Microsoft On Courting Japanese Developers For Xbox One

By Sato . January 17, 2014 . 1:00pm

The Xbox 360 started out with several exclusive games from Japanese developers, with titles games such as Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon. However, things started slowing down towards the middle of its life-cycle. Recently, Microsoft Japan’s Takeshi Sensui spoke to Famitsu magazine about the future of Xbox One in Japan.


Famitsu start out by expressing their curiosity towards developments between Microsoft Japan and Japanese developers. They ask Microsoft Japan’s Interactive Entertainment Business Manager to share a few words on the subject.



“Since the very first generation of Xbox, we’ve prided ourselves on having worked closely with Japanese developers,” says Sensui. “For Xbox One, we plan on continuing these relations, and we’re currently talking to each and every developer about having them release their best titles [for Xbox One].”


Famitsu points out that we’re entering an era of multi-devices, where devices such as smartphones are seemingly becoming the norm along with consoles. They ask if there are any things that only the Xbox One will be offering.


“Yes, that’s exactly it,” responds Sensui. “While it is true that multi-device development is practically a basic strategy for every company out there, many might also wonder ‘so what kind of fun will the Xbox One be offering?’. As previously mentioned, the experience from the new Kinect model will be a big weapon for us.”


“There’s also Xbox Live, Smart Glass, Cloud, and the use of other original features of the Xbox One that will provide developers with the need of only ‘one device,’ as I believe,” he continues. “I’d also like to plan out a way of making different gaming experiences out there. On the other hand, we’re also continuing our talks to companies about having them offer games that can only be played on Xbox One.”


Compared to the first generation Xbox, Famitsu asks if there’s a change in the focus they have towards Japanese developers.


“Of course. Today’s game industry is similar to what we have in the film industry,” says Sensui. “There are Japanese gamers who enjoy high-scale and high-tech titles, similar to Hollywood movies that are on a global scale, and there are some who enjoy original Japanese content. I believe that it’ll be important to balance the two as we expand from now.”


“That said, while offering excellent games that are released around the world, I’d like to also increase the amount of games that are made for the Japanese gamers,” continues Sensui.


“In order to do that, in addition to the big Japanese developers, we’ll be keeping close communications with the small and medium-sized developers, as we prepare the lineup.”

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  • Attempting to make Sony look like crap when Sony is native and MS isn’t.

    Yea. Good luck.

    • I don’t see where he ever tried to do that.

      • A one-line response and nothing more? C’mon Ishaan, you’re better than this.

        Talk to me. What about this wouldn’t be trying to put Sony, probably its main competitor given the country, on a lesser platform than itself? They cannot obtain success without finding some way to prove that they are better than them otherwise they’re wasting their time outside of getting back small investments that probably aren’t worth much time to begin with. Now I did mention that they did capitalize on some lost customers but Sony has done the job winning some of them back and the PS4 did quite a marvelous job showing up the XB1 at places like E3.

        So yea, I would think that you would have to employ a tactic, though subtle, like that. How else are you going to get your product to succeed when last gen they didn’t have much of a showing in the country to begin with? Unless they have something in mind that will clearly turn the tables that they haven’t really shown even their native country so much of outside of American Football being a thing…I’m not so sure what their strategy even is outside of the above mentioned.

        • A one-line response and nothing more? C’mon Ishaan, you’re better than this.

          I’m afraid I didn’t see any need to respond with more than that line. You claimed they were somehow besmirching Sony’s image in that interview. I saw no such thing.

  • Shady Shariest

    “Since the very first generation of Xbox, we’ve prided ourselves on having worked closely with Japanese developers,” says Sensui.

    Oh yes. You know it is good when the first quote is a flat-out lie and a sad PR-bomb. -_-‘

    Edit. And that shameless start ruins the somewhat knowledgeable rest of the article. Well. Good to see that Microsoft has loudmouths everywhere on this wide world.

