Square Enix Registers The Seeds Of Salvation In The US, Is This A New Dragon Quest Game?

By Spencer . January 21, 2014 . 3:04am

imageWe haven’t heard any news about releasing new Dragon Quest games in the West for awhile, but last year a glimmer of hope popped up in the Japanese trademark database. Siliconera found trademarks for The Seeds of Salvation and Luminaries of the Legendary Line filed by Square Enix. These sure *sound* like Dragon Quest subtitles.


Now, Siliconera dug up a trademark for The Seeds of Salvation filed in the United States. That means the publisher is planning on using this for a Western game, perhaps a Western Dragon Quest localization.


This trademark could be for the Nintendo 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VII or maybe it’s for the suite of smartphone Dragon Quest remakes like the Unity powered Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. My guess is this will be the new name for Dragon Quest II when it inevitably comes out for smartphones.

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  • 3PointDecoupage

    The subtitle for DQ7 was Warriors of Eden back when it was on PS1. As much as I want them to bring it over, the wouldn’t go with a completely different subtitle for 3DS, would they?

    • Death Saved

      I know that what i meant was that i wanted them to localize it before porting or making another game.

    • SMT

      It’s not uncommon for a remakeport to have a different subtitle. Just from Square-Enix (Technically Tri-Ace but they published it), Star Ocean 2 was called “Star Ocean: The Second Story”, and the PSP update was called “Star Ocean: Second Evolution”.

      I’d say it’s more likely the remake WOULD have a different subtitle, just to capitalize on it being NEW and worth it.

      • Pyrotek85

        Agreed. Plus, they were still calling it Dragon Warrior at the time for Western releases. I’m really hoping it’s VII.

    • D H

      Tons of reasons why they could change the subtitle actually. There’s is a precedent for it, as even games directly ported to a different system have wound up with different subtitles in the past, even if there were no changes made. They may no longer own the trademark for “Warriors of Eden,” and it may or may not have been picked up by another company. They may be wanting to completely remove the game from any kind of biblical context, as most people will thing religion upon hearing the word Eden.

      And, of course, it could be for a completely separate game. But this is the same company that released all their promotion material for DQ6DS with one subtitle and then had Nintendo release the game with a different one, after all.

      • Fox

        They’re changing the names because SE is using a specific naming convention with Dragon Quest games now.

        Chapters of the Chosen.
        Hand of the Heavenly Bride.
        Realms of Revelation.
        Sentinels of the Starry Skies.

        It’s the alliteration thing.

        The title, “Seeds of Salvation” cannot apply to DQ8, so that’s not a possibility. It’s either DQX or DQVII. Given that DQX is a Wii/WiiU game and that one of those is a dead platform, the other super weak, it’s almost certainly referring to DQVII, as the 3DS is doing quite well right now.

        It could be an altogether different smartphone release, I suppose, but to date SE has yet to release a single mobile DQ game outside of Japan, so I think it unlikely.

        • If they change DQVIII’s title I’ll be a bit pissed. That game will always be “Journey of the Cursed King” to me.

          • It might help at least that DQVIII was the first game where they DID actually use a subtitle in America.

            They didn’t bother with any of that before that point, so it’s easier to just change the subtitles to match with the upgrade. Dragon Quest IV and VI got all new subtitles too when they moved to the DS. V actually was more or less the same, just expanded with “Hand of” to match the theme they went for.

          • Pyrotek85

            Yup, the subtitles are a new thing for us relatively speaking.

          • Pretty much. The highest extent actually I could see if they wanted to change VIII’s title would be to make it like, “Kingdom of the Cursed King” instead, but it’s more likely that it’d be easier to just renew the trademark they already had.

          • Pyrotek85

            I don’t think they will. That’s a more recent game under the Dragon Quest name, not Dragon Warrior as IV and VII were originally localized as. And we didn’t even get V and VI on the SNES.

        • Kaetsu

          You should still keep in mind that DQX is also on PC although your probably still right about it being DQVII.

        • D H

          Mm, like another said here, don’t forget X is also coming to PC, which is anything but a dead platform, and the typical platform of choice for MMOs (don’t care what you people say, I still love my XIV on PS3…)

    • Slickyslacker

      In addition to what everyone else has said, “The Seeds of Salvation” sounds considerably similar to “Warriors of Eden” – that is, they both carry similar themes and implications.

