Namco Bandai’s Game About Voice Actors Has Milla Maxwell’s Voice Actress In It

By Spencer . January 22, 2014 . 12:24am

castingvoice_03a Casting Voice is a unique title from Namco Bandai where you play as a voice actor producer. The game has over 40 voice actors to manage and it wouldn’t be a voice actor management game without a few famous names. Famitsu reports Namco Bandai brought Miyuki Sawashiro who played Milla in Tales of Xillia and Kensho Ono who dubbed Harry Potter in the Japanese versions into the PlayStation 3 game.


Hochu Otsuka – Jiraiya in Naruto and Xigbar in Kingdom Hearts II

Kaori Nazuka – Eureka in Eureka Seven and Shino in .hack//G.U.

Kensho Ono – Vaan in Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy and Harry Potter in the dubbed movies

Kumiko Nishihara – Iris in Sakura Wars and Sue in Grandia

Miyuki Sawashiro –  Milla in Tales of Xillia and Momohime in Muramasa Rebirth

Tetsuya Kakihara – Jin Kisaragi in Blazblue and Lloyd in the The Legend of Heroes series


Casting Voice is scheduled to come out this year on PlayStation 3.

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  • Notquitesure?

    This looks good, the idea of managing a pop star never really appealed to me, but managing voice actors sounds awesome.

    • KnifeAndFork

      Yeah but it sounds boring predictable visual novel.

      Here’s how I woulda designed the game:

      First off, like Singstar, the game woulda come with a microphone

      Second, instead of managing fake voice actors, you’d be the aspiring voice actor.

      It would also have multiplayer option so you can voice out and record scenes with your friends both offline and online with the ability to upload performances to YouTube.

      Gameplay scenes can either be you repeating lines off the TelePrompTer, of “Free Mode” where you can say whatever you want lol

      The game would be 3D cel shade character modeled but the scenes you voice would be 2D animation scenes.

      • 七死

        also known as Karaoke

  • Raze

    Miyuki YES!!!

    Sugita in and it’s sold lol…

    • s07195

      Hell yeah, if both are in, and maybe throw in Hayami Saori as well, then it’s a done deal!

  • MitsukiIX

    Yes i would like to manage Jin kisaragi’s seiyuu and make him go brrrrrrrrrrrrooooooother~~ or nii-sama

  • KnifeAndFork

    They should put famous U.S. Anime voice actors in the game as well…

    • Renaldi Saputra

      maybe no, that would be troublesome

  • CDM

    Oh god yes, Miyuki Sawashiro is MY QUEEN.

    • KnifeAndFork


      • Anthony Birken

        Blasphemic child, I shall teach you the ways…
        (play Tales of Xillia/Muramasa Rebirth!)

        • Ah, I remember starting to play Muramasa Rebirth with Momohime, and I kept thinking… “Is that Inaba?” (from Kokoro Connect).
          After looking online, turns out Sawashiro has voiced a whole lot of anime characters. Iwasawa (Angel Beats), Celty (Durarara), and Hakaze (Zetsuen no Tempest) are a few that come to mind. (Oh, and a personal favorite of mine… Y, from Humanity Has Declined!)

          • Anthony Birken

            Sometimes I wish a I had a voice for acting :/…scratch that. All the time…

  • サレム

    Wakamoto and Kadowaki please D:

  • Tatsuya Fabre

    Miyuki Sawashiro? Buying it now.

  • CycloneFox

    Now that I know, that Milla had the same voice as Momohime, I’m even more sad not to have original dub in the west version of Xillia. ._.

    But anyway, like Odin’s Sphere Muramasa, at least, has the japanese voice option. :D Any series (especially Tales of, Final Fantasy and Persona) should have that option as a standard. And with blurays, there isn’t even a technical reason, to cut that out since 7 years or so.

    • DivinePhoenix69

      The reason Dual audio isn’t included in most localized releases is not necessarily because of blu-ray issues, but it’s mainly due to licensing the voices to be used outside of Japan. In some cases it gets ridiculously expensive just to license certain actor’s voices that it just isn’t a viable option.