    • LightningFarron19

      What I want to know is why they are trying this shit again? DIdn’t they try to get more JRPGs on the Xbox 360 only to have it blow up in their face since Japanese gamers hate the Xbox series and don’t buy games on it. The only JRPG that was able to keep the multi-platform thing was Final Fantasy XIII that generation.

      Basically, JRPG + Xbox exclusive = not good results.

      • Shady Shariest

        I don’t know why they push JRPG’s to Japan. It feels almost racist. They are western! Give Japan some best from the West. In exchange give West something Japanese gained this way!

        • ishyg

          This is quite a good point. But but but! It’s not racist at all, they’re just gauging the market preference, IMO.

        • I think you need to shut up now. Consider this a warning. All of your comments have been atrocious.

          • Shady Shariest

            All right.

          • Jeremiah Boeninger

            His post has 257 ups and 1 down (which is probably you). And you’re a mod? Speaks volumes, I suppose.

          • Altin

            I think that this is a bot or something. Saw one downvoting someone to hell (kinda deserved it). But yes, that is quite hilarious :D

          • Sergio Briceño

            I’m not a native english speaker so I sometimes have trouble understanding some of the things I read, especially in the internet, but I didn’t get what he mean, or how it was atrocious. I think, maybe he suggested JRPGs be released mainly for the west and viceversa? His comment was still liked a lot though.

          • Submissus


            I see no atrocities there.
            Although they are a bit uneducated, but he said nothing wrong.
            Most gamers complain about the lack of Eastern games being released in EU and US, so I don’t see how it was a bad comment.

      • Carlos

        I guess that only the hardcore gamers like the 360, the only reason it failed was because Microsoft supposedly never offered assistance to Japanese developers, otherwise they said the 360 would be more popular than ps3, and that there is a language and cultural barrier between MS and jap developers.

        • Lucky Dan

          Ps3 and Xbox 360 were both different systems, but the PS4 and Xbox One both use the same architecture and the same equipment from the same company. They could easily port games between the PC/PS4/Xbox One since all are PCs (side note: however if you have a 2010 PC your PC is more powerful than the 2 systems).

          So they could easily port the games, translate and reach those people who are unable to afford a PS4 in the early years and vicea versa.

          • Monterossa

            hmm… 2010 PCs have 4 cores CPU at best. PS4/XBone have 8 cores. and the PS4 has DDR5.

          • Lucky Dan

            They use tablet Cores no where near as powerful.


            You think they are powerful but no where near, as they are used for netbooks, tablets and mini-PCs gaming doesn’t require that much power though.

          • Fallen_Persona

            I noticed this too when they came out as soon as they say Jaguar. They don’t need to be though. PC games as a standard are made for high performance per core (Read: Intel) processors, and thus typically are optimized for 2-4 cores, since Intel’s market share is dominant. For consoles, it’ll be the opposite. Games will have their linearity just stretched to use all 8 of the cores. In this way, they’ll be able to use a much less expensive architecture just as effectively, or almost as effectively as a more expensive one. Here’s a real world example.


            The above link shows the old PC bottom line CPU, the i3 3250 at 3.5GHZ. On this particular benchmark (Passmark) it gets a performance score of about 4800 over 2 cores.


            This is the standard Jaguar (before it was modified for next gen) CPU, with half the cores the final version has. As expected, it clocks in at around 600 in performance per core, similar to Sempron. Doubling this will give you a decent estimation of what the console power in processing will look like. So, probably similar to i3 in terms of performance power.

            However, what we’re forgetting is that their graphics cards are custom modified (at least on PS4) to handle all the physics calculations on-card. They’re not going to get performance similar to a PC, but they’re not going to be running above 1080P either, and I think that’s the key. Along with optimization for the consoles, I think Next-Gen (At least PS4, since it’s graphics chip will hold out better in the long run) should be not too bad.

          • MrJc

            Well you just proved you know absolutely nothing about computer parts or how they work lol

          • Sergio Briceño

            I think he meant high-end PCs. In that case, yeah you “could” have a 2010 PC that’s more powerful than both the PS4 and the XB1. But since console’s define gaming you’d have to wait 3 years for them to come out so graphics can take a significant leap. Also, the most well known exclusives (not necessarily the best) are on consoles as well.