  • Death Saved

    I just want DQ VII’s remake localized, that game was my favorite even though i hated the graphics.

    • Marcus J. Hopkins

      It’s amazing how often people vilify the graphics, but are cool with the 100+ hours it takes to even get NEAR 100% completion.

      Still, it’s one of my favorites. So much so, I imported the Japanese version, even if I can’t read the damned thing.

  • I don’t care what it is as long as it’s not a social, mobile, card, pay-as-you-go game.

    • icecoffemix

      Sad thing is, it probably is. :(

      • John Diamond

        breath of fire 6.
        never forget

        • Why did you have to remind me of that craziness.

        • How could anyone forget that mess? That one was a real low blow.

      • *sigh* Such a sad state of affairs for gamers.

  • Prithivi

    Please, let it be Dragon Quest VII :**

    • Anthony Hadow

      Yes w need something I would like several titles from this series and Square Enix has the whole franchise on hostage. If this is a mobile game thats not gunna do much good. I also am awaiting Denpa Men 3

  • Timovisch


  • Bec66

    It’s most likely Dragon quest 7

  • Josué

    Please, Seeds of Salivation, be for 3DS. Please.

    • Anthony Hadow

      I havent played VII does anyone know if Seeds are related to the plot at all?

  • Slickyslacker

    Come on, DQ VII 3DS. It’s practically inevitable, right?

    I would bank on “Luminaries of the Legendary Line” being Terry’s Wonderland 3D, as DQ X seeing Western shores is virtually impossible, because of FF XIV.

    • Kaetsu

      Luminaries is probably Terry’s Wonderland and Seeds is probably the remake of VII. Also as I posted above(although it’s more wishful thinking) it seems that there might be a Nintendo Direct on Friday and both these games are on 3DS.

      • Slickyslacker

        Right, that’s what I’m anticipating myself. Hopefully, if Luminaries is indeed Terry’s Wonderland, that would spell an eventual localization for Iru and Luca as well.

        I would expect announcements soon too, not only for these two games, but games like Kirby Triple Deluxe, and whatever else Nintendo may want to surprise us with.

  • I can dream. I can hope.

    If I can just get one of the 3DS games that haven’t yet been announced for localization over here (Yu-Gi-Oh or DQVII3D), I’ll be happy.

  • I hope this is DQ7’s Western name however another part of me wants this to be DQXI’s subtitle. Hopefully a non MMO Dragon Quest.

    • Kaetsu

      I don’t know if there ready to announce DQXI but if they do I’ll be very excited as long as it’s on a platform I own.

  • Draparde

    I hope it’s DQX, but it’s probably VII remake, or a social game :o

  • Kaetsu

    Well to my knowledge we’re missing 3 recent DQ games. DQX, VII remake and Terry’s Wonderland. These are all Nintendo platforms and it seems we might a Nintendo Direct on Friday. Although it’s just speculation on my part we could see a DQ announcement on the next Direct which clues are pointing to it being on Friday.

    • Armane

      You’re forgetting Rocket Slime 3 and the DQM2 remake. Both of which are also on 3DS.

      • Kaetsu

        HOLY S*** THEY MADE ANOTHER ROCKET SLIME!??!?!?!?!?! That’s awesome I loved playing Rocket Slime on DS. It was a really creative and interesting game and probably one of my favourite DS games ever.

  • Max

    It’s most likely one of the 3DS DQ games, which are LONG overdue for a localization.

  • Rogerrmark

    Why would they, like, EVER, register a trademark for DQII in U.S without any DQI or DQVIII update?

    Hope it’s VII.

    • ZeoAbyss

      If that is what we would really be getting, I’d rather have that than nothing. But then again I’ve never played DQ, so any of them work for me

  • Reiska

    Unusual outside possibility: “Seeds of Salvation” sounds like it could really fit DQ3 if “Luminaries of the Legendary Line” is, in turn, DQ2.

    Think about it, DQ3 is the first game chronologically in the original Dragon Quest trilogy and is all about the “salvation” of Alefgard, and DQ2 is about three descendants of DQ3’s hero. “Legendary Line” could be the line of Erdrick/Loto.

  • Iron Badger


  • William Cole

    Dragon Quest! YEAH!

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