      Tom from XSEED games explained it best really, he says while they would love to include Dual audio in their releases alot of hurdles have to gone through in order to make it happen, and in some cases all it takes is for one VA to refuse to license their voice for the overseas release to automatically make it a no go.

  • Naryoril

    Hochu Otsuka has a very iconic voice, it’s cool to see him in there too. He also dubs the company president in [email protected], Nachtigal in Tales of Xillia, davy jones in pirates of the Caribbean and many many more.

  • AokiShizuku

    Miyuki Sawashiro and Tetsuya Kakihara. SOLD!

    Next up:
    Wakamoto as final boss Wakamoto as final boss Wakamoto as final boss. Please!

    • 永次

      I can see a Script about Tales of the World with Tetsuya Kakihara, Hochu Otsuka, Miyuki Sawashiro and others, this can be epic :P

    • Aoshi00

      Like Catherine and the bartender boss :) I’m glad it’s Sawashiro Miyuki and not the US VA for Milla Noji Minae.. Her monotone and lisp really bothered me at first but got used to it later.. It’s cool to play Muramasa on Vita again knowing Momohime is by Kurapica and Kisuke by Genthru from the new Hunter x hunter :)

      • Revorse

        What lisp? People have been whining about that since release. To be honest I didn’t hear it.

        • Aoshi00

          A clear lisp? some said it could be due to compressed audio, but only Milla speaks that way and none of the other cast, like the actor for Vaan in the Jpn FF12 also had a lisp. You could say it’s endearing once you get used to it, but it’s there. I found it annoying at first, but got used to it after several hours. Still weird to have a VA to have a lisp. If so many people heard it, then I don’t think it’s my imagination. I do like both the Jpn and Eng dub of Xillia.

          • Revorse

            Oh most definitely. I don’t believe it’s anyone’s imagination. Cause like you said many people heard it. However I was unable to understand what other people were hearing.

          • Aoshi00

            At first I was just surprised by the lisp, because the VA for such a main character doesn’t speak normally.. and even for Milla, it was extremely deep and took a while to get used to, I guess it made her a little unique that way.. Alvin and Jude’s VAs were great though..

  • Yggdr5

    The localized version (let’s face it, eng dub only) would be the worst game ever.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      I agree

      • Nitraion

        Its been a while i look to your comment but you seem have bittersweet toward namdai XD
        you like their franchise/game but you really negative toward them…
        because unlocalize game my friend? :3

        • Renaldi Saputra

          I have a trauma with so many unlocalized digimon games also bad dub in some games

    • katamari damacy

      How many recognizable english voice talents do we actually have? David Hayter as Solid Snake… Patrick Stewart from Elder Scrolls Oblivion (but that might be cheating as he’s a REAL actor). It would be pretty hilarious if we got really HORRIBLE voice actors in to just be themselves and then have some REALLY GOOD actors that blow them away. The challenge in the game would be almost nonexistent.

    • DivinePhoenix69

      Not necessarily, i personally wouldn’t mind playing a game like this that features the likes of Mark Hamil, Troy Baker, Steve Blum, Alexis Tipton, Tara Strong, Nolan North, Laura Bailey, DC Douglas etc. It’d be pretty neat actually.

      • Renaldi Saputra

        paying some US voice actors for doing VN, it would be very troublesome. Because a bunch of voices and so on.. Seems Namdai doesn’t want to do that.. They will flop

        • DivinePhoenix69

          You misunderstand. I know it’s not going to happen for obvious reasons. I’m just saying it would be very cool if it ever did.

          • Renaldi Saputra

            I see

  • brostar

    Man if hey localize this please don’t “localize” it by changing all the voice actors to western anime voice actors. Because I don’t want any Vic “Fucking” Mignogna (who has the acting capacity of a 12 year old) in my voice acting sim game.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      Namdai usually make it english dub no matter what

    • alixraen

      There’s no chance this is going to be localized, but if it were, I certainly wouldn’t mind Vic fucking Mignogna in it.