      • hazelnut1112

        It was the Tales games that barely kept the Xbox360 alive in Japan. Then the PS3 came out of nowhere with a bunch of games and RPG support.

        • John Pena

          that is kind of true, the only reason I bought the xbox 360 was for tales of vesperia and other exclusive jrpg games.

      • Lucky Dan

        Here’s the best thing though, since PS4 and Xbox One are similar you could easily port them between both systems if the sales requirement fails, so you could reach the fanbase through a different system even though they couldn’t do this.

        With the PS3 and Xbox 360 they were different since both use a different architecure PS3 cell powered xbox 360 underpowered PC but since both PS4 and Xbox Ones are now both underpowered PCs using the X86 architecture, games could be easily ported translated and then sent to the states to make up sales I hope Japanese Companies see the light of this if they want to break their games into the West, Regardless how much I hate this generation (due to everything has to have a fucking 2 hr movie included in the game to make up the 50 Gigs on the bluray) it would be a benefit to all.

      • Monterossa

        I don’t hate the Xbox but seeing Japanese games exclusively go to the Xbox is annoying me. They should have give up the Japan & Asia market already and stop dragging JRPGs to their system, hoping that we’re going to buy the system.

        • harmonyworld

          *has war flashbacks to tales of vesperia*

        • Red Harlow

          sorry but ill enjoy rpg’s on xbox just as i would any other genre, just because you or other people dont like it dosnt mean your right.

    • DanielGearSolid

      I think back to an interview where some Sony exec said They’re taking a humble approach with the Ps4 in the US. And how they consider themselves the underdogs

      Then I see this… And one of the first words I see is “Pride”

      MS is clueless

      • Guest

        And it hurts that they don’t see this.
        With Nintendo being stubborn and Microsoft getting on a highest horse available. I really think. That just for listening to players Sony should get a trophy of some sort.

        • DanielGearSolid

          Reeeeaaaal talk

          • Shady Shariest

            Reeeeeeeal typing.

        • Carlos

          You guys are so lucky sony wasn’t the first ones to announce their drm plans. If you knew what their plans were you probably won’t support their products. Don’t ask me just look it up and see the facts and evidence for yourself.

          • Guest

            -_-‘ Not supporting Sony because it’s Sony. But because they have turned out to be the most likable of the bunch.

          • Carlos

            Yea you should check out the policies they wanted to implement, you should thank MS for listening and removing the polices. Still you should look up the policies sony wanted to implement on ps4.

          • Lucky Dan

            Sony and Microsoft are both working together period, causing a console war would benefit BOTH COMPANIES as siding with any company would make you looks bad.

            Sony was the first to Patent the DRM then Microsoft used in E3 why? So Sony could get away with charging you guys for the PSN and they got away with it. Microsoft can take some flak since they have an enormous hold on the computer market whereas Sony can’t cause they are sparse and spread out across all industries (Music, TVs, Films, Cameras, etc).

            You say they can like Microsoft? Incorrect remember the TV business when the Bravia fisaco happens when TVs were breaking down the business is now subpar with the Korean companies like Samsung and LG are putting out better products and will replace them if you give enough shit, where as Sony they don’t replace this was back in the days when LCD was coming of age,not now.

            Even more evidence they are working together they both have similar looking systems, use the same company, both use the exact same architecture and even the controllers of both bloody systems feel the same, I tried them both and have a feeling that Sony made have had a PART in this 100 million dollar controller cause both feel really solid and both feel rather comfortable and even with the launches they both even congratulated with each other.

            Sure you may say this is all speculation but all these events are happening too close together to be a coincidence they are both working together to bring Nintendo down, why you think they both adopted the same hardware as the PC for?

          • KnifeAndFork

            Charging for PSN doesn’t seem that bad a trade off compared to the crap the DRM policies were going to bring, especially with all the free rentals you get on PS+. Nintendo has yet to implement a decent account system as well as cross buy.

