Strategy RPG Natural Doctrine Will End Your Game If Anyone Dies

By Spencer . January 28, 2014 . 1:50am

image Natural Doctrine, the first internally developed title from Kadokawa Games, is a strategy RPG. A hardcore strategy RPG since you get kicked to a game over screen if even one character falls in battle. Not sure if that’s more hardcore than permadeath in the Fire Emblem games, but probably equally frustrating if you’re the kind of SRPG player that resets the game if anyone dies.


Dengeki PlayStation also reports you can only save on the world map so don’t expect to cheat a game over screen.


Natural Doctrine is slated for March 19 on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4.

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  • E.T.993

    Great.Just great.I never expected something more hardcore than Fire Emblem’s permadeath.

  • neocatzon

    Basically, it’s an auto reset button.

  • JustThisOne

    Well, I’d reset immediately after a character dies in FE anyway, so it doesn’t seem that much more hardcore.

    Although, I’d imagine that it’d get frustrating pretty fast, but I like the challenge! It’s important to implement a way to cut down on downtime, then. The last thing I’d like in a game like this is having to go through multiple menus or long loading screens because I made a mistake.

    • icecoffemix

      Well, FE is arguably hardcore compared to other strategy RPG where you often can’t help but let character die for greater good (i.e. winning the battle) and face no repercussion.

    • Shippoyasha

      I usually wing it with losses in Fire Emblem or Valkyria Chronicles for the first playthroughs and it’s pretty harrowing only having a few people to use at the endgame. It’s pretty hilarious seeing a massive graveyard or a ‘warriors lost in war’ reports at the end though.

  • Ayaka

    That’s some handicap, I love it already.
    It also may be less frustrating than FE’s permadeath, since you don’t actually have the choice to save your dead allies but you do need them alive in order to proceed – like uhm, more a requirement than a possibility.

    Can’t wait to try it~

  • z_merquise

    I restart the whole level anyway if someone dies in my unit in Fire Emblem.

    Still, I think it was a nice idea in Fire Emblem: Awakening to give the players option to go the hardcore route or not. I hope they can add that option here because I’m pretty sure not everyone would enjoy something that’s too hardcore.

  • Raze

    Anyone die?

    Even some a forced-story or weak character (If they make it here) too?

  • MaximDualBlade

    This got my attention on this game. I hope they let you disable that for alternative runs, like for example, you want to play the whole game without resets, so each death is permanent. I like permadeaths XD they could let you disable this function at the price of getting the enemies stronger? Just an idea

    Edit: Of course this “alternative run” means no no possibility of resetting when permadeath is enabled.

  • Silvio Carréra

    I’m definitely up for this.

  • icecoffemix

    This kind of restriction may mean that the game :
    - Have low amount of content so you’re forced to play in hard mode to artificially extend play time (think NES’ days)
    - Intelligently designed so you can have fun with the game even with the restriction

    I hope it’s the latter.

    • neocatzon

      Or because it’s a narrative driven srpg and don’t want to put revive item (due to lore or mechanics, or both)
      So, they don’t want to make multiple story if one or more of the char is not present.

      • icecoffemix

        Um, what?

        It’s very easy to detach battleground from event in RPG, actually especially SRPG.

        • neocatzon

          Yes, if not all the character present in event. In FE only the important ones should not die so the grand event only involves the few.

          Life will be much simpler if they just put revive item but they didn’t do that. But, Aerith must live before her impending
          end. So, no dead for everyone.

          That’s my thought about this issue.

          • icecoffemix

            Doesn’t even need to put revive (lots of SRPG doesn’t), just let the character die in the battle ground and pop them up back whenever event scenes come up. Practically all game not named FE do this.

          • neocatzon

            Damn, I forgot that’s possible (and common)

  • Valtiel Ikari

    Bring it! my body is ready!

  • Kashell

    Kartia for the Playstation did that.

    • MrTyrant

      Kartia was fun and very underated. I loved to create monster with cards to avoid getting my characters killed.

  • Vasquo

    And what if I don’t like one of the units and want to get rid of it by sending it into the heat of battle? Or when I want to ‘sacrifice’ some unit to lure enemies out, or get tactical advane… Sometimes there must be some sacrifice if you want to win a battle (or if you are a leader who don’t care about his comrades).

  • lrdalucard

    No point in be a tactican that wins a war but loses all his army in the end as a cost.
    Fire Emblem/FF Tactics players will and do understand this best than anyone!

  • Masa

    This game Japan only i’m guessing?

    • neocatzon

      Positivism: world release tbd
      Pessimistic: yes

  • Göran Isacson

    That… sounds like it can get quite frustrating. What if I, even if I would have reset the stage after a character died, still wanted to play the stage to completion to see if any new developments turned up that I would have liked to be prepared for? A strategy that helped me more than once in FEA.

  • MrTyrant

    Wait…is it obligatory to keep your characters alive? or is optional like FE? where there is not game over unless the main character or another important one die.

  • Victoria Guevara

    It’s only me, or such limitation is extremely out of place for strategy(!) game ?

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