  • Romored

    This is not a game that can be localized. They should redub it in every single language they plan on publishing the game, because this is a game that obviously focuses on how much you love that specific voice actor, and outside Japan there are really few people who actually know them. No offence, but nobody cares about American VAs besides English-speaking countries. But this also is very Japan-specific, because seiyuus are as famous as normal actors, in their country. I don’t think other countries in the world have a similar affection to voice actors.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      Namdai never bring its VN-related things overseas IIRC

    • brostar

      Which is why this game won’t be coming out over here. You’re right Japan takes voice acting more seriously as anime is a big market over there. That culture doesn’t exist over here and thus it wouldn’t sell. Hell even if they did try and localize it by putting in English VA’s it would just generate hate to Namco Bandai for not bringing it over intact and then it just wouldn’t sell anyway.

    • David García Abril

      Yeah, the last point is what makes it so difficult to localize.

      “Seiyuus” are mainstream celebrities in Japan, while voice actors in Western countries are niche at best.

      Actually, in terms of recognition, voice acting in the West is one of the most ungrateful jobs in the whole entertainment/art industry, even though in some regards it’s even more difficult than live action acting.

      If you are good at it, people don’t notice you. If you are bad at it, people hates your guts.

      It’s even worse for voice actors in localized works, since even when they are good (and they are good way more often than people give them credit for, especially during the last 5 years or so), they’re still treated as cultural terrorists by purist fans. And there are few fan bases more purist than anime fans…

      • Raltrios

        You’d be surprised. When I was at C4 Comic-con one year, there were more people lined up for Vic Mignogna’s autograph than there were for Sir Patrick Stewart. It was really something.
        JYB and Michelle Ruff are some other names that are really popular in the west (though the sheer number of roles they play is a big part of that).

        And they all seem to really enjoy themselves, so I don’t think they mind that they don’t get the red carpet all that much.

        • David García Abril

          Oh, I’m perfectly aware of that.

          But unfortunately, cons are still very niche.

          Sure, in the last few years they have started to increase their popularity, but they’re still far away from their live action counterparts.

      • Aoshi00

        It’s unfortunate many VAs don’t get the recognition they deserve for their talent and hardwork, even though you hear their voices a lot in commercials, dubbing foreign movies, or cartoon/anime. It’s definitely no less skillful than live action acting, arguably more difficult since they have to have a unique voice and range to start w/, and acting w/o the help of facial expression and body gesture on screen. I think the US actors are getting more popular in the last decade among fans w/ Sci-fi or Comicons, and they get the benefit of voicing famous video games.

        I was quite familiar w/ many Hong Kong voices actors in the 80-90s just by listening to their various roles, it was one of the professions I respect and idolize the most growing up. Yet they weren’t even listed in end roll credits since they work behind the scenes. I was able to find out some of their names from anime related magazines, but a lot of them remained nameless until the age of the internet. A lot of the better VAs left the industry or retired though.. I think the new generation don’t have unique voices or as talented as the veterans..

        Other than Japanese seiyuu, I think some prominent American VAs are quite recognized as well, compared to other countries (I could only speak for HK and assume for others). In Jpn, they put out their face, sing, form groups, host radio shows, etc.. They are all dubbing artists though, no matter in what language. Personally I don’t like VAs having generic voices though, I think it’s a basic criteria of being a voice actor.. some older VAs have such unique and recognizable voice you would know instantly. some of them were my heroes since I grew up w/ the roles they played. it’s funny later I watch some of their interviews and hear their thoughts regarding their roles or the industry in general :)

        • David García Abril

          “Personally I don’t like VAs having generic voices though, I think it’s a basic criteria of being a voice actor.”

          Aaaand you lost me there.

          Demanding every single voice actor to have an unique and recognizable voice is like demanding every single live action actor to be physically attractive.

          It doesn’t work that way.

          What should be a basic criteria of being a voice actor is to be… well… BEING A GOOD ACTOR!

          Being able to make a good performance is way more important than having a voice that you can recognize with only pronouncing two syllables.

          • Aoshi00

            I don’t agree the voice being recognizable as the same as actors being handsome or beautiful though. Even many veteran VAs themselves say the quality of the voice is not important when they give advice to those who are interested in the industry, but I don’t agree.