            Companies patent stuff all the time. Doesn’t mean they are going to use it ; just ensures they get the monetary gain if someone else does. It was Microsoft who chose to embarrass themselves at E3 and got rightfully spanked for it and thus did their 180 spin.

          • Lucky Dan

            It just doesn’t fly with me or make any sense, why would they use the policies when they absolutely knew it was going to be a failure? It doesn’t make any sort of sense and Steam has a stranglehold on the DRM market on the PC and much more liberal with it, especially when every single indie developer hates Microsoft Policies, they should of waiting till Phil Fish committed PR suicide by saying Japanese games “Suck” and started abusing everyone before they introduced them (Cause everyone knew he doesn’t play games)

            I just don’t get this generation one of the oddest starts ever, both companies use the same Architecture, same manufacturers, same CPUs, essentially the same GPUs, same blu-ray, same implementing policies even John Carmack and Shinji Mikami said they are the same system… at least the last generations have been wildly different. Even the controllers feel the bloody same!!! Just check the wiki on each system if you don’t believe me.

            Just something seems a miss in this generation, Sony and Microsoft didn’t make direct hits on each other nor even insulted each other bar the shilling on various blog sites as anon (which I can assure you are probably just shit stirrers)

            I just can’t point my finger on it but it sort of a feeling where you know something is not quite right even with these release dates ( even Sony held back a Japan launch date along with Microsoft).

            I just think the next generation if there is one Sony and Microsoft are going to create the console together with Microsoft focusing on the Kinect and multimedia aspect and Sony on the gaming side. Just you watch that will be my prediction.

          • Guest

            Why should Sony scheme away from having more paid online services? They have all ready said that the money is used to develop better PSN.

            And Nintendo is killing itself quite efficiently. There is no rhyme or reason for anyone to chip in on that :P

          • Lucky Dan

            They needed some deflection off of them, cause the hacking scandal happened when they were charging for the PSN+,

            PSN+ charge started in 2009,
            Hacking Scandal in 2011.

          • Guest

            Well… After the scandal one can argue things have gone better. And the major point in this is the charge for online play, which should help the cost of keeping those games up.

          • Lucky Dan

            Yes that is true it has become better but I suggest to keep an open mind, I could be wrong, I could be right, with these 2 companies most of the time they have been lying to consumers like political rally.

          • Submissus

            Oh, please
            Xbox Live has been hacked multiple times, as well

          • Submissus

            Yes, it’s all a big financial conspiracy.

    • Kurt Wagner

      What are you talking about? The original Xbox had quite a few good and interesting Japanese made exclusives. It was practically the Dreamcast 2 when it first launched.

      • Kaitsu

        No, that was Gamecube. It received most of SEGA’s games and many Dreamcast games were ported to it.

      • Revolver Jesus Super Pimp

        I’ll have to politely disagree but hell nah man. Not a snowballs chance

        • Lucky Dan

          Looks like someone didn’t even play Steel Battlion with the 100 dollar controller!!!

      • KnifeAndFork

        The only games I recall being worth a damn were Shenmue 2 (also on DC), Phantom Dust, Ninja Gaiden Black and maybe Dead or Alive Ultimate.

        Not a whole lot compared to the PS2 and GC library

    • LaserVision

      What are you ranting about? Are you an expert in developer relations? How do you know what’s a lie and what isn’t?

      • Shady Shariest

        -_-‘ He implies that Microsoft has done work with Japanese developers to the point of pride. And thus far… There are very few actual game’s suggesting that.

        There have been some JRPG’s at launch, but that has been it. At least for what Microsoft has highlighted. Not much to be proud of.

        • LaserVision

          Dead Rising. DOA. Some of Q Games exclusives. Just because you forgot about them doesnt mean they dont exist.

          Atlus, SE, Konami, Capcom and Tecmo went multiplatform for most of the PS3/360 generation. Unless you have proof of Microsoft deliberately ignoring Japanese developers how is he lying?

          • Ferrick

            neither of the three you listed were exclusives…

          • Dead Rising 1 was a timed exclusive. Microsoft provided financial benefits. DOA4 was published by MS on 360, too, and was an exclusive until the later games.

