enhanced detail in the town, and that train looks much better as well as the level of detail on the bricks in Figaro castle… the characters look a bit washed I agree about that but it is the phone so probably wont matter or maybe they added more animation who knows why they decided to go with that style. but hey they redid the whole game and it is not a card game F2P P2W game, and it is a great game even thou it is old still a classic. That they ran out of good ideas and they been releasing crap lately, so they have to resort to this is another subject that I feel is the real issue.

        • Kelohmello

          Again, this isn’t even developed by Square Enix, they outsourced it to another company. Whether they have ideas or not really doesn’t have anything to do with this title.

          • Hector Velar

            that may also be the issue, but I think people were aiming their anger at the wrong target (graphics) while there are so many issues at hand. I agree once the mobile bubble burst Square is going to drown just like Capcom who announced all their future games were going to be “social” games(wonder why Siliconera didn’t covered that or did I missed it?). On the other hand since the giants are going at each other at the mobile games, it is the perfect time to support merging new companies. Great indi games like Skullgirls, CludBuilt, Mighty no9…etc. they need our support, let the giants die with their greed and dishonest marketing models and focus that energy on the small companies working hard to give us what we want. To me Square and Capcom are dead and keep them there.

  • Junko Enoshima

    this makes me uncomfortable

  • NimbusStev

    Everything about this just looks so… disjointed. They completely ignored everything about the originals that made them so good. The backgrounds are actually pretty well done, but the characters are atrocious and don’t mesh with the backgrounds at all. The UI looks cheap and the font choice is straight up lazy. I wouldn’t be so harsh if this was some indie studio’s first game, but this is coming from one of Japan’s biggest game companies!

    As a sprite artist who practically worships the sprite-work of 90s Squaresoft, this hurts me more than you know. To think that one of the best game studios of the past is now ignoring basic pixel art and design principles that even amateurs on DeviantArt know… it breaks my heart.

    And to think they have the nerve to charge $16 for this mess… What a joke!

    • Suzaku

      Actually the same pixel artist as 90s Squaresoft, FYI. Kazuko Shibuya. She did an interview about her career around when the smartphone version of FFV came out. She’s now lead art director for their mobile division, IIRC. I’m not sure how much of the sprite work is being done by her these days (I know she did some of the sprites for the new DQ mobile game because she’s always wanted a chance to do Dragon Quest sprites).

      • NimbusStev

        And that’s what makes it even sadder, in my opinion. I certainly respect her for her early work, but I don’t know what she was thinking with this one. The art direction is just so mismatched and chaotic.

  • Kelohmello

    I wonder how many handfuls of pesos they paid the developer that ported this.

  • Hikari Langley

    Shame I guess SQ gave up on giving FF5 and FF6 nice remakes like FF3 and FF4 had gotten.

  • BlueTree

    I can see that they were going for the style of some of the old Japanese Final Fantasy box art:

    There’s good and bad aspects to this approach, but since manuals/box art are much less common with digital releases, the knee jerk reaction is to go “This is worse because it’s worse” rather than reach specificity regarding exactly what, if anything, actually went wrong.

  • xxx128

    Super nintendo graphic looks way more crisp and detailed. Shame on you squareenix.

  • Foryth

    It looks horrible IMHO. FFVI has some of my favorite spritework ever, and this makes it look like a cheap RPGmaker version.

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