Are We Ready For The Mothership? Metal Slug 3 On PC Heads Into Closed Beta

By Eugene . January 28, 2014 . 3:02pm

Ahh, the many times I have smashed my hands onto an arcade machine’s sides in agony as my silly little men somehow, somehow, end up getting hit by an attack in Metal Slug 3. Argued by many as THE definitive version of the long and storied series, the game is finally making its way over to the PC.


Developers SNK Playmore have started a closed beta, which you can try to get into by either sacrificing your babies praying to them in this Steam thread, following them on Twitter or stalking their Facebook page.


For those who don’t know about the game, the series is a run-and-gun side-scrolling shooter, where players control a member of either S.P.A.R.R.O.W. squad or the Peregrine Falcon Strike Force as they attempted in the past to fend off a massive coup d’état from an evil foe. With aliens. And dinosaurs.


The third game picks up some time after their human leader is considered killed in action. The reasons for why lucky number three is so celebrated are plentiful. Metal Slug 3 added branching paths, more than ample amounts of secrets—including having to learn, by chance and entirely by rote memorization, where to shoot on various parts of the screen to receive bonus items—and even more vehicles called Slugs to jump into and make use of.


It also helped that the series never took itself too seriously, happily throwing in aliens, mummies, the undead (who could infect you) and more. Or it might be its punishingly hard difficulty and stupidly long (but also awesome!) final level.


You can try to get into the closed beta or wait for its release scheduled for February on the Steam page.

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  • Audie Bakerson

    Never heard this was coming. What kind of improvements are there?

    • Kaitsu

      There wasn’t anything wrong with the game to improve upon. But if you mean differences, I’d say Online Mode is a pretty big one.

      • Audie Bakerson

        Online mode sounds nice, thanks.

  • Solomon_Kano

    PC version? Ohoho.

    Still sad that nothing came of SNK’s teasing of a “great charge” for MS lasts year, but here’s to the future, eh?

  • Kaitsu

    Oh shit. I hope to see more from SNK Playmore. I’m really hoping they port one of their older KOF games to Steam too. Specifically Unlimited Match.

    • Kaetsu

      Doubt it would happen but I want them to bring back Crystalis in some way.

  • DesmaX

    Oh boy, this took me by surprise. I didn’t even knew this was coming.

    Definitely going to try to get this. And I hope they port Metal Slug X too (My personal favorite… But that’s probably just nostalgia kicking in)

  • Just Tim

    Finally, another chance to figure out all routes in this game.

  • z_merquise

    Oh yeah! Metal Slug 3 is, for me, the best in the series.

    But I wonder why they can’t just release Metal Slug Anthology in Steam instead. I think it’s more worth to play the whole series even if the games after 3 went stale (still good but not as awesome as 1 – 3).

    • mikanko

      Metal Slug Anthologies previously have all been pretty miserable ports that were cheaply outsourced. Getting a compilation would be preferable, but getting good ports with decent display and online options in said compilation may not be too realistic.

      This seems to be handled by a French developer who specializes in emulating and porting old games to steam and other platforms. Since they’re only handling the one game I suppose it’s okay to be cautiously optimistic.

      • z_merquise

        Let’s all hope that this one is going to be good this time. But I remember KOF XIII Steam version getting some positive reception because of the good netcode so I wish the same here.

    • konsama

      To put it simply, anthology was just terrible, it was like the godawful Metal slug 6 with the previous 5 slapped in a bad emulator, with terrible loading times in points where it was just a fade out screen, music chopped like my beloved Metal slug 5 final boss theme, the audio was terribly used and sounded all mono, even bad for old games emulations, and the only game that worked fine was MS6, which for me killed the series and it’s been long dead since.

  • Kaetsu

    I’m surprised SNK is still around. I think the last game they made was King of Fighters 8 back in 2010.

    • rekka_zan

      They’re still around, and they actually released a bunch of games including Metal Slug XX (PSP) and KOF XIII.

  • s07195

    Metal Slug 2 is the one I played the most, but 3 is really good (though long). I really hope they come out with a Metal Slug 8…. someday. T_T

  • _buchu

    DotEmu is the same company that brought Irem Classics and Raiden Collection to PC which I have heard mixed reviews about. Really hope this turns out well as it’s such a great game.

  • konsama

    O man, the metal slug games are one of those very few games i can replay after full years and still remember how to shoot at X part to drop a POW or from wher ecertain enemy will spawn. xD

    I totally love MS3, especially for their crazy stages and 5 for the awesome black ops soldiers missions and the awesome OST it has, but i have a very soft spot for X, i will always play it whenever i catch an arcade with it or even give it a run every now and then on an emu.

    • z_merquise

      I really had fond memories of playing Metal Slug 2 and X in the arcade. Playing it in just one token and see how far I can reach.

      I’m still bothered on how they had unused bosses in Metal Slug 5. It seems like they just rush the game for some unknown reason.

      • konsama

        Wow man thanks for the link, i hadn’t seen any of that before, seems like that turtle battle woulda been awesome.

        And actually enforces my thoughts of that the game got some parts that felt like it just “skipped” stuff. And actually kinda enforces too that i felt the last boss was too much like “wtf why that thing” instead of knowing more of the masked guy and stuff.

  • Happy Gamer

    As much as I would love an HD version of this, the original sprites were SO awesome, i’d be scared if anyone touched em. But a total redo, scaled in same style, color, etc. (omg how much work this would take!! lol) is still in my dreams.

    That being said, MS3 is my fav as well!

  • pablofsi

    You guys forgot to mention the netcode. It’s GGPO…

  • CirnoLakes

    Oh wow, more SNK games are coming to Steam. That’s really great!
    I’m sure it will sell very well, considering how well known and beloved the Metal Slug series is.

    I hope we get Metal Slug 4 soon, as well. Because that means playable Nadia.

    Also, I hope this leads to more SNK games in general. Especially the cute ones like Twinkle Star Sprites.

  • Göran Isacson

    Metal Slug 3 for my Steam-account.

    Reading this made my saliva flood my lungs and I had to go get them drained. This painful setback aside, I am gonna buy this in the hopes that we will have much more SNK goodness to come on Steam. It’s never a bad time for turtle tanks. Never a bad time.

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