          • Kaien

            Typical Microsoft third party exclusives = games that would have existed anyway. XD

            There are many PS3 ports, sign that 360 jrpg haven’t meet sales expectations.

            Maybe Microsoft partnership helped some japanese devs at first, but eventually was not a good choice.

          • Yause

            There are multiple angles to developer relations. It’s well known that they provided a lot of technical assistance to developers, including communications with American teams.

            If you want to hear something about poor developer relations, it’s the recent controversy over the Wii U and western studios during the months before launch. Alternatively, there’s the numerous reports on how Sony, Nintendo, and Sega routinely left studios with untranslated documentation or dev platforms with no programming libraries to speak of.

            Somehow, people are just zeroing in on exclusives. And what do you know, there’s a faulty view of the Japanese console market that’s nearly a decade out of date. As a news flash, neither Microsoft nor Sony are doing too well in that space. Furthermore, Japan is a secondary market at best, so you won’t find anyone fighting for “JRPG exclusives”.

          • foopy

            And Chop ‘Til You Drop barely counts as a port.

          • Shady Shariest

            I kinda wrote over my head on that one ;3
            Sorry :x

    • You do realize… if it weren’t for Microsoft, Namco Bandai would have had a much harder time getting accustomed to HD development. The same goes for Capcom, who MS worked with very closely on multiple franchises.

      Also, if not for them, Mistwalker wouldn’t exist either. Microsoft has done plenty to help the Japanese development side–much more than Sony have. Just because you can’t/won’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

      • Kenny Loh

        I kinda agree with you that because of MS that Mistwalker exist, since MS pay lot money to create that company, but kinda not agree with Namco Bandai would having hard times with making HD titles if without Microsoft, i know it because the payment of MS that tales of vesperia exist but still before that Namco Bandai also make lot good games without MS.

        • but still before that Namco Bandai also make lot good games without MS

          They made good games on the PS2. The PS3 and HD development pipeline was a very, very different situation. Microsoft helped a number of developers in Japan overcome the hurdles associated with it.

          • KnifeAndFork

            If Compile Heart can make a PS3 game than any top publisher can lol

          • Landale

            Early work with PS3 (Agarest) and 360 (Spectral Force 3). Note that Spectral Force 3 is also older, so just because something could be done on the PS3 doesn’t mean it couldn’t be done better with something simpler to work with.

          • Yes, and we all know how Compile Heart’s PS3 games turned out. Any other publisher would normally be too ashamed to put games out at that level of quality.

        • Fallen_Persona

          That’s only because Mistwalker’s head honcho hated the old Sony president. (Who was fired, by the way). Ken whatever his name is. However, Lost Odyssey was great. Still playing that game, one of my favorites.

      • Shady Shariest

        Oki. Thank you’s :3

      • Samsara09

        yeah,tales of vesperia was a fine experimentation.Ah,I see.Boy oh boy,call me slow as a tortoise,but now I see why they went such a roundabout way with released vesperia on 2006 in the XBOX360,and graces on the WII on 2009…and then releasing xillia finally on the PS3 on the end of 2011.

        Well,they suceeded with getting used to HD,unlike Square,so it did pay off.

      • Submissus

        I did not know that. Very interesting!
        Namco Bandai had some real killer games last gen.

    • Chersea

      Sensui speaks the truth. In Japan, a lot of doujin/indie games have been made for the 360, especially shmups/shoot ’em ups. I’m hardly a Microsoft fan, but the library of shmups rivals even the Saturn and PC.

      • Shady Shariest

        I all ready got a warning for riding too much on the Microsoft hate ;)
        Sadly didn’t know anything about the actual situation. Thanks for the info :3

    • Phantasos

      Guess you missed all the Sega exclusives for the original Xbox back in the day. And the RPG|Simulation exclusives for the 360, also back in the day. And now the current (and future) japanese exclusives for the Xbone.

