Tekken Revolution Reaches 2.5 Million Downloads

By Spencer . January 24, 2014 . 1:03am

tekken_revolution_wp07 Namco Bandai’s free to play fighting game, Tekken Revolution, passed the 2.5 million download mark. The game was released on June 11 and since it’s launch the game has been updated with a bunch of new characters including Eliza, a vampire girl who is exclusive to Tekken Revolution.


Namco Bandai’s way of saying thanks is giving players free stuff. Between January 28 to February 4, players under level 50 will get triple the experience points. Players that login between January 28 to January 31 will get one Premium Ticket as a present each day they log in. Namco Bandai will also give 50,000 in Fight Money for each daily login between January 30 and February 4. Finally, there will be a special Mokujin Rush course during the period.


The next free to play game on Namco Bandai list is Soulcalibur: Lost Swords which comes out on February 6.

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  • tarbis

    Where’s my Eliza for NA version? T_T

    • She’s already in the game. You just have to unlock her.

      • tarbis

        Really?! O_O!
        I thought they’re only available in JP and EU for the moment. When did they announce it?

        • They said she was coming quite a while ago. She’s been in the game since the end of December I believe.

          If you start up the game you have to get enough Blood Seals to unlock her. I think its 20,000 if i remember correctly.

          • tarbis

            Just checked their FB page and the NA version was updated last Jan 7. How could I have missed it? Xd
            Currently updating and getting download errors a couple of times. I WILL NOT BE DENIED!!! >:E

          • I’m with ya buddy lol. Definitely unlocking her =)

        • Kaitsu

          Awhile back. There’s currently an event to unlock her by just playing arcade or vs. You can’t unlock her in any other way.

          • Death Metal

            Pardon my ignorance, but there’s something I don’t get in this game. How do you join an event? I mean, are events even join-able or do you automaticaly participate of them once they are taking place by simply playing the game?

            *Scratches head*

          • ndjn3979

            You automatically join. The details are shown when you boot up the game.

  • GodLikesSnacks

    Too late!
    I am already at level 60, have over 4,000,000 gift points, over 400,000,000 money and collected all blood seals. What else to do?

    • Namuro

      Go to sleep.

      You earn yourself a good rest, o’mighty warrior…

      • GodLikesSnacks

        Lol! I only did all of this because I wanted to get Eliza with all of her costumes. Still I play the game almost every day at least 1 arcade battle and 2-3 online battles. :)

        • alixraen

          I’ve been trying to find this information everywhere, but how many blood seals do you need to unlock each costume? and how many extra costumes are there for her?

          • GodLikesSnacks

            For 20,000 blood seals U get Eliza,
            for 70,000 her bikini in 3 different collors(red, blue,orange),
            for 70,000 her normal costume with big boobs,
            and last for 140,000 her bikinis with big boobs.
            So altogether U need 300,000 to unlock everything for her.

            If U ask me I don’t like her big boobs, they look unnatural, also I’m a DFC type.=P

          • alixraen

            Same, I think she looks better with the smaller chest, so no reason for me to go excessively grind, just need that bikini :P Thanks for answering my question!

          • GodLikesSnacks

            U’re Welcome! ;)

  • Tonton Ramos

    I can’t even imagine what will Mighty No. 9’s download mark would be like… Hmmm?

  • Congratz Namco & Tekken crew. I play the game every now and then, and it is pretty fun.

  • Rafael Martines

    Downloaded the game, but I prefer Tag 2 :) Much better, sad Namco don’t give a fu** to Tekken Tag 2 anymore

    • Slayven19


  • Anewme…Again

    How many of thoses who downloaded actually play the game ?
    How many of thoses 2.5M haven’t been downloaded multiples times by the same person ?
    How many person downloaded the game just to delete it soon after ?

    2.5M would be impressive for a paid games, but for a F2P games 2.5M isn’t really anything impressive, lot of peoples download F2P games even if they are pretty sure they won’t like the games, because they have nothing to lose since the games are free.

    • Judgephoenix

      I skipped over it. Saw no point since I own T6 and friend has TTT2.I do agree that it is a great opportunity for new players though. I can’t say the same for SC not unless they take it back to SC3 style. lol

    • otakumike

      i’m one of those. Downloaded it, played 2 rounds or so then deleted it.

  • Namuro

    Tekken gets a vampire, DOA gets a loli. I wonder what kind of character CAPCOM will add to Street Fighter IV…

    • Vampire loli?
      (Would that be Chibi Vampire?)

    • anthony apduhan

      A wolverine-cammy clone…

    • fairysun

      A werewolf. :D
      or police detective, which in this case is Lucia from Final Fight 3.

  • jayyl

    I think it’s great that this many people simply show an interest in Tekken as a series, even if they don’t play it much anymore or found they don’t like it.

    • Shippoyasha

      Well, it is a pretty good game. The problem is that you can only play online for so long until your daily allotted tokens run out (you can buy more, but seriously, why do that instead of just buying a full Tekken game and not worrying about allotted play tokens?) I can only seem to play at 15-20 minute intervals online.

      I’m seriously worried for that new Soul Calibur game that will be free to play but it’ll be way more limited way as it doesn’t look like it has online play at the moment. Which is ridiculous for a fighting game, especially when Soul Calibur 5 had one of the best netcodes I’ve ever seen.

      Pretty good efforts for free to play titles, but I hope they’re shoring up money for proper Soul Calibur and Tekken releases. And hopefully the vampire girl and other new characters get canonized into the actual lineage games.

      • KnifeAndFork

        They’re just glorified demos to rake in enough dough for the real games

      • DanielGearSolid

        The good thing about revolution is if you win battles, you get more tokens to keep fighting.

        • Shippoyasha

          Yep. Which is why my play session seems to vary a bit. A losing streak is pretty fatal. Heh

      • Yan Zhao

        Its actually a slick way to reproduce the arcade experience that eats your quarters. You win, you get more tokens to keep fighting.

  • Thing is… I’ve downloaded it, but only saved it for in case I have a rainy day, or other reason to fire it up – i.e. I miraculously make more friends.
    I’ve definitely not played the game since downloading it though.

  • xAtKx

    Downloaded it, got all the trophies, but still prefer TTT2 over it.

  • Freakmasta

    Where’s my Tekken x Street Fighter?

  • Kind of off-topic but what happened to Tekken X Street Fighter? :O

    • MXC

      Still in development and TBA.

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