            Of course performance is always the most important, in addition to that having a unique voice certainly helps because you can’t see that voice actor, you could only hear their voice as their sole instrument of acting, live action actors, even if not good looking, still appear on screen and act w/ their “looks”. The original Saint Seiya Cantonese dub from Hong Kong from the late 80s/early 90s was great, each Bronze Saint and Athena sounded very unique and was perfectly cast, it’s almost the same as the Jpn cast speaking Chinese. then I watched some Hades OVAs on youtube that got dubbed much later several years ago w/ a new cast. It was a total disaster, bad performance aside, every single character sounds very similar or the same, a very regular Joe voice, you cannot distinguish one from the other at all, if you just listen to it like a radio show. I think the uniqueness of the voice is not a must, but a very important factor nonetheless. I have been an avid fan of voice actor for a long time, growing up watching anime in both Japanese and Cantonese, and that’s just my personal opinion. I appreciate VAs for many languages, but it’s hard for the generic ones to stand out or for audience to recognize.

            As for popularity, yes, American VAs might not be famous celeb like their Jpn counterparts, but they are still quite popular compared to other countries’ VAs who remained nameless for a long time. One could even argue the general public in Japan do not really know the seiyuu either, except the famous ones who dubbed some famous anime or Hollywood movies, like Nozawa Masako or Yamadera Kouichi. One reason I felt attached to the older VAs because they sounded absolutely unique, there’s only one Furuya Tohru, one Suzuoki Hirotaka, one Ikeda Shuuichi in the whole world. Good actings, versatility, and experience aside, their voices are extremely unique and instantly recognizable. now though, some A, B, C VAs sound just like X, Y, Z VAs, not in the same tier. A good looking actor who can’t act is obviously distracting, but so are VAs w/ generic voices, like the Jpn cast of many Ghibli actors. They use famous actors who have a generic voice (when face not on screen) w/ lack of voice acting experience, combined together it’s a very bad dub. Voice acting should be left to the pros. like singers don’t necessarily act or voice act well.

            I don’t care about the looks of live action actors, but I find quality of the voice to be very important, and it’s a major part of voice acting.

  • Anthony Birken

    all these voices….SOLD! I’M READY! All these ppl are amazing! (but I definitely love Miyuki Sawashiro~~~)

  • Luke Blackwood




    • Guy Wesley

      Yes! We also gotta have Chiaki Takahashi. (Litchi’s seiyuu) Maybe have her character based on her as well. (Gravure Model turned voice actress.)

  • Revorse

    Just reading all the comments I feel like whether the game is in English or Japanese, the concept is still pretty ridiculous.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      you just don’t get used into “looking for the seiyuu of the anime, oh it’s him/her!!! blahblahblah”
      I mean being a fan of some seiyuu..
      quite hard to explain, but generally it’s like that

  • Jettythesunfish

    Cool! Miyuki Sawashiro~!

    I indeed know her as Momohime. And to all the Touhou fans out there, she voiced Izayoi Sakuya in the doujin game Koumajou Densetsu II.

  • Nitraion

    Not gonna lie even for VN this game seem have Lot of work seriously how many possible scenario this game hold XD

  • J_Joestar

    This game’s “Hell Mode” difficulty should feature Aya Hirano.
    Getting her work and managing her public relations! that is a challenge!

    • Sergio Macellaro

      Im cracking here!!

  • エリン

    The most important thing is that Yonaga Tsubasa is a character ・꒰ ૢ●௰ ૢ●✩꒱

    I’m getting it anyway, but if Sakurai and Yuki Kaji were involved… that would be awesome

  • xe7en

    Instant buy.

  • Jesse

    I wish this and Sega’s Project 575 games had a higher chance of coming over. DX

    • Renaldi Saputra

      with 575’s system, there’s no way it can come overseas..
      1. it’s Sega
      2. hirakata system: Japanese-only game

  • Sergio Macellaro

    Brazilian’s VA RULEZZZZZZZ

  • Ric Vazquez

    If Kana Hanazawa and Yuki Kaji ain’t in it I don’t care about it XD

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