      But, yes, I do believe a very generalized statement about closely working with Japanese developers since the inception of their gaming consoles more than a decade ago can be scrutinized as a flat-out lie in a black and white statement. Because Console War wont have none of that shit.

  • Saphiren

    Make a XBONE commercial like this:

    EDIT: With Vert of Neptunia :p

    • TheExile285

      Better idea: Make a GAME like that :P

      • Saphiren

        Sounds like a good dream. :p

    • Christopher Nunes

      What series is that from?

      PS: Is it me or does the music sound a little bit like Touhou music?

      EDIT: Personified Internet Explorer.

      • Saphiren

        It´s an original animation.

  • brostar

    Oh Microsoft. You’re so moe I don’t get why Japan doesn’t like you. Oh wait… I do. It’s because you can’t market for shit in Japan. Look at Apple. Apple is proof you can be a 100% American company still do very well in Japan.
    Microsoft needs to step up their marketing game and also get the exclusives. And Maybe drop the name Xbox as well. It sounds really stupid to the Japanese.

    • Shady Shariest

      Part of the advertisement and prep should be honesty and respect. They are in no position to ego-around like that to Famitsu.

      It seems that anywhere but U.K and U.S has that “Foreign” stamp on all commercial work they do -_-‘

    • Ric Vazquez

      True that

  • Guest

    I’m looking forward to a Vividred Operation game.

  • I wish them luck, they still get the major multiplatform but when you have popular series like Yakuza and Tales mainly Sony driven lately it is still a challenge.

  • After last gen, I would think it would be kind of hard to convince developers in Japan to go ahead with the Xbox One. Everything just seemed to go limb around 2010, and MS seemed to have just pulled out from any public promotions in the past two years with the system.

    Unless they make an exclusive on the level of [email protected] or something. I don’t know why they would let that go…

    • Well, MS did get to capitalize on lost customers at least for a little while. One example was Cave. How many shooters did you find on a J360 that had Cave’s name on it when there were plenty of Cave shooters on the PS2?

      Big thing about business is that if you piss someone off and there’s competition they will go elsewhere.

  • icecoffemix

    Tier 3 game for Tier 3 country?

  • ElAbuelo69

    Lost Odyssey II? Ok. thx. bai.

    • Kenny Loh

      It din’t having big hope of having this game since Hironobu Sakaguchi already giving up with xbox, don’t giving up much hopes for new Tales in xbone too since Tales is more in play station consoles now.

      • Mistwalker aren’t in a position to “give up” on anything. After the last three games they’ve made being utter bombs, they would be very lucky if a big publisher signed them on again. Personally, I’d love to see it happen because I think there’s always a chance for improvement, but at this point both Nintendo and Microsoft have been burned by Mistwalker titles.

        • Kenny Loh

          Yeah, i know, Mistwalker is an amazing company, but with the poor sales of Lost Odyssey in Japan really make Mr. Hironobu dispoint a lot, even cry on get cancelled due to xbox isn’t popular on Japan, so i think Miswalker won’t step the same road again, Tales of vesperia sell pretty good in Japan as an xbox title but still after they port it to ps3 it sell more BETTER, and hoping we will see more Mistwalker titles in Nintendo consoles.

          • Miswalker won’t step the same road again

            You’re missing my point. Mistwalker doesn’t have the luxury of choice, from the look of things. Every game they’ve developed in the last six years has not been very successful. Additionally, their games haven’t received the kind of critical acclaim that other Japanese developers like PlatinumGames have been seeing, so there most certainly is an issue of quality to some extent.

            For instance, The Last Story has a terrible, terrible framerate. It’s incredibly stuttery.

            I have no doubt that Mistwalker will eventually somehow land another publishing deal, provided that Sakaguchi is still interested in developing console games. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo contracted them again. But I also think that would be more a question of luck, rather than Mistwalker having proven themselves as a top-tier RPG developer.

            Also, Tales of Vesperia probably wouldn’t even exist if Microsoft hadn’t provided Namco with the financial incentive to make the game. A lot of people seem to have forgotten just how hard it was to develop for the PS3 six years ago.

        • KnifeAndFork

          Those two companies were never the best source for him to go to.

          Sony was

          He just has this immature grudge against them that he needs to let to of .
          Kutaragi is long retired…

          • Has it ever occurred to you that there’s no big conspiracy at play here? That Sony are simply not as interested in the Japanese market as they are in the west? What evidence have you seen of Sony trying to make large strides in Japanese development in the past six years?

            It has nothing to do with Sakaguchi having a grudge against Sony. And I don’t know why on earth you would say Nintendo wasn’t a good publishing partner for him. The Last Story was severely delayed to make it a better game, and they marketed the hell out of it in Europe.

  • transferstudentx

    japan should just ignore xbone this time from the start and just focus on sony and nintendo instead

    • Warboss Aohd


      the big 3 need to compete on as even of terms as possible.

      the more competition, the more they have to appeal to gamers, the more deals they have to give them, the less room they have to screw us over.

  • subsamuel01

    Microsoft shouldn’t even bother with Japan. Sony has the region on lock in terms of home consoles, and then the Wii U will just take up the rest.

  • DesmaX

    Well, good luck for them. I believe their focus should be getting versions of japanese games on their console, instead of just making exclusives (I mean, exclusivity is kinda dumb these days)

    • ElAbuelo69

      Then why bother having multiple consoles if they all would have the same games?

      Exclusivity is a great incentive to pour cash to make great games.
      Recently, The Last of Us for PS3.

      Halo, for MS.

      Mario, for Nintendo.


      • Shady Shariest

        Well. Microsoft is going with services. Which leaves Sony as the only one to have some reason to get game exclusives. But who are they competing with, then…

        Times change.

      • DesmaX

        Because they are different consoles. They behave differently

        Some people like the Kinect, or better online enviroment of the Xbox One, while other like the Remote Play or the PS+ free games that PS4 offers (This is just an example).

        And anyway, even Square decided to put their new big releases on both consoles. It’s more profitable to release the games in all the consoles possible these days

        • Shady Shariest

          And hopefully will think about PC-releases, too :x

        • Lucky Dan

          Umm the consoles aren’t as different as you think.

          PS4 has the Camera, Remote play and the PS+

          Xbox one has the Kinect, Remote Play (with surface you forgot that didn’t you?) and the Xbox gold.

          • DesmaX

            That was just an example. There’s far more variables to consider

      • icecoffemix

        Nowadays, ecosystem is a pretty major selling point unlike back in the day where you just expect to pop up a disc and play. It’s just natural progression.

  • taekk

    Xbox was doomed for Japan every since they started pushing the Kinect (and probably before that). Do they even know what it’s like to live in Japan?? Yelling at your TV and flailing your arms around is not exactly a practical scenario.

    • Shippoyasha

      I hear Kinect did okay but a peripheral isn’t going to move systems. Games will. Hopefully now Kinect 2 is all complete and all maybe they get a clue and invest in games again.

  • TheHolypopeofgaming

    We all know without solid Japanese support the Cablebox one is dead in the water. Lets hope Nintendo can turn things around and listen to fans, A Sony Monopoly is awesome for no one, even Playstation fans.

    • icecoffemix

      PS1 and PS2 were the most awesomest generation by a long shot for me as a PS fan.

  • WuG

    I think the BEST WAY for Microsoft to move forward in Japan market is not just courting more JPN Devs, but also cater and make their console more “Otaku” friendly… make games like [email protected] an XBOX-ONLY exclusive

  • TheExile285

    They should make a JRPG or ARPG with Inori Aizawa :V

    • Warboss Aohd

      or try and get a SMT game as an exclusive.

      That’d probably do it.

  • LaserVision

    I feel sorry for this guy. He’s the face of a futile and impossible goal.

    The fact that he’s been already been called a fool, a liar, and a possible racist just because he works for Microsoft really says something about this community though.

  • hazelnut1112

    It’s hard to even try to sell the Xbox brand to the Japanese audience.
    The 360 barely sells 1,000 units weekly while the competition make more than the 360. Especially with all the region lock features and pointless TV stuff, I doubt the Japanese are craving for an Xbone. Even from the start it doesn’t take a fortune teller to see that Xbone was already dead on arrival in Japan.

    • 永次

      300~500 every week, not 1k.

      • Dagobert

        It used to be 1,000 units a week for a while before.

        • 永次

          Part of 2012 and all 2013 was around 500 every week,

  • tubers

    Hope so.

    Kinect 2.0 has some promising features for “certain games” in the dark and with better accuracy :P

  • John Lawson

    Japanese Development was always a weaker point on the Xbox, it’s nice to see them try to improve upon that.

  • Shippoyasha

    I don’t think the guy deserve personal insults flung his way. The guy has a job to do and we don’t know how it will go over this time even if the 360 really dropped the ball. Maybe they can let the Japanese division do its job instead of bungling and not playing to cultural differences in the 360 days.

    What they need to do is to really double up with games support and funding companies to even get a port bevause they won’t likely leave the comfort of a PS4 or handheld gaming full stop. Secondly, they need to make sure the American branch doesn’t impede on the efforts of the Japanese branch. The way MS of America tried to censor games released in Japan was beyond the line. They need to stop that crap if they want to even begin courting Japanese devs.

    • KnifeAndFork

      Remote Play on Vita is going to be an enticing factor foray Japanese once the Vita and PS4 take off there eventually.
      Makes me think Nintendo messed up with that Gamepad for the Wii U and should just tied the Wii U to the 3DS.

      Kinect seems like a waste of time as usual

      • Shippoyasha

        Yeah, makes me wonder if MS needs a handheld if they hope to ever courting Japan nowadays. Kinect is a nice little trinket but it’s not going to be an X factor. Games and portability likely will be the main factors in Japan for years to come.

  • Unlimax

    Oh god … Again ? ಠ_ಠ

  • Tarkovsky

    While I applaud their efforts, all I’m going to say is good luck to them. Last I remembered, there isn’t even a solid release date for the Xbone in Japan yet. Don’t even get me started on price difference and etc.

  • I know the new Xbox isn’t too popular here, but I think it’s good to keep an open mind for what the future may entail in the video game marketplace. The situation changes year after year, sometimes dramatically so. (Just look at video game history in general… Each decade brings something new to the table in terms of where the top games are coming from.)
    And really, all it takes is the right games at the right time. If Microsoft can get a few exclusive games that blow away the Japanese crowd, it’s not so unreasonable to believe the Xbox could become a big competitor there. Certainly won’t be an easy feat to pull off, but I definitely wouldn’t be against seeing some engaging new IPs actually shake the industry up a bit.

  • BobTheCat

    If they’re really focussed on getting more Japanese content on MS consoles, they need to make more of an effort, as Japan is an entrenched market. I think they’ll need to really push the boat out and put their hands in their pockets and fund these games.If they don’t then they’re not just missing out on the Japanese market, they’re missing out on the global market that appreciate those games.

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    I’m sure the Xbox One will get a few good Japanese games here and there like the 360 did, for what that’s worth. ^^;

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Dating sims that use the new Kinect might be interesting and very creepy at the same time.

    Xbone with dating sim AI: I missed you Master,I haven’t heard or seen you all day.

    Player: O_O But I was at work and I turned you off.

    Xbone: I’m always turned on for you….master

    • Well it would help Xbox One sales in Japan, but the bad result is that it’ll increase Japan’s low child birth rate if you make a Kinect dating sim game. It’s already bad enough that NHK World announce a few weeks ago that Japan’s population decline is getting worse:

  • samjosiah

    “..the experience from the new Kinect model will be a big weapon for us.”

    I wonder how well he sleeps at night.

  • Hound

    In order to “court Japanese developers,” I’d like to see him put on a dress and dance! Dance like you mean it!

  • artemisthemp

    Their have only been one Tales games on Xbox and that came in a complete version to PS3

  • Good luck to MS in Japan, but I’m not too confident Xbox One can sell out in Japan, unless they can make a game that can sell like crazy.

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